Sky Power Solar review

Sky Power Solar is an organization committed to sustainable energy that focuses on the setup and maintenance of solar power installations. Photovoltaic (PV) systems for homes, businesses, farms, and factories are what they specialize in. In addition to the retrofits, they provide energy evaluations, installation, and support for these retrofits.
Sky Power Solar review

Sky Power Solar overview

Sky Power Solar is an organization committed to sustainable energy that focuses on the setup and maintenance of solar power installations. Photovoltaic (PV) systems for homes, businesses, farms, and factories are what they specialize in. In addition to the retrofits, they provide energy evaluations, installation, and support for these retrofits.

What Sky Power Solar has to say about itself

Sky Power Solar has been dedicated to supplying cutting-edge, dependable, and eco-friendly energy solutions for over a decade. We do all we can to make sure our clients are fully using the advantages of renewable energy because we know it is the way to a better, greener planet. From high-quality turnkey solar energy installations to advising services on improving energy efficiency, we provide it everything.

Sky Power Solar Review

Year Started2001
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, monitoring, energy storage, energy management, energy audits, energy efficiency financing, reporting, and energy education services.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline to thin film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.

Sky Power Solar website review

The company's main website,, is attractive and simple to use. It gives a summary of Sky Power Solar's offerings and contains useful details regarding solar power, installation, and other related topics. Additional materials may be found on the site in the form of client testimonials and a blog. When it comes to information regarding the company's offerings, customers may have faith in the website's veracity. We respond quickly to all inquiries, and SSL encryption protects all information. Customers have given Sky Power Solar rave reviews because of the high quality of its goods and services. Sky Power Solar, as a whole, has an honest and dependable official website.

Sky Power Solar price policy

PackagesEssential Solar Package - starting from $9,995, Signature Solar Package - starting from $12,995, Premium Solar Package - starting from $12,995, Ducted Solar Package - starting from $14,995, Hybrid Solar Package - starting from $13,995, Rebate Solar Package - starting from $9,995
Payment optionsCash, checks, debit card, credit card, bank transfers, and PayPal.
Payment discounts10% Discount on Bulk Orders, 5% Discount for Senior Citizens, 5% Discount for Military Personnel, 5% Discount for Government Employees, 5% Discount to Veterans, 5% Discount on Systems Upgrades, 4% Discount for Solar System Maintenance Contracts, 3% Discount for Referal Credit, 0.5% Discount for Early Payment, 0.2% Discount for Cash Payment

Sky Power Solar online reputation

Both favorable and bad reviews have been left about Sky Power Solar online. Customers have lauded the company's dedication to prompt service and the expertise and friendliness of its employees. The quality of the solar panels and the availability of replacements have been cited as complaints from consumers. Many consumers are still happy with Sky Power Solar despite these complaints.
The specifics of my problem with SkyPower are somewhat extensive, so I won't go into them here. If you do decide to hire them for your solar installation, double-check that every detail you were given matches what is in the contract you sign with them. And study the agreement carefully. Otherwise, you may have to learn the same harsh lesson I did. - Luca H.
Having solar panels installed by competent professionals earns them two stars from me. I wanted to write, What a fantastic opportunity. Skypower Solar rules!" I, however, do not belong there. I belong to the "Yeah, I have solar, but I regret going with Skypower" group. They failed to follow up once the installation was complete. If you utilize them, you could have to deal with arranging an inspection, painting any conduit, or fixing anything else. Also, unlike what I had hoped, there is no post-installation pdf included, so you'll need a pad of paper to keep track of everything you need to remember in terms of monitoring your system. Should you go with them? No. Would I consider using them if I were to re-install solar panels? No! I'm passing this along in the hopes that it's useful." - Frank T.
My previous Elite dealer who installed my SunPower system in 2016 has now gone out of business. After explaining the matter to SunPower's customer service team, I was provided with a link to the websites of local SP dealers. Since my SPR-5000m inverter has ceased reporting to the data logger and its LCD seems to be malfunctioning, I called Sky Power to see if someone could come to have a look. They phoned me back and informed me that they couldn't honor SunPower's guarantee in San Jose unless they installed the system. They advised I get in touch with an SP dealer in my area. - Danny G.
Sure, I'll agree with Bob that this happened at the solar pool. My concerns were about standard marketing procedures and subsequent action, thus I'm confused as to why this is relevant. To be fair, I didn't interact with you directly, Bob; rather, it was your partner, Gary Corda. Perhaps he was legitimately busy every time I phoned (funny because that never occurred before the sale), and perhaps it would have been impossible to utilize the two-stage pump we had been using. It's hard to imagine someone would take credit cards in your company's name, but I cannot say whether or not I was a victim of deception. In any case, I feel it is my prerogative as a reviewer to remain anonymous while writing criticism. - Randy D.
Due to known broken connections, the system has been offline for the last month. In 20 days, they'll return to swap out the old plugs for new ones. Two of the hottest months of the year go without solar power. Will set you back a couple of grand to put to good use. I was dismayed to learn that the system is just a young few years old. - Jakob F.
Sky Power has, once again, been of great assistance. My roof has been damaged by the recent torrential downpour. The issue was not with Sky Power; rather, it was with a previous removal (by others) of a pool solar system that left behind some badly placed and uninstalled hold-down bolts, causing the sealant to fail. Sky Power personnel removed some solar power panels and found and fixed issues with the pool's original solar panels, which had been removed years earlier. I appreciate Tilmo and Anthony's speedy assistance very much. - Malik K.
Since I did not purchase a system, I am only able to remark on the quality of the accompanying customer service. I used to work with Tom Lauer. He was responsive, diligent, patient, and accommodating. He looked into how much I might save on my monthly energy bills by doing it myself. He gave me the pros and cons of heat pumps and I ended up deciding to switch from gas heating because of his advice. Because of the problems with Sunpower's supply chain and the depletion of a relative's medical equipment, he started researching other battery options. He suggested that I not get a solar energy system due to my low power use. (Competing firms I talked with were not as honest.) Unbelievably excellent. - Johnny L.
This company's service and maintenance for a Solaredge system they didn't install was excellent. The original installation of our system is no longer in business and cannot be reached. After calling Skypower, I was put in touch with a fantastic technician named Telmo, who took the time to explain the system's operation and assist me diagnose problems over the phone. After contacting SolarEdge, they promptly sent me a replacement inverter under warranty, and Telmo had no trouble setting it up. We have restored full functionality to our system. Everything about this was excellent! - Simon J.
My solar panel installation by Sky Power Solar is complete, and I've been reconnected to the power grid. Everyone at Sky Solar performed an excellent job. Janice was quite helpful in laying out all of my alternatives and developing a solution specifically tailored to my needs. When I had queries or concerns, she responded right away. The crew that came to do the installation was professional, punctual, and pleasant. The president of the firm maintained communication throughout. Check out Sky Power Solar if you're interested in solar energy. Awesome publicity - Pedro I.
Our 6.1 kW system was just installed by SkyPower Solar, and they did a fantastic job from start to finish. We ultimately decided to work with them because of how quickly they responded to our inquiries and how expertly they handled everything. Our project was difficult since we had to coordinate the solar installation with the installation of a new roof and get the necessary regulatory permissions to position the panels optimally. SkyPower did a fantastic job of communicating with our contractor, facilitating the maintenance of our roof warranty, and securing reimbursement from SunPower for us. Our experience working with Janice, our energy consultant, Nathan, our head of operations, and Max, our service technician, was excellent. The solar panels are up and running, and everyone is connected to PG&E. - Drew K.

Sky Power Solar Social media
Very few people follow the Sky Power Solar company's LinkedIn profile, and there isn't much there to convince them it's real. There are not many visuals, and there are no films or in-depth descriptions of the business. This suggests that the page's authenticity should be questioned. However, the page may become a more reputable source in the future if it saw more activity, such as updates from the firm, thorough customer reviews, and reviews from trusted industry leaders.
- Subscribers

Sky Power Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews134.3


Sky Power Solar Pros & Cons

  • Clean Energy
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Cost-Effective
  • Installation
  • Limited Options
  • Unreliability

Sky Power Solar Final Conclusions

Sky Power Solar provides turnkey solutions for both home and business solar energy needs. Customers have lauded Sky Power for their prompt service and professional installations. The quality of their items has also been well received by customers. Customer feedback has to give Sky Power Solar 4 out of 5 stars.

Sky Power Solar locations

Main Address3130 Crow Canyon Road, San Ramon CA, 94583
Phone Number9253270980

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