Skytech Solar review

Skytech Solar's goal as one of the top Bay Area solar businesses is to make solar energy accessible to everybody. We deliver value to our clients (solar house owners, companies, and nonprofit organizations) since we have been installing solar panels in San Francisco since 2008 by developing successful solution-based techniques and forging long-lasting relationships that are advantageous to all parties.

Skytech Solar overview

Skytech Solar's goal as one of the top Bay Area solar businesses is to make solar energy accessible to everybody. We deliver value to our clients (solar house owners, companies, and nonprofit organizations) since we have been installing solar panels in San Francisco since 2008 by developing successful solution-based techniques and forging long-lasting relationships that are advantageous to all parties.

What Skytech Solar has to say about itself

In the San Francisco Bay Area, Skytech Solar is one of the top solar businesses. We are prepared to assist you with your solar installation, whether it be for a residential solar project or a business solar project. Over 1500 solar power systems have been built in the Bay Area by Skytech Solar, a local San Francisco-based solar energy firm. As one of the top businesses for installing solar panels, we can provide you the ideal solar gear depending on your unique requirements since we are not committed to any one brand. We want to be among the best solar enterprises and aim to build a "Bay Area Solar" where your house and electric vehicle are both powered by the sun.

Skytech Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar Panel Installation, Solar System Design, Solar Financing, Solar System Maintenance, Solar System Repair
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsNot specified

Skytech Solar website review

The website is sleek and contemporary with a white backdrop. Users can quickly traverse the parts due to the layout. The top navigation menu makes it easy to access Home, About Us, Services, Projects, and Contacts. For sitewide accessibility, the menu stays at the top. The site has a huge banner picture with a clear call-to-action button to request a free offer. It also briefly describes the company's major offerings and advantages. Skytech Solar's residential, business, and battery storage services are explained on the Services page. User-friendly information, perks, and visuals accompany each service. Prefabricated solar systems demonstrate the company's expertise on the Projects page. Each project has photographs, a location, and a short description to show prospective customers the company's skills. The About page describes the company's history, purpose, and staff. Their credentials and relationships increase solar industry confidence and knowledge. Users may easily contact the firm using the contact page's form, phone number, and office location. The website prominently displays the "Request a Quote" button. Skytech Solar's Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts are linked on the website. The Skytech Solar website efficiently offers its solar services, demonstrates its competence via project samples, and provides helpful tools for prospective consumers. User-friendly design and navigation improve user experience.

Skytech Solar price policy

Packages5.28kW system, $3.4/W
Payment optionsCheck, credit/debit card, bank transfer, and cash.
Payment discountsSolar financing options, combo loans, one-time free remortization after 18 months

Skytech Solar online reputation

Customer comment on Skytech Solar's performance and reputation is mixed. Skytech Solar excels in difficult roofing projects. Customers appreciate the company's attention to site choices and regard for gutters and lawns during installation. The firm was lauded for securing permissions and connecting to PG&E smoothly. Skytech Solar solar panels save energy and run well, according to several customers. Employee response, communication, and meeting scheduling were observed. Skytech Solar's post-installation assistance was difficult to reach for certain clients. Delays in system repairs and lack of customer service are criticisms. Some clients say business paperwork issues cost them money while buying power. Problems include delayed service requests and failed component repairs. Some clients believe the organization doesn't emphasize customer happiness or have a method to handle complaints. Skytech Solar's expertise and efficiency have earned positive ratings from delighted clients. Post-installation support, reaction speed, and service quality are often dissatisfied. Customers should carefully analyze these varied reviews and do their homework before using Skytech Solar's services. Getting quotations and views from other local solar contractors might also help you decide on solar panels.
"Skytech Solar's post-installation support is much below our expectations. In July of 2017, we had a solar energy system installed. Skytech set up a WiFi reading system to track our electricity generation using an envoy, with updates arriving once a month courtesy of a firm called Enlighten. Unfortunately, the latest reports from Enlighten indicate that our system is now unresponsive. We have called and emailed Skytech several times for help. Eventually, a very unpleasant employee from Skytech called us back to say that they couldn't find our name or address in their database, leading them to believe they never installed our solar panels. He promised to relay our inquiry and then abruptly cut us off. WOW! There has been no contact or answer from Skytech as of yet. Our solar panel system came with a guarantee of 25 years when we bought it. It would seem that after Skytech has been hired and paid for, they have little interest in following up on their supposedly lifetime guarantee. Take caution dealing with them!" - Julie
"In 2012, I had a system installed by SKYTECT SOLAR on my roof. After the installation, I've noticed that SKYTECT Solar is terrible at responding to my service inquiries. Six weeks ago, I phoned and left a message, but I still haven't heard back from them. Despite several attempts to reach out to the company's CEO, Collin, I have been unable to get ahold of him over the last few weeks. I was assured she will forward my message to him, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll give me a call back. One of the solar panels that skytech solar installed is malfunctioning, which is why I'm calling. Very poor post-installation customer support." - David
"Do not patronize this establishment any more." - Thomas
"After using Skytech for almost 5 years, here's what I've learned: They have no system in place. We lost a substantial amount of money over the years due to documentation errors made by the company that built our system. These errors resulted in us receiving a considerably lower rate for power buyback. In other words, they didn't feel the need to apologize. They don't care either way. Our solar panel setup has been broken for the last *three months. In April, I made touch with them. They told me they could see it wasn't working, but they kept it a secret from me. They estimated that it would take one week to one month to resolve the issue. I haven't heard anything in over six weeks.The subject does not react. It takes days to receive a back call from them whenever I call. The output they provide is of poor quality. Five years ago, shortly after we had our system put, it broke down and we were told that we could have to spend even more to get it fixed. The reality of working with them, however, makes it difficult to endorse a firm with these flaws." - William
"We had an inverter fail and have been in constant contact with the firm through phone and email for months with no success. The firm continues to say that they can't send someone to solve the problem because they don't have the resources to do so. It seems they no longer even answer emails. Skytech doesn't care about its clients, thus there are other companies to choose from." - Noah
"Skytech Solar handled our complex (multi-faceted) roof with professionalism and efficiency. They were attentive to our location choices and planned accordingly. They took great care to protect our gutters and lawn while working. Skytech took care of getting the necessary permits and hooking up to PG&E, and the panels have been performing well. We're thrilled with everything and can't speak more highly of Skytech Solar.' - Eric
"In September of 2017, we had Skytech install solar panels on our roof. We received offers from four different firms, but Skytech's was far and by the lowest. We were concerned that this would lead to a decline in their quality or service, but we decided to take a risk on them nevertheless because of their positive ratings. They could be reached by phone or email with ease and generally kept to their scheduled arrival time, calling to let us know if they were going to be late. From the time the deal was signed until the panels became up, around 5-6 weeks passed. The strong rains this winter did not do any damage to our roof. Using them again wouldn't be a second thought." - Mason
"Skytech Solar's already low prices were further reduced by the 2018 Bay Area sunshares program, so I went with them. I'd suggest sunshares to anybody thinking about going solar even if I didn't use them myself. They offered several different panels, inverters, etc., and one of them was the best value for the money I could find. They weren't aggressive before I made my selection, but they did answer all my queries promptly. I was really pleased with how the crew accommodated my erratic schedule for replacing the roof. So far (only a few months after installation), there have been no issues. Keeping tabs on its manufacturing is a lot of fun." - Ethan
"The city of Fremont, California, secured rebates on three different solar energy systems for us. We did some research and ultimately settled on Skytech Solar, in part because of the variety of products they provide and in large part because of their stellar reputation for post-installation assistance. I can confidently declare that we have not been let down. The salesperson's expertise was much appreciated. It might be intimidating to shop for a system of this complexity. It's important to have a salesperson who is knowledgeable and can answer questions without hesitating or saying, "I'll have to get back to you on that." when purchasing a major item like a new roof, furnace, or solar array, which most of us only do once or twice in our lifetimes. In addition, they adapted their contract to meet our requirements, and after some back-and-forth, it was prepared to our complete satisfaction. Skytech is unusual among huge firms in that it really considered altering the text of a regular contract. The whole process, from first consultation to final installation, went well. They returned many times to go over our choices, listened to our preferences for where on the roof the panels should go and how the power box should be built, and even painted the new electrical components to match the rest of the home. In addition, Skytech Solar told us about a discrepancy in their inventory that would enable them to provide more powerful panels at the same price (using less panels). We had to do some investigating to confirm that they weren't simply old stock they were trying to get rid of, but rather brand new, modern panels of which they had an excess. As a result, our dollar went farther than we anticipated. In addition, Skytech gave us the tools and training we needed to keep tabs on our system and identify any problems before they escalated. We are also kept up to speed by the informative emails sent to us by Enphase. Because of the connectivity and software given by Skytech, PG&E, and Enphase, we are able to keep track of our energy use, therefore we can safely say that we are satisfied customers. The ride was impressive and trouble-free. " - Michael
"In 2019, Skyech built a 3kW system at my home, and they were very flexible and helpful throughout the process. I can't speak highly enough of them for home solar panel installation. Given the challenges inherent in my solar installation, Adam, in particular, went above and above with the system design." - Alexander

Skytech Solar Social media
A confirmation symbol on the page denotes the page's reliability. With over 1,700 likes, he has a sizable fan base. His postings get many comments, likes, and shares, indicating that his audience is highly engaged. The page's main goals are the marketing of solar energy products, updates on corporate projects, and news regarding renewable energy sources. The postings blend educational material, instructional videos, client endorsements, and advertisements. The website has aesthetically attractive profile photographs and cover shots that highlight solar panels and renewable energy. Positive testimonials and suggestions from pleased customers are included on the website, which contributes to the company's credibility. The website regularly includes educational articles and films on solar energy, its advantages, and the newest market developments. Overall, Skytech Solar's Facebook page efficiently promotes their brand, demonstrates their knowledge of solar solutions, and interacts with their audience. A company's reputation may be built via the use of educational material, active community involvement, and satisfied customers.
About the company's background, services, and personnel profiles, you may find useful information on Skytech Solar's LinkedIn page. Brief summaries of Skytech Solar's goal, values, and experience are provided in the section about the firm. This demonstrates their dedication to delivering high-quality solar energy solutions and their emphasis on client pleasure. Lists of Skytech Solar's primary areas of competence can be found in the specializations section. Learn more about the Skytech Solar team through the personnel profiles on the company's LinkedIn page. Role, experience, and education are all included in each profile of the individual. By displaying the staff members' skills, this element promotes credibility and confidence in the organization. On a regular basis, the page posts updates, news, and stories on solar energy and the company's accomplishments. This displays their interest in the sector and their dedication to staying current with trends and advancements. Over 1600 people follow the page, which is a sizable following and a reflection of its popularity online and in the business. Engagement metrics, such as the number of likes, comments, and shares a post receives, may reveal the audience's degree of interest and involvement. Overall, the LinkedIn profile for Skytech Solar does a good job of highlighting the experience of the firm, the profiles of its employees, and audience interaction. It provides an excellent setting for networking, exchanging expert information, and fostering confidence in the solar energy business.
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Skytech Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews173.9


Skytech Solar Pros & Cons

  • Competitive Pricing
  • High Capacity Panels
  • Positive Reputation
  • Warranty Concerns
  • Long response time to problems
  • Communication and efficiency

Skytech Solar Final Conclusions

Solar energy provider Skytech Solar is situated in California and specializes in both residential and commercial solar systems. Skytech Solar has been in business for more than ten years and has successfully finished a number of solar installations all around California. They are renowned for their dedication to employing the best solar technology and panels, assuring optimum effectiveness and lifespan for their clients. The professionalism, openness, and attention to detail shown by Skytech Solar throughout the installation process have been complimented by customers. According to the information at hand, Skytech Solar has a mixed record of performance and reputation. A few benefits of the business include the usage of high-power solar panels, low pricing for their solar panel systems, and excellent user reviews from certain clients. The company's assurances and the uncertainties surrounding its long-term sustainability, however, are also causes for worry. Potential clients should generally approach Skytech Solar with caution and do extensive research before choosing. It is critical to study the company's warranty policy, research its background in the solar sector, and get insight from evaluations and comments from previous clients.

Skytech Solar locations

Main Address3355 Whitman Rd, Ste E, Concord, CA 94518
Phone Number4158262503

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