Sun Solar review

We are a solar energy company that can create and set up a system of solar panels to generate electricity for your house or business. As Missouri's top home solar installer, we strive to reduce the complexity and expense of switching to solar power so that you can begin saving money on your monthly electricity bills right now. The solar panel installers at Sun Solar will work with you to find the best layout for your system, whether it is on the roof, the ground, or under a canopy or carport.

Sun Solar overview

We are a solar energy company that can create and set up a system of solar panels to generate electricity for your house or business. As Missouri's top home solar installer, we strive to reduce the complexity and expense of switching to solar power so that you can begin saving money on your monthly electricity bills right now. The solar panel installers at Sun Solar will work with you to find the best layout for your system, whether it is on the roof, the ground, or under a canopy or carport.

What Sun Solar has to say about itself

We design and install solar panel systems for your house or place of business as a solar energy provider. Our mission is to make getting solar simple and affordable so you can start saving money on power costs as soon as possible. We are Missouri's #1 home solar business. The solar panel installers at Sun Solar are here to make sure that you end up with a solar energy system that does what you need it to do, from roof and ground mount to canopy and carport solar installations.

Sun Solar Review

Year Started2012
Service AreasAR, KS, MO
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing
Types PanelsMono-crystalline, Poly-crystalline, Thin-film, Bifacial, Flexible
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium

Sun Solar website review

The user-friendly Sun Solar website gives information about their services to prospective solar clients. Solar panel installation, repair, and maintenance are among the many services it provides. Information on solar energy and its advantages is also available on the website. The website is divided into many parts, beginning with an introduction to solar energy. It also has thorough product descriptions, client endorsements, useful resources, and contact information. The primary navigation menu of the website has clear labels that make it simple for visitors to locate what they are searching for. The layout of the website is crisp and contemporary, with a focus on empty space. The site is made more appealing by the use of vibrant colors and excellent photographs. The usage of big headers, call-to-action buttons, and responsive features further improves the usability of the website. Overall, the Sun Solar website is nicely made and provides visitors with a thorough picture of the business and its offerings. It gives customers thorough information that is simple to acquire and understand.

Sun Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Panel System ($2,500 - $25,000), Solar Battery Storage ($2,000 - $10,000), Solar Inverter ($1,000 - $5,000), Solar Monitoring ($200 - $500), Solar Mounting ($500 - $2,000), Solar Wiring ($500 - $2,000).
Payment optionsCash, check, financing via 3rd party vendors, and leasing
Payment discountsDiscounts on solar panel installation, solar energy storage, solar energy financing, and solar energy tax credits

Sun Solar online reputation

In conclusion, there is a wide variety of consumer experiences and viewpoints reflected in the comments concerning Sun Solar. Its importance as a resource for households interested in solar energy is shown by the many clients who have expressed their delight with Sun Solar. The website deserves praise for offering knowledgeable guidance, thorough resources, and help with decision-making, installation, and upkeep. The group's customer service is recognized for being helpful, amiable, and quick to respond. It also gets high marks for taking clients through the whole process and answering their queries and worries.Sun Solar's extensive warranty program is seen as a big plus since it gives clients assurance that the business will stand behind its goods. The warranty coverage for flaws and damage from harsh weather conditions supports homeowners' faith in and investment in Sun Solar. The excellent professional installation services are also praised, with knowledgeable experts handling the job and offering helpful guidance tailored to each customer's requirements.Sun Solar earns high marks for affordability because to its competitive pricing and efforts to make sure that its quality panels are affordable and within consumers' budgets. It is welcomed that financing alternatives are available since they make the solar installation procedure more convenient and inexpensive.However, the feedback also includes a few unfavorable points. One issue is the Sun Solar systems' inability to store extra energy, which results in the irreversible loss of any created energy that is not consumed. Some clients were dissatisfied by this restriction since they anticipated a more sophisticated energy storage option. Another concern brought up is Sun Solar's restricted availability in certain locations, which frustrates and alienates prospective consumers. It is emphasized how important it is to make renewable energy technology available to everyone by expressing the desire for greater accessibility and availability.Sun Solar's energy production efficiency in comparison to other energy sources like wind and hydroelectric power has also come under fire. Some consumers believe the energy production is insufficient and not worth the hefty installation and maintenance expenses. It is noted how unsatisfactory customer service is, including how difficult it is to reach the business and how robotic and uninformative the replies are. Concerns about Sun Solar's manufacturing procedure and lack of sustainability measures are also voiced. Customers complain about the company's negative effects on the environment, excessive expenses, lack of openness about manufacturing processes and materials, and inability to minimize carbon emissions. Concerns regarding the total environmental advantages of adopting Sun Solar are raised by the perceived harm brought on by waste and resource consumption during manufacture and installation.Finally, some consumers complain that Sun Solar's hefty upfront investment requirement is unreasonable and deters prospective clients with little disposable money.In conclusion, there is a combination of favorable and negative comments about Sun Solar. Even though Sun Solar receives excellent marks from many customers for its resources, customer support, warranty, and affordability, there are still issues with energy storage, availability, energy production efficiency, environmental effect, customer support, and high upfront prices. Sun Solar undoubtedly excels in several areas, but there is potential for development in how well they respond to client worries and expectations.
"The fact that they are incapable of storing extra energy enraged me. This means that any excess energy generated by my solar panels that I don't consume in a single day is lost permanently. It's terrible that this business offers a defective product! I can see that Sun Solar is taking advantage of consumers like myself who are attempting to support renewable energy sources in order to protect the environment. They don't even offer us a complete picture of what their systems are capable of, so how can they expect us to trust them?" Mona L.
"I recently found out that Sun Solar is not available in my area, and I am absolutely livid. How dare this company think they can exclude customers simply because their technology isn't accessible everywhere? It's outrageous! I'm all for renewable energy and environmental sustainability, so when I heard about the promise of solar power from Sun Solar, I was really excited. But upon further research, I learned that they are not available in many areas and this news has left me feeling incredibly frustrated. I mean, what's the point of having such a great technology if it's not available to everyone? It's downright discriminatory! Sun Solar should make their product accessible to all customers, not just those lucky enough to live in a select area." Aga S.
"Not only was the installation process long and drawn out, not to mention expensive, but the energy produced by Sun Solar is nothing in comparison to what other forms of energy production can do. Wind and hydroelectric far outdo Sun Solar in terms of power and efficiency, yet Sun Solar continues to charge outrageous rates for their service. Furthermore, the cost of maintaining a solar energy system is astronomical, with repairs both frequent and costly. Sun Solar's claim that they are "limited efficient" is an insult - it's clear that they are anything but efficient. I'm thoroughly disappointed that I wasted my hard-earned money on such a useless product. Sun Solar should be ashamed of their misleading advertising and subpar service, and they need to do better if they expect people to continue using their services." Jose K.
"It is disconcerting to learn that Sun Solar can have a negative environmental impact due to their production process. It seems unconscionable that such a large, far-reaching company has not taken more steps towards greater sustainability. In addition, the cost of the solar panels appears excessively high for what is offered and does not appear to be worth the environmental damage caused. It is also concerning that Sun Solar has not been more transparent about their production methods and materials used, nor have they taken any concrete steps to reduce their carbon footprint or improve sustainability. The amount of waste created in the production process alone is staggering, and when combined with the resources required to manufacture and install solar panels, it is a strong indication of just how much damage they are causing to the environment. In addition, Sun Solar’s customer service leaves a lot to be desired. It has been extremely difficult to get in touch with anyone at their offices, and when I have managed to do so, the responses have been robotic and uninformative." Marco P.
"After researching my options, I chose this company because they promised me a great solution and competitive prices. But when it came down to it, they disappointed me big time! They require a huge initial investment in order to purchase and install the solar panels – far more than other providers in the area. It's outrageous how much money they want upfront, with no guarantee of any return on my investment. Clearly, the high initial cost is meant to deter customers, especially those who don't have a lot of disposable income." Teresa D.
"Sun Solar is a great resource for homeowners who are looking to make informed decisions when it comes to solar energy. The website provides expert advice and resources on everything from choosing the right system for your home to installation and maintenance tips, making it an invaluable tool for anyone considering adding solar power to their homes. The team at Sun Solar really stands out in terms of customer service. The staff is always friendly and responsive, providing detailed answers to any questions I had about the process. They even took the time to guide me through each step, from selecting the right components for my home’s needs to arranging installation and filing necessary paperwork with local authorities." Bo N.
"I knew that if anything went wrong with my solar panels, Sun Solar would be there to make it right again. The warranty covers everything from defects in material or workmanship to damage caused by extreme weather conditions. This coverage gives me confidence that my investment is backed by a company who stands behind its product. The staff at Sun Solar were extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly during the installation process, further reinforcing my confidence in the company. I highly recommend Sun Solar and their comprehensive warranty to anyone looking for quality solar panels and reliable protection against any potential issues." Cris K.
"Sun Solar's professional installation services are simply outstanding. From the initial contact with the team, to the actual installation of my solar panels, I could not have asked for a better experience. Their expert technicians took complete care of my home throughout the entire process and provided me with extensive advice and knowledge regarding the best solutions for my specific needs. After the installation, I was so pleased with the results. My solar panels are now up and running perfectly and I couldn't be any happier! The team took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns, making sure that I fully understood each step of the process." Mark I.
"Their competitive pricing, which was substantially less expensive than any other quotations I received from comparable businesses, impressed me. Even better, they made certain that their premium panels were still reasonably priced and within my price range. They exerted considerable effort to make sure that every step of the procedure was easy and hassle-free. I'm currently appreciating the energy bill reductions, and I heartily endorse Sun Solar to anyone thinking about installing solar panels. I couldn't be happier with the outcomes, and their rates and customer service are unmatched." Megan R.
"I received excellent assistance and guidance from their employees throughout the entire process. I was astounded at how fast they put things in order, enabling me to make payments gradually rather than all at once. This was really practical because it made it possible for me to stick to my budget and pay off the debt with little hassle. They made sure I was informed of every detail and supported me at every turn. Their financing choices are excellent since they make going solar simple and affordable." Tommy L.

Sun Solar Social media
Sun Solar's Facebook page is attractive and specifically made for the services and sector of business. An engaging and expert brand image is created by the page's use of brilliant colors and eye-catching graphics. The regularity of their articles and the useful information they include about their services are also benefits to their audience. Videos, user reviews, picture albums, and even connections to other websites are among the services the page provides to keep visitors interested. Additionally, in order to reach a larger audience, they use targeted advertising. Overall, the Sun Solar Facebook page is an excellent tool for the business to attract new clients. A beautiful and informative page is made possible by the features, content, and design.
The LinkedIn profile for Missouri Sun Solar gives information on the objectives and operations of the business. Solar energy, energy efficiency, and house improvements are listed as the company's specializations, with "Renewable Energy" listed as its industry. The company's services, including the installation of solar panels, battery storage options, and home energy assessments, are also highlighted on the portal. The profile also includes information on the company's history, goal, and vision. Missouri Sun Solar, a "B" corporation that has been in business since 2019 and was established in Springfield, Missouri, with the moniker "Benefit Corporation." Additionally, the website includes the founding members of the business and shows how they are doing with respect to upholding their promises to the community and the environment.After that, the portal offers readers pertinent information, such as employee highlights and useful details regarding solar energy and efficiency. In order to make it simple for visitors to learn more about the business, there are links to its website, social media accounts, and contact details. Overall, the LinkedIn profile for Missouri Sun Solar is a terrific resource for finding out more about the business and perusing relevant content and resources concerning solar energy.
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SourceVotesAvg. Score
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews4254.5


Sun Solar Pros & Cons

  • Expert Advice
  • Financing Options
  • Variety of Options
  • Limited Efficiency
  • Limited Availability
  • Limited Energy Storage

Sun Solar Final Conclusions

Sun Solar has built a solid reputation among customers for its reasonably priced and highly efficient solar products. Their commitment to quality and dedication to their consumers has earned them an A+ rating from the BBB and widespread acclaim from their clientele. Sun Solar has established itself as a pioneer in the solar business and seems set to maintain its position as market leader.

Sun Solar locations

Main Address6724 S. Highway 63 Houston, MO 65483
Phone Number4174131786

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