Smart Wave Solar review

Our mission is to satisfy our clients' energy demands and provide the greatest solar system for your house. From expected savings projections to discussing the various finance and purchasing choices that will work for you, we will address all of your inquiries. We are devoted to working with you to develop the ideal system to match your demands since we value what's essential to you.
Smart Wave Solar review

Smart Wave Solar overview

Our mission is to satisfy our clients' energy demands and provide the greatest solar system for your house. From expected savings projections to discussing the various finance and purchasing choices that will work for you, we will address all of your inquiries. We are devoted to working with you to develop the ideal system to match your demands since we value what's essential to you.

What Smart Wave Solar has to say about itself

We take pleasure in our fine installations, meticulous attention to detail, and customer-focused company strategy. Our systems will provide you peace of mind in addition to saving you money. You can always rely on a Smart Wave Solar system to provide you safe, dependable electricity. Our qualified crew has years of expertise developing solar energy systems for homes and businesses. From the design of your solar energy system through its expert installation and ongoing maintenance for decades to come, we are experts in every facet of it. Our solar panels may produce money for you in addition to producing electricity on your roof. This is due to the fact that switching to solar energy may cut your monthly utility costs and guarantee cheaper fixed energy prices for years to come. Savings accumulate over time and help you prepare for the future. See why adopting solar is the best option given its quality, cost-effectiveness, and affordability.

Smart Wave Solar Review

Year Started2019
Service AreasCO, UT
Service TypesEnergy audits, Energy monitoring, Residential solar,
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid backup batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB

Smart Wave Solar website review

The website seems to be well-designed, with a contemporary and eye-catching appearance. The business specializes in energy management and consultancy as well as the installation and maintenance of solar panels. Many helpful details on solar energy's advantages, the installation procedure, and possible cost savings related with switching to solar energy are provided on the website. The website clearly directs users to book a consultation or submit a price request. A blog on the website offers further details on the business, its services, and the advantages of solar energy. The website is simple to use and has clear menus and connections to crucial data. Overall, it looks that the website is a well-researched and educational resource for anybody interested in solar energy or the services provided by Smart Wave Solar.

Smart Wave Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $15,000 to $25,000
Payment optionsCredit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers
Payment discountsCash and referral discounts, promotional discounts

Smart Wave Solar online reputation

Based on feedback from customers, Smart Wave Solar has received both good and unfavorable comments. While some clients have lauded the business' expertise throughout the purchase and installation processes, others have encountered installation problems, malfunctions, and poor client care. One client said they weren't prepared for the fact that they had to continue paying their electrical bills after installation. An other customer had installation delays, which resulted in the solar system being out of commission for many months. Nevertheless, some customers had favorable interactions with the business: one customer commended the sales representative's expertise and compassion, while another was happy with the thorough presentation and updates given during the installation process. In terms of customer service and technical proficiency, Smart Wave Solar seems to have room for development overall. Some customers have had pleasant experiences, while others have reported problems with system failures, delays, and bad connection.
"Many of the reviews on this page discuss the purchasing or installation procedure. The professionalism is outstanding. I didn't spend tens of thousands of dollars, however, simply for a simple installation. After the installation, the business continued phoning and pleading with me to post a review. I hesitated to see whether the panels would ultimately function for me. I desperately need to be released from having to pay my electricity bills. That front is where it falls short. They assert that they have set up enough panels to meet my energy needs. In order to demonstrate that the manufacturing was enough, they have also generated statistics. But I still make payments on my electricity bills EVERY SINGLE MONTH. For instance, I paid $72 in July. When I agreed to the arrangement, this was NOT what I had in mind. It now seems that the issue is that my local utility company purchases my excess power at a far lower cost than what the company charges me for the electricity I use. My solar panels provide additional electricity throughout the day, but in the evening I use the utility company's power. Nobody cared to remind me of that. Just know that even after you get the panels, you will still have to pay for utilities." - XHua
"On July 22, a Smart Wave executive called. After multiple and long troubles with my system's installation and malfunction, it was a much-needed dialogue. Smart Wave sent an employee to investigate my system's operation on July 27. The CTs of the system were moved to the main panel after the visit, as I had requested since the sonnen battery was installed. I hope Smart Wave and Sonnen continue dedicated to making my system completely operating so I can stop purchasing electricity from Rocky Mountain electricity every day. Previous post: Equipment setup, bank transferred money to Smart Wave, system not working. Since July 1, Smart Wave has failed to solve the issue. Nobody understands. Sonnen doesn't reply calls or voicemails, therefore they're useless. Why did the bank pay smart wave for a non-functioning system? The bank simply wants the equipment placed, not working! REALLY?! I've spent enough on a non-working solar system to purchase a Tesla, yet I still buy electricity from Rocky Mountain electricity every day!" - Kevin
"My completely operating solar system has been in place for two months. My solar is now not tracking and was out of commission for 7 days. Since the initial installation, the firm has been out to address issues two or three times. There have been two occasions when they have claimed, "We have never seen this problem before." You don't want them working on your project because 2 in 2 months is the largest coincidence, or because they are not technically very competent or because they are lying. Although they have always made good promises to solve it, their outcomes to date have been very little. They had to rewire my system, which tells me that their first installation team performed a bad job and was not technically competent of installing my system." - John Fig
"In April, I chose smart wave above well-known competitors since they promised I could go no later than July. In October, after several hiccups and delays, they eventually installed. Xcel Energy was to fault. The crew for the edition was new. After drilling through the tiles, they altered the arrangement of the set up. Currently, the roof has two damaged parts. A few weeks later, the critter guard was installed, but they overlooked several areas, and now I have pigeons building nests. I still don't have solar power as of January, despite the fact that the municipal inspection took place three months ago, as they claim. I'm now repaying my solar loan and a power bill. I would immediately stop using solar power if I could travel back in time. just difficulties and headaches." - Dan Phelps
"The solar system was installed well, however the assistance that followed was terrible. Existing clients are not a priority; new installs are. I have been without a working system for a month and am unable to schedule a visit from a professional. To give fresh installations priority, they keep postponing. Even worse, they no longer let me know when the appointments are changed. I have a system that is broken in the interim." - Brant
"Steve distinguished himself from the other sales representatives in the beginning sales process with his educated and empathetic approach to supporting such a significant homeowner choice. Steve provided me with all the information I needed to make the best choice without ever being pushy. Since then, Analee has done an amazing job of keeping me informed about the situation and my expectations. I always got information on the situation and the following actions with ESP-like timeliness. The ownership of Smart Wave Solar displayed the customer-first approach and decision-making that actually made this a 5-star experience, despite supply chain concerns affecting the availability of the contracted components. very recommended" - Dominic
"Steve Michels was the first person I dealt with at SmartWave Solar. Prior to getting in touch with SmartWave, I got two further presentations. At my request, Steve completed the whole presentation via Zoom. His lecture was by far the most well-prepared and educational. I could pause the presentation at any point to ask questions and receive clarification since it was simple to follow. So helpful and uncomplicated. I chose SmartWave to handle my solar installation. The whole procedure was outlined in detail by Steve Michels in his presentation. I received updates at every stage of the procedure. The installation took place as promised and was finished in a single day. All of the paperwork, finance, and coordination with Rocky Mountain Power were handled by SmartWave. I have no qualms about recommending SmartWave Solar!" - Steve H
"I've never installed solar panels on my house before, like the majority of us homeowners. I got several inquiries concerning the logistics, the link to the city, the funding, etc. We had it so much easier thanks to Bethany in operations and Randy in sales. They carried out all the hard labor for us and responded to all of our queries, even the stupid ones. Due to municipal delays, Randy had to come to our house twice to complete the finance paperwork, but he made it as simple as signing the dotted line. Due to problems with the municipal meters' supply chain, our project was delayed. Even though nothing was occurring, Bethany kept in touch with us every week or two. Every time someone arrived to the home, she let us know who they were, why they were there, and if we needed to meet them. Despite the delays, our project was successful. I always had the impression that Smart Wave was in control. I like how simple the procedure was." - Soder
"From start to finish, our interaction with Smart Wave Solar was excellent. Steve was excellent with us, taking the time to patiently address all of our queries and concerns. As the process progressed from design to installation to commissioning, Joriel was excellent. Our system is fantastic; the technicians did a terrific job, carried out a clean installation, and did a great job of addressing all of our inquiries and keeping us informed. If you are considering solar, I definitely suggest Smart Wave based on our positive experience!" - Loock
"Steve was incredibly kind right away! He was really kind and patient even though we had to postpone our appointment a few times. He was informed but never overbearing throughout the meeting. He provided us with all the information we needed to make an educated choice. Things progressed quite quickly once we made the decision to install solar. Waiting for permissions took the longest, although even that wasn't too lengthy. Joriel was on top of things and kept us informed throughout the whole process. The installation team was incredibly kind and quick! They finished everything in a single day without damaging my driveway or yard. I'd do it again since the whole experience was fantastic. I appreciate Smart Wave Solar." - Angie Nelson

Smart Wave Solar Social media
With frequent updates and promotions, Smart Wave Solar's Facebook page is well-maintained. The articles are aimed at educating readers about the company's offerings, highlighting new information and events, and promoting solar energy's advantages. Customer service and responses to queries and requests are given particular focus as well. With an engagement rate of 1.41%, the page has a larger audience than the average of 1.0%, or around 2,500 individuals. This may indicate that the page's content connects with its audience and that the page has a good reputation in the neighborhood solar market. Additionally, there is a five-star rating on the website, demonstrating that Smart Wave Solar has happy customers. Overall, it seems like Smart Wave Solar is actively engaging with their consumers on Facebook and maintaining their page properly.
Around 400 followers make up the small following of the Smart Wave Solar LinkedIn profile. The page often disseminates messages and updates on the goods and services offered by the business, as well as details regarding future occasions and special offers. Additionally, the website lists employment openings for Smart Wave Solar's present and future openings. Having a higher than average engagement rate of 2.0%, the page's posts seem to be interesting. This suggests that the page's intended audience is being effectively reached and engaged with. Infographics, movies, and other kinds of multimedia are among the many types of material that are shown on the website. This shows that the business is actively trying to interact with customers and increase its internet presence. In general, Smart Wave Solar is active on LinkedIn and often communicates with both job candidates and current workers.
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Smart Wave Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews2004.8


Smart Wave Solar Pros & Cons

  • In-House Fulfillment
  • Competitive Warranties
  • Top-Level Equipment
  • High installation costs
  • Limited service areas
  • Long wait times for installation

Smart Wave Solar Final Conclusions

A reputable solar panel installer, Smart Wave Solar provides high-quality goods and dependable services at reasonable costs. Generally speaking, it seems that Smart Wave Solar was able to provide a high-quality installation for certain clients, but there are also areas where they might enhance their services, such as post-installation assistance and technical issue fixing. Before selecting a firm to engage with, prospective customers should carefully consider both the good and negative evaluations. Smart Wave Solar is a great alternative for individuals wishing to transition to solar energy since it offers a broad selection of certifications, financing choices, and savings.

Smart Wave Solar locations

Main Address14553 S 790 W, Suite C, Bluffdale, UT 84065
Phone Number(801) 944-7775

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