Solar by CIR review

Solar by CIR is a highly skilled and respected solar installation company that has served the Buffalo and Rochester areas since 1976. We’re known for top-quality, affordable projects that have helped more than a 1,300 homeowners, business owners, and communities integrate more sustainable energy choices into their everyday lives. Solar by CIR is a 2023 NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer.
Solar by CIR review

Solar by CIR overview

Solar by CIR is a highly skilled and respected solar installation company that has served the Buffalo and Rochester areas since 1976. We’re known for top-quality, affordable projects that have helped more than a 1,300 homeowners, business owners, and communities integrate more sustainable energy choices into their everyday lives. Solar by CIR is a 2023 NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer.

What Solar by CIR has to say about itself

Solar by CIR provides top-of-the-line solar design as well as solar installations via the use of our knowledgeable personnel as well as our very own electricians. CIR does not outsource any of our work, and we are quite proud of the high quality of our workmanship and the guarantees that we provide. Over a thousand of our happy clients are already enjoying the monetary rewards that come from making use of the environmentally friendly energy that the sun provides. CIR Electrical is one of the most prominent solar and electrical contractors in Western New York, and Solar by CIR is a division of CIR Electrical. Since 1976, we have been a dependable business in Western New York and a community partner.

Solar by CIR Solar Review

Year Started1976
Service AreasNY
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Construction, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types Panelssingle-crystal, polycrystalline and thin-film
Backup Battery-
CertificationsBBB, SEIA, Solar Power World, NABCEP, LEED

Solar by CIR website review

The business CIR, which specializes in offering solar energy solutions, is the owner of the website The business provides a variety of solar energy-related services, such as solar panel installation, upkeep, and repair. The company's website offers comprehensive details about its offerings, including distinct sections for home and business solar systems. A "Projects" page on the website features images of a few of the business' finished solar systems.The website contains a blog area with articles on the advantages of solar energy and the most recent business trends, as well as other helpful information regarding solar energy. The website seems to be well-designed and educational overall.

Solar by CIR price policy

Payment optionsCash, credit cards
Payment discountsTax incentives, Utility discounts, Payback guarantee

Solar by CIR online reputation

According to client comments, Solar by CIR has a generally favorable reputation in the solar energy sector. Many clients laud the business for having knowledgeable and courteous employees as well as being open and honest about the installation procedure. "Extremely helpful from the very first phone call to the completion of the installation," one client said in reference to CIR's solar solution. Another customer praised the company's sales representatives for being "honest and candid" about the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.
"Approximately 40 days ago it was noted that one of my inverters was not functioning and therefore half of my system is out of service. They ordered a new one and when they went to install it, they were missing a bracket. To this date, the bracket has not come in and my system is still down. My advise is to get a reliability guarantee because without it, the only one that get's damaged is the customer. CIR is taking their sweet time to fix it and based on my over 30 years experience in the power industry, this lackadasical approach to keeping systems operating wouldn't fly." - Cdiez8538
"My money is being wasted on a terrible experience. For a while, I was interested in renewable energy, but I never believed I could afford it. Cam Solar came along and made me believe I could." - Disappointed
"Very satisfied with the tools. The service is subpar. I knew someone who was employed at Cam Solar at the time I needed solar panels put." - Brent
"After a Year. Our system has been in place for 13 months, and we are generally happy with it. Lack of office assistance after installation was noted in our first study. When you called, you would be assured that someone will contact you, but you would never hear back. Cam informed us that due to a staffing shortage, they will be hiring additional individuals. Since we haven't had to call, we are unsure whether they did. The referral mechanism is the source of my major gripe. We were informed that we would be compensated financially for every new referral. We did, in fact. Our unhappiness was communicated in our first evaluation.From CAM, When they got in touch with us, they promised to act quickly. NEVER saw a cent or heard a thing. When we contacted, we were once again assured that they would investigate. Nothing has changed! Finally, Solar Edge, which is used to monitor the system, is at best decent. We can only guess at what I'm placing on the grid since we are unable to see it. When we study our monthly utility statement, I really learn more. We must confess that paying merely our grid access cost is nice. Regarding CAM, they are excellent while they want your business, mediocre at best after installation, and terrible at answering calls and maintaining their promise. We're glad we didn't wait for the referral bonus! " - One Year Later
"April installation; operational as of May 3, 2018. I have a 1915 square foot house with 32 solar panels, however our power bill has not yet been zero dollars. However, despite the" - jafwaf1990
"The procedure of installing solar was very straightforward from beginning to end. When I called them for an estimate, they provided it honestly and without pushing me to buy anything, which is why I haven't had a solar price before. Sales pitches irritate me. The representative addressed all of my inquiries and provided me with any documents I needed for independent study. In the end, I decided to go with the renovation, and they took care of every aspect—from speaking with my electric provider to obtaining construction licenses to doing the final inspection. I didn't have a lot of work to do. Regarding the installation, it took two days and the workers were kind, tidy, and clean. A piece of wire stripping that went under a cabinet that I later discovered while cleaning was the only indication that they had ever entered the basement. The panel mounting board was painted to match my previous one, and the piping was neatly symmetrical—truly amazing workmanship. The job they produced has more than impressed me. The craftsmanship is what most impresses me since it demonstrates a degree of attention to detail that is uncommon among electricians. They precisely caulked, aligned the panels and pipes, and I could go on and on. Pros: Easy procedure, no sales pitch, and workmanship Cons: None at this time" - Matt
"Fantastic product and experience! I couldn't be more pleased with the team's expertise and client service. (Kevin Wagner). Clearly explained the procedure to me and provided answers to all of my queries. No surprises or secret steps. expertly installed with quality workmanship! Akins" - Akins
"They were by far the greatest construction firm my wife and I have ever dealt with. Before, during, and after the installation, their sales and installation teams were courteous, professional, and responsive to ALL of our queries. They were punctual and worked assiduously to complete our installation within the allotted 1.5 days. After finishing their work, Kevin, Kyle, and his team did an outstanding job of cleaning up. Their work was very competent, professional, and cutting edge. We anticipate making significant future power use savings while also promoting environmental protection and global goodwill. Do you have any plans for solar or general electrical work in your house or place of business? Choose Solar by CIR. You won't be sorry you did! several years of experience in both fields." - Brian in Amherst, NY
"My wife and I constructed our home three years ago, and dealing with contractors was a complete nightmare. We've thus always been a bit wary about hiring contractors to work on our property. I simply wanted to express my sincere gratitude to everyone at Solar by Cir. I have to say that working with the team was an absolute delight. The price was comparable to the others, but it was a breath of fresh air to be able to ask questions throughout the week or even on the weekend. Installers arrived on schedule and guided me through every step. They answered all of my queries patiently. I've even recommended a lot of my relatives and friends. Working with Kevin and his team is a good idea!" - Kevin
"After speaking with Kevin Wagner, I was certain that Solar by CIR offered high-quality equipment at a low price, was skilled with electrical work in general and solar installation in particular. From site appraisal through contracting to installation, everything went well. Crew was effectively managed, productive, diligent, and orderly. Work was completed in about two days. Justin offered a number of alternatives, along with benefits and drawbacks, at the time of installation. 100% content." - Williamsville review

Solar by CIR Social media
A Facebook page called Solar by CIR is committed to spreading knowledge about solar power. The Center for Innovative Renewable Energy (CIR), a research and consultancy company that aids businesses in locating, creating, and implementing cutting-edge renewable energy solutions, runs the facility. The page includes articles about recent advancements in solar technology, solar project case studies, and related subjects. The portal also offers educational material on solar energy, with postings addressing its fundamentals, advantages, and methods for maximizing its potential. Additionally, posts advertise forthcoming CIR-hosted events including webinars and other networking opportunities. Links to articles and movies about solar energy are also included on the page. In general, this Facebook group is a fantastic resource for people and businesses wishing to find out more about solar energy and network with other industry leaders.A description of the Center for Innovative Renewable Energy (CIR) and its solar services may be found on the Solar by CIR LinkedIn profile. The CIR team, the most recent solar industry news, and forthcoming events are all available to users. The page also has a link to the CIR website, which offers further details about the products and case studies of solar project implementation. The portal also offers updates on solar energy technologies, such as how to employ solar power in buildings to reduce energy use. In addition to providing information on solar energy, this page also provides a forum for users to interact with subject matter experts.
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Solar by CIR average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews15


Solar by CIR Pros & Cons

  • Offers products from leading manufacturers
  • Quality assurance
  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Limited service area
  • Support issues after installation
  • Payment Structure

Solar by CIR Final Conclusions

Residential and business solar installation services are offered by Solar by CIR throughout the state of New York. The business is renowned for providing excellent customer service and premium solar panels. Solar by CIR has received recognition for both its top-notch customer service and the quality of their solar panels. Many customers have remarked that after adding solar panels, their power costs have dropped dramatically, and that their panels are sturdy and long-lasting. Solar by CIR has a strong reputation for selling high-quality solar panels and providing excellent customer service. Solar by CIR can be a wonderful option for you if you're thinking about putting solar panels on your house or place of business in New York State.

Solar by CIR locations

Main Address2517 Long road, Grand Island NY, 14072
Phone Number(716) 362-5000

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