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A solar energy business called Solar Edge Pros specializes in the design, production, and marketing of cutting-edge solutions for the improvement of solar power harvesting. Through unmatched power harvesting yield, dependability, visibility at the module level, and safety monitoring, its cutting-edge technology enables better economics for both its residential and commercial clients. Customers may get full solutions from Solar Edge Pros that come with top-notch inverters, power optimizers, and energy monitoring & control services.

Solar Edge Pros overview

A solar energy business called Solar Edge Pros specializes in the design, production, and marketing of cutting-edge solutions for the improvement of solar power harvesting. Through unmatched power harvesting yield, dependability, visibility at the module level, and safety monitoring, its cutting-edge technology enables better economics for both its residential and commercial clients. Customers may get full solutions from Solar Edge Pros that come with top-notch inverters, power optimizers, and energy monitoring & control services.

What Solar Edge Pros has to say about itself

A leading supplier of solar energy solutions and services is Solar Edge Pros. Residential and commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) system planning, design, installation, and maintenance are our areas of expertise. Our team consists of skilled specialists with an in-depth understanding of energy audits, state incentive programs, solar engineering, and installation. We work hard to provide our clients with high-quality and affordable solar solutions that will enable them to save their energy bills and benefit from pure renewable energy. The mission of Solar Edge Pros is to advance energy independence and a better, brighter world for future generations.

Solar Edge Pros Solar Review

Year Started2014
Service AreasTX
Service TypesInstallation, monitoring, energy storage, energy management, energy audits, energy efficiency financing, reporting, and energy education services.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline to thin film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries.

Solar Edge Pros website review

The company's main website,, seems to be quite user-friendly and safe. The website provides in-depth details on the firm's services and goods, as well as its credentials, certifications, and portfolio. It also lists methods to get in touch with the business, including through fax and email. Overall, the website gives off a trustworthy and reputable vibe. It offers evidence that the workforce is knowledgeable and skilled enough to provide excellent services. This supports the assertion that the website is reliable.

Solar Edge Pros price policy

PackagesStorEdge System: Starting from $3000, SolarEdge Inverter with Optimizers: Starting from $1100, Complete SolarEdge System: Starting from $2,300, Meter Connect: Starting from $599, SolarEdge Monitoring Solutions: Starting from $99, Gateway & Smartphone Monitoring: Starting from $99, SolarEdge Tools and Accessories: Starting from $110
Payment optionsCash, checks, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, and bank transfers.
Payment discountsBulk order discount: 10%, Military and veteran discount: 10%, Referral discount: 5%, First-time customer discount: 10%, Loyal customer discount: 5%, Senior citizen discount: 10%

Solar Edge Pros online reputation

Positive comments about Solar Edge Pros have been consistently reported by users. Their prompt and expert resolution of customer complaints has been lauded by many satisfied clients. In addition, their dedication to their customers and the quality of their work have earned them high marks. However, the price has been cited as a major source of dissatisfaction by several buyers. Regardless, Solar Edge Pros has a solid reputation for providing excellent service.
"The service provided by Solar Edge Pros was the worst we've ever experienced. We saw a rise of almost $200 on our power bill. As opposed to the $1,300. Moreover, the $500. Paying using solar energy. Sixty solar panels are in place. We now learned that no applications for necessary permissions were ever submitted. As far as the power company was aware, no solar contract had been submitted. We were able to get a $10,000 loan. We suspect he pocketed the rebate for the PV meter that was supposed to be installed at the time of installation but wasn't until last month. It's been three years since we first encountered this issue. We've never dealt with a worse businessman than the one who won't return our calls, emails, or texts. We do not want anybody else to have to go through what we have. I would never refer anybody to this firm." - Joshua F.
"The company's Anna displayed totally inappropriate behavior during a public blood mobile bus event. We were there to show our support for a worthy cause, but her behavior towards the workers made me feel bad. The day was hectic, and she was completely uncomprehending. What a rude way to promote your job by leaving a glowing review and wearing a shirt with five stars." - Daniel K.
"In the event of a pandemic, they will be distributing leaflets door to house. Not at all; it wasn't merely left at my front door. Someone was sent to my residence to ring the bell, knock on the door, and wait for me for a good two minutes. My doorbell was rung a second time, and a flier was afterwards put at my doorstep. How very inconsiderate and careless of you. I'm speaking to the business, not the unfortunate person who has to hand out fliers. It seems that the remaining reviews are either purchased or fraudulent. The company is simply badly managed overall. Please contact me if you need the services of a public relations expert. I am an expert in public relations, and I also use common sense. Some of it might be helpful to you." - Jayden U.
"After a few months, we are still getting solar panels put since they didn't bother to make a proper plan. Since they did not construct their plans in accordance with the law—"which you can do a simple google search and find the laws of my town under 30 seconds"—we must start from scratch and have them relocate all the panels in order to comply with the law. Our solar isn't in working condition while we pay, and we've missed a lot of work between installations and inspections, so we've failed inspection and all they're offering to make up for it is the months they've already charged us for. In our opinion, really unprofessional. No one should work at this firm, in my opinion." - Noah J.
"It's been over six months after my solar panels were put, and we still haven't had power. The city claims to have completed and passed a city inspection, therefore we're now waiting for Solar Edge Pros to turn on our system. We have been at a loss for what to do after multiple emails and phone calls were ignored. In my opinion, you should avoid Solar Edge Pros and speak to other solar firms instead." - Anthony H.
"Our new rooftop terrace with solar panels is wonderful. By purchasing a NEW BUILD, we were able to ensure that the installation of solar panels on our roof would not invalidate our builder's guarantee. To have our much-desired solar panels installed, we contacted Solar Edge Pros, who gave us a fantastic alternative for constructing a wonderful patio in the backyard. The staff is very well-versed in the goods they provide and is always eager to provide details on the next steps. WONDERFUL JOB, SOLAR EDGE TEAM!" - Jacob A.
"Solar Edge Pros has an incredible staff as a whole. Salesman was very helpful in explaining all of my choices and their advantages and disadvantages. The lack of sales pressure made it easy for me to choose a system and panels that are ideal for my energy requirements. Their selection of solar panels from various manufacturers and accessories like inverters and batteries was very appealing to me. Even though the procedure took a little longer than I had intended, Solar Edge Pros kept me informed every step of the way. We anticipate reduced electricity costs and little disruption as rates in South Central Texas continue to climb." - Ethan N.
"Everything, from start to finish, went smoothly. So that we didn't have to worry about anything, they made everything as easy as possible. We never had to wait for a response, and the deadlines given were always accurate. The salesperson was great throughout, keeping me informed of what was going on and when. In conclusion, working with this solar installation firm was a fantastic experience. During my year-long search, I was surprised to find that many of the unfavorable evaluations I read on various websites were from relatively recent years. I realized I made the right decision after reading reviews from satisfied Solar Edge Pros clients. Having been there and done that, I am confident in my decision." - Michael D.
"After the storm, our roof leaked and sustained some damage. To make the necessary repairs to the roof, we hired Solar Edge Pros to remove some panels and then came back to replace them. The manager from SEP arrived at the promised time. He was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. When the roofers needed access, he removed the panels and came back the next morning to install them back. He told me about the system and made several suggestions to improve its efficiency and manageability. I really appreciated his opinion." - Alexander U.
"Solar Edge Pros did a great job with the installation, and I appreciate it. Every step of the way was simple as counting to three; it took just two weeks to complete the full project from start to end, and that included installation, inspections, and commissioning. Solar Edge Pros is the best and only company I would ever recommend for your roof install, ground mount, or patio cover, BIG shout out to owner. Sales consultant, good man; Roof crew, on point; Master electrician, top notch; I've been around solar myself for a while and am familiar with many solar companies in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. This guy is one of the most knowledgable people I've ever encountered about solar energy and the solar industry in general, and he really cares about his customers and his staff. Solar energy and the support of Solar Edge Pros gives me hope for the future." - William M.

Solar Edge Pros Social media
Despite its minimal design and focus mainly on its products and services, the Solar Edge Pros page has a highly professional look. We can assume that the company is quite famous since it has about 1,000 subscribers. Most of the articles also contain official website URLs, images, and videos. Overall, Solar Edge Pros seems to be a very reliable company. We can trust their services because their page looks well-maintained and is updated frequently. The articles contain useful information about solar energy. In addition, several customers have provided glowing testimonials confirming the quality of their work. Overall, if you are interested in installing solar energy equipment, this is a great resource.
Reputable solar energy provider Solar Edge Pros (SEP) is headquartered in the US. When it comes to offering top-notch services and solar energy solutions, you can rely on the organization. You may discover helpful information about SEP on the business' LinkedIn profile. With a polished and contemporary appearance, it is presentable and user-friendly. There are several interesting items provided, including updates on the business's most recent projects and services, case studies, and job ads. SEP has established itself as a reliable source of information about solar energy via the page's helpful content. Anyone interested in learning more about solar energy should start by reading this page.
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Solar Edge Pros average reviews

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Google reviews1394.9


Solar Edge Pros Pros & Cons

  • High Quality
  • Experienced Team
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Limited Accessibility
  • High Upfront Capital Costs

Solar Edge Pros Final Conclusions

When it comes to solar energy and cutting-edge energy management systems, Solar Edge Pros is at the forefront. Their products are designed to facilitate solar energy self-consumption to grid services for residential, business, and utility users. Customer reviews consistently give Solar Edge Pros high marks, praising the company's exceptional quality and service. 7/10.

Solar Edge Pros locations

Main Address11010 Coachlight Dr, San Antonio, TX, 78216
Phone Number2104019030

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