Solar Five review

Solar Five provides services in solar energy analysis and implementation. From the initial evaluation and research through the design and installation of the solar energy system, they are experts in finding the best solar solutions for homes and businesses. Additionally, they provide regular servicing and customer support.

Solar Five overview

Solar Five provides services in solar energy analysis and implementation. From the initial evaluation and research through the design and installation of the solar energy system, they are experts in finding the best solar solutions for homes and businesses. Additionally, they provide regular servicing and customer support.

What Solar Five has to say about itself

Solar Five started with the intention of changing the way the world views energy. Our mission is to offer cutting-edge, cost-effective options for converting to renewable energy sources in homes, companies, and whole communities. We have a team of highly trained engineers and solar energy professionals backing up our dedication to environmental sustainability. We're committed to providing eco-friendly options that cut into consumer satisfaction.

Solar Five Solar Review

Year Started2012
Service AreasMA, RI
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and hybrid batteries.

Solar Five website review

At the moment the official website of Solar Five has technical problems, but technicians will soon solve this problem.

Solar Five price policy

PackagesSolar Five Complete Solar Energy System: starts at $27,999, Solar Five Solar Panel Installation: starts at $9,999, Solar Five Home Battery Backup System: starts at $5,999, Solar Five Solar Roof Install: starts at $14,999, Solar Five Solar Hot Water Heater Install: starts at $5,999, Solar Five Solar Pool Heater Install: starts at $5,999, Solar Five Solar Lighting System Install: starts at $4,999, Solar Five Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance: starts at $799
Payment optionsCash, check, PayPal, and major credit cards.
Payment discounts10% off for new customers, 5% off for customers who refer a friend, 5% off for customers who sign up for autopay, 10% off for veterans and active military, 5% off for customers who purchase at least four solar panels, 5% off for customers who purchase at least three batteries, 5% off for customers who purchase at least two inverters, 10% off for customers who purchase at least one solar tracker

Solar Five online reputation

Overall, assessments of Solar Five's support have been mixed. Approximately 50% of consumers are completely satisfied with the service they got. On the other hand, half of the customers said they were unsatisfied with the service because of long wait times and unhelpful support agents. Overall, it would seem that Solar Five is working to better serve its customers, while they still have some work to do.
"A solar loan and solar panels were transferred to me in January 2020. Since then, I've made many attempts to get in touch with someone via phone, email, and even Facebook messages in hopes of finding assistance in turning on a solar panel that had previously been installed. I've been nothing but understanding and patient with Covid, but customer service never returns my messages and always finds a way to delay me by a few more weeks. While the warranty is being voided, the solar panel is collecting dust on the roof. Even though I've already taken over the whole solar loan, I agreed to pay the fee for the electrical engineering affidavit they insisted I pay before proceeding. They made the payment but then disappeared again. I contacted customer care and was informed that the necessary paperwork had been sent to the City of Malden for approval. A month later, I tried to get in touch again, but this time they claimed they'd never gotten my affidavit. Now that it's May 2020 and they still haven't activated the solar panels, I have no alternative but to seek legal action to compel them to remove them and fix the damage to my roof caused by the removal of the mounting hardware." - Braden F.
"Ignored Solar Five's existence. There was a sudden failure in my solar panel's performance. The year was 2022, and the month was August. I contacted solar five. Their electrician failed to show up for a planned visit in September. I had extensive email correspondence with the company's CEO and VP of operations. Their electrician failed to show up for yet another November appointment. My power bill continues to rise as they refuse to solve the issue. Since my solar panel ceased operating, my energy bill has returned to its previous level of $285.00, and I am now liable for repaying the loan for the solar panel as well as foregoing the state rebate. They are leaving me no other option except to retain legal counsel. If you don't want a headache and a lot of hassle, you should avoid Solar Five." - Rylan L.
"After having a solar system built by Solar Five, I had to call them out a few times to fix a faulty controller and get my system up and running again. After 1 year and 6 months, the controller failed again, and replacement took another 6 or 7 weeks. Meanwhile, over that time period of weeks, which includes a significant portion of May and almost all of June, the two largest electric production months of the year, zero electricity was created. The Customer Service Manager and the technician who replaced the controller both assured me that I would be reimbursed for my financial loss. Customer service manager finally conceded that "it was out of his hands" after weeks of procrastinating. They promised a certain amount of output when they sold me this equipment for thirty grand and more. That break their word when they say they will." - Manuel B.
"Easily the worst interaction I've ever had with a business. Installation mistakes, protracted wait times, and absent contractors. There was a total absence of contact and subsequent action. The system's loan payments began two months before the launch of the actual system. For two months, we had to keep up with our loan and electricity payments while they worked out the kinks. Our sales salesman assured us that we would be reimbursed for those two months, but a month after the system went live, we have yet to receive any money. No response to my calls, emails, or texts. Bad service to customers. I wouldn't recommend this solar business unless you have a lot of time on your hands and can afford to wait around for them.I was repaid not too long ago." - Roman W.
"It's a compliment to say that they run a lousy business. It took 8 months from the first time I contacted them to the day the system was activated.... But for almost four months, it sat on my roof, doing nothing. They never paid the electrician, therefore I'm still stuck with a lein on my house. Have spent the last several months developing this. They ceased answering my calls throughout this period, leaving me with a major problem. Even worse, my corporate contact, lied to me and stated he no longer worked there and asked me to stop calling. Do not utilize this firm if solar energy installation is something you're interested in." - Jeffrey B.
"We have 30 solar panels installed in our home by Solar Five in April 2019. At first, we were hesitant to invest in solar panels. After meeting with Peter and listening to an investment proposal for this business, we happily agreed to work with the firm. They always responded promptly to our few calls. We were completely comfortable with our choice to work with Solar five because of the openness and professionalism of the team. The solar energy output has exceeded our wildest expectations. We really appreciated being able to check the app on our iPad every day to see how much energy was generated. If you're thinking about switching to solar power for your home, you should definitely contact the Solar Five team." - Edwin G.
"I have been quite satisfied with Solar Five throughout the whole process, from first sales to ongoing operation. They were prompt, kind, and informative; I never had to wait for answers to my queries, and I was constantly aware of what was going on. The contractor they hired to do the installation did a great job. I have a log house with cathedral ceilings and was worried that the outside world would be able to see the electrical conduits, but they performed an excellent job of disguising them and even updated the exposed conduit because of my unique scenario. Only time will tell whether going solar was a good decision, but thus far I'm enjoying the aesthetic and practical advantages. Very helpful, Solar Five." - Stephen P.
"Everyone we spoke with was helpful, kind, and quick to respond throughout the whole process. There were a lot of people and organizations engaged in getting the system up and operating, but in the end it was successful, and now we're enjoying the fruits of our labor. Solar Five persisted through the lengthy SMART application process and kept me informed of its development. It took a few months, but eventually everything was greenlit. It will be time well spent, and Solar Five will be there to guide you through the process." - Hector E.
"Good job. Both the service and the quality of their items are superb. They kept in touch with us at all times and promptly responded to our inquiries. We were able to secure our loan and any rebates from the state because of our switch to solar electricity with the aid of Solar Five's documentation assistance. We can't imagine working with a better firm." - Leo J.
"Excellent. If I could offer a perfect grade in any category, it would be for response. I looked at many other providers and compared their offerings. When compared to competitors, Solar Five's service and installation times were far more favorable. Most importantly, they have always been quick to respond to any issues or queries I've had. Strongly suggest." - Jared N.

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The recognized solar energy supplier Solar Five has a comprehensive description of its services on its LinkedIn profile. The website is attractive and has many pictures and videos that highlight the products that the firm sells. More than 500 individuals keep up with the business's actions, and many of its clients have posted evaluations. The website offers connections to other helpful websites as well as recent articles. The LinkedIn page for Solar Five is detailed and well-maintained, making it a valuable tool for anybody with an interest in solar power. It is a reliable source since the information it offers is always up-to-date and correct.
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Solar Five average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews393.7


Solar Five Pros & Cons

  • Low-cost solar
  • Eco-friendly
  • Experienced team
  • High Initial Investment
  • Weather Dependency
  • Maintenance Requirements

Solar Five Final Conclusions

Solar Five is a renewable energy company that offers services such as solar panel installation and maintenance. Their online reviews are generally good, with consumers praising their quick responses to service requests and affordable prices. According to real customer reviews, Solar Five is generally rated okay.

Solar Five locations

Main Address420 Bedford Street Lexington, MA 02420
Phone Number7813017233

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