Solar Power of Oklahoma review

Solar Power of Oklahoma is a full-service solar energy company owned by a local family. Solar power system design, engineering, installation, commissioning, and maintenance are only some of the services offered by this organization. Additionally, they are a Value Added Reseller of renewable energy goods, guaranteeing their clients only the best solar solutions.

Solar Power of Oklahoma overview

Solar Power of Oklahoma is a full-service solar energy company owned by a local family. Solar power system design, engineering, installation, commissioning, and maintenance are only some of the services offered by this organization. Additionally, they are a Value Added Reseller of renewable energy goods, guaranteeing their clients only the best solar solutions.

What Solar Power of Oklahoma has to say about itself

Solar Power of Oklahoma offers dependable, cost-effective solar energy solutions for residences and commercial buildings. Our goal is to satisfy all of your energy demands by offering exemplary customer service, dependable solar energy supplies, and tailored solutions. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in lowering their power expenses and environmental impact. We ensure that you will benefit from clean, dependable solar electricity for years to come by working with certified solar technicians. We are dedicated to promoting a sustainable future for our state via the provision of first-rate goods and services.

Solar Power of Oklahoma Solar Review

Year Started2000
Service AreasOK
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, bifacial, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow-battery systems.

Solar Power of Oklahoma website review

The official website of Solar Power of Oklahoma, a well-known provider of solar energy goods and services, seems to be Their goods, services, and customer assistance are all well described on the website. The website looks to have been carefully created and has a professional appearance. Additionally, it seems that the website has several security measures in place to assist safeguard user data. looks to be fairly reliable based on its expert design and security measures.

Solar Power of Oklahoma price policy

PackagesSolaredge Grid-Tied Pre-Designed System - start at $4,500, Solaredge Grid-Tied Complete System - start at $5,500, Off-Grid System - start at $6,500, Custom Ground Mount System - start at $7,500, Hybrid System - start at $8,500, Battery Backup System - start at $9,500, Solar System Monitoring - start at $50/month, Solar System Maintenance - start at $100/year
Payment optionsCash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and personal checks.
Payment discountsReferral Discount: 10%, Veteran Discount: 10%, Public Servant Discount: 10%, Senior Citizen Discount: 10%, Multi-System Discount: 10%, Multi-Year Service Agreement Discount: 5%, Prompt Payment Discount: 10%, Accessory Installation Discount: 10%

Solar Power of Oklahoma online reputation

Numerous happy clients attest to Solar Power of Oklahoma's dependability and effectiveness in the solar energy market. Installations were reportedly performed quickly and expertly, and customers praised the organization for being attentive to their requirements and comments. The installation process might take a long time from the time a consumer first contacts the provider until it begins. Solar Power of Oklahoma has received mostly good feedback from its patrons, indicating their high level of satisfaction with the company's offerings.
"There are many positive comments about this firm online, and I would want to add my own...but I can't. They only appear to have done right in getting me on the schedule and having me arrive on time. Poor service before, during, and after the transaction has become the norm. They struggle greatly with verbal exchanges. The RS485 communication wires required for the EG4 all-in-one charger/inverter were among the extras taken by the installers. Despite my many attempts to contact one of the owners, the Director of Operations, and the Technical Manager, I have yet to get the cables they said they would send. They "reallocated" everything, but in the end, I simply reordered everything. My next-door neighbor got the same service I did. Don't settle with Signature Solar; go elsewhere. They've been really quick to respond." - Josue F.
"I took the day off work to meet with a salesperson from Solar Power of Oklahoma, but he called me five minutes before our scheduled meeting time to reschedule. He said he hadn't looked at his itinerary and admitted as much. I get that we all make errors sometimes, but there are just too many alternative options out there to overlook such a shaky beginning." - Edwin D.
"The installers didn't show up when they were supposed to. They had postponed my appointment without telling me. When we had things sorted out, they came up 30 minutes late for their appointment, saying they got lost on the way and couldn't locate the home. The erroneous location had been supplied to them. The electrician arrived at 10:45, far beyond my scheduled 10 o'clock arrival time. After the electrician had to repeat the job since it was unsatisfactory, their trencher became stuck, and I had to dig it out using my tractor. When I filled the trench, they sat in the truck and I had to go back and tamp it down. Even after repeated requests, the electrician received no assistance. My panels were eventually mounted, however, the installation of my 15-panel ground mount took 8 hours." - Manuel S.
"If it were possible, I'd give this company zero stars because we've had nothing but issues with them. Initially, we were told that they would come out and remove the panels for free when the roof needed to be replaced, but now it costs $300 per panel to have them removed, and we still don't have our sensory app. I'm quite irritated and regret having contracted with this firm." - Bradley T.
"It's been about 7 months since I had solar panels put. They were also expected to download the sense app. I've attempted to get in touch with them many times, but they always ignore my messages. This morning I was greeted with a voicemail from them. They wanted to come over and see how my setup was doing. Both of my calls were ignored. Please assist me with a customer care issue." - Mario K.
"I regret not starting this sooner. The team at Solar Power of Oklahoma was fantastic to deal with. They provided us with comprehensive, straightforward explanations of all our concerns. We decided to switch to solar power, and the application procedure for a loan was simple and fast. The setup went off without a hitch. City permissions were also taken care of by them. On the day of the installation, we were able to view our energy production on the app on my phone, which was a big help. They also instructed us on how to use and maintain the system, which is simple using the app. Everyone was wonderful to work with. The first month's energy bill was lower than expected. We really should have started this process sooner. Solar Power of Oklahoma is the only company we would ever consider working with to extend our current system. There is no higher praise we can give them." - Damien R.
"I have studied the topic of Solar Panel installation extensively. I can say that the staff at Solar Power of Oklahoma was really helpful and knowledgable about our needs. They recommended a Hybrid setup, which is ideal for us. They did a thorough job of installing it and kept me informed at every stage. They are professional, utilize high-quality equipment, and gave me a clear breakdown of my payment options. We are so relieved that we went with SPO for our solar panel installation that we would never go with anybody else again." - Erick W.
"Our choice to work with Solar Power of Oklahoma has been a great success. For a long time, solar energy was something we were considering. We put off looking into it seriously due to rumors that we wouldn't be able to connect to the grid or get credit for solar power from OG&E. Advertisements on social media platforms during the last year put an end to such rumors. We researched a few businesses. They all made a convincing argument for the environmental and financial benefits of switching to solar energy. It would be silly not to try going solar. Since Solar Power of Oklahoma is a local business, and since they offered us a better rate for paying cash up front, we made the decision to work with them. And I'm pleased we did. We enjoyed developing our needs and budget with Shawna. Each member of the installation crew was kind and helpful, and together they moved quickly and efficiently to do the job in a single day. A better job of describing the procedure and what to anticipate would have been appreciated. One other organization we met with had a pretty beautiful chart presentation, which is great for those who learn best visually and consolidates all the information they want to relay into one place. Nothing about the experience with Solar Power of Oklahoma changed our minds about hiring them. We had to wait a while for OG&E to perform their part (I have no idea why), but we're now connected and starting to see savings right away! I have to confess that it's been far less difficult than we anticipated. The best part is that we are saving money and making a positive impact on the environment." - Peter L.
"Solar Power of Oklahoma has more expertise than any other Oklahoma-based solar energy firm. Their dedication to their customers is unparalleled. If a homeowner's solar power system isn't working properly, they'll even assist them out, even if they bought it from a different company. They are a genuine Oklahoma-based business. They have two owners, both of whom live in Oklahoma and make regular appearances at the office." - Camden N.
"Solar Power of Oklahoma installed our 5.2 kW system yesterday, on April 5th, 2023. The crew members began their day at 8:30 and worked until 2:30. Those men were pros who clearly enjoyed what they did. Six weeks after signing the contract, we can see that our system is up and running and generating electricity using a monitoring app on our phones. We spent months researching local companies and ultimately settled on one that we feel would design and install a system for us utilizing only the highest quality tier 1 components at an affordable price. Everyone we've worked with at SOP has been nothing but kind and helpful. There was constant, clear communication between all parties involved. We love working with SOP and strongly suggest them to everyone." - Rylan I.

Solar Power of Oklahoma Social media
The Facebook page for Solar Power OK is professionally designed, lending credibility to the brand. The many links are carefully grouped on the left, and the template's vibrant color scheme gives it an expert air. Explore the many blogs, videos, images, and stories to learn more. There are about 5,800 dedicated members of the page's community. New and interesting stuff is posted often on the page. Installations by customers, future events, and special offers are often highlighted in multimedia posts. It also includes access to the website, learning tools, solar industry news, and a blog. Solar Power OK's website is a fantastic resource for learning about the company's history and capabilities.
The area's most reputable and esteemed solar energy supplier is Solar Power of Oklahoma. Their LinkedIn profile has a very professional appearance, which is a reflection of how knowledgeable and dependable their services are. The page has a contemporary appearance with a clean, white, and blue layout. Numerous images of their facilities and associated work are available, and customer comments highlight the positive response they have gotten from clients. Over 2,400 people follow the page, which is updated often with solar energy news and activities. A link to the business' website is also included on the page so that visitors may learn more about the goods and services the business provides. Overall, the LinkedIn profile for Solar Power of Oklahoma is quite trustworthy and credible. It portrays the business favorably and demonstrates that it can be relied upon to provide accurate and current information.
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Solar Power of Oklahoma average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1114.7


Solar Power of Oklahoma Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • High Initial Cost
  • Weather Dependence
  • Limited Service Area

Solar Power of Oklahoma Final Conclusions

Solar Power of Oklahoma is a renewable energy provider that works with both residential and business customers in the state to install and maintain solar panels. Customers praise the expertise and consideration shown by the installers and sales staff, reporting positive outcomes in terms of both quality and customer service. Customers generally give Solar Power of Oklahoma great marks, and the majority are pleased to suggest the business to others.

Solar Power of Oklahoma locations

Main Address14800 Santa Fe Crossing Drive Oklahoma City, OK 73013
Phone Number9182124510

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