Solar Specialist review

Since the 1970s, Solar Specialists have successfully installed many solar panels around Central Florida. The excellence of their work and dedication to open, easy contact with cherished clientele are sources of pride at Solar Specialist.

Solar Specialist overview

Since the 1970s, Solar Specialists have successfully installed many solar panels around Central Florida. The excellence of their work and dedication to open, easy contact with cherished clientele are sources of pride at Solar Specialist.

What Solar Specialist has to say about itself

Solar Specialist ensures that customer solar systems mirror their exacting standards for their residences. They promise to be quite knowledgeable about the newest goods and installation techniques. They know that transitioning to solar energy is an investment in your family's future. Their dedication includes using only superior industry items customized for your property. The Solar Specialist who communicates with you will create your customized solar solution. According to Solar Specialist, getting the highest installation quality might result in the most affordable costs.

Solar Specialist Review

Year Started2007
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline panels, polycrystalline panels, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion Batteries, Lead-Acid Batteries,Flow Batteries, Sodium-Ion Batteries
CertificationsFlorida Certified Solar Contractor since 2007

Solar Specialist website review

The website is aesthetically appealing because of its expert design and light backdrop. Users may simply access numerous sites on the website, including Home, Maintain, PV Support, Solar Pool & Hot Water Support, and Career, thanks to the website's sparse navigation menu in the top left corner. Regardless of scrolling, the menu remains fixed at the top left for ease of access. Unfortunately, there is no "Contacts" section on the website, which makes getting in touch with the business more difficult. Visitors may contact Solar Specialist by phone and a contact form on the homepage. There is no "About Us" section on the Solar Specialist website, which usually contains details about the company's background, goals, and beliefs. Additionally, there is no information on the partners, certificates, and workers of Solar Specialist. Users mistrust the firm because of the lack of this information. Links and information about the company's social networks are absent from the website. Customers can access social networks to be informed about corporate news and changes. The website responds effectively to changes in screen size and is responsive. The Solar Specialist website is not particularly user-friendly in general.

Solar Specialist price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsCash, Credit or Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover), Bank Transfer, Financing, Solar Loans, Lease or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Government Incentives
Payment discountsNo payment discounts specified

Solar Specialist online reputation

According to several client testimonials, there have been both good and bad experiences with Solar Specialist. Customers laud the solar crew for their superior installation work and attention to aesthetics, particularly Chris, Johnny Philpo, Tyler, and Alex. They were able to fix the solar panels' aesthetic problems on the roof and gave designs to guarantee an aesthetically appealing installation. Modern solar systems, which are anticipated to offer long-term advantages and lower energy costs, have received positive customer feedback. Customers like comprehensive system explanations, quick customer support, and assistance long after the installation is complete. Negative reviews, on the other hand, draw attention to some of the drawbacks and issues. Customers have complained about forceful sales techniques and problems with contract conditions. There are claims that salespeople deceived clients, and in some cases, expected services were not provided, which left clients unsatisfied and gave the impression that the company needed more professionalism. Negative experiences include having trouble reaching out for assistance. In conclusion, consumers have both positive and bad things to say about Solar Specialist. While some customers are quite pleased with the installation procedure, the quality of the equipment, and the level of customer service, others express grave unhappiness with a number of business practices, such as sales techniques, customer assistance, and alleged dishonesty.
"Solar Specialist Inc.: BEWARE. I tried to cancel with them after experiencing several medical issues and focusing on my health, but they were quite pushy in creating obstacles for me to do so. Do not approach them. They showed neither sympathy nor empathy for my predicament. They only want to install it and be paid for it. They issued me a $6000 cancellation notice but did not install any solar panels on my house (see image). I will contact my local congressman to ask them to stop harassing people. Ultimately, I learned that they failed to even submit the permission to FPL, meaning I would have received two bills after their installation because my brother had solar and said it was the first thing they should have done. Avoid Solar JEFF and this business." - Mason
"I bought the system two years ago after being informed that the fee would be waived for one move if I moved. I need to relocate the system to my new house right away, but no one is returning my calls to show up when they said they would. It is particularly unfortunate when you promise something but do not follow through. This indicates to me a less-than-professional business." - James
"Avoid signing anything with a solar professional as a favor to yourself. They tell you lies to sign with them. Because the process took so long and the contract had already expired, the representative arrived and requested me to sign a new one before they could complete the transaction. I too had several questions, and the answers he gave me today are completely different. I initially agreed to a contract in October 2020, and as of now, September 23, 2021, my panels are still not turned on and are simply resting on my roof. Always something going on with this business. Customer is very dissatisfied." - Ethan
"Do not purchase anything from this business. Poor client appreciation and poor service. The manager was accessible to speak. If there is an issue with the system, they will claim it falls within the warranty and not offer prompt, helpful support. When the IRS really keeps the money, they deceive you into believing you would receive government reimbursement." - Noah
"Scam business. Period. have used the app to make service requests and have left several voicemails. We have checked our voice mail and ticket system," should be the response you receive. have already hired a lawyer who is preparing a class action lawsuit against this corporation on behalf of several consumers. View the location images on their website to see that not even a business resembles the apartment they now operate from." - Daniel
"We were "on the fence" regarding rooftop solar, but after month eight, I wish we had done it sooner! I prefer owning something to paying for the electricity each month. My wife's major concern was aesthetics, but Chris and the Solar Specialists crew did a great job installing our solar plant. My wife cared most about "curb appeal" and no roof panels facing the front of the house. Chris supplied numerous drawings, and we chose a solar plant she liked. We are serious skeptics, and I got quotations carefully. Solar Specialists was the only business that came to me on site and provided me a clear grasp of what was involved, putting my mind at ease knowing there were few unknowns when making my selection. They recommended and installed high-quality equipment, which I researched again and found to be superior to the competition. Based on my study, I could not be happier obtaining a state-of-the-art solar plant that would last me beyond retirement and eliminate my electricity expense. I have not had a charge over $10 since system commissioning... Chris helped us through challenges (not the solar crew's or installation's fault) and went above and beyond. I cannot recommend a solar company more for quality, service, and before- and after-sales service. Ex. After emailing Chris a foolish inquiry I thought I already knew the answer to at 8PM on a weekday, he answered within minutes. This is a top-notch business and a highly recommended firm for solar power. The procedure may appear daunting, but it will shorten the distance." - Charlie
"We are quite happy with our system, and solar specialist was very helpful from beginning to end. particularly during a hurricane. Jonny Filpo meticulously detailed how everything will be carried out. He did not make any excessive promises and gave a detailed account of what happened. He still supports me now if I have a question, and he is really pleased of it." - Edgar
"The salesman that assisted us with our solar was Johnny Filpo. Very competent and addressed all of my inquiries. Even though I was "on the fence" about installing solar, it ended up being the finest purchase I had made for my house." - Sam
"Finally, we had chosen to switch to solar power! The salesman that guided me through each stage was Johnny Filpo.He went into great length in his explanation of how the system operates. We wholeheartedly endorse him and his business. The town's best solar firm." - Henry
"Tyler and Alex are excellent at what they do and a delight to work and interact with. Definitely deserves more than 5 stars. My installation was completed yesterday, and the installation team was excellent. Two of the men remained to complete and wire it in after dark." - Oscar

Solar Specialist Social media
On the website for Solar Specialist Inc., Facebook gives details about the business's solar energy services, goods, and updates. The page seems to be concentrated on audience interaction and business promotion. The page appears to have been offline since 2014. Since then, no new information nor new material have been added to the page. The page's profile image shows the Solar Specialist Inc. emblem. Their expertise in the area is shown by the cover, which has a solar panel installation. The page's posts receive a mix of likes, comments, and reposts, which indicates a low level of involvement. The page also contains a link to their website as a point of contact, but there is no mention of a phone number or email address. It is challenging to interact with the business as a result. There is no testimonials part on the page where users may share their opinions on Solar Specialist Inc. A page for Solar Specialist Inc. Facebook does not communicate with their audience on the platform well. Active profiling would boost the company's credibility.
It is evident from a review by Solar Specialist Inc. that the business specializes in solar energy solutions. The page does not appear to be used, and Solar Specialist Inc. has not claimed it. General information, job openings, and persons are all sections on the page. Solar Specialist Inc. is briefly described in the section about the firm. The company's focus on solar energy solutions is mentioned. Unfortunately, there is not any further information about Solar Specialist Inc. under the "About Us" section. The workers of Solar Specialist Inc. are profiled on LinkedIn. There are 7 employee profiles on the LinkedIn site, and the organization is stated as having 2–10 workers. Potential customers and job seekers may learn more about the company's culture, history, and leadership in this area. There are no open positions listed in the "Vacancies" section. Overall, it does not seem like Solar Specialist Inc.'s LinkedIn page is useful or active.
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Solar Specialist average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews814.6


Solar Specialist Pros & Cons

  • Professional Installation and Aesthetics
  • High-Quality Equipment
  • Reduced Electricity Expenses
  • Pushy Sales Tactics and Contract Issues
  • Customer Service and Communication Issues
  • Cancellation and Relocation Challenges

Solar Specialist Final Conclusions

Finally, Solar Specialist presents itself as a seasoned participant in the solar sector. The business may look back on decades of family expertise. The business has a history of solar installations extending back to the 1970s, solidifying its position as a seasoned partner in sustainable energy solutions. The fact that the firm is in possession of numerous State Certified Solar Contractor Licenses, as well as a State Certified General Contractor License, demonstrates its dedication to abiding by industry norms and rules. Customer opinions range widely from favorable to unfavorable. The result is mistrust. Their wealth of knowledge surely helps them to customize solar solutions to the particular requirements of each client's house. Although some clients have expressed worries, particularly in relation to sales and customer service strategies, Solar Specialist's reputation appears to be a mix of laudable professionalism and room for development.

Solar Specialist locations

Main AddressPO Box 1402, Riverview, Florida 33568, US
Phone Number8139383107

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