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Commercial, industrial, government, and residential facilities across the United States have access to Suntuity Solar's solar photovoltaic system design and installation services. The firm does everything from solar system design and development to installation and maintenance.

Suntuity overview

Commercial, industrial, government, and residential facilities across the United States have access to Suntuity Solar's solar photovoltaic system design and installation services. The firm does everything from solar system design and development to installation and maintenance.

What Suntuity has to say about itself

A provider of renewable energy with a focus on comprehensive solar energy solutions is Suntuity Solar. For home and commercial solar projects, we provide design, engineering, installation, and monitoring services. We are a full-service business committed to offering our customers the most effective and economical solar solutions. We utilize the most up-to-date solar technology as a result of our dedication to renewable energy to optimize effectiveness, lessen environmental impact, and assist our customers in saving money.

Suntuity Solar Review

Year Started2007
Service AreasNJ
Service TypesInstallation, energy efficiency audits, energy storage solutions, and consulting services.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries.

Suntuity website review

To learn more about Suntuity and the energy services they provide, you can visit their official website. It has a goal statement, information on their residential and business services, and a media gallery where users may interact with clips from their commercials. The website's content is provided in a clean, well-structured fashion. The website may be trusted because of its extensive features, polished design, and precise information. Customers may get in touch with the business or their local energy supplier using the links provided on the 'Contact Us page. Customers may transact with ease and safety using the website's integrated payment gateways. In most cases, you may trust the data and services shown on Suntuity Renewables' official website.

Suntuity price policy

PackagesSolar Complete System: Approximately $9,000, Solar Panel Package: Approximately $3,000, Basic Solar Package: Approximately $2,000, Battery Storage System: Approximately $9,000, Complete Off-Grid System: Approximately $20,000, Solar Generator Package: Approximately $3,500, Solar Hot Water System: Approximately $4,000, Solar Pool Heater System: Approximately $5,000, Solar Home Heating System: Approximately $10,000, Solar Lighting Package: Approximately $2,000
Payment optionsMajor credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, personal checks, wire, ACH, and bank transfers.
Payment discounts10% discount on solar energy systems, 5% military discount, 5% first responder discount, 10% off new customer referrals, Up to 10% discount when you bundle solar products, Participate in their rewards program and receive up to 10% in cashback rewards.

Suntuity online reputation

In general, clients have had positive interactions with Suntuity. From the first consultation to the final installation, the professional expertise and friendliness of the staff is universally praised by satisfied customers. However, there have been some consumer complaints concerning the length of time required to schedule an appointment or have an installation completed. While some customers have had problems, the vast majority have had a positive and enjoyable experience. Suntuity is often used as a renewable energy solution because of the alternatives it provides.
"I was underwhelmed with both Suntuity and Sunnova. A deal was signed with Jordan M., and business has been a disaster ever since. Everyone I've ever worked with has either been let go or quit without giving notice. The administration has issued empty assurances. I wish I had never heard about Suntuity if I could do things over. Emily Budrow joined the team at the conclusion of the setup process and flourished. I'm sorry to say it, but Caitlyne Bottomly is the only thing keeping this circus together. Most of my time with Suntuity has been unpleasant. Caitlyn has pulled this off, handled my impatience and dissatisfaction with grace and expertise, and I am grateful to her. She is gracefully resolving sales difficulties that have persisted following an initial failure to implement an update to the control panel. Caitlyn ought should earn a huge rise, a hundred percent commission on this trade, or both. I had a good time joking about with her, but I still think the business is a joke. They're also big fibbers. We are now seeing similarly dissatisfied clients." - Raul S.
"Our prior home's solar salesperson was called. This firm was the one he chose for us. He is aware of my involvement in commercial solar energy. That's why I planned out the precise installation and equipment. At first, corporate personnel assured us that the impact on our credit would be minimal and that no final arrangements would be made until everyone was satisfied. Four times I had to take off from work and travel an hour to meet with their crew. You would assume the staff would be able to explain what they are selling and would take the time to hear the consumer out. Not at all; they lack internal coordination and intended to demolish thousands of dollars worth of recent renovations. The situation was already dire before they attempted to employ inferior tools. They really did the old "bait and switch" trick. Because of this lie, I decided to back out. My life has been in danger for the last two months. Someone assigned to me today chose to phone me nine times in a row. Who would do such a thing. Is this appropriate for a working environment. Keep away, since this firm is dubious at best." - Trey E.
"The seller emailed my mom the contract and asked her to bring it to her phone so he could show and explain it to her. When he got her phone, he decided to put an electronic signature on my dad's behalf. He was dishonest with her and me when he discussed the price structure. Now he ignores our calls. Several Google estimates are very similar. There is no clear price structure and the dealer has made false statements regarding the cost of electricity. The solar system is a 25 year commitment with no guarantee of savings." - Danny M.
"In September of 2022, I set off on this dreadful adventure. Dealing with this organization has been a living hell. There has been extremely poor and one-sided communication. (I make the calls). Since no one in the office can assist me, I plan to begin my lengthy list of complaints with the senior management team tomorrow. After I explained the situation to my sales guy, he abruptly ended our conversation. Far too many specifics to list here, but knowledge is power. A total score of 3 is assigned to them. That's subpar performance, at best." - Randy V.
"Is there any way to give a bad review? I was assured that I would speak with an engineer, but the lady who answered the phone had no idea what the difference was between a kWh and a crocodile. Had to answer the same questions for the fourth time. She responded to my complaint with "I don't know who you talked to." The first caller was definitely a telemarketer who placed me in touch "with the manager," who then lied to me. However, the Suntuity agent didn't seem to mind that I'd been deceived. How come she has no idea who made the recommendation? She ignored my question about why she didn't care that the referral organization was deceiving prospective buyers. The administration must take action. Worse even is if the organization you referred earns money." - Gerardo O.
"Over the years, we've talked to several different solar companies, but they've never answered all of our questions. That all changed with a Suntuity representative. He spent as much time with us as we needed, explaining the procedure and what to expect. As planned, he provided a comprehensive analysis of how going solar would benefit us. In the end, Suntuity's solar energy offerings convinced us of the need to make the switch. He was there for us every step of the procedure and patiently answered all of our questions. We even had one more question on the day of installation. I texted for clarification. He personally came to our home to make sure everything went well and to answer our questions. Suntuity made the entire solar selection process simple and straightforward, stress-free." - Cade T.
"At first I had serious doubts. Suntuity brought Jakob to my home, where he patiently answered all my many questions. I believed him when he told me that there would be no costs associated with going solar. Everything he told me was honest and executed with a high level of professionalism. Jakob arranged for the installers to come back the next day and fix the problem I had with my first installation. My rent for the year was paid by the incentive check I received (yes, they rewarded me for switching to solar). Jakob knows everything there is to know about installing solar panels and will help you every step of the way if you decide to go solar." - Judah L.
"We were interested in installing solar panels on our roof and began researching available vendors. We talked to other neighbors who already had solar panels on their homes about their experiences. I contacted Suntuity, and a few days later Holden visited our home to talk about options for renting or buying solar panels. After that, I was still interested in exploring options, so I called Holden a few weeks later to have him come back and look at everything again. Holden was very accommodating and patiently discussed all the details with us again. The installation went well, and whenever I had any questions or concerns, Holden was quick to respond. Several of our close friends have already contacted him." - Rowan R.
"Twelve different Solar companies contacted us, all claiming to be the best option. Most of them were completely unfamiliar to me...Earlier, I had done some research on panels. Three suppliers showed up, but two of them refused to undertake the on-site installations we needed. Not having them up there was a priority for us. Our neighbors, especially about the trees on their property, are neglectful, and our two-story home shows it. Therefore, Suntuity had no problems complying. After all, we traveled to Solar so that I could simply brush away the snow and regain the sun's warmth. While my neighbor waited two days for their panels to clear, I am receiving credits. ACE still sends me bills, although they've never been more than $25. Therefore, even after paying both expenses, we are still far below the norm. And everything is guaranteed for 25 years against malfunction..." - Jasper P.
"Suntuity, from whom I leased a solar power system, did an excellent job in every respect. The installers came out and informed me what to anticipate, the firm took care of dealing with the municipality for permits and inspections, and everyone I talked to before signing up was kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. The administrative team kept me informed through email of my application's status and the launch date of the new system.I scarcely even noticed they were present when they finished installing everything. I'm excited to start saving a ton of money with Suntutity and would recommend it to anybody." - Dallas O.

Suntuity Social media
We're checking out the Suntuity Facebook page, which is used to advertise solar energy services. Over sixty thousand people are following the page, which features a wide range of solar-related articles. The latest developments, advancements, and possibilities in solar energy are constantly posted here. Customers may get a better feel for the breadth and depth of the company's services by browsing through images and videos of residential and commercial projects completed by the firm. Since Suntuity controls and maintains this website, you can rest certain that the information shown here is accurate. Customers looking for solar solutions, as well as those interested in learning more about this emerging industry, may find this article very helpful.
Suntuity Solar's profile on the professional networking site LinkedIn is clean and well-organized. Information about the business, its history, its services, and its present staff is all available here. The page is quite popular, with 9,5K followers. Many people depend on the website for news about their goods and services, therefore its reliability and trustworthiness are essential. The page's headline image and images of the crew and their work are of professional grade. The Suntuity Solar LinkedIn profile is aesthetically pleasing, trustworthy, and often visited.
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Suntuity average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews14144.4


Suntuity Pros & Cons

  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Eco-friendly
  • High initial cost
  • Limited product range
  • Limited geographical coverage

Suntuity Final Conclusions

Sunsense Solar is a solar energy business that produces high-quality solar systems throughout the country. They provide amazing 15-year warranties on their goods along with a wide range of client services including system performance monitoring and inspections. Overall, Sunsense Solar's customer ratings are favorable, with many customers applauding the company's customer service and product installation.

Suntuity locations

Main Address2137 NJ-35 Holmdel, NJ 07733
Phone Number7329792400

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