Solar Exclusive review

We put our customers' wants and requirements first here at Solar Exclusive. Our primary objective is to provide qualified leads and scheduled meetings only for energy consultants like yourself.
Solar Exclusive review

Solar Exclusive overview

We put our customers' wants and requirements first here at Solar Exclusive. Our primary objective is to provide qualified leads and scheduled meetings only for energy consultants like yourself.

What Solar Exclusive has to say about itself

In the solar industry, Solar Exclusive is a marketing firm that provides one-of-a-kind, high-quality leads to companies all across the United States. Providing solar enterprises with unique leads that convert to long-term clients is one way we can help them expand their operations and client base. Our first priority is ensuring that every one of our customers is happy with the quality of the appointments we set up for them and the leads we provide.To develop their businesses and attract more customers, energy consultants and solar companies need a reliable source of leads. In order to achieve this goal, we provide our customers with scheduled meetings and a steady flow of qualified solar leads.

Solar Exclusive Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasNV
Service Typessolar panel installation and maintenance, energy storage solutions, energy efficiency consulting and solar financing services
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup Batterylithium-ion and lead-acid batteries

Solar Exclusive website review

The website features a minimalistic style that is clear and uncluttered. It is simple to use and has a straightforward user interface. Website speed and responsiveness are excellent. There are no lags. The website provides details about the goods and services they provide. However, not all of the site's components have yet been completely constructed. Customers may keep informed about their newest items and specials by following the links on the website to the company's social media sites. The website seems to be well-designed and practical overall.

Solar Exclusive price policy

Packagesfrom $15,000 to $30,000
Payment optionscash, check, credit card, and financing
Payment discountsfederal tax credit, state benefits and utility rebates

Solar Exclusive online reputation

According to user evaluations, it seems that Solar Exclusive has had negative and positive comments from its clients. Despite the fact that some clients were pleased with the company's service, others were not. Many reviews complained about Solar Exclusive's pushy sales strategy and marketing strategies, calling them ineffective. Some people have expressed worry about the company's openness, saying they may not provide true data on campaigns. Other reviews, on the other hand, have had excellent experiences with Solar Exclusive and have praised the business's customer service and capacity to provide high-quality leads. Some consumers claim they received large returns on their investments. Generally speaking, it seems that prospective customers should use care and do their own research before using the company's services.
"I was interested in having solar panels put on my property. I responded to an advertisement that was sent to me by the "clean energy association" and provided my details. During the last two weeks, I have been getting calls from them on an ongoing basis, many times throughout the day. It has come to our attention that the Clean Energy Association is in reality merely a marketing firm." - Jon
"These evaluations are all fraudulent or sponsored by solar exclusives. They present themselves as a marketing firm, but they don't show you any of the material they use for your advertisements and are always coming up with rationalizations for how poorly their ads work. Except for pricing and cost per lead, they don't provide you with any campaign-related statistics at the end of the month. A true marketing company would display impressions, clicks, and other data. Bring your business someplace else, just for yourself. They are, to put it mildly, a dubious organization." - TR
"These individuals will tell you a falsehood and say that you are going to obtain a lot of leads that are qualified. Save your money. These con artists are trying to steal your money; do not give it to them." - Martin
"Put your money into something else. They give one amount for the cost per lead, but you can anticipate spending between 200 and 400 percent more than that. Dealing with this firm should be approached with extreme caution. You won't even come close to making a profit. When working with this firm, our cost per lead was $217. Insane when you consider that you're shelling out over $10,000 every single month." - Anonymous
"Investing in Solar Exclusive would be foolish. Seems OK at first glance, however as our lead generating effort got rolling, we had a terrible experience. They're not good at receiving criticism.Take note that the vast majority of these one-line, five-star ratings on Google are almost certainly bought. Multiple fabricated 5-star ratings have almost identical wording.This firm is very dishonest and deceptive, and their product is subpar." - Darian
"For a time now, my organization has been using SE, and I couldn't be happier with it. Our campaign began generating leads on day 2, and we were turning a profit by week 2. The bar was set high, and it has been consistently met thus far. Chase, our account executive, has been outstanding. He has been extremely forthcoming with information and has followed up with us on several occasions. When he was putting up our campaign, he was accommodating to some of our requests, and he has continued making tweaks to keep improving outcomes. Strongly suggest!!" - Alexander
"Because I had done my homework in advance, I was certain that this would turn out to be a profitable purchase, and I was right! Chase did an outstanding job getting the campaign off the ground and running smoothly. In addition, making any necessary adjustments on the fly in order to cater to our requirements. We are quite thankful to have discovered solar exclusive when we were just getting our firm started. Put an impressive 150,000 dollars into our sales funnel in the first three weeks!" - James
"The quantity of qualifying leads we received exceeded our expectations, leading to more closed transactions in the first month than we had anticipated. In my experience, Solar Exclusive has one of the greatest customer service teams around. Strongly suggest getting in touch with them." - Steve
"After over a year of working with Solar Exclusive, we can say that we are quite pleased with the quality of appointments and the assistance we get. What makes Rich, Chase, and the rest of the staff such a terrific partner is their dedication to the success of their customers. Strongly recommended!" - Tyson
"And I thought I had it bad. Chase and his crew are really accommodating, and they take my suggestions seriously. Although the second month has been more successful than the first, the team has done a fantastic job of keeping me realistic about the future success of the campaign. In the first month, I only had three or four appointments, but in the second, I have already had close to fifteen and there is still a week remaining. My team and I are now striving to improve the quality of those scheduled appointments. I'm looking forward to next month since I have two leads that are extremely close to closing this month. Excellent job, please continue it." - daniel

Solar Exclusive Social media

YouTube Channel 143 Subscribers

Solar Exclusive average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews


Solar Exclusive Pros & Cons

  • Initial installation cost can be high
  • Solar Exclusive does not offer a rental option
  • Limited Warranty
  • Installation and maintenance is simple and straightforward
  • competitive prices and various payment methods
  • Installers are well trained and certified

Solar Exclusive Final Conclusions

Judging by customer reviews, the services offered by Solar Exclusive are perceived ambiguously. While some customers report positive experiences with the company, others express disappointment. Some common complaints include a lack of transparency about materials used in advertising campaigns, high costs, and a perceived lack of accountability on the part of the company. However, there are also positive reviews that underline the quality of the clients attracted and the excellent customer service provided by the Solar Exclusive team. In general, it appears that the effectiveness of Solar Exclusive services can vary depending on the specific needs and expectations of each client, and potential clients should carefully consider their options before making a decision.

Solar Exclusive locations

Main Address9550 S. Eastern Ave Suite 253-A084 - Las Vegas, NV 89123
Phone Number7024627237

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