SolarTech review

Our goal is to provide our clients enough information to make sensible choices about their lives. Giving advice and information improves the customer's overall experience. SolarTech's top-notch wares improve our clients' standard of life.
SolarTech review

SolarTech overview

Our goal is to provide our clients enough information to make sensible choices about their lives. Giving advice and information improves the customer's overall experience. SolarTech's top-notch wares improve our clients' standard of life.

What SolarTech has to say about itself

We use only top-tier SunPower products in our award-winning solar installations. We're a San Diego-based company that's been in the solar energy and solar pool heating business since 2001. Providing superior goods, expert installation, and unbeatable pricing is essential to our mission of 100% customer satisfaction. Among the many solar services we provide are photovoltaic (solar electric) systems, solar pool heaters, and solar water heaters. We service all of Southern California, including the counties of San Diego, Orange, and Riverside.

SolarTech Review

Year Started2001
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup Batterylithium-ion batteries

SolarTech website review

With a mostly white backdrop and a contemporary, clean design, the website has a polished appearance. Users may quickly browse through the many parts because to the layout's excellent organization. The usage of pictures and symbols of a high caliber improves aesthetic attractiveness. Users may simply reach pages like Home, About Us, Services, Products, Projects, and Contacts thanks to the website's top-level, simple-to-use navigation menu. No matter how far you scroll, the menu remains set at the top for convenience. Visitors' attention is quickly captured with a huge banner on the home page with a call to action button. It gives a succinct summary of the business's offerings and emphasizes its knowledge of solar energy solutions. Additionally, there are customer endorsements on the website, all of which are favorable. Visitors may reach SolarTech in a variety of methods on the contact page, including a contact form, phone number, and physical address. Users may locate their workplace with ease by enabling Google Maps connection. Potential consumers will find the company's operating hours listed on this page to be helpful. The website seems to be mobile friendly and handles various screen sizes and devices with ease. This gives customers who access the site from smartphones or tablets a smooth surfing experience. Overall, with its excellent design, simple navigation, and educational material, the SolarTech website successfully communicates its knowledge of solar solutions. Potential customers seeking for solar energy solutions will find it to be a useful resource since it effectively communicates the company's trustworthiness, services, and completed projects.

SolarTech price policy

Payment optionsCredit or debit card( Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover), Bank transfer, Financing options, Cash or check
Payment discountsCash Rebates, Financing Options, Federal Tax Credits, State & Local Incentives

SolarTech online reputation

According to testimonials, clients' reactions to SolarTech have been variable. Some consumers were pleased with their experience and applauded SolarTech for the quality of their work, the speed with which they were responded to, and the general quality of customer service they received. The glowing testimonials attest to SolarTech's expert roofing replacement and solar panel installation services. The neatness, efficiency, and timeliness with which the jobs were completed earned high marks from the clientele. In addition, they gave the business high marks for its affordable prices and responsive customer service. Customers were happy with their choice of SolarTech because of the team's promptness, helpfulness, and politeness throughout the process. However, the comments also highlighted a number of problems. One consumer complained that SolarTech was more expensive than other providers they had gotten estimates from. Another client thought the firm was dishonest because of a sudden price increase and a lack of professionalism on the part of the staff. Problems with invoicing, excessively high SDG&E costs, and system performance were experienced by certain customers. For example, after a year of trying, SolarTech's technology still wasn't acknowledged by Sunpower. Poor customer service, unresolved problems, and an unwillingness to accept responsibility were other common complaints directed against SolarTech. Customer reviews imply that although SolarTech has pleased some clients with its services, company still has room for growth in key areas including quality of work, competitive pricing, and responsiveness to client needs. In order to better serve its customers, SolarTech has to address concerns about price clarity, system performance, customer assistance, and issue ownership.
"I decided to give solar technology another go, so I emailed Ali to get a price quotation on three battery packs. He gave me a price of $37,500 and was supposed to come get the down payment. When I asked about upgrading to four batteries, though, his price jumped to $52,700. I felt like I was being duped by the firm because of the unexpected price hike, particularly because I had recommended a friend who was also interested in solar installation to them. It would seem that the more money you give this corporation, the hungrier they become. This is inappropriate and shows a lack of professionalism on the part of the firm. Ali is not a man of his word or his word, despite how lovely he seems, and is eager to swindle clients." - Scott
"Even after shelling out $30k for a brand new setup, I'm still getting monthly SDG&E bills of $300. Bills of $1,000 for both of the months an inverter failed before being replaced. The customer service representatives are rude, arrogant, and snarky whenever I try to discuss an issue with them. STAY AWAY FROM LIKE THE PLAGUE AND CHOOSE ANY OTHER LOCAL SOLAR COMPANY!" - jenjay
"The issue with their new system not being recognized by Sunpower is ongoing at this time. No solution has been implemented after more than a year. I need to give them a call one more to combine my new and old systems." - Max
"AVOID ME! The sales representative, Dave, is polite and competent, but they are solely interested in making a sell. Dave checked over our home's electrical system and assured us that adding 17 solar panels wouldn't be a problem. The company doesn't do its homework before installing a product; their electrician has admitted to skipping over issues and been ordered to proceed with the install regardless of the consequences. Our SolarTech-installed solar array has been sitting idle for more than four months, despite our payment. To sum up, do not put your faith in SolarTech. If you want to avoid wasting your time and money, look into other solar companies." - Frank
"Last month, we finally finished installing solar panels.The municipal inspector arrived and gave me a list of three things to do, one of which was to swap two breakers in my breaker box so that I would be in compliance with safety codes. However, after the solar mechanics finished, I noticed a burnt odor in the garage and the family room's light bulbs and ceiling fan were no longer working. When I phoned the solar firm, they sent over the other technicians. They assured me that they had done nothing wrong and instructed me to get an electrician to resolve the issue on my own. It cost me $3700!!! Not the worst thing, by any means. The next day, I saw that my heater, air conditioner, electric recycle chair, and door bell had all gone out. Even though my husband provided a detailed estimate of all of our additional expenses, they are only willing to pay for the cost of the air conditioner and ceiling fan. Over $5,500 was spent rectifying the situation they caused, yet they insist on paying just $420. Last Wednesday, we requested them to take on more responsibility since we felt completely unworthy. There has been absolutely NO RESPONSE AT ALL! Five solar panels haven't been functioning properly and wasting a lot of energy since the contract was signed in September 2020. Poor service, to say the least." - Steph
"I'm pleased I went with SolarTech after doing much research; they performed an excellent job replacing my roof and installing solar panels. The quality of work was excellent. Their pricing were low, and their work was neat and well done. They responded quickly whenever I called or texted them, and they were always able to thoroughly address my concerns. Everyone I spoke with was prompt, helpful, and kind throughout the whole process. Strongly suggest going with SolarTech." - Raj
"My roof now has 29 solar panels, installed by SolarTech. The first step was scheduling a meeting with JC, who was very well-versed in both the solar industry and the savings that can be achieved via its implementation. A contract was previously signed by me. I was put in touch with a group that coordinated with the county to get the necessary permissions and find qualified contractors to carry out the job. Everything went well and was completed on schedule. Within a few days of project completion, the electric company granted me license to operate. The cost was so high that it couldn't be compared to the other two quotes I had gotten. Although you shouldn't choose a provider only on the basis of pricing, you have to wonder why the market leaders are charging so much more for solar panels when theirs are clearly inferior." - Joe
"Solar was the best option after I had looked into it for over 10 years and gotten many quotes. Although I found some initial confusion in the solar sector, I eventually found my way to the Sunpower M Series425 solar panel, widely regarded as the industry standard for quality and performance. Sunpower's mySunPower app is just what I was looking for to keep track on the performance of my solar panels and the system as a whole in real time. Among its many functions is a counter that tracks how much energy has been used and produced. The next critical step was thus to locate a reputable and customer-focused approved Sunpower provider in San Diego. I finally settled on SolarTech, and my salesman Anela Havellana is wonderful; she always gets back to me within a day or two with answers to any problems I may have. The likes of Anela are the reason why Solartech has become so successful. Stop looking if providing excellent customer service is a top priority for you. Finally, after using the software for a while, I can say that I'm impressed with its performance. Other people at work and in the neighborhood have solar panels, but they don't have the monitoring capabilities that I have." - Samuel
"The team that Tommy assembled was fantastic. Using 22 panels and a SunSolar Battery backup system, we were able to finish the installation in only three days. I wish Mark, the salesman, paid more attention to me and delivered on his promises. Have a few small concerns that need me to interact with the offices to resolve." - Darryl
"Superb assistance. Everything happened at the precise moment they predicted. I was also quite pleased with how they handled appointments; I was sent confirmations, reminders, and arrival announcements through text message, and whenever I asked for an estimated time of arrival, I promptly got one. Obtaining financing did not present any problems. I'm hoping they keep up the excellent service and attention to detail they've shown so far. Excellent to work with; give them a try!" - Ivan

SolarTech Social media
SolarTech Inc.'s LinkedIn profile is thorough. It emphasizes their goal, morals, and solar energy competence. Their page also emphasizes sustainability and sustainable energy. SolarTech Inc. has 500+ LinkedIn followers. This shows considerable interest in the company's operations and a strong industry presence. The firm provides articles, blog entries, and news about its initiatives and successes on LinkedIn. The industry-focused information promotes solar power. They present industry news and trends to demonstrate their expertise. Solartech Inc. invites workers to discuss their team members and positions on LinkedIn. It humanizes your company and highlights your staff' expertise. solartech inc. interacts with industry peers on LinkedIn. They join debates, comment on pertinent items, and express their opinions, showing their dedication to cooperation and industry trends. Customers, partners, and staff have endorsed the firm on LinkedIn. These endorsements provide SolarTech Inc.'s services and experience legitimacy. SolarTech's LinkedIn sites include its operations, expertise, and devotion to solar energy. Their platform presence comes through content strategy, staff involvement, and industry partnerships.
YouTube Channel 297 Subscribers

SolarTech average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews2944.8


SolarTech Pros & Cons

  • Renewable energy source
  • Environmental benefits
  • Energy Independence
  • High initial cost
  • Weather dependency
  • Energy storage issues

SolarTech Final Conclusions

SolarTech is well-known in the renewable energy sector for its impeccable performance and unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility. The reliability of the company's solar energy solutions has established it as an industry frontrunner. Superior scientific knowledge, cutting-edge merchandise, and a competent labor force. The firm has successfully completed a wide variety of solar projects, from small homes to industrial complexes. SolarTech has established itself as an industry leader due to its proficiency in solar system design and installation. The organization has earned high marks from clients for its reliability, promptness, and friendliness. SolarTech has built solid relationships with its vendors and distributors, which facilitates its efficient supply chain and guarantees on-time product delivery. The company's stellar financial results and sustained expansion have helped cement its stellar reputation. SolarTech has achieved notable success and earned a stellar name in the renewable energy industry. SolarTech is still a leading company in the solar power industry because of their dedication to long-term viability, cutting-edge technology, and happy customers.

SolarTech locations

Main Address9410 Bond Avenue, El Cajon, CA, 92021
Phone Number6197439193

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