Solar Wholesale review

Solar Wholesale has been designing and installing solar systems for over 15 years that can withstand the unstable weather in Southern California. Solar Wholesale knows which materials to use to ensure that your system produces the most energy for the longest possible period of time.

Solar Wholesale overview

Solar Wholesale has been designing and installing solar systems for over 15 years that can withstand the unstable weather in Southern California. Solar Wholesale knows which materials to use to ensure that your system produces the most energy for the longest possible period of time.

What Solar Wholesale has to say about itself

Solar Wholesale saw the need to offer affordable energy efficiency and renewable resource strategies. Solar Wholesale provides the lowest prices because they do not hire expensive loans or vendors. Solar Wholesale traded directly with manufacturers, which allowed them to provide the most affordable prices. Because the company believes that everyone should be able to use solar energy, Solar Wholesale is passing on the opportunity for you to save money by taking advantage of falling solar panel prices.

Solar Wholesale Review

Year Started2002
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar Panel Installation, System Design, Energy Storage Solutions, Energy Efficiency Solutions, Financing Options
Types PanelsMonocrystalline Panels, Polycrystalline Panels, Thin-Film Panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries

Solar Wholesale website review

The user interface of the Solar Wholesale website is simple and easy to use, and it has a contemporary look. A menu bar at the top of the page provides quick access to the website's many parts, making navigation user-friendly. A search bar is also available on the website for easy navigation. The website offers in-depth details on solar energy, its advantages, the business's goods and services, and the installation procedure. Visitors will be able to understand the content since it is well organized and presented. Visitors to the website may explore available choices, read product descriptions, and study technical specs, thanks to the website's comprehensive product catalog. Prices for products are not blatantly shown on the Solar Wholesale website. Instead, users are instructed to submit a form to contact the business and obtain a quotation. Customers seeking customized pricing based on their unique needs may find this strategy handy. On its website, Solar Wholesale features client endorsements and feedback, which promotes credibility and confidence. A phone number and email address are included on the website, making it simple for users to contact Solar Wholesale. Visitors may follow Solar Wholesale on social media platforms thanks to connections on the website to their accounts. You may engage and communicate with a larger audience thanks to this integration.

Solar Wholesale price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCredit or Debit Card, Bank Account, Amazon Web Services Promotional Credit, AWS Billing Agreements, AWS Cost and Usage Reports
Payment discountsNo payment discounts specified

Solar Wholesale online reputation

According to the client testimonials, there are differing viewpoints on SolarWorks. Customers who have liked doing business with the company have praised it for its fair rates, excellent panels, and courteous staff. They exhibit faith in the organization's long-term viability and capacity to offer assistance. A few negative reviews, however, draw attention to poor communication, lengthy installation times, and unsolved solar system problems. Customers occasionally complain about the general level of service, and business personnel should be more responsive. For numerous clients, this awful experience has resulted in serious problems and financial loss. In conclusion, customers have opinions on SolarWorks that are both positive and negative. Although some customers have been delighted with the company's goods and services, others have had serious problems and are unhappy with the degree of assistance and communication they have gotten. Before working with SolarWorks, prospective clients should carefully consider these conflicting viewpoints and balance their dangers. It may be a wise choice to research rival solar providers and take into account bigger organizations with more respectable histories and better communication abilities.
"I bought my solar panels in June 2022, and they installed them immediately, but I never heard from them again. The process's communication was poor. Before they could eventually operate with permission, a year passed. I'll give the electric company PTO the benefit of the doubt and say that most of that time was spent waiting. Still, there should have been greater follow-up because of the poor communication. The panels were meant to come with monitoring as well. I still have not set up 14 months later. I call the representative often, but he says. I never get a response to my "I will check" statement. Spending time and money with this firm is a waste." - Jane.
"I would rate it 0 stars out of 5 if I could. Ted (the owner) does his best to return my calls, but my SDGE bill has not decreased. About six months ago, I spent a little fortune on eighteen solar panels for my home. After installing solar panels, my monthly expenses are the same as when I was still paying SDGE. DO NOT WORK WITH THIS FIRM; IT IS NOT WORTH THE COST. Paying for their non-functioning solar system has cost me $1,320 so far. What a con! My SDGE bill has not decreased, even though I bought 18 solar panels from them. I've been wasting monthly money for their non-functioning solar while they've been "trying" to figure out what's wrong for the last six months." - William.
"Unfortunately, I have utilized this firm twice, and I have been dissatisfied both times. The first time I installed 16 panels, it was a satisfactory experience. A few years later, when I wanted to add 10 more panels, I phoned Ted, the owner, expecting a repeat performance. Boy, was I wrong: Ted always got back to me quickly, often within the hour. The financing was accepted, an installation date was scheduled, and the workers promptly arrived and finished the job. The equipment he was supposed to install was missing, so I contacted him about it. At first, he said he'd get back to me via text, but he never did. When I called his office, they said they'd contact him, but that didn't happen either. Four months later, I finally threatened legal action against him because I was so frustrated. Then, after much back-and-forth, he sent someone to my house to install the gear. It's unfortunate that this guy, Ted, runs his business the way he does, so if you're thinking of using his company, you might want to reconsider and instead work with a larger outfit whose representatives have better communication and business acumen. I will never again go with a highly recommended business." - Jazmin.
"Have a faulty solar array, meaning you'll be without electricity (and a grid) in an emergency—the 45K worth of solar panels I bought and can't sell or even use again. No one ever picks up the phone or returns calls, so there's no use in trying. WTF, guarantee!" - Norman.
"We spent a lot of time looking for a solar firm. Nowadays, many businesses are making a decision quite tough. Since most individuals only publish reviews when angry, outraged, and generally disappointed, internet reviews do not accurately portray the situation. When they are pleased, very few individuals take the time to submit a review. I purposely posted this review as a result. Although there have been some unfavorable comments, Solar Wholesale is a very seasoned business that has proven its stability by surviving the challenges of the last few years. As a result, we have full faith in this company. The most important thing for me is that it will still be operating in 30 years to service my system, so minor miscommunications are not that significant. I have high hopes for the savings to last for the next 30 years or more from our system and am certain that Solar Wholesale will be there to assist me if I need it." - Jason.
"We have been looking at Solar energy systems to see if we can afford them for our house. This firm had the lowest prices, and their panels were the best quality of any we looked at. We decided to go with them because of how quickly and effectively their customer service team responded to our inquiries and how trustworthy their sales representative was." - Addelyn.

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Solar Wholesale average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Solar Wholesale Pros & Cons

  • Competitive Prices
  • High-Quality Panels
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Delayed Installations
  • Unresolved Issues
  • Inconsistent Performance

Solar Wholesale Final Conclusions

Solar Wholesale performance and reputation are mixed based on the customer evaluations supplied. The business only obtained a 2.6-star rating. Consideration should be given to both the good and negative elements. Solar Wholesale offers certain advantages. Customers laud the firm for its affordable solar panels and superior solar panels. Additionally, several reviewers highlighted the business's readiness to answer consumer questions swiftly and effectively while praising the company's responsive customer service. Negative reviews, however, bring forth important issues that shouldn't be dismissed. The main problem is the firm representatives' poor communication, which causes installation delays and a lack of follow-up following solar system installation. Due to this lack of communication, some clients have expressed frustration and dissatisfaction with their whole experience. Solar Wholesale may need improvement in client communication, after-sales assistance, and ensuring that their solar systems function as intended, according to conflicting assessments. To guarantee that Solar Wholesale can fulfill your unique demands for solar energy and deliver the service and support you want, you should decide to partner with the firm only after giving it great thought.

Solar Wholesale locations

Main Address508 W Mission Ave.,, Escondido CA, 92025
Phone Number8007689325

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