Best Solar Companies in Montana

Best Solar Companies in Montana

How To Pick a Solar Company in Montana and Save Money?

1. State's Solar Rebates: Montana's $500 tax credit on solar installations should steer your decision.

2. Solar Potential: The state's 300+ sunny days per year promise substantial power generation.

3. Compliance with Regulations: Ensure potential companies comply with Montana's renewable energy standard.

4. Compare Rates: Some companies offer competitive rates, backed by the state's 1.5% energy efficiency standard.

5. Certified Installation: Check for NABCEP certification, a top solar industry standard.

6. Track Record: Consider companies with a strong local presence and positive customer feedback.

7. Size of System: With an average household usage of 867 kWh per month in Montana, size matters.

8. Local Climate: Customized solutions are crucial in Montana's diverse climate, ranging from Alpine to Continental.

9. Financing Options: Look for companies offering enticing options like solar leases or power purchase agreements.

10. Warranty Period: Some Montana solar companies offer generous warranties, covering 20-25 years.

In summary, while selecting a solar company in Montana, consider state laws, climate, potential savings, certified installation, and company track record. Be meticulous in your approach; smart decisions today promise bright, cost-effective power for the future.

How Much Electricity Solar Panels Generate In Montana?

To harness Montana's average 4.5 peak sun hours, consider installing a 6 kW solar panel system. This formidable system could yield approximately 8,415 kWh annually. This number surges during summer, with July's 6.5 peak sun hours yielding 1,026 kWh monthly. In winter, once daylight recedes, December plummets to 2.9 sun hours, netting a lower 565 kWh monthly. These figures are applicable statewide, including high altitude zones like Bozeman or Billings. Montana's solar-access law empowers homeowners to fully leverage solar energy, and protections against solar shading augment this access. With Montana's climate, your solar investment should yield solid, robust returns, helping you save on energy costs significantly. Remember, solar power significantly lowers your greenhouse gas footprint too!

Solar Statistics in Montana

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    34 Industry Loop, Helena MT, 59635 76 mi
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    420 N Last Chance Gulch, Helena MT, 59601 81.8 mi
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    330 Fuller Ave, Suite 1, Helena MT, 59601 81.9 mi
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    2430 North 7th Avenue #6, Bozeman MT, 59715 87.5 mi

Average Cost of Solar Installation in Montana by System Size

System sizeCash purchase (After tax credit)Financed purchase (After tax credit)

What To Look For in a Solar Installer?

1. State Laws: Complying with Montana's Renewable Portfolio Standard is paramount.

2. Regional Climate: Averaging 195 sunny days annually, Montana offers solar power potential.

3. Local Regulations: Abide by House Bill 219, permitting net metering for solar users.

4. Installer's Track Record: Favor a proven contributor to Montana's 22% renewable electricity supply.

5. Previous Projects: Examine the 2,282 solar installations performed statewide before choosing.

6. Certified Technicians: Invest in North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners' approved labor.

7. Solar Equipment: Opt for quality machinery used in Montana's 49 megawatts of solar capacity.

8. Warranty Coverage: Guarantee protection as Montana law doesn't obligate warranty provision.

9. Financial Incentives: Capitalize on 30% Federal solar tax credit and local incentives.

10. Quality of Service: Scrutinize service quality of over 20 active solar installers in Montana.

11. System Design: Aim for optimal performance in Montana's variable climatic conditions.

Remember, the nuances matter while navigating the eco-friendly endeavor in Big Sky Country.


Is It Worth Investing in Solar in Montana?

Montana's regulatory landscape is favorable for solar investments. In 2019, state policy revisions lifted barriers to solar energy, boosting its growth. Yet, Montana's climate isn’t your typical solar golden territory. Despite this, stats reveal interesting figures. The National Renewable Energy Lab shows Montana's solar resource eclipsing Germany's, a global solar leader.

Moreover, Montana's net metering policy allows customers to offset their energy use, a cost-effective benefit. Its government also provides a 500 USD tax credit for each kW of installed solar energy. With Montana's average electricity rate at 11.83 cents per kWh, solar investment becomes more lucrative.

For example, a 5 kW solar panel installation can save Montana households approximately 750 USD per year. Statewide, solar electricity production reached an impressive 28 MW in 2020. The recent solar employment data is no less motivating, with 374 solar jobs created across the state.

With state laws promoting renewable energy and the climate proving conducive, the ‘Big Sky Country’ surprises skeptics. The numbers demonstrate that solar is worth considering in Montana. It is an investment promising both economic and environmental returns. Making bank while saving the planet, now, who wouldn't buy into that?

How Solar-Friendly Is Montana?

Montana's ahead of the curve in the green energy race, ticking all boxes in the solar-friendly checklist. As per the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Montana ranks in the top 20 for renewable energy potential. The Big Sky State flaunts an average annual solar irradiation of 4.2 kWh/m²/day.

In regulatory terms, the state earned an "A" from the Solar Power Rocks 2020 State Solar Power Rankings Report due to its forward-thinking policies. Montana's Net Metering Policy allows solar system owners to accrue credit overnight, enhancing their grid independence.

The state's Renewable Energy Tax Credit further propels solar adoption, offering a 500-dollar tax incentive per taxpayer. Commercial establishments also benefit from a 15% tax credit on systems up to $20,000.

Moreover, Montana's sizable daylight hours contribute to its solar favourability. Stats show Montana garners around 189 sunny days annually, making it a strong contender for solar energy production.

Certainly, exemplary green energy initiatives, like the Kimmett Solar Project that services 4,900 homes yearly, accentuate Montana's solar enthusiasm.

So, investing in solar in Montana? Definitely a bright idea. The fusion of climate, regulations, and economics in this state make solar a viable and attractive energy option.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Evaluate the sunlight exposure of your area. Montana's latitude grants ample daylight hours. Roof condition is vital; it must withstand the installation. Assess your energy consumption for maximum efficiency. Check if your utility offers net metering to profit off excess energy. Consider the initial cost versus potential savings. Understand your financing options - loans, leases, or power purchase agreements. Review local permits and regulations. Don't disregard aesthetics; solar panels should match your home's look. Choose a reputable installer by checking reviews, certifications, and warranties. Lastly, get a grasp on the state's renewable incentives and tax breaks. It's all about smart solar moves in Big Sky Country.

  • Start your search online. Look up local solar installer reviews. Compare costs and services offered. Note the company's track record and reputation. Consider installers providing incentives and discounts. Have an in-depth conversation about costs with prospective installers. Seek out free quotes and compare. Always prioritize quality and affordability. Beware of hidden charges. Make your decision wisely and cost-effectively.

  • Our Montana solar power rankings are legit, folks. To keep it real, we applied strict criteria. Only top-notch solar smarty-pants made the cut. Quality over quantity, folks! Subpar performance? Sorry, no entry here. Those lacking a substantial Montana footprint got nixed too. If the customer service ain't stellar, they’re out. We respect wallet-friendly solutions, so overpriced providers were shunned. Sorry all you shirkers, corner-cutters, and back-row slackers. Our list only has space for solar superheroes. So, some had to ride the pine. Ensuring legit, trustworthy, top-drawer installers for our Montana peeps. That's the scoop!



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