SolarTyme review

In 2012, we established SolarTyme as our third core business unit. SolarTyme is a company that cares about the environment and its customers, thus it offers goods and services related to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

SolarTyme overview

In 2012, we established SolarTyme as our third core business unit. SolarTyme is a company that cares about the environment and its customers, thus it offers goods and services related to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

What SolarTyme has to say about itself

Thousands of homeowners in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina have turned to SolarTyme to help them become more self-sufficient in their energy needs, save money, and make their homes more pleasant and environmentally friendly. Solar energy has become more economical as a result of decades of study and rising gas, oil, and electricity prices.

SolarTyme Solar Review

Year Started2012
Service AreasNC, SC
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Plumbing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film systems
Backup BatteryLG Chem RESU batteries, as well as the Tesla Powerwall and Sonnen batteries

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SolarTyme website review

Anybody interested in learning more about solar energy can check out the SolarTyme website. The website is quite user-friendly and has much of useful information, including details on solar energy in general, various systems, and more. The "Resources" area contains helpful articles, FAQs, and solar calculators that may be used to estimate how much solar energy is required and how much can be saved. Along with a list of federal and state incentives accessible to homeowners, it also includes connections to nearby solar providers. In order to assist users in weighing their alternatives and selecting the best system for their requirements, the website also provides counseling services and a finance page. Overall, the SolarTyme website is a great resource for knowledge on solar power and makes it simple for users to determine if solar power is appropriate for their house.

SolarTyme price policy

PackagesFrom $3,000 to $20,000 or more
Payment optionsCash, check, credit card, and financing
Payment discountsSpecial offers for active and retired military personnel, as well as funding options through various financial institutions, a referral program for clients and friends

SolarTyme online reputation

From what I can see, consumers' opinions and experiences with SolarTyme have been all over the map. Some customers are pleased with the company's offerings, but others have complained about issues with installation, support, and the efficiency of their solar panels. Customers that reviewed SolarTyme positively emphasized a variety of the company's features. The solar panels' affordability, 30-year guarantee, and high quality were all highlighted as positives. Customers were grateful to the vendor, Jeff Sengstock, for his thorough description of the installation procedure and available payment plans. The installation crew, led by Alfonso and his wife from A&Bothers LLC, received high marks for their careful work and attention to detail throughout the panel installation. Chase, Lucas, Jacob, and Alfonso, among others, have received high marks for their helpfulness, responsiveness, and overall dedication to the happiness of their clients. CEO Cliff Branham's subsequent call was also appreciated. But SolarTyme has also been the target of criticism and concerns. Customers have complained that paperwork and compliance delays have caused failed checks and additional hassle. Others have complained that the company's poor customer service and inactivity have prevented them from realizing the expected savings on energy costs. There has been several client complaints about the company's lack of responsiveness and responsibility. There were claims of dishonesty and deception that had detrimental effects on people's finances and reputations. SolarTyme has received mixed feedback from customers. Some consumers have been quite satisfied with the company's goods and services, while others have been severely let down by their performance and lack of assistance. Before committing to SolarTyme or any other solar energy provider, prospective customers should do their research and read these testimonials thoroughly.
"I am sorry to tell that our combined experience with SolarTyme for two of our homes has not been positive. Multiple times, we have failed the county's inspection because SolarTyme did not send in the right paperwork in time. After finally passing the inspection after three tries at one property and two at the other, we discovered that our energy use had not changed. Even after reaching out to the "Operations Manager Cliff," nobody seemed to be taking my concerns seriously. I have to phone and contact them repeatedly to obtain any kind of update, and even then, all I get is "we will get a technician out to your site," with no set day or time. Over the course of four months of emails and phone calls, I have received no resolution to my concerns. The non-functioning solar panels have cost us two loans, which we are still making payments on. You should not spend your time or money with this firm. Initially, they do a terrific job with the sales presentation and setting up the installation. The challenge comes later, when it is time to deliver on promises of exceptional service and a reliable product." - Erick
"A 10-Panel System is mine. To the south faces my home. My monthly electric bill was promised to be between $25 and $35. All they can say is, "Your system is working," even though my rates have not changed from day one. That is It! Unfortunately, this means that several messages will go unanswered and unreturned. In spite of spending $36,000.00 in 2015, I saw no change. I had professionals go over this system, and their consensus was that you should have saved between 50 and 75 percent on your bill. It is their loss if they do not hand you any bacon. Report them to the BBC and then the AG's office for fraud! Since you are a target of it yourself. I have been attempting to have a conversation with someone from SolarTime. Have Received a Plethora of Bogus Email Addresses! I am a Special Forces medic with a disability. And I am not one to give up easily. I refuse to give in to this swindle." - Sam
"This business cheated and lied to me. They said the salesman misspoke when questioned about it. In addition, I was led to believe that they had completed all the necessary paperwork to have the utility company purchase the electricity I generate. After 11 months of it being installed, I discovered this. I have racked up a $40,000 debt without benefiting as all from the energy production. I will never again trust this firm with my business. Avoid working with them at all costs." - Shelly
"In December of 2018 we discovered that our solar panels had not been producing any usable energy. After three weeks of calls, someone finally came to investigate. A handyman was sent to the scene to caulk the rooftop. A spokesman informed us that it would be difficult to get anybody out because of holidays. After promising to contact us shortly after the holidays, we have yet to hear from them. They do have voicemail, but they never listen to it. They make grand promises but once they have your money, they could not care less whether you are happy or not. Poor service to the public." - Mary
"After I asked for a price estimate on solar panels, I got a call from this firm. The salesperson wanted to set up a consultation, but he would not send anybody out until my husband was there. No, I am currently single. The man did not think I was capable of being a single homeowner and making ends meet. Personally, I would rather support a business that lives in the present and does not rely on shaky assumptions from yesteryear." - Michael
"Going solar is not something you should decide on a whim. Talking to a solar company's existing customers is the greatest method to gauge their reliability and quality. Here are the factors that led me to choose SolarTyme. When I was originally thinking about going solar, I was concerned that the panels might detract from the aesthetic value of my house. Poorly made or unattractive solar panels were installed on many of the houses in my area. However, before investing in a solar energy system, it is important to determine whether or not your home is solar-friendly and whether or not your monthly power costs are high enough to warrant the upfront costs. In March of 2022, when I first began investigating, I connected with SolarTyme's Jeff Sengstock. His company's solar panels had excellent quality, aesthetics, installation procedure, value, and a 30-year guarantee, and he helped me through the solar system jungle to get to those conclusions. SolarTyme's turnkey procedure was shown to me by Jeff, who explained everything from finance through installation. Jeff will handle all the details of your Homeowner's Association with no trouble at all. I interviewed two different solar firms before choosing SolarTyme to build my system, and I could not be happier that I went with them. Now that everything is done, I can say that seeing the installation was fascinating. The 31 solar panels were expertly installed, with minimum visibility from the street and in excellent alignment with the roof's slopes. Amazing work by the electricians that wired my solar array. The panels were expertly placed by Alfonzo and his wife of A&Bothers LLC, Alfonzo's roofing firm. For any roofing work, they have my highest recommendation. Chase, Lucas, Jacob, and Alfonzo all provided excellent service with a smile and a wealth of information. I kept getting the same response whenever I went to check on their progress: "I want you to be happy with the result." I would not lie and say that hiding the pipes and electrical connections was not difficult; on the contrary, the end effect is nothing short of spectacular. Even after the installation was finished, SolarTyme's General Manager, Cliff Branham, called to make sure I was happy with the service. Jeff and the rest of the SolarTyme staff have my greatest recommendation if you are thinking about installing a solar energy system, either now or in the future." - Mark
"We could not have been happier with SolarTyme. We have a whole new roof, solar panels and monitoring systems, and full insulation installed. The staff here is fantastic to work with. We would absolutely use them again since they went "above and beyond" to ensure we were satisfied with the service and the whole shopping experience. I appreciate it." - Gary
"The salesperson was kind and did not try to high-pressure us into making a purchase. The set up crew did a fantastic job. The whole job was completed in a single day. Their job was entertaining to observe since they were so pleasant to talk to. The County inspector then stopped by and remarked on what a pleasure it was to see such a high-quality installation. He was delighted that he could find nothing to criticize. The inspector from the power company then came over and said that everything looked great. It was excellent to get positive feedback about the exhibit from folks who really understood the meaning of the word "good." We kicked things off today, and so far, so good." - Bill
"Denzel was great! Extremely helpful and communicative. All of our questions were addressed. It did not take as long as I anticipated. The installation went quickly since the electricians and the panel men collaborated so well. The whole procedure and the outcome have met with our complete satisfaction. Both my spouse and I are enthusiastic SolarTyme advocates." - Mel
"From them, I acquired 12 kilowatts (kW) of solar power. Everything from permits to connecting to my utility provider for net metering was taken care of for me. Two months were needed to complete the project. My summer electricity bill will now always be $0. Solartyme comes with my highest recommendation." - Fins

SolarTyme Social media
An excellent resource for knowledge on solar energy is the SolarTyme Facebook page, which is often updated. It often updated with news, updates, advice, and information about solar energy. Along with information on the newest goods and technology, the website also provides installation guidance. Customers may utilize the Facebook page to ask questions and get responses from SolarTyme employees. Links to articles and other information about solar energy are routinely placed there. Anyone interested in learning more about solar energy should check out this website. It is also a wonderful place for consumers to acquire information and updates.
Customers and potential customers may discover more about SolarTyme and its services on its LinkedIn profile, which is a terrific resource. It contains a thorough description of the business as well as a list of all the services it offers. The website also features a presentation of the business's success stories and client testimonials. Additionally, many team members have profile pages with pertinent information and contact data, making it a wonderful method to get in touch with SolarTyme personnel for more information. Customers may get more in-depth information about SolarTyme on this company's LinkedIn profile.
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SolarTyme average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews233.9


SolarTyme Pros & Cons

  • Offers quality installation services and reliable products
  • Provides free consultations and offers financing
  • Offers discounts and special offers
  • May not be available in all regions
  • Installation cost may be too high for some customers
  • The installation process may take some time depending on where you live

SolarTyme Final Conclusions

In conclusion, there are both good and bad aspects of SolarTyme's performance and reputation. The solar panel manufacturer has won accolades for the quality and appeal of its products as well as for the price and guarantee it offers. A few consumers' confidence and happiness have been impacted by claims of paperwork errors, declined checks, and poor customer service. Before choosing to work with SolarTyme or any solar energy provider, prospective customers should carefully evaluate these issues and carry out comprehensive research.

SolarTyme locations

Main Address6710 US-1, Richmond, VA 23237, United States
Phone Number8448109355

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