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An energy-efficient business with a focus on solar energy for both commercial and residential premises is SolarWerks, LLC. The business offers consumers the most recent solar technology to produce power more quickly, efficiently, and safely. SolarWerks LLC supports customers at every stage of their solar journey by fusing its system engineering and solar system design skills with top-notch customer service.

SolarWerks, LLC overview

An energy-efficient business with a focus on solar energy for both commercial and residential premises is SolarWerks, LLC. The business offers consumers the most recent solar technology to produce power more quickly, efficiently, and safely. SolarWerks LLC supports customers at every stage of their solar journey by fusing its system engineering and solar system design skills with top-notch customer service.

What SolarWerks, LLC has to say about itself

Renewable energy solutions are offered and installed by SolarWerks, LLC. Numerous individuals, companies, and organizations have benefited from their complete solutions in terms of lower energy expenses and long-term financial advantages. Along with providing high-quality installation, SolarWerks LLC also offers support for system maintenance and maximizing returns on investments. The greatest option for people seeking solar energy is SolarWerks, LLC, which has a team of qualified specialists and the most cutting-edge solar technology.

SolarWerks, LLC Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasTN
Service TypesDesign and engineering, installation, system monitoring, maintenance and repair, solar panel cleaning, solar financing, and consulting services.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, CSI, NEC, OSHA, REP, SEI

SolarWerks, LLC website review

Learn more about the entire spectrum of renewable energy services and products SolarWerks, LLC offers by visiting their official website. The website details the business's procedures, operating background, and dedication to providing high-quality renewable energy solutions. The website has various client reviews along with the most recent news and publications about SolarWerks, LLC. With all of this information, the website is quite reliable. The website is simple to use and has useful fast links that direct visitors to certain pages or allow them to contact a corporate representative. Ultimately, clients searching for a business that can provide them with high-quality renewable energy solutions will find that SolarWerks, LLC's website is a trustworthy resource.

SolarWerks, LLC price policy

PackagesBasic Installation Package - Start at $3,000, Full System Package - Start at $7,000, Panel Installation Package - Start at $1,750, Grid-Tied System Package - Start at $7,500, Off-Grid System Package - Start at $7,800, Backup System Package - Start at $8,500, System Add-Ons Package - Start at $1,000, Annual Solar Maintenance Package - Start at $650
Payment optionsCash, all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay
Payment discountsMilitary Discount (10%), Repeat Customer Discount (10%), Senior Citizen Discount (15%), Group Discount (10%), Referral Discount (15%), Solar Energy Tax Credit (30%), Solar Tax Deduction (30%), Cash Upfront Discount (5%), Bulk Order Discount (10%)

SolarWerks, LLC online reputation

Both favorable and negative evaluations of SolarWerks, LLC's services have been left by customers. Customers do, however, point out that the installation was excellent and that the staff members were polite and careful to keep the area clean. Customers, on the other side, complained about poor communication, a protracted procedure, and high prices. In the end, despite the business's shortcomings, it should be taken into account for solar panel installation.
"While the installation was flawless. Now when the payment is due to the loan business, it seems that the refund they promised never materialized. They hire a financial business, and it informs them, "Oh, you get tax breaks from the federal government." As a result, the cost is now increasing: "We are writing to remind you that your Incentive Investment Payment is 25–30% of your loan amount." - Mark K.
"There has been no communication with the homeowner at all. Roofing prices and schedules have been changed without warning or notice, and the homeowner has had to wait nine months for a permit from the city because the plans submitted were wrong and the application was changed without warning or notice. Since the panels were put up without the right permits and are therefore illegal, my wife wants to take them down and give them to Habitat for Humanity. No one has responded to attempts to get in touch about problems and solutions. Our system remains unenergized!" - Ron G.
"After more than a year of waiting, we eventually signed the deal in February 2021. Next week, an energy audit was scheduled. This has been prepared for a month. We recently received a call asking how we feel about the project being cancelled today, April 2022. We were unaware that the project had been abandoned. WAY TOO MUCH TIME WAS WASTED. Garbage business. Garbage. the worst possible customer service. a terrible way to speak. More than seven different salesmen "worked" on our project over the course of the more than a year that we "worked" with them. Very dissatisfied." - Craig L.
"My salesperson left as soon as I agreed to the terms of the deal, and I was afterwards assigned Bob as my project manager. After I signed the contract, a few months passed before I was able to contact and inquire about the installation date for my solar panels. I discovered after 15 months that I hadn't been provided the proper documentation or been notified it was my responsibility to apply. I lost a few hundred bucks since the year is gone and I can't apply for 2021 longer. When I learn Peco hasn't signed the completion certificate, I am still in the middle of the application procedure. Great job, SolarWerksLLC's so-called government department or project manager Bob. I've repeatedly requested to speak with the manager, but nobody has responded. Having been sold, it is currently completely vacant. I wouldn't choose this firm once again, even if they offered me free panels. The whole process was challenging. Please consider choosing a different business if you want solar panels to spare yourself the hassle. Research is important, and I should not have been shocked to learn that they were an LLC. I imagine SolarWerksLLC does this often under limited responsibility." - Philip P.
"The very worst firm to work for is this one. WORK WITH SolarWerksLLC NOT AT ALL!!! The sellers arrived with a $25,000 contract. We agreed to the contract because, if the price was too high or too low, we could cancel it within three days. After that, we discovered rates from both big national suppliers and tiny local businesses ranging from $15,000 and $20,000. We questioned why the cost was so exorbitant when we contacted back. Our seller "forgot" to tell us that the price could only be $20,000 since we don't have any trees in our yard. He assured us that we wouldn't be required to pay $25,000 and that he would draft a contract for us for $20,000. But they disappeared without a trace. We didn't get a new contract for $20,000 or a written guarantee that we wouldn't be charged $25,000 either. Today, after just 30 minutes of pestering, the office contacted us back. At one point, I had to keep interrupting him to ask him whether he was sure the contract was finished. He persisted in asking questions, so I responded by saying we'd speak with him after I had formal confirmation that the contract was terminated. There is still no written confirmation. Either I'll need to call back and hear another offer to buy, or I'll need to see a lawyer. There are several concerns and SolarWerksLLC is too pricey. Everyone should do business elsewhere." - Jimmy R.
"I can't even begin to express how wonderful working with Linda has been! She has been an absolute ROCKSTAR in helping me fix a problem with my system not automatically reporting after a 4G meter was replaced! I did not initially buy my system from SolarWerks because the installer did not inform me that I would need to pay an additional $8K on tree removal until after holes had been bored into my brand-new roof. This cost was not included in their ROI estimates and was not addressed at any point in the installation process. However, after speaking with Linda and the engineer who tried his best to help, I regret not using SolarWerks for my first installation. What a delight it has been to deal with knowledgeable, capable, and customer-focused solar specialists!" - Arthur H.
"Overall, it's excellent. One of the first clients for the installation on the ground was myself. The whole system was developed and built by SolarWerksLLC at the price stated. Although I had my misgivings, the vendor was correct regarding the return on investment. By the beginning of 2021, the system, which was implemented in August 2016, had become profitable. The finest money I've ever spent on a home, in my opinion. At this moment, the system generates roughly $3,500 year through SREC sales, and I pay nearly nothing for power ($4.95 per line). The inverters are the only thing about which I have a gripe. Even though they are still covered by warranty, they often fail, and as the system becomes older, it becomes more difficult to repair the defective ones." - Harold K.
"We were disappointed after meeting with several solar firms and learning from what they said rather than what they told us, but that is, until we last visited with SolarWerks. They were courteous, straightforward, and backed up their responses with detailed details. On our roof, our panels look fantastic as well! Despite it being a gloomy, overcast day, it is really entertaining to monitor our energy output on the phone app, which is simple to install and use. We are eagerly anticipating a bright day! I appreciate SolarWerks!" - Jaime O.
"We launched our system on February 3, 2022. Our effort has been rather effective so far. Our energy costs were zero for the months of February and March, and a significant sum was "put to bed." We have been gradually turning on our air conditioner, so we'll see how it works. Both of the systems have been operating well since I attached a SENSE monitor. I can determine when each part of our home receives energy and whether it originates from the municipal grid or solar panels. It's quite lovely. I always have the most recent information on how much power the panels are producing. In fact, I would urge SolarWerksLLC to place a SENSE device in each house they install solar panels on. It would be a wonderful addition for your clients and would help you stand out from the many other solar firms. What a fantastic business strategy!" - Jerry W.
"Our solar panels were installed by SolarWerks three (3) years ago. They took care of everything for us, from determining the best location for the solar panels on our roof to obtaining a permit, installing, inspecting, and turning the system on. Their group was really courteous. They constantly informed me of their arrival time and plan of action. They cleaned up after themselves after they were through. My FPL charge for this month was just $15.47, even though the electric pool pump works continuously, seven days a week. It's fantastic! I would highly recommend SolarWerks." - Perry S.

SolarWerks, LLC Social media
The Facebook page for SolarWerks, LLC needs greater upkeep since it only has 119 followers and the same amount of likes. Since June 2017, there have been no new entries made to the page, and those that have been are not helpful to potential consumers. The page includes a summary, all the company's contact details, and links to more information. The page hasn't gotten a single remark or review of the work because of how unpopular it is. In conclusion, the page lacks valuable information and has been abandoned.
The LinkedIn profile for SolarWerks, LLC is in bad shape. SolarWerks, LLC does not provide any corporate information on its Facebook profile and has no followers. As a result, this website cannot be suggested as a trustworthy source for more corporate information.
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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews105


SolarWerks, LLC Pros & Cons

  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • Expertise
  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • High Cost
  • Limited Availability
  • Limited Support

SolarWerks, LLC Final Conclusions

SolarWerks, LLC is a reputable provider of green energy that provides excellent products and services. Even though the company has received some negative reviews, most of them are positive and highlight how helpful and friendly the staff members were. Additionally, the business offers a number of reasonable discounts, financial assistance options, and warranty options. People might choose SolarWerks, LLC for their demands in renewable energy despite its unimpressive social media presence.

SolarWerks, LLC locations

Main Address2817 N Lakewood, Chicago IL, 60657
Phone Number8884129040

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