SolarWise Energy Solutions review

SolarWise Energy Solutions is a home solar installer that focuses on designing and putting in place top-tier solar power systems. They want to foster connections that will enhance sustainability and energy independence while bringing homes inexpensive solar electricity. Their goal is to provide people with the tools they need to wean themselves off of conventional energy sources and contribute to a more sustainable future.
SolarWise Energy Solutions review

SolarWise Energy Solutions overview

SolarWise Energy Solutions is a home solar installer that focuses on designing and putting in place top-tier solar power systems. They want to foster connections that will enhance sustainability and energy independence while bringing homes inexpensive solar electricity. Their goal is to provide people with the tools they need to wean themselves off of conventional energy sources and contribute to a more sustainable future.

What SolarWise Energy Solutions has to say about itself

Innovative green energy solutions are offered by SolarWise Energy Solutions in an attempt to transform how people see and use energy. The business offers a comprehensive array of solar energy services, including design, installation, technology, and finance, to assist its clients in becoming more energy-independent and lowering their monthly utility expenses. Unlike other businesses, SolarWise Energy Solutions gives each of its clients first priority while providing service.

SolarWise Energy Solutions LLC Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasFL
Service TypesFree consultation, consumption, analysis, solar system design, financial analysis, contract agreement, engineering/permitting, Installation, inspection, interconnection
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline photovoltaic (PV), thin-film amorphous.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, gel-sealed batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, BPI, BBB, ICC.

SolarWise Energy Solutions website review

Commercial and residential clients alike may take advantage of SolarWise Energy Solutions' extensive menu of top-notch offerings. The primary site of the firm is easy to use, updated often, and filled with reliable information. There are safe payment methods and detailed product descriptions available for customers to learn more about the company's services and get into a contract. SolarWise Energy Solutions is an informative and well-organized website. Anyone may utilize it and rely on the capabilities and data it provides. Information found on this website may be relied upon to be true.

SolarWise Energy Solutions price policy

PackagesBasic Grid-Tied System at $9,400, Standard Grid-Tied System at $10,800, Advanced Grid-Tied System at $12,200, Premium Grid-Tied System at $13,600, Ultimate Grid-Tied System at $15,000, Solar Battery Backup System at $14,400.
Payment optionsCash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Electronic Transfer & Paypal
Payment discounts10% discount for new customers,5% discount for referrals,5% discount on solar panel bundles,2% discount on solar installation packages, and 4% discount on solar and battery storage systems.

SolarWise Energy Solutions online reputation

The vast majority of SolarWise Energy Solutions's happy clients have no complaints about the company's service. Clients are impressed by the company's well-informed and pleasant employees, as well as its responsiveness to their needs and reasonable rates. However, there have been a few gripes from patrons regarding the company's service, including, lengthy hold times and a clumsy website. In any case, SolarWise Energy Solutions stands out as a terrific choice for anyone considering a solar installation.
"They did an excellent job of coming out and installing the panels; they finished in a single day, and I immediately began receiving payments for the panels. However, due to a mistake, they made in providing PG&E with my email address, it took four months to connect to the grid. To figure it out, I had to go back and forth between both. They did reimburse me for one PG&E payment, but I was still responsible for the others. Now, a year later, I've been discussing with them for more than five months how there is a true up and that I continue to consume more PG&E than the panels seem to cover. I am unable to pay the over $3k true-up as of February, and no one is responding. A few months back, someone did appear and declare that everything was in working order. It's extremely disappointing that they don't assist with driving since my energy use didn't significantly alter from the prior year. I would advise against doing that." - Ella K.
"I was not happy with the amount of information given about the system and the price. A lot has been said about "bad utility," but not nearly enough has been said about the new system itself, how much energy it creates, the fees involved, etc. He gave me on his computer details about my payments, how much I'm saving, the cost of energy generation, etc., when I asked for additional details, but guess what? None of it made its way to me. My impression is that he or she was not well prepared for a serious discussion with a prospective buyer on the need for this equipment." - Samuel U.
"Over the course of many years, we have communicated with several customer service representatives and/or case agents. We have yet to receive compensated for our solar system's failure to meet its contractual responsibilities for an extended period of time. Every time I update my mail, SolarWise Energy Solutions responds, requesting all of my billing and use information. I get no more contact after providing those data. When they patiently waited for us to go, we gave up. We now have a new issue to address. One of our panels ceased operating a few months ago. When I phoned SolarWise Energy Solutions, they told me that they would collect and repair the equipment. The deadline was set for early April 2023. I was promised that as soon as the component came, I would be contacted to set up an appointment. My phone never rung either. Five other panels failed two months later, in June 2023. A few days later, the system ultimately crashed. The earliest appointment I could obtain, according to customer support, was on July 17/2023, which I spoke with in the middle of June. I don't think it's good customer service to send a technician out to solve a total outage more than a month after it began, no matter how busy they are. What do you think? I had an appointment at 8 a.m. on July 17, 2023. There was silence. I tried to contact SolarWise Energy Solutions but received just voicemail. I also emailed someone. Breaking things is a natural aspect of life. I don't think they're to fault for the equipment's issues. I do, however, expect them to honor their warranty and customer service claims." - Henry T.
"Multiple spots on the roof are leaking due to degraded sealant around the supports that keep the solar panels in place. After leaving a message asking whether the panels could be raised from one side (to provide access to the bracing beneath), I finally got a call back many days later. When I discovered the panels were too heavy for one person to lift, I phoned and emailed SolarWise Energy Solutions to see if they could suggest a roofer who could do the repairs either on their own or in conjunction with SolarWise Energy Solutions. There was not even a single reply. Therefore, I am now working with a different solar firm (one that also does roofing) and will never again endorse SolarWise Energy Solutions." - Daniel M.
"They installed solar panels for my homeowners' association. Since nobody knew how to properly connect the solar system to the grid, commissioning was delayed by nearly a month. After being commissioned, it failed repeatedly over many months because it failed to implement its blueprints. The burden of solving the issue fell on my shoulders. Failed optimizers had to be fixed for a long time before they ultimately worked, in part because they lacked the physical layout (of which they still need a full version). Even though it has been over a year after the first promise to repair the poorly sealed junction boxes, nothing has been done." - Noah V.
"The procedure was fantastic. The horror tales I'd read about previous installations and bad experiences with other businesses had me quite concerned. We considered roughly 30 other firms, but this one stood out. Everything from the initial site study and planning to the final permits and installation went off without a hitch. The staff was kind and professional. Everyone on his team, from Barron to Ryan to Cliff, was a pleasure to deal with. I couldn't be more impressed with the system; it fulfilled all of my requirements. I have no qualms about recommending this firm for all solar-related services." - Michael L.
"SolarWise has been very forthright and open throughout. We solicited competitive bids (a necessity) and found them to be competitively priced. They immediately won me over with their kind, attentive service. They assisted us in overcoming certain FPL-related obstacles, and we are thrilled to now have a fully functional system. They responded quickly, diagnosed the problem, and fixed it when I reported 2 somewhat underperforming panels. Cliff, Ryan, and Justine have taken wonderful care of us. I can't speak highly enough about this firm." - David H.
"I like my solar panels as well as the commitment SolarWise has to its clients. In the last two and a half years since my solar panels were put in, I have saved close to $4000 on my utility costs. I've never been happier! As the best solar company in Central Florida, I advise choosing SolarWise. And I'd be pleased to address any inquiries you may have about SolarWise or solar energy in general. I completed my due diligence before making my purchase (on Solar generally and Solar Companies, believe me)." - Linda A.
"We received at least six quotes for solar, but none of them seemed educated about their offering or able to calculate the precise number of panels we need. Until I came across Solar Wise, we had given up and decided not to have solar. We are very grateful that we allowed them to provide us with an estimate. I know I ask Ryan a lot of questions, but he has been wonderful throughout the whole process! He was always there, day or night, with the solutions. They fulfilled every promise they made. Installation was timely and went extremely well. They exceeded all expectations. We are overjoyed, particularly after receiving our first full month's utility bill from Solar. Our expense was the $40 plus VAT that was charged for the meter. We are producing a lot of energy. The finest action we've ever taken! Give Ryan Swartz a call right now; you won't regret it! Thank you, Ryan!" - Ethan O.
"Working with the SolarWise team here in North Carolina was a true delight. From pre-sales to finishing with our electric provider, every member of our team was on point, responsive to queries, and professional, and all the information they provided was almost exactly accurate in terms of what to anticipate from our system. All we had to do was sign the papers and deliver them to our power provider. The SolarWise staff took care of all other details, including negotiating with our energy provider, obtaining licenses, and relaying all messages to us. I've already given SolarWise to many family members and friends; AMAZING JOB EVERYONE!" - Zoe R.

SolarWise Energy Solutions Social media
The site has an elegant, up-to-date style that exudes professionalism and credibility. Over 300 people have liked the page and several consumers have left feedback. There are also some embedded media files, including video, images, and connections to the Solarwise website and official blog. In addition to being a wealth of information, the website makes it simple to notify clients of any new developments or specials. Further, additional clients have reviewed Solarwise, praising both the company and its offerings. The Facebook page for Solarwise Energy Solutions is, in general, a reliable source of information on solar power and the company's offerings. account not registered
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SolarWise Energy Solutions average reviews

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Google reviews504.8


SolarWise Energy Solutions Pros & Cons

  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Experienced team
  • Market Competition
  • Dependence on Government Policies
  • Weather Dependence

SolarWise Energy Solutions Final Conclusions

A solar energy business called SolarWise Energy Solutions specializes in setting up and maintaining solar power installations all around Florida. People have appreciated the business for its professional approach, skilled employees, and affordable costs. SolarWise Energy Solutions has received mixed reviews from customers who have complained about longer than anticipated wait periods for customer assistance and installations. In general, SolarWise Energy Solutions is regarded as a trustworthy and reasonably priced solar energy supplier.

SolarWise Energy Solutions locations

Main Address4020 W Cayuga St, Tampa, FL 33614
Phone Number7274862938

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