SolarWorks review

Because of its high installation cost, widespread community support, and falling solar cost, solar energy has been expanding quickly in California. For the past 20 years, Solar Works in Chico, California, has dominated the roofing, solar panel, solar energy, and exterior renovation sectors. Bill Crane's Solar Works and Chico Roofing Company are local suppliers of complete solar energy systems and roofs that will outlast your solar system.
SolarWorks review

SolarWorks overview

Because of its high installation cost, widespread community support, and falling solar cost, solar energy has been expanding quickly in California. For the past 20 years, Solar Works in Chico, California, has dominated the roofing, solar panel, solar energy, and exterior renovation sectors. Bill Crane's Solar Works and Chico Roofing Company are local suppliers of complete solar energy systems and roofs that will outlast your solar system.

What SolarWorks has to say about itself

Solar Works is located in the beautiful city of Chico, California, where sustainable renewable energy solutions for residential, commercial, and agricultural customers are needed to maintain high living standards and a sense of peace. Solar Works is the only local company in the area that can guarantee that your roof is ready and won't leak after installing a solar system. With experience and expertise in solar and roofing solutions, Chico's team is committed to providing the Northern State with the best services, cutting-edge products, and cutting-edge innovations in renewable energy. Another thing they install is continuous ridge ventilation systems. When installed end-to-end on a low-profile roof, ridge vents provide uniform cooling across the entire roof deck.

SolarWorks Review

Year Started2005
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar Panel Installation, Solar System Design, Solar Financing, Solar System Maintenance, Solar System Repair
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup Batterylithium-ion batteries

SolarWorks website review

The structure of the site is simple and easy on the eyes. The well-organized design makes it easy for users to move between the different parts. Since solar energy is good for the earth, most colors are white with hints of green. A call to action button is in the main part of the website to urge people to sign up for a free session. SolarWorks' services and goods include information about the benefits of solar electricity. Visitors can better understand the benefits of using solar energy because websites give thorough accounts of the different ways to use solar energy. On the website, reviews and case studies show how happy customers have been. The company's social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are tied to the website. Users can now connect with SolarWorks in a deeper way and keep up with the company's latest news and products. The SolarWorks Blog has pieces with useful information about solar energy, sustainability, and new trends in green energy. The website gives people many ways to get in touch with the company, including a contact form, a phone number, and an email address. The SolarWorks website has a section called "Frequently Asked Questions" that answers questions and worries from customers. Overall, the SolarWorks website shows what it has to give, what it knows, and how much it cares about green energy.

SolarWorks price policy

Packagesfrom $10,000 to $30,000
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card
Payment discounts-

SolarWorks online reputation

Customers have had mixed opinions about Chico Solar Works, with both favorable and unfavorable comments being made. On the plus side, many customers expressed satisfaction with the installation procedure, the caliber of the solar equipment, and the helpfulness of some of the personnel, notably Jeff and Jody. They discovered that solar panels save money and are effective, which lowers energy costs and benefits the environment. The unfavorable comments, however, draw attention to some very important issues. Problems with generators and inverters are among the issues some customers have encountered with setting up and operating their solar systems. Others have complained about the lack of professionalism and responsiveness from various staff members, like Ree and L, and the poor customer service they received. Disputes about unsolved problems and a lack of payment for system malfunctions were also raised. The gap between the system's stated performance and its actual performance is one of the key complaints in the evaluations. Some consumers felt deceived and upset because their solar systems did not completely satisfy their energy requirements as initially promised. Chico Solar Works has pros and flaws, based on the reviews. The favorable experience emphasizes the possibility of profitable solar systems, cost reductions, and friendly staff. Conversely, unfavorable experiences show a lot of opportunities for development regarding customer service, product performance, and problem solutions. Before choosing a firm, it's crucial for prospective customers to thoroughly assess their track record and take into account these conflicting evaluations.
"They failed inspection four times. Bill reassured me that "mistakes happen" and that it is not their responsibility—an error after one try. After being warned four times, they still refuse to acknowledge they have an issue. Avoid using them." - Dustin.
"As of 11/22/19, I learned that unauthorized workers had built my generator without the necessary licenses. Bill, the owner, has not returned my calls despite leaving three. 11/17/19 My solar panels have been up and running for over a year with no issues. My 2019-installed generator has never functioned correctly. Jody was always kind and helpful on the phone; she promptly dispatched a repairman whenever I called and pleaded with me to give the unit another opportunity before I returned it. My request to return the generator and receive a full refund dates back to June, when I noticed that it never went on or off without being jumped. There was no generator and no electricity for three days. I am disturbed by this. They are lucky to have such a bright mind on staff as a manager now. I suppose it is a "L" name, as in Stranger Things. After I informed her that we were recording our conversation, she suddenly softened her tone and became quite polite. She also claimed that I had no idea how to use the machine. When the power goes off, it is meant to switch on automatically, so what am I doing wrong? Why they would hire someone like that is beyond me. The reputation they have worked hard to build is in danger from individuals like L. They are different from Walmart or Costco, she added, so customers cannot make returns. I don't know why they are big box stores like Wal-Mart or Costco. I became angry when she stated it was neither Costco nor Walmart, so I yelled back, "I never said this was Costco or Walmart," but she hung up on me since it was too early in the morning to hear me shout. I am sending this here, hoping that Bill will see it and respond so we can get things sorted. Solar panels and a backup generator cost me almost $30,000. All I want is a return on my generator so I may hire a professional service." - Glenn.
"In 2018, we built a solar energy system, and the process went smoothly. We are currently experiencing communication problems with our inverter and are being given the runaround by both the installation and solar edge. Rhi, one of the office workers, is unprofessional, unhelpful, and unpleasant. Today, when I complained about the system's problems, she laughed, increased her voice, and hung up on me. I suggest you spend your $1,000 elsewhere, where the quality of service is higher." - Rudy.
"Don't waste your money here; they're just here to rip you off. I paid over $10,000 for a generator that never started without assistance. They told me I'm out of luck now that they no longer maintain my generator. They presume that I don't maintain my generator, which is ridiculous. The woman who answers the phone there rambles on and on about how they don't service it, and it's their responsibility that it won't turn on. El, who works there, is unprofessional and unpleasant; rather than showing empathy for clients' situations, she says, "Sorry, we can't help." Poor quality products and unhelpful staff define Chico Solar Works." - Adrienne.
"When my solar panel array failed for seven consecutive months in 2020–2021, I received no compensation. Workers came out three times to work on my system without ever interacting with me, only leaving door hangers each time to let me know they were there. Why would I want a solution that only addresses 80% of my requirements? They didn't provide me with enough panels for the system I would pay for, even though I was led to believe it would eliminate my PG&E costs. My True-Up cost me $3500 this year. On the first anniversary of the system's purchase in March 2017, I am owed $12,000. This is the difference between the financed and the cash prices, for the simple reason that I found the two salesmen quite educated, helpful, and kind. They should put in an extra $500 and divide it three ways. I made the $39,500 down payment, expecting to recoup the cash difference from the Hero program once they found out I'd paid in full. Around $3000.00 of the county's initial Hero setup costs were reimbursed." - Jean.
"Chico Roofing Co. and Chico Solar Works installed a new roof and solar panels on my home. Everything about this process, from the first idea to the outcome, exceeded my expectations. The staff was punctual and well-mannered, and they kept me updated on the project status. The whole thing was incredibly simple and beneficial." - Molly.
"Jeff is an excellent employee. He is competent and eager to share his knowledge with you. There are no unanswered queries. He helped us through each process, and three days after the signing of the contract, we had our solar installed. The solar equipment is cutting-edge and reasonably priced. With three other quotations in hand, we settled on Chico Solar Works. We are now enjoying the pleasant coolness of a summer day." - William.
"Solar Works performed an excellent job accommodating my restricted roof space and recommending the most suitable equipment for our climate, partially shaded in the winter. The system is fully functional after a few post-production months." - John.
"I've been using my solar energy system for almost a year and couldn't be happier. The guys sorted out my requirements, and after a year, our total power bill was just $120. I regret not being able to add batteries during setup." - Martin.
"The team at Chico Solar Works was prompt and reliable. To make sure I obtained the greatest price for my family, I worked closely with Jeff Shaner." - Jasmine.

SolarWorks Social media
With frequent changes and articles, the Facebook page is regularly maintained. SolarWorks utilizes social media to communicate and actively connect with its audience. Solar advice, news pieces, project presentations, and advertising messages are among the many types of information included on the website. To communicate with and serve its customers, SolarWorks frequently replies to comments and questions from subscribers. Users may discuss their experiences with SolarWorks in the reviews and ratings part of the Facebook page. Clients have given the business favorable feedback, which might increase their faith in it. SolarWorks disseminates information about solar energy-related occasions, alliances, and neighborhood projects. Promoting the business's brand and principles is made easier by this participation in the neighborhood. Overall, the Facebook page associated with SolarWorks shows a dedication to delivering educational and aesthetically pleasing information, being active, and engaging with fans.
- Subscribers

SolarWorks average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews164.2
AVG 4.13


SolarWorks Pros & Cons

  • Efficient Solar Panels
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Environmentally beneficial
  • Unprofessional customer service
  • Misleading promises
  • Communication Issues with Customers

SolarWorks Final Conclusions

The operation, performance, and reputation of SolarWorks (Chico Solar Works) seem uneven and raise some concerns based on the customer feedback that has been supplied. Customers have provided the business with good and negative comments, demonstrating a varied track record and highlighting potential development areas. 3.78 stars were given on average to the firm. Positively speaking, SolarWorks has put in place effective solar panels that have assisted certain clients in reducing their energy costs and using renewable energy. There are some definite causes for caution, however. Numerous clients have complained about concerns with the installation procedure, including failed inspections, technical difficulties with generators and inverters, and even the use of unlicensed labor. These problems need to be corrected in the organization's quality assurance procedures and adherence to professional norms. Additionally, SolarWorks' customer support department appears to be a concern. There have been claims of dishonest conduct, dismissive answers to complaints, and a lack of customer service. This can point to a need for the business to enhance its customer service and communication methods. Therefore, even though SolarWorks has certain advantages, such as effective solar panels and some knowledgeable staff, some significant issues could be solved. These include installation and technical problems, poor customer support, and difficulties in achieving promised performance. Before selecting SolarWorks as your solar energy provider, it's crucial for you, as a prospective client, to carefully examine these factors and carry out further research.

SolarWorks locations

Main Address3030 Thorntree Drive Chico, CA 95973
Phone Number5308922385

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