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Solcius is a solar energy company that serves homes. Their forte is residential solar energy systems, for which they provide design, installation, and maintenance services. Financing and leasing solutions are available to make solar energy more accessible to households.

Solcius overview

Solcius is a solar energy company that serves homes. Their forte is residential solar energy systems, for which they provide design, installation, and maintenance services. Financing and leasing solutions are available to make solar energy more accessible to households.

What Solcius has to say about itself

Solcius is the industry's premier solar energy solutions supplier, and we provide everything you need to make the switch. Our goal is to help you save money on energy expenditures and the environment by providing cutting-edge, low-cost solar energy solutions. From the first consultation to installation and beyond, we are dedicated to exceeding our customers' expectations at every turn.

Solcius Solar Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasAZ, CA, NV, NJ, NY, SC, TX, UT
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries.

Solcius website review

The official Solcius (solar energy provider) website is The website details the company's history, goods, and services. It also provides customers with an easy way to contact the company and apply for services. The website looks sleek and operates smoothly. The website is safe and encrypted to protect users' personal information and is always up to date. Customers may have faith that the data they see on this site is correct and up-to-date.

Solcius price policy

PackagesSolcius Home Solar Package: Starting at $11,000, Solcius Business Solar Package: Starting at $30,000, Solcius Community Solar Package: Starting at $60,000, Solcius Storage Solar Package: Starting at $7,500
Payment optionsCash, check, and major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover).
Payment discountsSenior Citizen Discount: 10%, Military Discount: 10%, Referral Program Discount: 10%, Price Protection Guarantee: 10%, Multi-System Discount: 10%, Low Usage Discount: 5%, Multi-Year Term Discount: 10%, Multi-Product Discount: 5%, Solar Installation Discount: 5%

Solcius online reputation

Customers have had both positive and negative encounters with Solcius. The firm has received several accolades for its high-quality products, reasonable costs, and dependable energy solutions. Others have voiced frustration with the service's poor response times and lack of billing clarity. Despite the negative feedback they get from time to time, Solcius keeps working to improve its services.
"It took months of phone calls and emails before I finally reached a live person. The stated tax relief caused me some anxiety. It was disheartening because after going through all that bother, I was told I would have to handle the refund myself since no clear instructions were provided and I am not particularly tax-savvy. I don't even know what it means. There doesn't seem to be a solar rebate after searching local, county, and state websites. If true, Solcius misled when it said we could obtain over $12,000 in refunds and have the money credited to our loan or used anyway we liked. It seems like that isn't a viable choice. The panels themselves seem to be functional, but dealing with such a terrible business makes the whole thing seem pointless." - Thomas F.
"The first installation and presentation were successful. The technology has helped us significantly reduce our monthly energy costs. Warranty service is where I have the most problems with the company. It's a farce to call the "800" number to report a problem. An email response is guaranteed within a specified time frame. The answer is to first check to see if the system is energized. The inverter has stopped working and needs to be fixed or replaced. When I check to see if everything is on and there is still no output because the inverter LEDs are dark, I get an email saying that a service technician will contact us shortly. No one has contacted us in what seems like forever. When we contact their customer service, a rude representative answers the phone. And without a supervisor to talk to, they have been inattentive and helpless. The warranty repair is still incomplete!!!" - Andrew E.
"The installation went well, and the salesperson was very attentive. We were told this would be fantastic and a huge money saver, nevertheless. Falsehood, to put it mildly! In addition to the cost of the panels, our monthly power bill is practically the same as it was before we installed them. At first, I was really looking forward to this, but now I see that it was a huge mistake. After the solar panels were installed, the salesperson who had been so helpful and kind suddenly stopped responding to my messages." - William T.
"The installers did a decent job overall, but their wiring of the fuse box prevented me from accessing it; they were supposed to fix this a week later, but they haven't yet, and it's unclear when they will. Until then, I have a system that won't work for me because it failed inspection after they propped open the door to the fuse box and made it impossible to close it again." - Shubham K.
"Through My Smart House, I've begun working with Solcius. Compared to Solcius, which has been a pleasant experience, MSH has been nothing but a nightmare for me. The installation was quick, and the staff was kind. Although it's too soon to comment on the panels' performance, we lost another two weeks due to a miscommunication between Solcius and the city, adding to the months we lost due to problems with MSH. In my perspective, both companies need to make adjustments to what has been so far a rather poor solar panel experience, especially because I can't tell which one is at fault since they operate together. New York State's solar rebates are a no-brainer. Getting solar panels is a great idea, but before you commit, you should look into your options." - Jayden M.
"Solcius was pleasant to deal with, providing progress updates on the permits by text message or email. We joined up in late June, and the installers set up our panels in October. We still need to do a few more inspections before we can make the changeover. Overall, I've had a good time thus far. We can't wait to switch to solar power! It's been a dream of mine forever!" - Jeffrey C.
"Finally decided to go solar after debating between doing it yourself and hiring a professional. It's nice that it's not a rented system. The salesperson took me by the hand and thoroughly explained everything, including what to anticipate in terms of time. The lengthiest wait, I was informed, would be for the necessary permits to be processed. Our inspector was so kind that he let us keep working on the installation without connecting the system to the grid until we could confirm that the various panels functioned with the inverter after we discovered a discrepancy between the panels filed for the permit and those that were actually installed. The inspector informed me he was quite pleased with what he witnessed throughout the installation process. The installation team consistently shown high levels of professionalism. I'm content with life thus far." - Charles N.
"They have been really helpful and informed throughout the whole process. For over a year, I've tried to go solar, but other firms have tried to sell me more panels than I need. I love how Solcius provides just what you want. This is why I trust them more than other solar energy providers. I've already told two of my friends about them, and I'd do the same for anybody reading this." - Brian M.
"Working with Solcius was quick and simple. Friends who had solar panels installed warned us to keep tabs on our installers, but this turned out to be unfounded. Everything was handled by solcius and we were kept up to date through email. I'm very pleased we chose with them; moving to panels was a breeze." - Ryan B.
"Initially, I had my doubts about this. Aiden, the salesperson, was fantastic. He went through everything with us, even the fact that our cost wouldn't go away entirely since our roof is too small to accommodate a complete set of solar panels. All the way through, he was there to assist us. A total of $25,000 is being loaned. The panels were just placed this week, and all that's left is for the electricity provider to come out and examine everything. Overall, I had a good experience, and the salesperson was patient with my several inquiries." - Stephen P.

Solcius Social media
Customers may get news about their solar energy systems, additional materials, and discounts on the official Solcius Solar Facebook page. The page has an up-to-date, expert aesthetic while still providing useful content and a warm welcome. Since Solcius Solar built the website and all associated social media channels, they may be relied upon as an authoritative resource. Over 2,000 people have liked it, and it's utilized for direct communication with customers, so it's pretty successful. In addition, the website is aesthetically interesting because of the many photographs and videos of the items and installations. Customers may not only benefit from the material provided but also from the additional connections to relevant sites that can help them expand their knowledge about solar power. Solcius Solar's Facebook page is a well-designed and useful resource for keeping in touch with existing clients and attracting new ones.
Solcius is a leading global solar energy provider and winner of several industry awards. Their LinkedIn profile has interesting and useful material, presented in a clean, contemporary layout. Information about their solar goods, services, installations, and ongoing projects can be found here. In addition to their services, they also provide informative material about solar power to the general public. The Solcius LinkedIn profile is full of useful information and updates its followers on the company's happenings. You can trust that Solcius knows what they're doing since they have over 6,400 followers and actively engage with their audience. The page is both visually appealing and quite informative. It's the best location to discover examples of their dedication to bringing about a solar-powered revolution. This website demonstrates that Solcius is an authentic, well-established, and reliable provider of solar power.
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Solcius average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews24104.3


Solcius Pros & Cons

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cost-Effective
  • Easy Installation
  • High upfront cost
  • Long-term commitment
  • Maintenance costs

Solcius Final Conclusions

Energy provider Solcius installs and services solar panels for homes and businesses. They want to facilitate the adoption of renewable power sources by providing simple, all-encompassing solar energy solutions. Their solar panels and customer service are highly regarded by satisfied clients.

Solcius locations

Main Address1555 N Freedom Blvd Provo, Utah, 84604
Phone Number8009604150

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