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Being environmentally responsible and lowering our carbon footprints is more crucial than ever. Solar energy systems may lower your power costs and provide you grid independence. Southeast SolarPros offers the best solar panel installations in the business thanks to cutting-edge machinery and structural, mechanical, and electrical expertise. To optimize efficiency and cost savings, we examine each household, each family, and each person's energy use.

Southeast SolarPros overview

Being environmentally responsible and lowering our carbon footprints is more crucial than ever. Solar energy systems may lower your power costs and provide you grid independence. Southeast SolarPros offers the best solar panel installations in the business thanks to cutting-edge machinery and structural, mechanical, and electrical expertise. To optimize efficiency and cost savings, we examine each household, each family, and each person's energy use.

What Southeast SolarPros has to say about itself

Tommy Wood, a mechanical engineer with more than 17 years of expertise putting up clean solar panels and solar thermal collectors, established and runs Southeast SolarPros. Our proprietor diligently creates all of the designs and commissions and inspects each solar panel installation. Customers of Southeast SolarPros benefit greatly from our innovative approach to solar energy installations. You pick our solar energy firm when you do so because we have years of engineering and management expertise.

Southeast SolarPros Review

Year Started2001
Service AreasSC
Service TypesSolar panel installation, Solar system design, Solar system maintenance, Solar system repairs, Solar energy consultation, Financing options, Energy efficiency solutions
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries

Southeast SolarPros website review

The website features a streamlined, contemporary look with a mostly white backdrop. Visitors may quickly browse through the many parts because to the layout's excellent organization. Visitors may see numerous pages, including Home, About, Services, Finance, and Contacts, by selecting one of the choices on the top menu bar. The option to sign up for a free consultation is also prominently displayed. The website contains a page specifically devoted to financing choices that offers details on the funding programs, tax credits, and refunds that are offered. In an area of the website devoted to customer reviews, happy consumers leave encouraging comments. This contributes to a greater sense of confidence in the company's services. Southeast SolarPros offers visitors a variety of options to get in touch with them, including a contact form, phone number, and physical address, on the Contact page. Potential customers may easily locate their office by enabling connection with Google Maps. Facebook and Instagram accounts for Southeast SolarPros are linked on the website. Overall, Southeast SolarPros' website does a good job of communicating the services, knowledge, and dedication of the business to renewable energy solutions. It is a useful tool for people and businesses interested in solar energy because of its user-friendly design, educational material, and obvious call-to-action components.

Southeast SolarPros price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Financing
Payment discountsCash discounts, Financing options, Federal tax credits, State and local incentives, Referral programs

Southeast SolarPros online reputation

Tommy Wood's Southeast SolarPros is recognized as a credible and trustworthy solar installation business based on client feedback. Tommy's professionalism, expertise, and commitment to offering first-rate service are continuously valued by clients. Numerous happy customers have praised Southeast SolarPros in a number of ways, which are highlighted below. The in-depth understanding of solar energy systems Tommy Wood possesses and his capacity to communicate complicated ideas to clients in a simple and intelligible manner have earned him a lot of acclaim. Clients feel confident in him because of his technical knowledge and attention to detail. The superior installations performed by Southeast SolarPros are valued by the clientele. The company's dedication to offering trustworthy and effective solar systems is demonstrated by the use of cutting-edge technology like ground panels and meticulous preparation for inclement weather. All throughout the process, clients experience a sense of value and information. Southeast SolarPros provides installation services in addition to assisting with paperwork, coordinating with insurance companies and utilities, and offering guidance on extra services like tree removal to maximize the effectiveness of solar panels. Finally, Tommy Wood's Southeast SolarPros is a very effective and customer-focused solar installation business as seen by the recurring theme of good client reviews. Southeast SolarPros is a dependable option for people searching for sustainable solar power solutions in the Southeast due to the company's technical proficiency, individualized service, capacity for problem-solving, and dedication to excellent installation.
"I phoned Mid Carolina for a list of recommendations when I was having problems locating a reputable solar installation firm. They were unable to suggest a provider, but they did know who installed their equipment. Tommy's design and estimate seemed quite professional, despite the fact that electricity is notoriously difficult to explain to those who are not engineers. Extremely satisfied with the outcome and Tommy's doggedness in pursuing solutions to technical challenges (with cutting-edge gear that called for remote troubleshooting by Solar Edge). Solar is expensive, but with Tommy's help designing the optimal system for our requirements, we were able to take advantage of rebates and cut our energy bill in half. As a person and a businessman, he comes highly recommended from me." - Bob
"I shopped around for installation prices and really contemplated installing it myself. I had a conversation with my power company and now I know exactly what I need. They were well-versed in Tommy Wood and Southeast SolarPros and spoke highly of his work. Most installers wanted to put the panels on my roof, but I refused to have them there. The mounting mechanism that Tommy and Travis used to set up my panels on the ground was outstanding. The installation was completed expertly, and everything is performing as planned. About two weeks after the installation, I ran across a few issues, but Tommy caught them and alerted me to them before I even noticed anything was wrong. He came over to my house several times until the issue was fixed, but now everything is running well and I did not have to pay anything more. The equipment guarantee and Southeast SolarPros's expert service really pleased me. I cannot imagine working with a more competent solar panel installation company than these people." - Jeff
"A less-than-stellar business from Columbia, South Carolina, installed my system. Nearly nine months into attempting to fix the problem, I finally decided to contact Mr. Tommy Wood and Palmetto SolarPros instead of the original installation. After two trips (one to assess the system, and the other to fix concerns), the system was up and running, supplying electricity as planned. throughout the evenings, my home is powered by a backup battery that is charged throughout the day. Palmetto SolarPros makes everything operate well. Palmetto SolarPros and Mr. Tommy Wood come with my highest recommendation." - Elijah
"One of the therapists at Lexington Massage Therapy who worked on me recommended Tommy Wood. Based on our energy consumption and anticipated demands, Tommy put up a presentation in which he addressed our concerns and answered our questions about the solar panels and its expected lifespan, cost, return on investment, etc. He explained everything in detail and even arranged for some landscaping to be done to clear the space. He and Travis set up the grid in record time, and he walked us through how to monitor our little array of solar panels on the internet. I brag about this to anybody who would listen." - Mason
"My dentist's office was the most unlikely spot to meet Tommy Wood of PalmettoSolarPros. Their solar panels were being installed by Tommy, and I was really impressed with his professionalism, meticulousness, and openness to answering my questions as he worked. Tommy's low-key approach to marketing won me over; he genuinely seemed concerned that our family make an educated decision regarding solar energy. The prospect of not having to put expensive solar panels on my roof was quite appealing to me. Tommy came to our house and gave us a personalized report. As we walked around the property, he carefully fielded all of our inquiries. Tommy gave us some time to digest this information before returning to answer some follow-up questions. As if that were not enough, Tommy also helped our home insurance agent correctly raise our coverage by increasing our policy limits and filing the necessary paperwork with the Electric Cooperative, the county, and SC Call before you Dig. The State Farm rep was so pleased with the results that he is considering getting into solar installation himself. Tommy recommended other firms he had previously dealt with to remove extra trees before the installation began. This would increase the amount of sunshine hitting the panels. In addition, he suggested a few businesses that could grind down any residual tree stumps. After the tree was cut down, Tommy came back to our property to make sure we were all set for the next step and that his crew was as well. Tommy arranged for delivery of all necessary components the day before installation, and he coordinated with us to determine the most convenient storage space for them. Tommy and Travis's meticulousness was extraordinary. The Series 200 Residential Ground Mount panels' support posts, for instance, were cemented into place after being leveled. Three weeks after going solar, when Hurricane Irma hit with gusts of 50 mph, we were able to relax because to this careful planning. Tommy and Travis were really tidy and professional the entire time. Tommy called, texted, and emailed us often to let us up on the progress and answer our questions. Those he suggested were reliable and finished their work on schedule. I wish all companies were as accountable and customer-focused as Tommy and PalmettoSolarPros." - Ethan

Southeast SolarPros Social media
With a cover shot of solar panels and a logo for the firm, the website has an expertly designed layout that is aesthetically attractive. With over 500 likes and followers on their page, Southeast SolarPros has a respectable following. The website often posts articles on solar power, alternative energy sources, and the services offered by Southeast SolarPros. The entries provide a selection of educational articles, marketing materials, client endorsements, and information on the business's initiatives and successes. Page engagement seems to be average. Customers may submit reviews about their interactions with Southeast SolarPros in the testimonials area of the website. Customers frequently provide excellent feedback about the company's services, professionalism, and the advantages of solar energy. The page reacts to requests and communications from users. The rapid answers to messages and comments made on the website, which show excellent customer service, are proof of this. In general, Southeast SolarPros' Facebook page portrays the business in a professional light, provides interesting information, and exemplifies a satisfying customer experience. It is possible to promote engagement and openness by disclosing the number of followers, but there is still space for improvement.
Detailed information about Southeast SolarPros may be found on the business' LinkedIn profile. It states that it is a solar energy business with headquarters in the Southeast and focuses on installing solar systems for homes and businesses. The firm size and the number of workers, which ranges from 2 to 10, are not stated on the LinkedIn profile. On the other hand, it does mention Southeast SolarPros' place of operations, indicating that this is where they mainly do business. Content about solar energy, renewable energy, and sustainability is constantly published on the website. Recommendations and endorsements from clients and business partners are shown in a separate area of the website. The legitimacy and trustworthiness of the business's services might be increased with the aid of these favorable evaluations. Southeast SolarPros periodically advertises job openings on their LinkedIn profile, letting potential candidates know that they are actively seeking new hires for their team. The firm may be expanding and growing as a result. Overall, Southeast SolarPros' LinkedIn profile successfully communicates its knowledge of the solar energy sector, offers pertinent material, and interacts with its audience. In the Southeast, it offers a fantastic platform for networking, recruiting, and establishing a brand.
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Southeast SolarPros average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews174.9


Southeast SolarPros Pros & Cons

  • High-Quality Installations
  • Customer-Centric Approach
  • Problem Solving and Support
  • Recommendation Challenges
  • Initial Communication Issues
  • Limited Geographic Scope

Southeast SolarPros Final Conclusions

To sum up, Tommy Wood's Southeast SolarPros have built a great reputation for installing and maintaining solar power systems. Positive customer feedback highlights a number of crucial aspects of their company that support them in maintaining a dominant position in the industry. The company received a 4.76 star rating overall. The company's commitment to tailoring solutions to particular needs, assisting with documentation and coordination, and providing ongoing technical assistance are all examples of how they put their customers first. The glowing recommendations and positive reviews from satisfied customers reflect the trust and satisfaction that Southeast SolarPros has attained. Evaluations show that Southeast SolarPros is skilled at coming up with solutions and assuring successful installations and satisfied customers, even if every organization has potential strengths and weaknesses. The work and reputation of Southeast SolarPros in general speak eloquently about their commitment to excellence in the solar energy sector. Due to its customer-centric attitude, technical proficiency, and commitment to high-quality installations, the company is a trusted alternative for consumers and businesses looking for dependable and efficient solar energy solutions in the Southeast.

Southeast SolarPros locations

Main Address78 Halma Ct, Irmo SC, 29063
Phone Number8037322662

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