Southern Exposure Solar review

To provide and set up solar energy systems, contact Southern Exposure Solar. They are the go-to guys when it comes to designing and installing solar panels for commercial and residential buildings. They provide solar site evaluations, solar consultancy, solar installations, and solar maintenance in addition to selling solar panels.

Southern Exposure Solar overview

To provide and set up solar energy systems, contact Southern Exposure Solar. They are the go-to guys when it comes to designing and installing solar panels for commercial and residential buildings. They provide solar site evaluations, solar consultancy, solar installations, and solar maintenance in addition to selling solar panels.

What Southern Exposure Solar has to say about itself

When it comes to creative solar solutions that may help homeowners and businesses cut their energy consumption and make the switch to renewable energy sources, nobody does it better than Southern Exposure Solar. Customers are given the tools they need to take responsibility for their environmental impact via the purchase of our energy-efficient products, installation and maintenance services, and financial and investment options. We promise to employ the latest technology, processes, and materials to give the greatest services to our consumers, and our dedication to sustainability sets us apart from other solar suppliers.

Southern Exposure Solar Review

Year Started2019
Service AreasVA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Construction, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries.

Southern Exposure Solar website review

The Southern Exposure Solar official website is very user-friendly and extremely informational. It provides comprehensive details on the company's services, goods, and promotional offers. Contact information and client testimonials are also provided. The website is encrypted with an SSL certificate to protect the privacy of users' personal information. Additionally, it is often updated, ensuring that the user receives correct information. The official website of Southern Exposure Solar is thus quite reliable.

Southern Exposure Solar price policy

PackagesWhole Home Solar Solution - Starts at $28,600, Stand Alone Solar Solutions - Starts at $15,500, Solar Battery Solutions - Starts at $12,200, Solar Panel Upgrades - Starts at $7,850, Solar Attic Fans - Starts at $900, Solar Pool Heating - Starts at $4,500, Solar Hot Water Heating - Starts at $2,800
Payment optionsCredit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover) as well as PayPal and Apple Pay
Payment discounts10% off the total cost for Veteran customers, 3% off the total cost for customers who finance their solar installation, 5-10% off the total cost for customers who refer a friend, 5% off the total cost for customers who install a battery storage system, 15% off the total cost for customers who purchase a solar generator

Southern Exposure Solar online reputation

Southern Exposure Solar has received generally excellent feedback from its clientele. The team's professionalism, knowledge, and commitment to customer satisfaction earned high marks from those who used their services. However, some consumers wanted faster responses from customer care representatives and a wider variety of payment and installation methods. However, Southern Exposure Solar has built a solid reputation as a dependable, well-informed, and trustworthy business.
"A place with no stars? The first two years seemed to be OK. Then it's problems all the way. Something went wrong during my system's installation. My system has been down for eight months in 2021 and four months in 2022 due to the same issue. They don't follow through on anything or respond to messages. once waiting a week and calling, I am told that another appointment is required once the technician comes out. This recurred on several occasions. They should have told me that since my mind-reading abilities run on solar energy. It's taken a long since the components were sent to an incorrect address in another state." - Ryan V.
"I had a phone conversation with a solar panel installer who agreed with me that my home was too shadowed for solar but that my barn would be an ideal location for the panels. There was no evidence of anybody or a phone call at the agreed-upon hour. My call was met with the news that my house was disqualified due to its shadow. Even if this is the case, I would have appreciated a phone call or some other kind of confirmation that my barn was, in fact, overly shadowed. The epitome of incompetence is being abandoned after rearranging your schedule to meet a deadline or appointment." - Benjamin H.
"We were new to the area and interested in solar energy when Southern Exposure Solar came on our door and claimed they could help. My spouse did all the investigating, and I just dropped it. We mentioned that the solar estimate they were using was for August through January and that we would likely want more panels. We were completely ignored. Compared to those who live in bigger houses with NO SOLAR, our power bill is about the same. I had previously contacted them, and although they promised to investigate, they never really did so. We were also advised that since ATT altered a connection, we need to purchase new equipment, estimated to cost at least $500, in order to get any benefit from our solar panels. Despite knowing that its consumers would be affected, the firm did not make any attempts to contact them. I have decided to look into purchasing more solar panels and ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO USE Southern Exposure Solar." - Elijah K.
"Please do not ignore signage stating that you are not permitted to solicit. It's ridiculous for your sales staff to try to "dodge" the issue by claiming that they aren't selling anything. Except that I have a healthy amount of admiration for the renewable energy industry, I'd give you a zero. Guard your reputation. Nobody who has a "no soliciting" sign-up will do business with a firm that openly disobeys the ban." - James P.
"A year ago, after a botched installation and many weeks of waiting, the system began functioning as intended. Production halted on August 10, 2021, after just one year. On September 15 I reported it and got the automated response, "We've received your message and a Southern Exposure Solar representative will contact you within three business days." After waiting 10 days for a response, I finally called again on September 25. The Work Orders staff were quite helpful when I called to arrange for a service call on September 29 at 9:00 a.m. They also said the technician would give a call before arriving. On September 29th, nobody visited or phoned. They told me there is no repair order booked when I phoned back to customer support just now. There are no words left in my mouth." - Gabriel O.
"Both Christopher and Aiden are well-informed and sensitive to the demands of their clients. They devote effort to inform about solar energy and its many applications. There will be no hard-sell techniques used. The system's dependability has been excellent. When we experienced any connection problems, Aiden or someone else from the installation staff came out right away to fix it. In the fifteen months since I switched to solar power, I have paid the bare minimum to maintain my utility connection. With the development of battery storage, I can see a day when I won't need any external power source. My brother also bought a system not too long ago for his home, and he is really pleased with it." - Matthew R.
"Southern Exposure was a pleasure to deal with. They visited the site, carefully inspected it, and discussed their findings with us before beginning the design process. We preferred to work with a larger and better-known competitor, but we were let down by their sloppy procedure. They encouraged us, helped us evaluate the new regulations, and were ready to implement the original system proposal when we contacted them again. Southern Exposure's construction crew was excellent in every way. Simply put, I would not have used any other company." - David G.
"Southern Exposure Solar did a great job for us from start to finish. In our first phone call, he told us about the concept, the options available, and the estimated timeline. During the site visit, he double-checked all measurements and even climbed into the scorching attic to make sure the roof was in good condition. The installation staff was a pleasure to work with; they were punctual, courteous and informative throughout the process. The Southern Exposure Solar staff kept their word, provided comprehensive answers to all inquiries, and managed the entire process with ease. We now look forward to seeing the daily statistics." - Andrew M.
"We chose Southern Exposure to build our solar energy system after doing significant research on the subject. We chose Southern Exposure in part because they are a Certainteed-approved dealer and installer, but also because of the expert guidance and meticulous nature of their work. They made sure to leave our house as clean as they found it. The end result? In March, we had an energy bill of $8. We are overjoyed." - Joseph T.
"A large retail store aggressively pursued us when we weren't even considering going solar, and that piqued my interest in the technology. It didn't take me long to realize that big stores would say or do anything to get your business, even offer a price for the system without even seeing your location. I'm very glad I decided to use a local business after doing my research. Southern Exposure Solar was fantastic; they visited my home to talk about all the improvements the company offers and answer my questions. It makes me feel good to know that I can call and really have them talk to me and answer my questions." - Logan V.

Southern Exposure Solar Social media
Southern Exposure Solar's Facebook page is your best bet for accurate information about solar power. More than 400 people have liked it, and it looks great. Get the most out of your solar power system, reduce your tax liability, and learn about the newest innovations in the solar business, all in one comprehensive guide. Daily articles, reader feedback, and product evaluations are to be anticipated. The papers are supplemented with videos and graphics on a broad variety of solar-related topics. The publication is likely reliable because of its wide audience and proximity to the company.
You may learn a lot about Southern Exposure Solar by visiting their LinkedIn profile. The site looks modern and professional thanks to the large logo at the top. Products, services, and a physical address are detailed, as are employment opportunities and relevant industry news. The site is kept in good condition and updated often. The sheer number of people who follow it and the generally good feedback suggests it is credible. When it comes to solar power, Southern Exposure Solar is the company to turn to for reliable information.
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Southern Exposure Solar average reviews

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Southern Exposure Solar Pros & Cons

  • Professional
  • Reputable
  • Flexible
  • Initial High Cost
  • Location Limitations
  • Limited Growth Potential

Southern Exposure Solar Final Conclusions

Southern Exposure Solar provides solar energy solutions to commercial and residential clients as well as public sector organizations. In addition to their expertise in commercial turn-key systems, they also provide solar field services and routine maintenance. Customer service, affordable pricing, and competent staff are just some of the reasons for the company's 4.9-star.

Southern Exposure Solar locations

Main Address11030 Richardson Rd. Suite B21 Ashland, VA 23005
Phone Number8049654040

2 local offices

Virginia – Ashland 11030 Richardson Road Suite B21, Ashland VA, 23005
Virginia – Ashland 11030 Richardson Rd, Ashland VA, 23005

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