Southern Light Solar review

Southern Light Solar offers solar power products. Their team of specialists assesses the solar potential of a region and creates systems that maximize energy output and efficiency. The business provides a unique solar system design to ensure that every installation suits particular energy demands and site areas.
Southern Light Solar review

Southern Light Solar overview

Southern Light Solar offers solar power products. Their team of specialists assesses the solar potential of a region and creates systems that maximize energy output and efficiency. The business provides a unique solar system design to ensure that every installation suits particular energy demands and site areas.

What Southern Light Solar has to say about itself

Southern Light Solar places a high premium on customer happiness. The firm guides customers as they acquire SRECs, which are incentives given to solar energy companies for producing environmentally friendly power. Through this guidance, clients can get the most out of their solar energy systems financially. Southern Light Solar provides maintenance and repair services to guarantee the long-term dependability and performance of installed solar systems. Regular upkeep keeps energy output at its peak and helps prevent difficulties.

Southern Light Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasMA
Service TypesSolar Panel Installation, Solar System Design, Energy Savings Analysis, SREC Assistance, Maintenance and Repairs, Consultation and Quotation, Customer Support, Warranty Services
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup Battery-

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Southern Light Solar price policy

Payment optionsCash or Check, Credit or Debit Card, Solar Loans, Home Equity Loans or Lines of Credit, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Solar Leases
Payment discounts-

Southern Light Solar online reputation

It is evident from the customer comments that people's opinions of Southern Light Solar range greatly from incredibly positive to extremely negative. Some clients claim that the solar panels' performance, SREC credits, and energy savings exceed their expectations. Numerous evaluations highlight the staff's professionalism, promptness, and readiness to address customers' questions. It is widely regarded that the team is proficient in solar system design and installation. Customers have occasionally had communication issues with the business and delays in installation, connection, and maintenance. Some customers have experienced problems with the performance of the panels. However, Southern Light Solar has yet to offer assistance or solutions. Additionally, according to the conflicting customer feedback, Southern Light Solar has interacted with customers in both positive and negative ways. Successful installations, attentive client care, and a smooth design and installation process are examples of positive experiences. Negative experiences, on the other side, are connected to problems, including delays, technological problems, poor communication, and unsolved problems. When assessing Southern Light Solar as a viable alternative for solar panel installation, it is critical for you as a prospective client to consider these various experiences.
"Several years ago, I had the solar panel system installed. It was a close call to get it operational before the SREC deadline to receive the credits. Despite being a transaction from four months previously, it was finished within hours of the deadline. The system now displays "not reporting" (not generating). Without getting a callback, I contacted Southern Light four times in two days. Being busy and maybe understaffed is understandable. But it is unacceptable to ignore my call. To speak with someone, I went to the company address, just a mail drop at a closed door in a warehouse. Therefore, no effort is made to please a consumer after the transaction. Where is the rudimentary custom of doing business? I advise against doing business with Southern Light Solar. I casually dialed Isakson Solar while waiting for a callback, and someone picked up! During our conversation, Ryan promised to look at my system and assist me even if their solar technologies differed. So although Southern Solar never even phoned me back, another firm that did not install my system was happy to assist!" - David
"In April 2018, I agreed to work with SouthernLight Solar to put 36 solar panels on my home. The panels were finally installed on my roof in November 2018 after significant delays, but I had to wait until March 2019 for the system to be linked. Immediately upon connecting, a 12-panel array encountered production problems. I have yet to receive a visit from SouthernLight to fix the 12 broken panels. They have not yet returned any of my calls. I had a terrible experience with SouthernLight, and I am considering seeking damages through the legal system. They have yet to submit the required documents for my smart credits, even now. My recommendation is to stay away from Chris Sheldon and Alex Doucet because, had I known how things would turn out, I would have. Nice salespeople, but subpar, dishonest job. Keep away." - Ken
"Southern Light Solar placed solar panels on our roof more than three years ago, and up until October 2018, we successfully got credit for the energy used, but ever since, we have yet to receive any recognition from them. In April 2019, when we got back home, we made a call. A few weeks later, a representative showed up and informed us that the exterior meter needed a new part. Even though this item arrived in September, we still have yet to receive any credit toward our power bill as of January 2020. I have phoned the New Bedford office several times and spoken with Lionel LaFleur, but recent calls have gone unanswered, and their voicemail system is not now accepting messages. Due to the company's lack of assistance, I had no alternative but to speak with the MA attorney general's office about this matter. I would not even give this business one star! I still have not received any credit from the solar panels we installed on our roof three years ago as of February 2020. We received our most recent credit in September 2018! I spoke with the CEO a month ago, and he indicated they were about to install a new part at no cost to us, but our panels still need to give us credit! I have called them a lot and left messages, but I have never received a callback. I find it quite frustrating that this corporation would not fulfill its obligation to us, and I do not understand why. It might be necessary to file a lawsuit to recover what we were promised when the panels were placed on our home, which is covered by a 25-year guarantee." - Evan
"NEVER USE. In November 2019, I began to work with them on the project. July 2020 has arrived, and I still need solar panels. They always kept their word when they made a commitment. I submitted all the necessary documentation and received loan approval, but they did not engage in any significant negotiations with the power company or advance the project ahead in any manner. REMAIN AWAY. Possibly a swindle." - Jim
"In October 2019, my better half paid a sizable sum of money. A LOT! Yet nothing. Crickets! I was contacted to repay the money. I am glad the courts are reopening!" - Melissa
"My solar panels were installed in October 2017. It has exceeded my expectations in every way. Along with the SREC credits and no longer having an electric bill Given that I installed a new roof and had numerous trees removed, it exceeds the value of our solar loan. Going solar has been a really great experience, and I recommend it to everybody who asks! Thank you to Southern Light Solar's staff." - James
"The team that Chris Sheldon leads is excellent. Together with Tori, Lionel put together a very thorough bundle of design and installation materials with his team of sales representatives. Even in the midst of some very bad weather, David Santos performed a superb job installing the system. All of this occurred after switching from the SREC to the Smart Program. All of them were straightforward, up front, and sincere about the project requirements the whole time. If you want the greatest price, superior installation, and a crew that is focused on providing excellent customer service, I wholeheartedly endorse them." - Michael
"A very excellent business, from beginning to end. They installed 24 panels for me and kept me updated every step of the way. They noticed an issue with one of the components around a month after the system was operational and arrived on a Sunday to fix it. Excellent deal with a three-year break-even period. The best choice I have ever made!" - Alex
"I made an inquiry about installing solar power on my property. Excellent service. They gave me all the data I required in order for me to decide properly. When I do install, I will without a certain utilize them." - Colleen
"I have nothing but positive things to say about Southern Light Solar. They responded to each and every one of our inquiries in a timely way and performed an excellent job with the installation." - Christine

Southern Light Solar Social media
A picture of solar panels is shown on the Southern Light Solar Facebook page, which has a polished and eye-catching design. Since the company's emblem serves as its profile photo, it may be recognized quickly. With only 700 likes and follows, Southern Light Solar does not have many fans. This suggests standard participation and interest in the company's offerings. Since 2021, the page has no longer been publishing articles about solar energy, renewable energy sources, or its advantages. The entries featured a variety of educational content, advertising offers, client endorsements, and updates on installations that had been successfully completed. Posts garnered likes, comments, and reposts, and there was a decent degree of interaction on the page. Finished solar installations and finished projects are shown in the "Photos" section. The page does not include a place for reviews or suggestions from consumers. Generally speaking, the once-attractive and educational Facebook page for Southern Light Solar looks dormant.Southern Light Solar is described briefly on the business's LinkedIn profile. It claims to be a U.S.-based solar energy business that specializes in installing and upgrading solar energy systems. According to its LinkedIn page, Southern Light Solar employs between 51 and 200 employees. The company's headquarters are in New Bedford, Massachusetts, highlighting its localization strategy. There are no available openings listed in the "Jobs" section of the LinkedIn profile right now. Publications, updates, articles, and industry material are missing from the page. Over 500 people follow Southern Light Solar's LinkedIn profile. This reveals the amount of involvement and interest on the part of clients and experts. Overall, Southern Light Solar's LinkedIn page gives the impression of a business with a significant presence in the solar energy industry.
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Southern Light Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews143.5
AVG 3.76


Southern Light Solar Pros & Cons

  • High Performance and Savings
  • SREC Credits
  • Solar System Design and Installation Expertise
  • Communication Issues
  • Maintenance Delays
  • Mixed Customer Interactions

Southern Light Solar Final Conclusions

A 4.25 out of 5-star rating, which is above average, was given to Southern Light Solar. Performance and reputation at Southern Light Solar provide evidence of the varied client experiences. The effectiveness of customers' solar panel installations is frequently praised, and energy savings statistics consistently surpass expectations. Successful installations and trouble-free procedures are evidence of the company's expertise in solar system design and installation. Customers frequently praise staff members for their professionalism, attentiveness, and readiness to address difficulties and problems, all of which improve their service level. Furthermore, their support for Renewable Solar Energy Credits illustrates their dedication to assisting customers in profiting financially from their renewable energy projects. The business's reputation has issues, though. Certain clients have reported communication issues, which can cause misinterpretations, delays, and discontent. Performance can be enhanced in the regions where installation delays and maintenance problems have been reported. The inconsistent public perception of Southern Light Solar may result from the company's various customer interactions. A pleasant experience is influenced by effective installation, customer service, and a seamless design process, but instances of poor communication, delays, and unsolved difficulties leave a bad impression.

Southern Light Solar locations

Main Address5 Hicks Street, New Bedford, MA, United States, Massachusetts
Phone Number7744739339

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