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A supplier of renewable energy with a focus on the planning and implementation of solar energy systems is Poulin Solar Pro. Customers' demands, whether they be domestic, industrial, or commercial, are taken into account while designing solar energy systems. With knowledge of solar engineering, technology, and components.

Poulin Solar Pro overview

A supplier of renewable energy with a focus on the planning and implementation of solar energy systems is Poulin Solar Pro. Customers' demands, whether they be domestic, industrial, or commercial, are taken into account while designing solar energy systems. With knowledge of solar engineering, technology, and components.

What Poulin Solar Pro has to say about itself

The leading provider of home and business solar energy systems is Poulin Solar Pro. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians is dedicated to offering our clients safe, affordable solutions that optimize energy savings. We pride ourselves on providing the most cutting-edge solar technology and first-rate client service, from on-site examinations to bespoke designs. Let us demonstrate how simple and cost-effective going solar can be.

Poulin Solar Pro Solar Review

Year Started1982
Company Websitepoulinsolarpro.com
Service AreasNM
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, General Contracting
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, bifacial, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow-battery systems.

Poulin Solar Pro website review

Poulinsolarpro.com, the company's official website, is a high-quality resource for learning about the business and its offerings. Website visitors may easily find information about products and services, as well as customer service and company contacts. Website visitors may feel safe in the knowledge that their information is safe on our server. Customers may feel safe using the information shown on Poulinsolarpro.com since the website looks to be a credible information source.

Poulin Solar Pro price policy

PackagesSolar Electric System Package - starting from $27,900, Solar Hot Water System Package - starting from $9,995, Solar Tube and Attic Fan Package - starting from $1,295, Solar Pool Heating Package - starting from $2,995, Solar Shade Package - starting from $4,395, Solar Maintenance Package - starting from $99, Solar Financing Package - starting from $0
Payment optionsCash, major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club International, Discover), PayPal, and Apple Pay.
Payment discounts10% discount for returning customers, 12% discount for first-time customers, 5% discount for customers who order more than 15 panels, 7% off regular retail prices for approved wholesalers, 10% off heating kits when ordering above 8 units, and 2.5% discount for bulk orders.

Poulin Solar Pro online reputation

Poulin Solar Pro has generally satisfied consumers with its services. Customer service, energy savings, and cost reductions have all been praised by several users. The quality of materials, speed of installation, and expertise of employees have all been praised by satisfied customers. However, not everyone has had a smooth experience; some have complained about things like long installation times, trouble communicating, and minor bugs. However, the corporation swiftly responded to these concerns and has made efforts to guarantee consumer happiness moving forward.
"Company founder Steve gave a lengthy presentation on a laptop without any specialized software at the first meeting. The usage of an Excel spreadsheet, although not unusual, did make the company seem less sophisticated than the competition. To prove the project's financial viability, Steve used wildly implausible figures, such as a "projected annual PNM bill increase of 9%" (in reality, the rates are increasing by 3.9% in 2019 and by 3.4% in 2020 according to PNM's filings in the general rate case). He also presented some badly photocopied graphics that seemed to contradict established market patterns by suggesting that the price of solar panels was on the rise. Steve's proposals were $8,000 more than the next best quote for an 8kW system, which was the highest of the six bids we got from local rivals. Steve's aggressiveness throughout the visit was reminiscent of a timeshare pitch. I was "absolutely getting the best deal," he said, so I should sign the contract right away. After a very disorganized and badly delivered lecture, I think I was supposed to be convinced by a lengthy movie showing people firing marbles at the panels and a vehicle driving on them." - Louis O.
"We had them out once to give us a rough estimate, and they said we could install solar panels to power half of the home for less. They came back with their "expert" and offered far more than we could afford, even if we bought the entire home. Don't believe the rep knows what he's talking about. It was a major letdown for us." - Saul D.
"It worked wonderfully for the first ten months, but when winter arrived and my solar panels produced less kilowatt electricity, my electric bill skyrocketed to $212 (in January) and $144 (in February). My heating costs would have been lower if I had additional solar panels. The panels are facing west, while they should be facing south to maximize their exposure to sunshine throughout the winter. They also failed to account for the fact that the sun sets behind the San Andres Mountains. I should have checked into this possibility before spending so much cash. Do your homework and ask plenty of questions!" - Jayce W.
"After signing the contract and having the solar system installed, I received two bills: one from the solar company for $163 per month and another from the energy company for $118 per month. When I contacted the solar company to inquire about the discrepancy, the sales representative claimed that the energy company was unnecessary and that the solar company would handle everything. What good is the solar panel array that your firm put on my roof if it doesn't generate enough electricity? Is this a trick? Is that so? Considering that my total solar payment is $321 after 20 months (or $203 plus $118), the solar firm must be helping me save a lot of money. I told them I wanted extra panels installed on my roof, and they stated they were looking into it. After waiting half a year, though, they still hadn't done so." - Chris F.
"Mind your step!!! My parents bought a solar system from this dishonest firm that was intended to reduce their energy use by 110%. BUT what they really put in was something very different. Ten percent of the energy required to power our home is provided by this technology. Poulin Solar Pro Should Be Avoided At All Costs." - Mitchell T.
"From the moment Reid met with us for two hours to propose the design of our modest flat roof at Nob Hill and explain the installation, materials, and processes, to the day of our final connection, we were impressed with the professionalism, experience, and timeliness on every step. Everyone was trustworthy, kind, and helpful (the term "friendly" comes to me too!). We've been using our 6-panel rooftop solar array to get our PNM meter to rotate backward for the past two months. All this cost much less money than we expected. Completely "win-win" for all participants. In any case, I appreciate it. Definitely suggest." - Leland Т.
"For about a year, I researched and shopped for solar panels. Five separate solar energy providers all made house calls to me. In other words, they intended to exploit my home as a power plant and bill me for the energy I produced. I was able to purchase a whole package, including installation, from SolarPro. Costs just once. SolarPro handled all aspects of the inspection process, from scheduling to attendance. It was completely painless for me. Since April 2019, every one of my monthly power bills has been less than $9. SolarPro is a competent business." - Elliott K.
"Choosing amongst the many available businesses is difficult. Poulin is a firm that has been established in Albuquerque for quite some time, so after doing some research I decided to go with them. As an electrician, I was put off by the unprofessionalism of a few of the businesses I contacted. Glenn was quite forthright in his presentation, offering just the facts without any kind of sales spiel. As a trained electrician, I was extremely satisfied with the quality and speed of the installation. The system performed as expected, and I'm happy to pay $8 a month for power now that I'm retired." - Brayan P.
"It was a breeze thanks to them. The steps were laid out for us up front, so we knew what to anticipate and when. Everything was completed on time, as planned, including inspections, installations, and the final configuration of the wifi so that we could get monthly reports. And it was executed flawlessly. The quality and efficiency of the installation was really appreciated. It's also a fantastic product." - Brenden E.
"Our system's installation went off without a hitch, just as our first consultation and design did. Solar Pro provided detailed instructions for every stage of the installation. Expertise was used at each stage by the person in charge of that particular process. When it came time to install everything, Ron and his team were prompt, polite, and thoroughly committed to getting the job done well. Due to personnel shortages (not unusual in the current economic climate), PNM was running behind on inspection and meter installation. A few days after the installation was finished, nothing had changed. After PNM's inspection, our meter was put in a week later. All of the required forms for the state reimbursement will be sent to us soon, we've been told. Poulin Solar Pro has made it easier to apply for reimbursement by providing a package with detailed instructions. Once again, we appreciate your efficiency and expertise throughout the installation." - Ryker S.

Poulin Solar Pro Social media

Poulin Solar Pro is the owner of the Solar Energy Facebook page. With just under 800 followers and a high rate of user participation, the page is popular. It looks sleek and contemporary, befitting a professional setting. Lots of reliable information regarding solar power is available here. There are informative blog posts, videos, and articles, as well as photographs that accurately portray the brand. In addition, there are comment sections on the postings so that the company's fans may engage with the brand. The page also offers links to the company's website for extra information. Seminar and expo invitations are also provided. Overall, the website is well-structured and expert, making it a credible resource for learning more about solar power.
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Poulin Solar Pro average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews384.5


Poulin Solar Pro Pros & Cons

  • Quality service
  • Professionalism
  • Cost-effective
  • Limited Warranty
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • Limited Choice of Products

Poulin Solar Pro Final Conclusions

Poulin Solar Pro is the industry standard when it comes to household solar power systems. The majority of customers express contentment with the services they have received from the organization. Customer ratings for Poulin Solar Pro average 4.8 stars out of 5, attesting to the quality of their expert installation and service.

Poulin Solar Pro locations

Main Address8600 Pan American Fwy NE Albuquerque NM 87113
Phone Number5059855312

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