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We leverage our combined 14 years of renewable energy knowledge to provide straightforward solutions that homes can use to save money and the environment. Homes may enjoy a top-notch solar experience thanks to Summit Solar. We think switching to solar energy ought to be easy. We simplify the solar process in order to make it a memorable one that people will like sharing with others.

Summit Solar overview

We leverage our combined 14 years of renewable energy knowledge to provide straightforward solutions that homes can use to save money and the environment. Homes may enjoy a top-notch solar experience thanks to Summit Solar. We think switching to solar energy ought to be easy. We simplify the solar process in order to make it a memorable one that people will like sharing with others.

What Summit Solar has to say about itself

Because we feel that money is best spent on you, rather than the utilities, we have discovered a method to keep electricity prices low despite the fact that electric rates are increasing. Employees are vital. Our teams get together on a regular basis to discuss ways to improve the experience of our clients. Our staff is on top of everything, from reducing the number of superfluous emails that are sent out to our clients to facilitating the obtaining of permissions at the last minute for them. We want to do this by recruiting capable individuals who are interested in the position they are applying for.

Summit Solar Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasNJ, NC, SC
Service TypesFinancing, Architecture, Construction, Plumbing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsSingle-crystal, polycrystalline
Backup BatteryNot specified
CertificationsBBB, NABCEP, SEIA

Summit Solar website review

Summit Solar, a home and commercial solar solutions company, has a website called The website contains detailed information about solar panels, inverters and other related equipment, as well as services related to solar energy, including design, installation and maintenance. The website also has a blog section with educational articles on solar energy and related topics. The company's contact details, including its mailing address, telephone number and email address, are clearly stated on the website. The site is user friendly.

Summit Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsNo payment options specified
Payment discounts0% Financing, Tax incentives, Utility discounts, Payback guarantee

Summit Solar online reputation

Customers have remarked that Summit Solar communicates with them in a straightforward and honest manner throughout the solar panel installation process. Customers said they were educated and confidence throughout the Summit Solar process, from the first consultation to the last installation. The company's attention to detail and readiness to customize its services to fit particular demands have also been praised by several clients. Summit Solar's dedication to quality is among its most admirable qualities. Customers claim that Summit Solar only makes use of top-notch supplies and equipment. The business's specialists are also well-educated and trained to provide excellent installation and maintenance services. Some consumers, however, voiced their displeasure with the company's high prices and excessive wait times for solar system installation.
"The activation of our solar project has been delayed by over a year. Summit Solar promised to keep us updated on the process and that it wouldn't take more than 90 days. Every Summit Solar employee we've spoken with exhibits a lack of competence. They received payment and worked as efficiently as they could to complete the assignment." - Daniel W
"We agreed to have solar panels placed on our roof starting on May 5, 2022, via Summit Solar. The whole procedure, according to what was said to us, would take ***** days. Titan Solar is used by Summit Solar to install the system. To install the system, Titan Solar hired a subcontractor. We have been without functioning solar panels for 212 days as of right now. Following delays have occurred. The installer needed to make an adjustment, the city informed us during the final inspection. The fix still hasn't been done, even though it was almost a month ago. I keep hearing that they are working on it when I call. This procedure was expected to take a couple of months, but it has already lasted more than seven." - DD
"Our agreement to have our solar panels installed with Summit Solar was inked in February. At the beginning of July, they were eventually released after a lengthy wait. They left a sizable hole and some equipment in our yard after not finishing the work. After three weeks, someone finally arrived and picked up the equipment, but they stopped texting back to let us know when they would really show up and do the task. Now that the solar panels are gone, all that is left is a pile of metal on our roof." - Anna
"Our solar panels have been in place for more than three months, but they have not yet been turned on. For activation, I was given a month to two months at most. There is no shortage of contact between the business and the customer. I was repeatedly assured that the project manager, Jamie, would get in touch with me, but none of the three times I heard from them, nothing happened. Duke Energy and my sizable loan have both been covered by my payments. Although they are paying me till the panels are operational, that is not the goal. It seems that the county inspector approved the inspection at first, then revoked it. I still hadn't figured out the purpose of my active panels after a month. 35 days after the inspection, I had to contact and find out for myself. Summit Solar neglected to contact and explain the delay. Every single chat and update about the reason why my panels are still inactive have been started by me. There is no communication, which results in a really unpleasant experience." - One P.Oed customer
"On June 17, 2021, Summit Solar and I entered into a contract for the purchase and installation of a system with 30 solar panels. On July 14th, 2021, I received notice that the local power company had rejected this design and that the agreement would need to be modified. A 29-panel solar system was the latest suggestion. I declined to sign a new agreement due to this lowering and the exceedingly bad customer service I had throughout the process. In response, Summit Solar assessed me $1,500 in unjustified line items as a cancellation charge. I have requested numerous different personnel for a thorough explanation of the charges, but I have never gotten one. I was informed that he is free to charge whatever he pleases in accordance with the contract and with the approval of his lawyers." - David
"Our solar panels weren't operational that first summer since it took some time to install everything, particularly the Tesla battery due to covid shut downs. However, less than a month after the renovation was finished, a storm toppled an oak, splitting two electric poles in half, leaving the whole street without electricity. Because of the battery, we had electricity. We also urged neighbors to use our garage to recharge their electronics. Everything went as planned. And now that spring is here, the results are better (house surrounded by trees). It was lovely not to have to hear a generator running to power both freezers. Oh, and the personnel as a whole was wonderful." - Satisfied Decatur Customer
"From the first time we met Tony, who sold us the system, through every interaction we had with the business and the technicians, we had a wonderful experience. We like using our phone applications to see the power flow. I can't wait to install solar with my buddies at Summit with all of my friends." - Beth
"Amazing experience from the beginning! Frank visited us at home and showed us the system. Very easy to chat to and doesn't put any pressure on you. We had our install today, and the team was once again fantastic. This team didn't let yesterday's snow and ice storm stop them from working. They started by preparing the roof to be cleared of snow and ice. Very cordial and work finished today (in one day)! Summit Solar has my highest endorsement for everyone! I appreciate how simple you made it." - Jlee87
"The work done by Summit was fantastic, but you should be aware that you probably won't also get the 30% solar credit if you often receive a large return each year around tax season. However, if you get a refund the next year as well, it still won't help you obtain the solar credit refund. It will just roll over to your tax due for the following year. The solar credit was supposed to be a separate return that I would put back into the solar loan, but that is not how things are turning out, which is disappointing since I usually need the child tax credit refund to pay other costs." - taxinfo
"They came and left, and everything transpired in the manner that they had predicted. Everything turns out well. They provide continuing help in addition to the essential tax information required for filing.I am overjoyed to feel this way." - DNW

Summit Solar Social media
A Facebook page for household and commercial solar energy solutions is called Summit Solar. The company is situated in Maryland, and it has amassed over 36,000 likes on Facebook, proving that it is a well-known and respected supplier of solar energy solutions. A variety of information about products and services, user reviews, promotional news, and offers are posted on the page. The articles include subjects including tax incentives, cost reductions, and the environmental advantages of investing in solar energy solutions. They are well-written, fascinating, and educational. At least twice weekly active updates are made to the page. Simple product and service graphics and photos to lengthy content like webinars and articles are all included in posts. Links to the organization's website, which is used to advertise forthcoming occasions and new products, are also included on the page. Overall, the page appears well-maintained and highly entertaining, and it is a successful method for Summit Solar to increase awareness and foster goodwill in the neighborhood.
The LinkedIn page for Summit Solar is a useful tool for connecting with business contacts and customers looking for solar energy solutions. More than 1,500 people follow the page, demonstrating a keen interest in the information updates provided by the business. The page is frequently updated with the most recent corporate information, employment opportunities, and marketing activities. To promote the services provided, videos of client reviews or product details are also posted online. The page is effectively managed, and updates mix high-quality photos, infographics, and quick videos. Visitors to the profile are also urged to sign up for the Summit Solar email list and follow them on other social media sites. In general, Summit Solar can cultivate relationships and draw in new clients using this website. It is consistently updated with trustworthy content that represents the organization's reputation for professionalism and dependability.
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Summit Solar average reviews

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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews1464.8


Summit Solar Pros & Cons

  • Extensive service area
  • Offers products from leading manufacturers
  • Comprehensive service offerings
  • Support issues after installation
  • Price
  • Long wait for installation

Summit Solar Final Conclusions

A firm that installs solar energy for homes and businesses is called SummitSolar. In order to install and maintain its systems, SummitSolar says it only uses high-quality components and machinery from well-known suppliers. In general, SummitSolar is a respectable business that provides a variety of services to assist clients in switching to renewable energy. For its remarkable performance and dedication to client satisfaction, Summit Solar has established a solid reputation. They are a dependable supplier of solar energy solutions due to their emphasis on quality, transparency, and customer service.

Summit Solar locations

Main Address141 Traction St, Greenville, SC 29611,
Phone Number(864) 250-0026

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