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All American Solar is a family-owned and -operated company right here in your community. Each customer is treated like family while we provide unmatched experience in the solar panel sector. After the completion of your solar energy installation, All American Solar will do everything it takes to ensure your total satisfaction.

All American Solar overview

All American Solar is a family-owned and -operated company right here in your community. Each customer is treated like family while we provide unmatched experience in the solar panel sector. After the completion of your solar energy installation, All American Solar will do everything it takes to ensure your total satisfaction.

What All American Solar has to say about itself

When compared to national solar installers, All American Solar stands head and shoulders above the competition. What makes Americans unique? We can install your solar energy system more quickly and at a lower cost than anybody else. All American Solar is a locally owned and operated business that values your patronage. Full solar power systems for businesses or homes, solar water heaters, and more are just some of the services we provide. Contact All American Solar now to learn how you can assist the environment while cutting costs. Our solar panel installers have years of expertise in the industry and undergo extensive training to ensure your satisfaction. After the installation is done, All American Solar offers unmatched customer service. Reach out to All American Solar right now! We're excited to show you how the appropriate solar energy company can change your life.

All American Solar Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and hybrid panels
Backup BatteryTesla Powerwall and LG Chem RESU batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, BBB

All American Solar website review

The website is aesthetically attractive and has a contemporary style, mostly using the colors blue and white. Users can easily locate what they're searching for thanks to the straightforward navigation menu that is prominently displayed at the top of the page. The website's material is extensive and covers all aspects of the business's services and goods, including solar installations, financing choices, and maintenance services. A blog part on the website also offers helpful details on solar energy, energy efficiency, and other relevant subjects. Overall, the website at seems to be well-designed, educational, and practical, making it a useful resource for anybody interested in solar energy or thinking about installing solar panels.

All American Solar price policy

PackagesResidential systems start at around $10,000, while larger commercial projects can cost up to $100,000 or more.
Payment optionsCredit cards, cash, and checks
Payment discounts10% discount for veterans, active military personnel and first responders, 5% discount for customers who pay in full at the time of installation

All American Solar online reputation

Customer feedback reveals a broad range of opinions on All American Solar. While some customers had excellent experiences and endorsed the business, some had unpleasant ones and did not. Poor customer service and delays in project completion are two prominent themes in unfavorable ratings. Customers complained about delays connecting to the system, improper functioning of the system, and challenges dealing with the firm. Some customers have also described having to get expensive loans in order to pay for their solar systems. However, there were some evaluations that were complimentary, expressing the buyers' satisfaction with both the solar system's performance and the installation procedure. They noted that the installation staff was pleasant and effective, and that the sales representatives were informed and helpful. In terms of project management and customer service, All American Solar seems to have considerable room for improvement overall. Before deciding on a solar business, prospective clients should carefully weigh their alternatives and study reviews.
"I published a long unfavorable review around four weeks ago. Someone notified us about the project's delays in less than 20 minutes. Update: 4+ weeks later, we still have not connected the solar. We are still spending over $500 a month on electricity in addition to the system's fees. Despite the fact that the system had to be totally rewritten because it was improperly connected, each investigator placed the responsibility on a different department. When the electric company arrived, they informed us that the business had installed too many panels and had overcharged for the system. All American says they sent the proper paperwork to Ocala Electric, however we are still unable to use this system despite their denials. This project was begun in October, and it is currently halfway through February. We had assumed that this would have been resolved by now, but it still seems that the solar company has failed to uphold their half of the bargain." - Leah R.
"The item worked okay. The savings won't become apparent until you pay off the debt. A typical salesman is Brandon Bing. He will exert pressure on you to accept an outrageous loan with hefty interest. Prior to the 13th month of the loan, the interest rate is low for the first year. This is how this business generates revenue. Instead of selling solar panels, they make money by providing high interest loans. All American Solar (Brandon Bing), I would not suggest. Look around; I'm sure you can locate solar panels for a reasonable price. Try to finance through a bank rather than the salesperson as well." - Peter M.
"In July 2017, I had bought a new pool pump, solar water heater, and solar panels from them. They claimed to use a solar hot water heater and an effective pool pump, which resulted in an estimated 40% reduced consumption than the other providers. To make up the gap, 8 more solar panels, or 40% more, are still required after more than a year. Check out the complaints on the BBB! Robert Fugate, of Ocoee, Fla." - robert fugate
"Not even an eighth of a star; more like five negative stars. I attempted to sort out the problem with Steve and Brandon, but I kept getting the runaround. I noted that only one element worked, and after they both came by and tried every justification to blame us, the following day there was no hot water. We have evidence that the product they sold us was deceptive in every way when the switch "mysteriously" turned to the "off" position. Brandon made some inappropriate and very unprofessional remarks to my wife." - NO TO ALL AMERICAN SOLAR
"Nasty phone sales. He called on a work phone, and when I answered that I didn't own a house, he hung up. I hung up saying "Thanks, but no thanks." Although he wants it to be this one, my kid is searching for a solar firm." - Sandra H.
"The panels were up and running in under 4 hours thanks to All American Solar, who arrived on time. They have only failed to generate enough for our requirements once, about a year ago, for a single month. The salesperson there, Philip, was really helpful and constantly returned my calls. They are highly recommended. Thanks, Glen E." - Glen eden
"Overall top-notch work, and a joy to deal with. With top-notch components, they performed the work on schedule. My sales consultant, Christian, was incredibly knowledgable and answered all of my inquiries. The installation team was excellent and kind. I would strongly advise." - John V
"On July 6, we received PTO after installing in June and fixing a few small issues. The load control feature must be installed and configured after software upgrades and troubleshooting, as with any complicated system. I worked with Steve (owner), Brandon (owner), Ben, Stephanie, Cole, and others, all of whom were simple to work with and quick to respond to my inquiries and concerns. After one month, my operational analysis is below. Four days in July we utilized grid electricity, while the other 28 days of the billing cycle we used grid-tied solar. June–September are our greatest consumption months, with July/August being the worst. Our solution should counterbalance yearly net-zero consumption but not cover this months' use. Our bill and grid use were 48% and 47% lower, respectively, for the 4 days on the grid. During a tropical storm with many days of rain and clouds. After one month, I'm optimistic we'll produce enough power to reach net zero grid demand. I may update the evaluation after six months, but I'm happy with development thus far." - Randall B
"They performed well. They work well. It significantly reduces the power bill, by nearly half. Everything ran well and was even amazing. Excellent installation and friendly service were provided by everybody. Steve showed up to offer help with the installation. Every necessity has so far been satisfied." - BirdFolk
"When Brandon entered, he saved me from the subpar system I had previously been sold. He gave me a far better deal on equipment. The technicians came here for two days, removed my whole old system, dumped it, and quickly installed the new one. Building the first system took two weeks. They all get Triple AAA ratings from me." - Dale Wayne

All American Solar Social media
The Facebook page for All American Solar is quite popular, with well over 1,000 likes and a high interaction rate of 6.90% with their followers. They publish a variety of marketing materials, including company adverts, as well as often updated stories that feature client endorsements, product debuts, and news about the solar energy sector. Readers can learn more about the company's services and customers' happiness by reading the reviews and testimonials that consumers have left on their page. The page also includes regular updates on their community activity, including All American Solar gives back activities that encourage voluntarism. An engaged and active fan base is produced by all of this activity.
With more than 37 followers and frequently updated updates, job advertisements, and other pertinent content, All American Solar is currently quite active on LinkedIn. Their CEO constantly engages with followers and influencers in the sector, including other solar energy businesses, to increase brand recognition. In addition to being extremely factual and concentrated on the solar energy sector, their coverage also features corporate updates, client success stories, honors, awards, and community involvement. By doing so, they can tell their supporters and stakeholders about their advancement and increase interest and leads. Overall, All American Solar is using the LinkedIn platform effectively to grow its presence in the community and connect with more potential clients.
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All American Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1374.2


All American Solar Pros & Cons

  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Variety of payment options
  • Discounts for veterans, active military personnel and rescuers
  • Installation costs can be high
  • Funding options may have limits and fees
  • Limited service area

All American Solar Final Conclusions

Solar energy solutions are offered by All American Solar for both residential and commercial buildings. All American Solar provides a variety of services that are tailored to each client's particular requirements while placing a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental care. All American Solar has made a name for itself in the solar business as a pioneer in everything from solar panel installation to upkeep and repair. All American Solar is well-positioned to continue developing and expanding its reach given the rising demand for renewable energy. Undoubtedly, the company's dedication to innovation and sustainability will help it succeed in the next years.

All American Solar locations

Main Address1060 E. Industrial Dr. Unit A, Orange City, FL 32763
Phone Number(386) 218-6930

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