SunBug Solar review

SunBug is a locally owned and operated solar energy business that provides a comprehensive range of services, including consulting, system design, various financing options, and turnkey installations of the best possible quality across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

SunBug Solar overview

SunBug is a locally owned and operated solar energy business that provides a comprehensive range of services, including consulting, system design, various financing options, and turnkey installations of the best possible quality across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

What SunBug Solar has to say about itself

SunBug Solar was established in 2009 and has been a Certified B Corporation since 2018. From Great Barrington to Cape Cod, they have developed and built over 2400 solar systems. We construct many different kinds of systems, including residential, commercial, carport, and ground-mount systems, ranging in capacity from 1kW to over 1MW. SunBug has a long list of delighted residential and business clients as a result of our comprehensive approach, which starts with initial education and continues with consultative design, quality installation, and continuing support.

SunBug Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasMA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline
Backup BatterySealed lead acid (SLA), lithium ion and nickel metal hydride (NiMH)
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, BBB

SunBug Solar website review

The website has appealing visuals and a contemporary layout. The website's navigation is simple to navigate, and it's simple to discover the various site parts. The website is simple to browse since its header and footer are always the same. Services for installing solar panels are the primary subject of the website's content. Visitors may learn essential information about solar panels and their advantages through the material, which is educational. There are various options for prospective clients to get in touch with the business on the website, including a phone number, email address, and contact form. The company's social media accounts are linked on the website, making it simple for users to follow and engage with the business there. With an emphasis on presenting details on the services of the solar panel installation firm, the website looks to be well developed and user pleasant overall.

SunBug Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $3.00 to $7.00 per watt of installed power.
Payment optionsCash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and financing options.
Payment discountsDiscounts for those who pay by cash or check, as well as discounts for customers who finance their own solar installation, discounts for military personnel, senior citizens and new buyers of solar energy.

SunBug Solar online reputation

Reviews of SunBug Solar suggest that customer happiness and performance might vary significantly. Customers that have had good experiences with the business have applauded the batteries and panels for keeping their promises, as well as the top-notch office personnel and system designer. SunBug's attention to detail and dedication to quality while installing even a challenging old roof made another customer extremely happy. Other customers, however, have had bad experiences with SunBug, including one who blew fuses and had issues with the company's executives and personnel. Overall, it seems that SunBug Solar has both advantages and disadvantages in terms of client satisfaction. Despite the positive experiences some consumers have had with the business, others have had trouble installing, maintaining, and servicing SunBug clients. Before choosing to work with SunBug, prospective clients should do well to thoroughly analyze and assess the company's services and client testimonials.
"Only one wire from the solar panels was installed by SunBug during our installation, and our home had to be knocked down in order to fix the installation issue. We excused them for it because we are all just human. The fuses began to blow after a few months of operation, and we discovered from their technician that the $50k+ system included additional, inexpensive AC disconnects, which he promised to repair for no charge. His supervisor reprimanded him, and after further blown fuses without any more information, the business said they knew it was the grid's issue and demanded an additional $750 to fix their subpar installation. What a waste of a warranty and helpful customer support." - ZED1
"Summer 2019 saw SunBug deploy our system. It went quite well. However, when I ask them to return to do maintenance and resolve a software issue, they mostly ignore me. A year's worth of emails have gone unanswered." - LM
"Contacted them multiple times. After briefly discussing what I was looking for with Steven Kinsella in sales, he requested my power bill and a photo of the property. On the same day, I handed him this right away. He referred me to system designer Dan Covey, who would provide me with an estimate. It may be delayed, he remarked, since they were busy. A little more than a week later, I followed up, but I got no answer. After a month, I checked in but received no answer. Never in a million years would I conduct business with someone who didn't at least have the decency to reply to me." - Adam K.
"As part of the Solarize Cambridge effort, I've been attempting to get in touch with these people for weeks. My mansard roof is not a suitable fit for solar, they said. I advised them to look into their prediction that a solar panel installation would provide 50% of my whole power requirements. They have been outraged several times, but no one has responded. Program completion is tomorrow. Very depressing." - Ann S.
"The batteries and panels perform as promised. Despite the longer than anticipated scheduling procedure, the installation was finished very fast. The office personnel was fantastic with communications and follow-up queries, and the system designer was top notch." - Dennis Toomey
"My home and a separate garage were included in the Sunbug solar installation, and I am extremely happy with it. All phases of the project—design, installation, inspections, and commissioning—went smoothly and on time. Everything was well-organized and tidy. Ad hoc adjustments were successful. Although they weren't the cheapest, the investment was definitely worth it. My solar power output for the first/previous six months has been accurate. " - Pablo
"I'm quite particular about the contractors I use because I value quality and fine details. I want to work with the greatest individuals who utilize the best tools, technicians, and are very knowledgeable in their fields. They are employees of SunBug. SunBug was paying close attention to me the whole time, keeping me updated, and taking detailed notes. SunBug was meticulous in their measurements for the structural engineering work, measuring and re-measuring to make sure they constructed my 19th-century home's mansard roof with a complicated internal support system precisely. I was aware that nothing would be left to chance at that moment. Indeed, everything had been well thought out and prepared down to the last inch when they arrived to complete the installation. These individuals are experts!" - Scott
"The IT staff at Sunbug was excellent. exactly on schedule and started working. The technicians addressed the roof leak beneath my panels that had been brought on by squirrels breeding there fast. This is the first problem I've ever experienced with my panels in the seven years I've owned them. Very satisfied!" - Laurie
"On our house, SunBug installed a 50+ panel array. We were highly particular consumers and need a flawless installation. They performed an excellent job of addressing our particular demands, designing the first system, and checking in with us to make sure we were happy. Since then, we've only had two small complaints or maintenance problems, both of which were resolved within a week. Our experience with their customer service has been excellent; they stand by their work." - solarenthusiast

SunBug Solar Social media
A solar energy firm with a Facebook page is called SunBug Solar. Seven hundred people follow the firm's Facebook page, with the majority of them residing in Massachusetts, where the company is situated. The SunBug Solar page includes positive testimonials from delighted clients, advertising messages announcing special deals and business updates, and pictures showcasing their engineering and installation projects. Additionally, they make it a point to engage with their followers by replying to queries and comments on their postings and inspiring clients to submit recommendations and favorable reviews. Overall, SunBug Solar's Facebook page is successful in reaching its intended audience with its message. The page is interesting, dynamic, and appealing aesthetically. A wonderful location to find out about the services the business provides and to get in touch with the staff, it is also well-maintained and has postings that are often updated.
With over 770 followers and countless postings highlighting their services and projects, SunBug Solar has a sizable online presence on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn profile has entries on the solar sector as well as updates, announcements, and client testimonials. Customers may learn more about the team members of SunBug Solar by reading their profiles on the company's website. Additionally, SunBug Solar makes an effort to interact with their followers by answering questions and comments, expressing gratitude to clients who recommend business, and emphasizing their support of neighborhood projects and activities. The LinkedIn profile for SunBug Solar is generally interesting, well-maintained, and useful. It is a terrific chance to learn more about the business, get to know the people who run it, and find out what services they provide.
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SunBug Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews184.8


SunBug Solar Pros & Cons

  • Offers a full range of services
  • Funding options
  • Offering a 24 hour customer service line
  • Services may not be available in all regions
  • Services can be more expensive than other solar companies
  • Unable to provide all the services required by some customers

SunBug Solar Final Conclusions

SunBug Solar is an experienced solar energy supplier offering a wide range of services from system design and installation to maintenance and repair. Based on mixed customer reviews, it is difficult to draw an unambiguous conclusion about the work of SunBug Solar. They also offer financing options and various payment discounts. While some customers have had positive experiences with the company's installation and customer service, others have experienced problems. It appears that SunBug Solar performance and customer satisfaction may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each installation and customer experience. Overall, while some customers have had great experiences with SunBug Solar, others have struggled, so it's important to approach the company's services with care and consideration.

SunBug Solar locations

Main Address2A Draper St. Woburn, MA 01801 United States
Phone Number617-500-3938

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