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You can trust a name and background! Sunergy Systems is an employee-owned solar firm with the greatest expertise in solar design and installation in the Puget Sound region. It was founded in Seattle in 2005 and serves the Greater Seattle Area as well as the Kitsap Peninsula. Sales, design, and installation of solar electric and backup energy storage systems for residential residences are our areas of expertise. Over 2,500 solar power systems worth 15 megawatts of sustainable energy have been built by Sunergy Systems!

Sunergy Systems overview

You can trust a name and background! Sunergy Systems is an employee-owned solar firm with the greatest expertise in solar design and installation in the Puget Sound region. It was founded in Seattle in 2005 and serves the Greater Seattle Area as well as the Kitsap Peninsula. Sales, design, and installation of solar electric and backup energy storage systems for residential residences are our areas of expertise. Over 2,500 solar power systems worth 15 megawatts of sustainable energy have been built by Sunergy Systems!

What Sunergy Systems has to say about itself

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Sunergy Systems Solar Review

Year Started2005
Service AreasWA
Service TypesDesign, engineering, installation and maintenance of solar energy systems, energy audits and assessments
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, CSI, BBB

Sunergy Systems website review

A lot of details regarding Sunergy Systems' services, including those for design, engineering, installation, and maintenance, are available on their website. Additionally, it gives teaching materials on solar energy and offers details on their financing choices and energy storage possibilities. The website also provides contact details for their offices and customer support agents. Potential clients will find the design to be appealing and contemporary.

Sunergy Systems price policy

Packages$2.50 to $4.00 per watt of power produced, with an average cost of about $3.00 per watt.
Payment optionsCheck, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, and cash.
Payment discounts0% financing options for qualified clients

Sunergy Systems online reputation

Judging by the customer reviews provided, opinions about Sunergy Systems are mixed. While some customers have had negative experiences such as problems with leaks and delayed repairs, others have had positive experiences with the company. Customers who received a positive experience, highly appreciated the professionalism of the company, the care and quality of their solar systems. In general, it is possible that negative experiences were isolated cases, while positive ones are the norm. Potential clients are encouraged to do more research and read more customer reviews before making a decision.
"Sunergy was my six-year employee. They initially performed a decent job, however these are the issues I've had following the installation: 1.) Leaks! Water has gotten into the inverter! They drilled a weep hole and declared it "fixed". I don't know about you, but high voltage and water in the inverter still worry me. Roof leaks are number two. When their office is closed, there is no adequate on-call procedure in place. After I told them about the leak, it took them two weeks to send someone to look at the home. 3.) They attempted to avoid their obligations to repair the real harm in #2 by just wanting to patch the leak. Then, in an effort to take advantage of an uneducated homeowner, they put out a plainly inferior (but affordable for them) remedy. 4.) The soap they use to clean your panels has left them permanently stained. Due to this, there has undoubtedly been some output loss. I am no longer able to suggest Sunergy Systems based on my experience." - Paul
"When we constructed our retirement home in 2009, we first intended to have Sunergy build a solar system for us. Our impression of their business representatives and their explanations of the procedure was quite favorable. The bank informed us that we wouldn't be able to get a loan big enough to include solar into our construction finance. 12 years later, we gave Sunergy another chance to complete our installation, and we couldn't be happier with how easy it was to deal with their courteous, educated, and professional personnel. We are now content to pay the minimal monthly electric price (about $8) and bank all the excess energy that our system is producing above and beyond our daily kwh need! I like how easy Sunergy was to deal with." - D. Stroud
"Our present house, a rental property, and our retirement home all have solar systems installed by Sunergy. The biggest and one with battery backup is the final. From design to installation to servicing, Sunergy has been excellent. They are extremely helpful in developing a suitable system and highly attentive to the few concerns that have arisen. Due to Covid's difficulties with the supply chain, the timetable was a little problematic. I can't criticize them for it." - Wes
"Sunergy Systems has provided exceptional service, starting with our first enquiry and continuing through the sales and estimates process, installation, and operation. And the system has performed just as it was supposed to. And over the last several months, after installation and sign-off, the Sunergy contacts have always responded quickly and completely to my inquiries." - Robert
"The Sunergy offer was similar to the bids from the other two firms that I reviewed. In the end, I accepted their proposal that included a Sunpower system. They and I collaborated well to develop and size the system to satisfy our long-term energy requirements. The installation proceeded without a hitch, and it has been working flawlessly ever since. I'm overjoyed." - Mike Y
"This business has been incredibly helpful so far. The advantages of utilizing solar energy, how it works with Gulf Power, how the panels will be placed, and how the billing operates were all thoroughly discussed with us by Austin Elkins, our sales representative. He was really enlightening. The solar firm's Beth Dunlap, Inspection and Interconnection, got in touch with us after the panels were installed and connected, and along with Gulf Power, they switched us over to the solar company. We have reached the stage when Gulf Power will install a new meter on our home and switch on the solar panels. This is only a summary of what has taken place so far. Everything seemed to have gone well and swiftly. With the business and the individuals we dealt with, we are quite happy." - Kay

Sunergy Systems Social media
Sunergy Systems uses its active Facebook page to keep customers updated on corporate news, events, and products. There are 2,000 subscribers in total on the page. Posts are advertisements. These articles frequently include images taken during trips to their offices, client endorsements, and product demonstrations. Customers frequently ask for action on the page with statements like "Like our page to stay updated" and "Comment below and let us know what you think." They promote conversation within the organization and customer interaction. The page also contains a link to the Sunergy Systems website, giving clients a quick and easy way to order goods and services. In conclusion, Sunergy Systems' Facebook page is a useful tool for engaging with clients and informing them of the business's services. The success of the page is aided by frequent customer contact, direct links to their websites, and promotional messages.
The Sunergy Systems LinkedIn profile is an extensive resource for keeping in touch and finding out more about the business and its initiatives. There are roughly 700 followers total on the page. A Subscribe button is also present on the page, which encourages both new subscribers and existing clients to keep in touch with the business. Customers can also connect with the brand more effectively by viewing the executives' and workers' profiles on LinkedIn. Customers can access Sunergy Systems' goods and services directly through the page, which also includes a link to the company's website. Overall, Sunergy Systems' LinkedIn page is a useful resource for getting in touch with the business and abreast of its news and activities. The follow button, frequent posts, and user profiles all encourage customers to engage with the brand.
YouTube Channel
11 Subscribers

Sunergy Systems average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1474.7


Sunergy Systems Pros & Cons

  • Competitive prices and flexible financing options
  • A wide range of services
  • A team of experienced and knowledgeable professional
  • Only offers services in a few states
  • The cost of solar power systems can be high
  • Denial of installation services in certain areas due to weather or other factors

Sunergy Systems Final Conclusions

Based on conflicting customer reviews, it is difficult to draw a clear conclusion about the work of Sunergy Systems. While some customers have expressed satisfaction with the company's professionalism, customer service and solar systems, others have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of work performed, especially with regards to leaks and delays in repairs. It is important to note that the installation of solar systems is a complex and technical process, and problems can arise even for the most experienced and professional companies involved in solar energy. However, negative feedback about delaying repairs and avoiding real damage obligations is a concern and may point to areas where Sunergy Systems could improve customer service. In general, it is recommended that potential customers do more research and read more customer reviews before deciding whether or not to use Sunergy Systems for their solar energy needs.

Sunergy Systems locations

Main Address4546 Leary Way NW, Seattle, WA 98107
Phone Number(206)737-2895

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