SunPower by Legacy Solar review

Bloomington, Illinois' SunPower by Legacy Solar offers complete solar and alternative energy installation services for homes, businesses, and farms. Customers throughout Illinois, Southeast Iowa, and Northern Missouri are Legacy Solar's primary focus. Legacy Solar's expertise in solar system sales, design, and service, along with the company's long history in the electric utility business, gives consumers confidence in the "Legacy brand" and guarantees their satisfaction.

SunPower by Legacy Solar overview

Bloomington, Illinois' SunPower by Legacy Solar offers complete solar and alternative energy installation services for homes, businesses, and farms. Customers throughout Illinois, Southeast Iowa, and Northern Missouri are Legacy Solar's primary focus. Legacy Solar's expertise in solar system sales, design, and service, along with the company's long history in the electric utility business, gives consumers confidence in the "Legacy brand" and guarantees their satisfaction.

What SunPower by Legacy Solar has to say about itself

Legacy Solar offers complete installation, maintenance, and repair for SunPower solar systems for homes and businesses. SunPower by Legacy Solar is dedicated to delivering an exceptional solar energy experience to every client. SunPower by Legacy Solar provides cutting-edge solar products, such as long-lasting, tailor-made configurations that extract as much power as possible from the sun. Skilled solar industry experts will provide individualized services to each client. If you're looking for dependable, efficient, and cost-effective solar electricity, go no further than SunPower from Legacy Solar.

SunPower by Legacy Solar Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasIL, IA, MO
Service TypesBattery Bank Services, Ground-mounted System Services, Off-grid Solar System Services, Installation Solar Electric/PV, Solar EV Charging System, Cleaning, Repair, Meter Services, Inverter Services.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline panels, thin-film panels, and hybrid panels that combines amorphous and monocrystalline technologies.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead acid.
CertificationsNABCEP, QSI, NECA, IBEW.

SunPower by Legacy Solar website review

The SunPower by Legacy Solar official website conveys an air of professionalism and knowledge. Everything you need is presented in a clear and organized manner. A YouTube channel and other social media profiles may be linked very easily. Viewing picture galleries and promotional movies, site visitors may have a better understanding of the company's offerings. This enables them to stay abreast of what's happening at the organization. The site also receives regular updates and has robust security measures in place to ward against malicious software. In general, it's a trustworthy platform.

SunPower by Legacy Solar price policy

PackagesStandard Residential Package starting at $16,000, High-Efficiency Residential starting at $20,000, Premium Residential Package starting at $22,000, Standard Commercial Package starting at $24,800, High-Efficiency Commercial Package starting at $29,600, Premium Commercial Package starting at $32,400, Off-grid Solar System starting at $40,000, Meter Services: $800, Inverter Services: $1,500.
Payment optionsVisa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal
Payment discounts10% discount on solar panels and installation services, 15% discount on off-grid solar systems, 5% discount on micro-inverters and off-grid accessories, and 10% discount on batteries and battery storage.

SunPower by Legacy Solar online reputation

SunPower by Legacy Solar received universally good reviews from its customers. The installation was quick and easy, and the job was of high quality, all of which were appreciated by satisfied customers. Not only did they appreciate the reduced energy bills, but they also thought the service was fairly priced. Some clients complained that the company's personnel were very pushy and that the installed equipment didn't work well. SunPower by Legacy Solar is not without its flaws, but the benefits outweigh them significantly.
"I have emailed them about a variety of issues, including my solar panel models, the repair of my broken microinverter (which has been broken since installation), an explanation of why it took FIVE MONTHS to use my panels, why they only produce 50% of the energy they were supposed to, an explanation of why they are unable to honor their warranties and even a response to any of my earlier inquiries. THERE IS ONLY SILENCE! The biggest SCAM in American history is solar..." - Jarrod W.
"Most of the time, the system has functioned effectively, but the issue-resolution process has been inadequately handled, requiring several reschedules just to discuss the issue, much alone repair it. SunPower, hurry up and resolve the warranty concerns." - Nora C.
"I reside in an area where soliciting is prohibited by signs. Two workers came to my door and tried to sell me something. When I inquired about their products, the lady said, "He just told you, solar." She maintained her attitude and told me to have a terrible day when I reminded them of the no soliciting rule. I advise against doing business with these two if they are an example of their firm." - Frederick G.
"This is probably the worst solar company ever; two kids knocked on my door, set me up, and I got the solar; however, they flat-out lied about the solar, and now I'm paying twice as much as I was for my power bill for the solar when they said it would be less, and they also claimed that they would eliminate my power bill; however, I still have two bills and am paying for the solar twice as much as I was paying for my power bill." - Eric Y.
"We have had ours for 4 months, but we are only producing 20% of what we were promised we should be, and when we contact to ask questions, we keep getting the runaround. Although it is saving us (just) enough on our electricity bill to offset the $70 monthly solar payment, we are dissatisfied with the poor performance and high utility costs. We are aware of several other people who are having similar problems with their Legacy Solar. We had recommended this business to seven others, but we've subsequently advised them to do more research beforehand." - Rose T.
"Had a fantastic encounter with the Legacy Solar guys. Aaron was quite informed throughout our sales conversation, and we appreciated his straightforwardness and honesty. He took the time to thoroughly address all of our inquiries and ensure that we understood everything. Pricing was more competitive than two of the other options we looked at, and the far more thorough warranty provided (along with the additional assurance of dealing with a local source!) helped tip the scales in their favor. Due to strong demand and a little product backlog, installing our huge system took some time. However, the team did an excellent job of keeping us informed along the way by delivering regular updates and conversations. We are now operational thanks to installers who were courteous, diligent, and clean. Our system is performing as expected, and the monitoring tool is great for comparing our production to our use and banking. We have been quite delighted throughout the whole process, and we cannot say enough wonderful things about the crew. Many thanks to the Legacy crew!" - Chloe R.
"A very amazing business is Legacy Solar. I looked into them for approximately a year before selecting them. Ultimately chose a system that was NOT more costly but had MUCH better hardware than any of the other estimates! Micro-inverters and 425w panels! Don was a fantastic salesman; he wasn't aggressive, was receptive to my inquiries, and spent a lot of time with me. He led me through a variety of financing choices, outlining the benefits and drawbacks of each one. Additionally—and this is unusual—he has maintained touch even after the installation! The installation personnel was very competent and courteous. I was allowed to see Wyatt and Josh at work, and they cheerfully responded to ALL of my geeky questions. The first weekend it was up, the system kept blowing a fuse, so they came back right on Monday morning to investigate. The technology is generating MORE electricity than they had anticipated. Well done, me! The system has been functioning GREATLY ever since they upgraded the breaker for free! Sarah from the customer support team has been in touch often, providing updates throughout the whole process and following up to ensure everything is moving well and to see if I have any more questions. Overall, working with Legacy has been a wonderfully transparent and communicative experience. The service, installation, and sales departments have made me feel supported. They are something I heartily endorse." - Zack P.
"Legacy Solar provided excellent service to us. The legacy crew performed well from the outset through installation and the final walkthrough. Kyle was a terrific sales representative that got us started with solar. He was excellent since he was honest about what to anticipate with solar. The installation crew was outstanding. They completed everything in a single day and were highly competent. It was fantastic to go over everything one more time with Sara. She responded to all of our inquiries. I will certainly suggest Legacy Solar to anybody considering going solar. Once again, I want to thank the whole Legacy team for helping us transition to solar." - Sophie H.
"In many ways, the ideal individuals to do business with. A skilled, courteous, and detail-oriented installation staff provided exceptional customer service. Aaron Phillips, one of our sales representatives, thoroughly described the system and the procedure with several points of contact and follow-up. I asked the Ameren representative who the top solar firms are that he is acquainted with when the utility company came out to activate the system, and he said that the one out of Bloomington, Legacy Solar, is number one. He didn't know who our solar firm is, if I may mention that. I was very delighted on all counts and would most certainly suggest Aaron Phillips and Legacy Solar." - Jerry R.
"I've worked in the union electrical sector for 30 years, and I can assure you that picking Legacy Solar for your solar installation won't leave you unhappy. Since I've had mine in July 2019, my bills, output, and customer service have all exceeded my expectations." - Ron B.

SunPower by Legacy Solar Social media
Regularly, the Facebook page updates its news feed with updates on solar energy and products as well as new satisfied clients. In addition to interacting with them, visitors may browse the gallery and discover how to get started. Customers are encouraged to share their opinions and suggestions with the company. Facebook activity is something that page administrators strive for. Staff members who are competent in these topics often write information about them, keeping the public updated about recent advancements, upcoming events, and useful publications. They also provide videos, infographics, and other materials on their website that highlight the benefits of solar energy.
While active on various other social networking sites, SunPower's LinkedIn profile is not as active. There are no additional posts or activities on the website, but it does include basic corporate and product information as well as a "Meet the Team" page. Customers must either contact them personally or look for news and information on other social networks as a result.
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SunPower by Legacy Solar average reviews

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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews1364.7


SunPower by Legacy Solar Pros & Cons

  • Quality
  • Accessibility
  • Service
  • Perseverance
  • Low efficiency of systems
  • Support

SunPower by Legacy Solar Final Conclusions

Since 2017, SunPower by Legacy Solar, an Illinois-based business that installs solar panels, has offered sustainable energy options for homes and businesses throughout Illinois and its bordering states. Customer service, installation, and product quality are all typically praised by those who have utilized this business' services. There aren't many bad reviews, but the most frequent one is about the sales department of Legacy Solar's poor customer service and communication. Overall, SunPower by Legacy Solar is a top-rated solar panel installation business with a majority of happy clients.

SunPower by Legacy Solar locations

Main Address301 S Quincy St Towanda, IL 61776
Phone Number3092313138

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