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For both business and residential clients, 1 Stop Solar offers comprehensive solar energy systems. The team collaborates with clients to develop optimal energy system designs that optimize both cost and performance. The firm does both engineering design and installation of new solar systems, as well as servicing and maintenance for existing solar arrays.

1 Stop Solar overview

For both business and residential clients, 1 Stop Solar offers comprehensive solar energy systems. The team collaborates with clients to develop optimal energy system designs that optimize both cost and performance. The firm does both engineering design and installation of new solar systems, as well as servicing and maintenance for existing solar arrays.

What 1 Stop Solar has to say about itself

If you're looking for high-quality solar panel installation or expert guidance on energy-saving options, 1 Solar Source is here to assist. We recognize the uncertainty involved in making the switch to solar power from more conventional energy sources and promise to do all in our power to alleviate any concerns you may have. When you switch to a greener, healthier lifestyle with the help of our renewable energy solutions, you won't have to give up any of the creature comforts you've come to rely on.

1 Stop Solar Review

Year Started2014
Company Website1stopsolar.com
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Manufacturing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and hybrid panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, and lead-acid.

1 Stop Solar website review

The 1 Stop Solar firm maintains its website at 1stopsolar.com. All you need to know about solar energy, goods, and services may be found on this page. They advertise free consultation services on their website, and their staff is kind and competent. They provide in-depth descriptions of everything they sell. In addition, they include consumer feedback that might be instructive for anyone looking into solar power systems. Their dedication to happy customers extends beyond the transaction with their after-sales service. The website is trustworthy since it is safe and dependable. It would seem that 1stopsolar.com may be trusted as a whole.

1 Stop Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Installations (Staring at $4,558), Solar Battery Storage ($10,000 and up), Solar Inverter Installations (Pricing Varies), Solar System Monitoring (Varies), Solar-Ready Roofing ($3.50 per square foot), Solar Hot Water Installations (Starting at $1,995), Solar Pool Heating Installations ($2,500 and up), Solar Lighting Installation (Starting at $2,500), Solar Electrical Installations ($2,500 and up)
Payment optionsCash, PayPal, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), and bank transfers.
Payment discounts5% discount for military personnel, 10% discount for teachers, 10% discount for first-time customers, 5% discount for repeat customers, 5% discount for referring friends and family, 10% discount for solar accessories

1 Stop Solar online reputation

Customers have had a generally favorable impression of 1 Stop Solar. They said the service was consistent, the people were kind, and the product was top-notch. Installation was quick, and several customers have reported financial benefits. On the other side, several consumers felt their problems were not taken seriously and lodged complaints about their interactions with customer care. Customers are grateful for 1 Stop Solar's efforts to make renewable energy widespread, and they report general satisfaction with the company's services.
"To install a new roof, I had to have my panels removed. The reinstallation was arranged without a hitch. I was there on the specified day, and at the day's conclusion, the workers informed me that they had not been able to complete the project due to a lack of personnel. It was irritating since I had to take time off from work (even though it was probably unnecessary, as they insist on it), but I understand that accidents happen. I contacted them a few days later to double-check and they asked me to choose a new day (when I would not be at home) for the installation, which they had not previously mentioned. About a week later, I checked my app and saw that it was no longer recording; evidently, someone would need to come out and troubleshoot the issue. 1) They should have known when they arrived that it was functional. My panels aren't functioning, and they haven't contacted me to tell me that they're sending someone out to fix it; this is terrible customer service." - George R.
"The staff that was installing the panels was really kind and polite while they worked with me. The electrician was helpful but a bit of a slob. He promised to clean up the mess, but he never did. He chopped above the panel, leaving insulation from the roof on the floor and drywall dust everywhere. After he drilled the hole in the wall for the feed to enter the home, he went outside and blasted away the concrete. They also abandoned the concrete fragments in my backyard." - Leonardo T.
"The setup process was fast, smooth, and effective. That happened in 2021 on June 6th. As of today, August 4th, I am still waiting to pass the inspection. Six times I've waited at home for appointments that ultimately didn't happen. I fear that the firm is so dispersed that no one is aware of what is happening and when it is happening. The local salesperson, scheduler, and inspector should take greater responsibility for ensuring the installation and inspections are completed on time. It would be an inconvenience, to be sure, but ultimately this business won't survive. I regret not researching more firms. I have looked everywhere on my HOME screen and cannot locate the KW." - Asher I.
"A team from 1 Stop Solar installed our solar panels a few years back. After spending $30,000., the whole system is operational. I had to contact 1 Stop Solar many times at the start of the month because the Envoy controller had ceased reporting. I have to spend $700 on repairs so it can start reporting again, they said. I have written confirmation of a 25-year warranty on this machine. I read every page of the materials they sent me, and the guarantee covers everything I bought from them. Now they won't repair it and insist I use my own internet connection, despite the fact that I pay them to maintain both their equipment and their service. NO. This is a paid service for me. You guys made the sale. You all did the installation. You, people, provided a written 25-year guarantee. FIX IT. After treating you this poorly, they want you to recommend them to others. Wow." - Jace L.
"How many of you had the option of "critter guard" included in the installation of your system? That wasn't a question that was put to us. We had issues with our circuit breakers after a time. They continued stumbling, so we questioned Blue Raven about the source of the problem. They just suggested a system reboot. Squirrels have been gnawing on the wiring and have already ruined numerous panels and caused damage estimated at several thousand dollars. It's a miracle that the home didn't go up in flames. Unfortunately, 1 Stop Solar cannot repair any damage caused by squirrels." - Malachi J.
"The service from 1 Stop Solar was lightning-fast. No one I've dealt with from them has been unpleasant. The solar panels were set up with little bother and in short order. The municipal inspector was quite complimentary of 1 Stop Solar and their equipment, which helped to further solidify our relationship with them. I'm looking forward to even more successful outcomes this spring and summer as we continue to enjoy viewing the production through the app." - Nicolas S.
"Getting our solar panels put up was a breeze thanks to 1 Stop Solar, who we enjoyed dealing with throughout the whole process. Our house is historic, so obtaining permits was trickier than usual, but the panels' quality is within acceptable viewing standards, so we were able to have them installed. During the installation procedure, they knocked off a piece of our chimney and subsequently damaged our roof. The chimney was not secure since the home is ancient, but they should have known better than to secure it with safety lines. 1 Stop Solar set things right and completed the repairs, although it took a very long time to do so after the installation had begun." - Elias T.
"Everyone on the crew behaved in a professional and polite manner. Clearly laid out the process and all its components. The first inspector is the only one I would have any reservations about. He completed the examination of my garage and then abruptly departed, leaving the door open. It took me nearly two hours to realize that my garage door was open and unattended. The second issue surfaced once the setup was complete. The cleaning operation looked impressive. On the other hand, we discovered two metal brackets on the garage floor. One just under one of my car's tires. I didn't even think to look, but I kicked one as I walked into the trash can, and then we performed a sweep and discovered the other piece of metal beneath the tire. As such, it would probably be a good idea for the team to do another walk-through as part of the cleaning process going ahead." - Tanner S.
"From the beginning these gentlemen were willing to help and clearly explained what was expected of them. Paul did a fantastic job explaining everything to my wife and I, answering all of our questions, and providing us with all of the details we asked for. They installed my panels in about 6 hours, leaving the area clean and organized. The electrician, kept me updated frequently on his status. The sales rep was helpful and the installation went off without a hitch. The atmosphere was very businesslike. What a fantastic time I had!" - Cristian K.
"Overall, 1 Stop Solar did a great job (I've been charging my phone nonstop for over 42 hours). Some of our concerns were voiced. Technicians often showed up hours before their specified appointment time, sometimes even before the necessary replacement item had been sent. In addition, the original installers did not do a very good job of clearing up their mess. After they were finished, we discovered nails and other construction detritus on the ground. Despite these caveats, we are optimistic about our progress so far and our future solar-generated power output." - Miles E.

1 Stop Solar Social media

The Facebook page of 1 Stop Solar is crammed with informative material and trustworthy solar energy information. It is up-to-date, user-friendly, and instructive thanks to current postings and upgrades. With almost 300 followers, the page seems to be rather well-liked. A mixture of photos, videos, and connections to other relevant websites and publications are included. Additionally, the website contains client endorsements, thanks, and connections to project news. There are a variety of things accessible, including infographics, product comparisons, product reviews, and notifications of new deals. The design of the website is simple and well-organized, making it a pleasure to use. This Facebook page is a reliable resource to learn more about solar energy because of its uplifting content and useful information.
The solar energy firm 1 Stop Solar has a LinkedIn profile, however, it is unluckily not the most reliable source of information. The material on the website is sparse, and the page's basic style makes it impossible to judge how reliable the firm is. There isn't much information about the business or its services on the website, and it seems to have few subscribers, which may be a sign of its dependability. It is difficult to gauge popularity since there doesn't seem to be much activity on the page in terms of likes, shares, and comments. As a result, this page's credibility is under doubt.
YouTube channel not registered

1 Stop Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews2494.8


1 Stop Solar Pros & Cons

  • Professional
  • Cost-Effective
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Limited availability
  • Expensive installation process
  • Difficulty in obtaining financing

1 Stop Solar Final Conclusions

Consultation, design, and installation are just some of the services offered by 1 Stop Solar, a solar energy provider. Customers in California and the surrounding regions may make use of their services, whether they are homeowners or business owners. Many satisfied clients have left testimonials praising the organization for its professionalism and effectiveness.

1 Stop Solar locations

Main Address2462 Sand Lake Rd Orlando, FL 32809
Phone Number8665689042

2 local offices

Florida – Orlando 2462 Sand Lake Road, Orlando FL, 32809
Florida – Fort Lauderdale 1500 W Cypress Creek Road Suite 412, Fort Lauderdale FL, 33309

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