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Solar and renewable energy provider Superior Solar, Inc. creates, installs, and maintains solar energy systems for both residential and business clients. In addition to photovoltaic systems, solar hot water systems, ecological construction materials, energy management systems, and financing options, the firm also provides a broad variety of other goods and services.

Superior Solar Inc. overview

Solar and renewable energy provider Superior Solar, Inc. creates, installs, and maintains solar energy systems for both residential and business clients. In addition to photovoltaic systems, solar hot water systems, ecological construction materials, energy management systems, and financing options, the firm also provides a broad variety of other goods and services.

What Superior Solar Inc. has to say about itself

Superior Solar, Inc., is a local supplier of energy-related services for homes and businesses. To optimize your energy efficiency and savings, we provide unique solar solutions for all sorts of residences and businesses, together with cutting-edge solar panels, inverters, and other hardware. Our trained personnel will assist you in locating the ideal solar solution to suit your requirements since they have decades of expertise in the solar sector. We are fostering a better future by committing to renewable energy.

Superior Solar Inc. Solar Review

Year Started2006
Service AreasCA
Service TypesEngineering and installation, monitoring and maintenance, financing
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, LEED, FSC, MI, FCSI

Superior Solar Inc. website review

Superior Solar, a provider of solar panels and other energy solutions, has its website, accessible at It features a sleek, professional design, simple navigation, and enough useful information and contact data for its audience. Visitors to the site may learn more about the business and its offerings, locate local installers, research solar energy, and peruse testimonials from satisfied customers. Everything is well organized and simple to find. The website seems reliable based on this data. All information, including phone numbers and email addresses, is readily available on the site, and the information presented seems to be accurate and current. This ensures that it can be relied upon.

Superior Solar Inc. price policy

PackagesSolar Photovoltaic System Package: $23,500, Solar Pool Heating Package: $4,500, Solar Hot Water Heating System Package: $10,000, Grid-Tied Solar Package: $15,000, Stand-Alone Solar Electric System Package: $8,000, Grid-Tied Solar Wind System Package: $25,000, Solar Street Lighting System Package: $35,000, Off-Grid System Package: $18,000
Payment optionsVisa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Cash, Check, and EFT.
Payment discountsUp to 10% off for senior citizens, Up to 10% off for military members, Up to 10% off for veterans, Up to 5% off for government employees, Up to 10% off when pre-paying for projects in full, Up to 5% off for existing customers, Up to 10% off on approved Solar Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) projects

Superior Solar Inc. online reputation

The vast majority of Superior Solar Inc.'s satisfied clients have nothing but good things to say about the company. The organization has received several accolades for the quality of service it provides and the friendliness of its employees. Superior Solar Inc. supplies customers with high-quality goods and services, which they have praised. One drawback is that some customers have reported long wait times for the repair and installation of their solar systems. Among the many solar energy providers out there, Superior Solar Inc. stands out for its dedication to providing excellent goods and services to its customers.
"Poor customer support after installation. Due to the fire, we called Superior Solar on March 22 for a price and to schedule a date to remove and replace the panels. Removal of the panels is a prerequisite for roof replacement. We were promised an answer within seven days. Needless to say, we contacted weekly after that first week and got no response. All they can say is that they passed it on to another group and that work is ongoing. When can we expect a quote and time frame for the work? The roof rafters, meanwhile, are starting to sag. My first thought is to remove them before the ceiling collapses completely." - Ruben M.
"A total failure. Keep a safe distance from this. The smooth salesperson never took the time to explain anything to me and instead hurried me through the papers. This method has already cost me a fortune, and it will continue to do so at a rate of $200 per month for the next 19 years. I had hoped to see reductions in my electricity bill, but instead, I've seen increases. They suggested a roofer, and he was a complete and utter failure. They ripped off my siding and smashed my new, costly gutter protection. I need new gutter covers, and now I have to pay to have them put. Hundreds of old roof nails were scattered throughout my yard by the roofing business, and I had a flat tire as a result. They also had me sell my SREC rights to a third party for a lump sum payment for the following fifteen years without explaining anything to me. I'm creating credits that would have paid me regularly for years to come, but I'm not receiving any of those payments because I'm sure they were incentivized financially to do so. Send anybody away who knocks on your door with a bargain that seems too good to be true. Investing in this was the worst decision I've ever made." - Luca S.
"Please DON'T do that! I've had solar via Superior Solar for over six months, and I want to get rid of it since we always have problems when it snows. Before signing up, I inquired about the impact of snow and was assured that the system would still function normally, but with somewhat reduced power generation. Production seems to be at a standstill until the snow melts. Now I have two monthly bills to pay, one to the power company and one to them. We have not seen the anticipated cost savings. Disappointed with this firm." - Fabian I.
"The customer service at Superior Solar is second to none. We've been attempting to get in touch with them for months to have our inverter fixed, but it still hasn't been fixed. They have no plans to inspect the problem or get in touch with us. On our end, we've exhausted all possibilities. They gave us a dead company's contact information and then disappeared. This is not the solar firm you want to work with." - Colby E.
"We were aware of the financial commitment involved in having solar panels installed on our home, but we couldn't wait to get started. This has been a very terrible ordeal. Our roof has two slopes, and the business demonstrated the advantages of placing the panels on one side first, and subsequently the other. Our solar panels are located in the rear yard, but all of our neighbors have placed theirs in the front of their houses. Unfortunately, the savings from installing solar panels have yet to appear on our electrical bills, and we now face yet another expense. The inability to reach out to Superior Solar has been the most frustrating aspect. They won't return your calls or emails for weeks, and when they finally do, they appear completely oblivious. I endorse the upgrading to solar panels, but not from the firm you're using." - Frank S.
"My mom gave me a rave review of Superior Solar. My husband and I had just moved, and as spring and summer came, we watched our PG&E bills steadily increase. We installed solar panels and our monthly savings exceeded $110! Why everyone hasn't switched to solar power yet is unfathomable. It's quite understandable. They have been helpful and accommodating throughout the process of installing the animal protection, getting the necessary licenses, and installing the grid. This new clan enthusiastically endorses his work." - Pedro E.
"We had been in our new house for approximately six months by the time the summer heat forced us to turn on the old air conditioner for the first time. The lowest PG&E bill we've ever gotten was just approximately $800 (awesome). I looked at solar panels, but the initial costs were too high for my budget. Until Drew arrived at our house, that is. He has been really helpful and professional throughout the whole procedure. There have been no unexpected costs, and the prices we agreed upon are final. Rene, you've helped us save money and contribute to the electrical system, therefore we're grateful. Please call Superior Solar if you are having trouble paying your astronomical PG&E bill." - Kameron B.
"They did a fantastic job, Superior Solar! Our rep After hearing how pleased my buddy was with their work, I decided to try it myself. He gave a detailed description and an accurate timeline of events. There were no hidden fees and the wait was minimal. Everyone was courteous and competent." - Devon T.
"Rene provided me with a price for a premium Sunpower setup. My investigation into the solar industry revealed that Sunpower is the industry standard. With one of these systems, you can get the most out of as little space as possible. When I took his offer to numerous Sunpower retailers, they all said variations on "if that price was real, it could not be beaten." The age of my system is now 1 year old. There are no covert charges. I have considered every possibility, including DIY setups and solar panel construction. Just as Tesla automobiles are more expensive than the competitors, so are Sunpower solar panels. I was looking for the greatest value, and Rene delivered." - Corbin A.
"While other firms tried to trick me with sales pitches, I found that Superior Solar was straightforward, informative, and focused on providing excellent service. No issues have arisen from my solar panels, and I've saved a lot of money. I'm not breaking a sweat over the cost of staying cool this summer. In fact, after a full year of service, the utility company owed me several hundred dollars. If you want it done well, go with Superior Solar." - Amir N.

Superior Solar Inc. Social media
The Facebook page for Superior Solar Inc. is rather simple in terms of layout. There are few subscribers and even less interaction with the material, despite the site's professional appearance. Several short articles with descriptions and images of solar energy projects and links to longer articles and websites on related issues make up the bulk of the material. Very little in the way of visuals or user-generated content (like reviews or testimonials) is included on this website. In sum, this is a simple website that provides generic details regarding solar power, but there is nothing to suggest that the reader may rely on the content as coming directly from the firm. account not registered
YouTube channel not registered

Superior Solar Inc. average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews515


Superior Solar Inc. Pros & Cons

  • Professionalism
  • Expertise
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • High cost of installation
  • Limited availability
  • Unpopular branding

Superior Solar Inc. Final Conclusions

Superior Solar Inc. is a solar panel installation and energy solutions provider. They provide solar energy products and installation services for homes and businesses. Customers have nothing but praise for Superior Solar Inc., applauding the company's knowledgeable personnel and high-quality solar panel installation.

Superior Solar Inc. locations

Main Address1100 Melody Lane Suite 114-C, Roseville CA, 95678
Phone Number8665895626

4 local offices

California – Roseville 1100 Melody Lane Suite 114-C, Roseville CA, 95678
California – VISALIA 121 E Main Sstreet, VISALIA CA, 93291
4025 Camino Del Rio South #300, , 92108
– Roseville 1100 Melody Ln, Roseville California, 95678

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