Capital City Solar review

Capital City Solar is a solar energy services provider. The firm provides solar energy system design, installation, and maintenance for residential, commercial, and governmental clients. Consulting, site evaluation, system design, installation, maintenance, financing, and satisfaction guarantee are just some of the solar energy services they provide.

Capital City Solar overview

Capital City Solar is a solar energy services provider. The firm provides solar energy system design, installation, and maintenance for residential, commercial, and governmental clients. Consulting, site evaluation, system design, installation, maintenance, financing, and satisfaction guarantee are just some of the solar energy services they provide.

What Capital City Solar has to say about itself

Capital City Solar is pleased to serve as the area's go-to provider of solar energy systems. We've been offering cutting-edge solar technology to assist homeowners and business owners reap the rewards of energy independence. The move to solar energy doesn't have to be difficult since our team of experts is here to help. Help us get you connected to the sun so you may join the thousands of happy customers who have already done so.

Capital City Solar Review

Year Started2002
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Manufacturing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, SRCC, UL, CEC,

Capital City Solar website review

Capital City Solar's website is a great resource for anybody thinking about buying or installing solar panels. Products, how to have them installed, customer reviews, and even learning materials are all covered in detail on the site. The website's layout and design are both functional and attractive to the eye. When it comes to reliability, Capital City Solar's online presence is unmatched. The given goods and services are dependable and trustworthy. Users may gauge whether or not they will be satisfied based on the comments of previous customers. Capital City Solar also encourages site visitors who need more help to get in touch with the firm using the details provided there. Customers looking for trustworthy and protected information on solar energy solutions can find it at Capital City Solar's official website.

Capital City Solar price policy

PackagesHome Solar System: Starting at $14,140, Commercial Solar System: Starting at $17,910, Solar Battery Backup System: Starting at $7,190, Solar Home Heating System: Starting at $2,450, Solar Water Heating System: Starting at $1,850, Solar Pool Heating System: Starting at $1,890, Off-Grid Solar System: Starting at $9,500, Solar Landscape Lighting System: Starting at $1,400, Solar Car Charging Station: Starting at $2,290
Payment optionsCash, checks, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, and bank transfers.
Payment discounts10% discount on solar system installation, 5% discount on solar panel upgrades, 10% off for military veterans, 5% off for senior citizens, 10% off for customers who refer a friend, and 5% off for customers who pay for their solar system installation upfront.

Capital City Solar online reputation

Capital City Solar has generally been well-received by its clientele. Many happy customers have commented on the company's speedy response and expert employees, as well as how simple the first setup was. Others claimed to have gotten helpful communication and updates from the staff during the whole process. A small number of clients, however, have complained about the exorbitant price of the services. Despite this, the vast majority of Capital City Solar's clients continue to be pleased with their choice.
"The outside work went well, but the inside work went awry when the technician entered my home without wearing a mask, having first been vaccinated and checked. He had to go. I voiced my concerns to his manager over the phone and was informed that the company was exempt from having to provide immunizations since it had less than 100 workers, but that it was required to provide a yearly drug test but did not. This is not good, and everyone must work to contain the infection." - Dominik C.
"Poor company policy. The system was difficult to connect to once I upgraded to a new router. They inquired as to whether or not I would want a technician. When I questioned whether there was a cost, they answered, "No, as long as it is a problem with the equipment." After the $230 charge arrived, the technician departed. I felt I should have been informed of the issue and given the chance to consent to the swap after asking if there was a price. The price was waived, but I later received an email demanding payment." - Wilson K.
"I contacted them about solar panels on March 1. They scheduled a meeting on March 9; that works for me; everyone's schedules are full. They started asking about plans and other details as the appointment time approached, which was good. What did catch me off guard, however, was their inability to meet the April 14 NEM 3.0 deadline for submitting the PGE request. I understand that they were unable to meet the NEM3.0 deadline, but it is not the question they should be asking before scheduling meetings or requesting plans from a new customer. It should be obvious to a solar company that an applicant who requests solar power before the deadline cares deeply about having their application processed before the NEM3.0 changeover date. They're doing a disservice to their clients if they don't realize that." - Dexter I.
"Five years ago, I had Capital City Solar leased solar panels placed on my roof. It's the stuff of nightmares. Avoid their rental installation at all costs. It took them 13 months to repair certain broken panels, and throughout that time they continued to take money out of my account by the contract terms, while not providing the promised service. Your power bill will double as a result. Two hours on hold due to poor service. They lied about checking the panels and fixing them without my knowledge. You'll be cursed for the next two decades." - Jamison L.
"We had solar panels installed on our roof and garage. Everything worked fine for a while, but then it stopped. We are exclusively in "Standby" mode and the app is no longer providing any power. At least three times I have contacted support and was assured that we would be contacted after they looked into the problem. There has been no contact or follow-up for over a month now. Now, in addition to the monthly payments, we have a $60,000 paperweight in our garage and rising energy costs." - Triston A.
"I had a problem with a manufacturer's warranty after having Capital City Solar install my system years ago. Capital advocated on my behalf and those of my loved ones. As a consequence of their efforts, the faulty machinery was repaired or replaced at no cost to them under the guarantee. It needed the participation of everyone at Capital, including the owner, to resolve this complicated problem. However, this demonstrates how seriously they take client service." - Jacob H.
"Superior technical skill!! After removing solar panels that had been put on the roof for ten years by a firm that had since gone out of business, the cause of the leak was found. Some other solar businesses I phoned said something to the effect of, "...if we didn't install them, we won't remove them..." and declined the work. Ethan and Michael were able to remove inset panels because they had the expertise and ability to do so. The roofers who will be arriving next week found everything neat and easily accessible. Strongly recommended. After the roof is repaired, I will have them both comeback and reattach the panels. That's how fantastic they are!!!! The price is fair." - Alexander F.
"Capital City Solar just finished installing our system and we couldn't be happier with the results. Our salesperson was a pleasure to work with and our experienced installer did a fantastic job. We were kept in the loop at all times and we would recommend Capital City Solar to anyone. Capital City Solar would deserve 6 stars if they were available online." - William R.
"During my bidding procedure, I received Outstanding Service from Joshua. About forty or fifty of my inquiries were clarified in full. He realized my monetary responsibilities and saw why a purchase agreement was my only option for turning a profit before the warranty term began. Because of the size of my house and my commitment to conserving energy, I've been careful to keep the air conditioner at a relatively low setting. I'm excited about the solar panel installation. The anticipated energy refund and federal tax credit fills me with excitement. Without them, I may have thought twice about going solar. Wow, you care about your customers. I appreciate it, and I'll be sure to keep recommending you." - Daniel B.
"In the summer of 2009, we invited over a dozen solar PV businesses to submit bids to build a 4-kilowatt system on our new house. I requested an awning-style installation, but only three companies were willing to provide bids; ultimately, we decided to go with SolarEcity's offering. The system was expertly installed in the allotted time frame, and it has performed as advertised. Before the release of the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, we arranged with SolarEcity to have an extra 2-kilowatt system built in the summer of 2010. Our combined 25 x 220v Sunpower panel array has allowed us to ELIMINATE our monthly energy consumption charges with PG&E and to fully cover the price of charging our Volt and Leaf." - Jayden G.

Capital City Solar Social media
Capital City Solar's Facebook page is well-designed and branded consistently, giving off an air of professionalism. It provides regular articles on corporate news and updates in addition to a wealth of information about the firm's goods and services. You can see the variety of items offered via the many pictures and videos, and you can learn more by clicking on the many helpful links provided. Lots of people are following and commenting on the page, so it must be doing something well. According to the reviews, this solar energy provider has a high level of client satisfaction. In general, Capital City Solar's Facebook page satisfies its audience's need for both information and professionalism. If you're looking into solar energy, here is the place to go for reliable information and quality goods.
Capital City Solar is a reputable and well-liked solar energy supplier since more than 340 individuals are following their LinkedIn page. The website includes straightforward navigation, an eye-catching banner picture, and succinct descriptions of the company's services, thus it seems to be updated often. We have a few images and videos of finished projects and installations to offer site visitors a preview of what to expect. Customer testimonials, case studies, and a LinkedIn group for networking and solar-related discussion are all available from Capital City Solar. Visitors may find out a ton of information about the company and its products on this website, which also lends credibility and reliability.
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Capital City Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews834.8


Capital City Solar Pros & Cons

  • Cost-Effective
  • Professional
  • Sustainable
  • Limited geographic reach
  • Lack of customer service
  • Long-term costs

Capital City Solar Final Conclusions

A business situated called Capital City Solar specializes in offering solar power solutions to both residential and commercial clients. It has been in operation for more than 20 years and has years of expertise offering excellent solar solutions to a variety of clients. Based on customer reviews, Capital City Solar typically receives a 4.5/5 rating.

Capital City Solar locations

Main Address111 Derek Place Roseville, CA 95678
Phone Number9162562785

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