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Commercial and residential solar systems and services are offered by Sunsense Solar. They specialize in assisting businesses with the evaluation, design, and installation of solar systems to satisfy their energy requirements. They provide finance for solar energy as well as energy audits and energy storage.

Sunsense Solar overview

Commercial and residential solar systems and services are offered by Sunsense Solar. They specialize in assisting businesses with the evaluation, design, and installation of solar systems to satisfy their energy requirements. They provide finance for solar energy as well as energy audits and energy storage.

What Sunsense Solar has to say about itself

Sunsense Solar is devoted to supporting your decision to "Go Solar." Our skilled team of professionals is committed to giving you outstanding customer service while assisting you in realizing the promise of renewable energy. When you work with us, you can relax knowing that you are putting a significant sum of money towards a sustainable future. Whether you're using renewable energy to run your house or company, we're unmatched in our dedication to it. We cordially welcome you to accompany us on this incredible adventure and investigate solar energy's enormous possibilities.

Sunsense Solar Review

Year Started1990
Service AreasCO
Service TypesDesign, installation, maintenance, repair, consulting, cleaning, monitoring, financing
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, SEI, BPI, BSI, EEI

Sunsense Solar website review

The Sunsense Solar main website,, is sleek and well-designed. It has a wealth of data on the firm and its offerings. The layout is well thought out and straightforward. Contact information and social media handles are included on the site. The site as a whole seems reliable. Because of its professional layout and clear point of contact, it seems reliable. There is a wealth of information about the firm and its offerings on the website, another sign that it is legitimate.

Sunsense Solar price policy

PackagesBuilder's Choice Package: Starting at $14,995, DIYer's Plan Package: Starting at $14,395, Premium Package: Starting at $18,495, Power Package: Starting at $21,495, Hybrid Package: Starting at $24,495, Commercial Package: Starting at $27,495, Solar Power Battery Storage Package: Starting at $14,795, Solar Hot Water Heater Package: Starting at $5995, Tesla Powerwall Battery System Package: Starting at $9,245, Dura Panel PV Solar Panel Package: Starting at $4,995, Solar System Monitoring & Management Package: Starting at $1,695
Payment optionsMajor credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal
Payment discounts10% Military Discount, 10% Senior Citizen Discount, 5% Deserving Families Discount, 5% Refer-A-Friend Discount, Financing Discount* (Variable), Solar Renewable Energy Tax Credit (Federal)* (30%), Solar Renewable Energy Credit (State)* (Variable)

Sunsense Solar online reputation

Sunsense Solar has received mostly negative feedback from the clients they have serviced. A few happy clients are evidence of the excellent quality of both the service and the items offered. Others, though, have expressed dissatisfaction with the service's slowness and lack of attention to detail. Sunsense Solar is committed to providing great customer service and products as a means of maintaining its position as the industry leader in solar energy solutions. In the future, they want to keep looking for ways to better serve their customers.
"This firm uses you for as long as possible before abandoning you. It's been almost a year, and my system still doesn't function. Since they refuse to do a proper repair, I have to keep paying for it twice. Avoid doing business with them. Their customer service is terrible. I plan to speak with a lawyer about this. Nobody from the firm will ever get back to you. They don't give a hoot about the client." - Bennett T.
"Awful, awful That was the worst. My nightmare continues with this. You all know by now that this firm will not have you up and running by the promised date and that you will begin receiving bills even before your solar panels are installed. Then the boss calls to say sorry for the trouble and provide gift cards, which have been promised but not delivered after four months. I got solar in the spring but didn't have power until the winter, so it took me 8 months to be up and running. They act as though a representative would contact you, but it's all an elaborate hoax. This is not a business I would ever recommend." - Emilio I.
"I strongly advise people to not go with Sunsense Solar. I can't remember the last time I had a worse plan for my money. My experience with Sunsense Solar has been nothing short of frustrating since I first contacted them on February 21. They have been getting a lot of calls from me regarding my non-functioning solar panels. They paid for two months, but now they're being really tough about paying for August, even though my solar panels still don't function. The installation crew messed up my siding. Good Leap Renewable Energy has trapped me into a $50k financial commitment for Sunsense Solar. I feel powerless because they make me feel like I have no choice but to accept their subpar service and continue making payments whether or not my solar panels ever produce any usable energy. This is not how average people behave. Don't rush into spending so much money on solar panels. And the refund is a gimmick; they want you to buy in and repay them with the money you get." - Allen D.
"I can't go much worse than a one-star rating. I can't imagine working for a worse organization. As soon as they collect your signature, they will move on to the next client. Not even the salesperson bothered to follow up with us to see how things were going. Each call required me to make the first move. No follow-up, no nothing!!! Nothing! Nobody has responded to our system outage requests in over a month. We've had the component for two weeks, and they still haven't returned our calls or made any attempts to address the issue. Don't consider Sunsense Solar if you're looking at solar panels. It will prevent many problems from arising. Now that you've read all the negative feedback, it's clear that you won't be responding to any of the complaints. Once again, your organization has shown excellent customer service. I have contacted again in hopes of scheduling the installation of my inverter; this time, I was told a supervisor will return my phone within 30 minutes. Time has passed: two hours. No one has called, but I'm still holding out hope!" - Raul J.
"I began the solar service application procedure in March of 2021. In January of 2022, the panels were put in place. In April of 2022, I made my first payment on the debt. No one from Sunsense Solar has been in touch with me and the system still doesn't function. When I call, I'm either placed on hold and then disconnected, or I'm promised a manager will call but they never do. The time and effort I put into dealing with this firm are not worth recommending." - Trey F.
"From the first phone conversation to today's site visit, SunsenseSolar has made an excellent first impression. Taylor spent 3 hours walking us through the process and our alternatives. He measured our roof carefully (during a snowfall!) and designed an effective system that meets our requirements and makes the most of our home and surrounding environment. Based on my positive experience, I will definitely sign up with SunsenseSolar and eagerly await his final quote (I know they are quite busy). I appreciate it." - Brock N.
"Sunsense Solar was one of the companies I requested a quote from because they were recommended by HCE. His quick response to my initial questions and concerns made our partnership stand out from the competition. He was patient and thorough as we talked about the many opportunities presented, the discounts and tax credits that might apply, and how we could modify ideas to better fit my timeline and budget. The roof installers and the master electrician who hooked everything up and handled the building permits did their job very competently and thoroughly. The care shown during the post-installation inspection, from HCE turning on the system to reviewing the paperwork for my documentation, exceeded my expectations. Any remaining questions were promptly resolved by their technicians even after everything was completed. I highly recommend them." - Trent M.
"Sunsense was a great choice for us. From initial consultation to system design, installation, and activation, our experience with them was nothing short of stellar. Despite the late winter weather, our 9KWH Rated System with 27KWH of storage through Tesla Power Walls is running well and we are very near to becoming completely self-sufficient in terms of energy needs. Sunsense's expert team ensures you'll be free of energy bills for years to come." - Dean S.
"I had nothing but great experiences with the Sunsense sales team. Everything was quite easy and fruitful. Everything from arranging financing to installing the system went smoothly. They showed up when promised and finished the job when promised. A year later, I had only one problem with one third-party component (Solar optimizer). Sunsense was able to determine the problem remotely, so they contacted the manufacturer and got a warranty on the affected component. The next day workers came and repaired it in no time at all." - Lane K.
"Sunsense Solar was fantastic to work with during the whole of my solar installation. Even though the size of my construction was negligible in comparison to many of the tasks they undertake, I was treated with the same respect and care as someone whose project was far more expensive. They do more than just construct and install; they also handle all the necessary documentation and follow-up to get refunds for you. They handled everything else and all I had to do was sign a few forms. Their work ethic, customer service, and ability to get individuals to switch to renewable energy sources with relative ease have all impressed me. After my experience with them, I can't help but wonder why more people don't switch to solar power." - Declan L.

Sunsense Solar Social media
To find out more about Sunsense Solar and the solar power products and services they provide, visit their Facebook page. It's well-structured and packed with details about its offerings and upcoming events, including feedback from satisfied clients. There are a lot of likes and comments on the page, therefore it must be updated often. Photos, videos, and connections to supplementary materials like case studies, articles, and white papers are also provided. Because of this, the page is more credible and reliable. The site's polished appearance and strong internet presence bode well for the firm it represents.
On LinkedIn, Sunsense Solar has a strong online presence. They explicitly promote the company's principles and objectives on their page, which has over 300 followers. The website is a reputable source of solar energy information since it only features favorable ratings. In addition, the layout of the website is both beautiful and professional. Any prospective client may quickly get answers to their inquiries, a look at prior accomplishments and customer testimonials, as well as further details about the projects Sunsense Solar is working on. Overall, Sunsense Solar's LinkedIn profile highlights a reputable and well-known business and services in the expanding solar energy sector.
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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews205


Sunsense Solar Pros & Cons

  • Reliable
  • Cost Savings
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Limited Product Range
  • High Prices
  • Limited Reach

Sunsense Solar Final Conclusions

Sunsense Solar is firm that offers remote monitoring for residential and commercial solar installations. For their clients, they prioritize long-term viability and low price. Reviews for Sunsense Solar are generally positive, with customers praising the company's knowledgeable personnel, high-quality goods, and reasonable prices.

Sunsense Solar locations

Main Address1629 Dolores Way, Carbondale CO, 81623
Phone Number9709631420

2 local offices

Colorado – Carbondale P.O. Box 301, Carbondale CO, 81623
Colorado – Carbondale 1629 Dolores Way, Carbondale CO, 81623

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