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SunWork's mission is to enable people to embrace solar energy in areas where it has not previously been economically feasible. Due to the high cost of equipment, installation, and marketing in a cutthroat market, installing solar might be prohibitively costly for a household. SunWork expands access to solar energy by lowering the cost of solar for low-energy-footprint homes and charity organizations. SunWork functions because of our volunteers. We also do not mark up equipment or incur significant marketing expenses thanks to our nonprofit approach.

SunWork overview

SunWork's mission is to enable people to embrace solar energy in areas where it has not previously been economically feasible. Due to the high cost of equipment, installation, and marketing in a cutthroat market, installing solar might be prohibitively costly for a household. SunWork expands access to solar energy by lowering the cost of solar for low-energy-footprint homes and charity organizations. SunWork functions because of our volunteers. We also do not mark up equipment or incur significant marketing expenses thanks to our nonprofit approach.

What SunWork has to say about itself

Our primary goal is to provide environmentally conscious individuals with a means of making a difference. Solar energy is more accessible to homeowners and organizations than ever before, with shorter payback times. Volunteers support a great initiative that benefits their neighborhood and the environment at large. SunWork is working to transform the way we use energy and to dispel the notion that the world's environmental issues are too complex for any one person to have a significant influence.

SunWork Solar Review

Year Started2005
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar Installation, Design and Engineering, Permitting and Paperwork, Project Management, Education and Outreach, Volunteer Opportunities
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries

SunWork website review

To learn more about SunWork Renewable Energy Projects and how they help low-income homeowners in California install solar panels, visit their official website at Visitors may quickly grasp the organization's raison d'etre and focus thanks to the homepage's concise mission statement. SunWork's history, crew, and methodology are all laid out in great depth in the About Us section, which serves to establish credibility and establish credibility. Completed solar projects are showcased in the Projects section along with images and detailed explanations that highlight the organization's expertise and track record. With options to volunteer, donate, or participate in workshops, the Get Involved section successfully attracts visitors and motivates them to take action in support of SunWork. SunWork's website does a good job of explaining what they are all about, showcasing what they have accomplished, and giving interested parties a way to become involved. It is easy on the eyes, full of useful information, and has intuitive controls.

SunWork price policy

Packages$3.50 to $4.50 per watt
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit card, Financing, Grants and Incentives
Payment discountsCash discount, Early payment discount, Referral discount, Seasonal discounts

SunWork online reputation

Mixed experiences are reported in customer reviews of SunWork. One the one hand, the business has received a number of glowing reviews praising its quick response times, outstanding customer service, and skilled technicians. Customers are happy that they were able to reduce their reliance on the grid and their energy expenditures thanks to the installation of solar panels and Tesla Powerwall backup devices. Customers also praise SunWork for its ability to solve issues quickly and secure the appropriate licenses and savings. Additionally lauded are the company's methods for maximizing energy production in spite of challenging circumstances like trees. On the other hand, a number of critical reviews reflect disappointment with SunWork's customer support. Some clients claim it is difficult to get answers to their questions quickly, which causes delays in fixing problems with their solar systems. Dissatisfaction among certain consumers has been brought on by improper communication and lengthy wait times for replacements and repairs. One issue that keeps coming up is the durability and dependability of some parts, including inverters, which has resulted in system failures and associated frustrations with warranty procedures. Customers have generally been both satisfied and unsatisfied with SunWork, or SunWork. Although they have been successful in some installations and have given some customers outstanding service, there are still some areas that might want improvement in order to deal with problems more swiftly and maintain better customer relations. When determining whether or not to use SunWork's services, potential clients may take these reviews into account.
"There have been months since my solar system has worked. I sent an email and got a positive reaction right away. A technician was sent to my house a week after I first noticed problems, and he informed me that my Inverter had burnt out and that getting a replacement would take two to three weeks. No one has responded to my five emails or my four voicemails in over two months. When I contacted SolarEdge, they said the contractor had received the Inverter but had sent it back. Now I need to find a new contractor to fix the issue. A call to the Better Business Bureau is certainly in my future." - Christina
"About five years ago, I went solar with SunWorks. The procedure and the installation both met my expectations and exceeded them. I was assured at the time that my system was being monitored and that I would be notified if any of my panels were underperforming. The months of February and March allowed me to check up on them. On a bright day, I noticed that my output was really low. The phone number I tried calling instantly went to voicemail. I phoned many times over the following three days before I was able to reach a human being. She cautioned that the statement was untrue despite the fact that it had been repeated to her by several sales representatives. She promised to have a service representative get in touch with me the following week. Nothing has ever been spoken to me. I had to repeatedly phone before I finally reached someone. She helped me out and was quite kind. She sent my data to a tech team so they could check on me remotely. It took many days. At long last, I heard back from them, and they told me the issue was on my end. She said that the inveter would need to be changed, and that the part was covered by warranty, but the labor would not be. And that shipping would take two to six days. I questioned the insurability of a nearly $40,000 item that may break after just a few years. Also, my monthly electric bill is between $400 and $500 (thanks, PGE). I had estimated that I would spend between $3,000 and $4,000 by the time I was done. Unreal. I called them after waiting 5 weeks, and they stated they would let me know when it came and that it should come any day now. It has been a whole seven weeks and I still have not heard anything." - Armen
"Like Ciera (who first posed the query concerning service support) and others, I have found it difficult to receive a response from the firm when anything goes wrong. In early 2021, SunWorks performed a fantastic job of integrating a Powerwall with my preexisting setup. The team performed an excellent job and kept me in the loop the whole time. I was completely satisfied at the moment. For around 2.5 years, the Powerwall performed faultlessly. My Powerwall system ceased functioning when my solar inverter failed and was finally replaced. The installation, Sunworks, was recommended to me by Tesla. Sunworks has not responded to two phone calls or an email. A week has passed, and I am still waiting. Leaving a review on Yelp might be the only method to receive a response in certain cases." - Benedict
"Our solar system by Sunworks was installed 14 months ago, and this is the second time it has failed during that period. It was broken for three months while I sent several messages by email, text, and voicemail and waited for someone to fix it. It was only fixed three months ago, and now it is broken again. There is once again no electricity being generated, despite several calls, messages, and emails to Sunworks in an attempt to at least have a technician sent. The technician suspects the newly installed inverter is broken. He claims that SolarEdge would want to do more testing before agreeing to replace the inverter once again. What is up? When the solar system we spent our retirement savings on is not generating electricity, whomever is in charge at Sun Works should call this vendor to remind them who the customer is and how time is money. System failure is something we are aware of. Sunworks's sickeningly poor customer service is the main culprit. When we realize that our system is not functioning, we feel completely powerless since we have to fight this firm to uphold the guarantee on the device they installed." - Brian
"Solar installation is STILL under progress. Why? My electrical panel just would not pass muster, and I can not figure out why. In fact, it passed muster. The city of Santa Clarita issued me a permit and everything, but Sunworks requested that the inspector who checked out their solar panels also check out my electrical panel, just for kicks, and his findings rendered my prior inspection null and void. I had no idea it was possible, but evidently it is. The previous inspector insisted that we repair some brickwork and stucco, and now I must either do so or construct an unsightly cement base for it. Sunworks has caused me trouble and is now demanding $2500 to design a new platform without providing any answers. Really appreciate it. OK, I will watch some videos on YouTube and figure out how to build a concrete slab. I have panels installed on my roof that are costing me money but producing zero energy. NEWS FLASH: Here we are in June... Will it please turn on? Hahahahahaha! I have no clue what to say! Now that I have poured my slab, passed my second inspection, and been granted PTO, I find myself wondering what comes next. Where is the surveillance? WHAT MADE YOU ASK? Oh, it seems the individual who does it needs to report for Jury Duty. Yay! There you go. The only person who can turn on my machine is that one man. It is JUST ONE DUDE. And he will not be back for who knows how long. BTW, I am still on the hook for this. Since March 10th, I have been paying for non-functioning solar. Never before have I come across a business so painfully incompetent." - Eddy
"Sunworks has done a fantastic job fixing a few problems with my solar panel installation recently. Heather, who works in customer service, in particular, always responds quickly to my emails. She followed up with a phone call after the service session to see how things went and if there was anything more Sunworks could do. Excellent service, if ever there was! Their technicians are quite competent and expert. Sunworks has exceeded my expectations, and I appreciate all the work Heather has put in to ensure my satisfaction." - Ava
"Because I am adding the Tesla battery backup, SCE has been nothing but a continual source of frustration, throwing me a curveball after another and refusing to answer any of my questions or concerns regarding my previously authorized solar system, which I had put in 2010. Very pleased with your business and particularly Laurie Schaffer, who jumped in to solve all my issues, kept me informed every step of the way, and ultimately secured final clearance this week." - Emily
"In the winter of 2019, Sunworks put ten solar panels on my roof. PGE's approval to switch on was delayed by a day, but the installers were efficient and tidy. Not a thing. I had a panel in my app that was doing nothing for close to two years because I kept forgetting to call Jay. After waiting a few weeks, I called the main line and was swiftly helped (Jay does not linger). The malfunctioning optimizer was promptly and freely replaced. In January of 2022, my app showed a total of nothing. I tried rebooting the inverter but to no avail. It turned out that the inverter was faulty; I had done well to get four full years out of it. Once again, there was no charge; the only downside was the lengthy six-week wait time. To my dismay, Sunworks has not received universal praise. " - Jon
"A Tesla Power Wall system was just installed by Sunworks as a backup for our solar panels. After three weeks of use, the Power Wall has been functioning as planned. We decided that the Power Wall was better than a generator since it required zero upkeep. We wanted to reduce our dependency on the grid, and the solar panels and batteries do just that. It is terrible that we had to install this system as a precaution against PG&E's summer outages. We do not want to repeat the ordeal of the several overnight and multiple day power outages we had last summer. We consider this to have been a wise investment in the safety and security of our home in the event of a power outage or other tragedy. The installation crew from Sunworks performed an excellent job and was able to wrap up the task in only two days. From the first sales consultation through the final installation, everything was handled expertly. Bravo!" - Edgar
"Our home in the foothills is now equipped with solar panels and a Powerwall. Sunworks came up with a strategy that would optimize energy production despite all the trees on our property. Due to its success, we decided to install more solar panels and a second Powerwall. Also, some firms had a lengthy waiting for that second battery, but Sunworks had one prepared and installed in only a few months! They also took care of the bulk of the time-consuming SGIP rebate procedure. Our first Powerwall issues were resolved with their assistance, and the system has been performing well ever since. In the event of a blackout, we will not be inconvenienced since the system will automatically switch over to using the battery that has been charging all day long thanks to the sun. We have also seen significant reductions in our monthly electricity costs. I would suggest them because of the high quality of their service and goods." - Harold

SunWork Social media
The mission of SunWork is primarily promoted on its Facebook page (, which also shares information and interacts with its audience. A verified badge on the page denotes the legitimacy and authenticity of the content. Over 700 people have liked and followed him, which is a respectable number of followers. A solar array installation in line with SunWork's purpose is shown on the page's cover. Averaging 2-3 releases per week, the page constantly updates its content. Text messages, images, videos, and links to other websites' content are all considered to be content. The posts mostly focus on promoting solar energy, presenting project success stories, and giving information on SunWork's operations. SunWork actively answers to inquiries and comments, displaying a desire to interact with its subscribers. In general, the comments section shows support for the organization's efforts and favorable emotion. To develop a sense of ownership and belonging, the page invites users to share their stories, images, and testimonies. Overall, the Facebook page for SunWork does a good job of promoting the organization's objective, interacting with its followers, and offering useful information on solar energy and volunteer opportunities. He is able to successfully create a welcoming and encouraging online community for his cause. account not registered
YouTube Channel
62 Subscribers

SunWork average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviewsNo reviewsNo reviews


SunWork Pros & Cons

  • Competitive prices
  • Positive customer service experience
  • Potential Tax Benefits
  • Limited geographic scope
  • Inconsistent customer experience
  • Lack of additional services

SunWork Final Conclusions

According to a Reddit user, SunWork's performance looks to have certain advantages, particularly in terms of its affordable prices and straightforward business dealings. Given that it supports the objectives of sustainable development, SunWork's status as a non-profit company devoted to the promotion of renewable energy may appeal to customers who are concerned about the environment. The accessibility of SunWork is one of its best features. The business is dedicated to bringing solar power to a variety of customers, including low-income families and nonprofit groups. SunWork has significantly advanced the use of renewable energy by providing reasonable rates and adaptable financing solutions. Some user experience issues do exist, however. Based on the remarks, SunWork seems to have a rather erratic reputation. While some consumers have enjoyed working with the firm and its products, others have had problems including inadequate installation communication and a lack of specific information. In conclusion, SunWork has shown excellent performance and earned a solid reputation in the solar energy sector. The business stands apart from its rivals due to its emphasis on accessibility, openness, and environmental sustainability. In order to make an educated selection that satisfies certain tastes and criteria, it is crucial to gather as much information as you can before making any significant decisions.

SunWork locations

Main Address477 Valley Way, Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone Number6505209918

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