Sunworks Solar Power review

Solar energy has too many advantages—both economically and environmentally—to be disregarded. However, installing a solar power system in your house or place of business is a difficult operation that calls for specialized knowledge in a number of fields. The ideal team is assembled at Sunworks to manage the project from beginning to end. When you choose Sunworks, you are making a long-term commitment to a dependable, successful supplier.
Sunworks Solar Power review

Sunworks Solar Power overview

Solar energy has too many advantages—both economically and environmentally—to be disregarded. However, installing a solar power system in your house or place of business is a difficult operation that calls for specialized knowledge in a number of fields. The ideal team is assembled at Sunworks to manage the project from beginning to end. When you choose Sunworks, you are making a long-term commitment to a dependable, successful supplier.

What Sunworks Solar Power has to say about itself

With specially designed, top-of-the-line commercial and residential solar power systems, Sunworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW) assists company owners and households throughout the United States in achieving energy independence. We became one of the top solar suppliers in the country after being founded in 2002, and a large part of that development can be attributed to our company's dedication to quality, value, ethics, and safety. Because Sunworks prioritizes our clients, both business owners and homeowners have faith in us. As an active supporter of the development of solar energy, Sunworks is a proud member of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). One house or company at a time, we're assisting in the shift to a greener and more sustainable future alongside our clients.

Sunworks Solar Power Review

Year Started2002
Service AreasCA, UT, NV,
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting ,Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup Batterylithium-ion batteries

Sunworks Solar Power website review

The website is simple to navigate and has a contemporary, professional appearance. The company's services are clearly highlighted on the homepage, and there are connections to more resources on solar solutions, financing alternatives, and project samples. The website offers in-depth details regarding solar energy's advantages, the installation procedure, and the numerous goods and services provided by Sunworks. The website also includes client endorsements, frequently asked questions, and a blog with in-depth articles on solar energy and related subjects. With an emphasis on promoting the advantages of solar energy and giving clients the information they need to make educated choices about their energy requirements, the website looks to be well designed, educational, and user pleasant overall.

Sunworks Solar Power price policy

Packagesfrom $2,000 to $15,000
Payment optionscredit cards, PayPal, and wire transfers
Payment discountseligibility for state and federal tax credits

Sunworks Solar Power online reputation

It seems from user reports that consumers have had a mixed experience with Sunworks Solar Power. While some customers appreciated the business for the quality of the items and installations, others had complaints about the setup, communication, and customer support. One client complained about poor warranty service and expressed doubts about the firm's capacity to manage the anticipated rise in liability as additional systems are put in place. Another client complained that the business didn't take ownership or accountability when his inverter stopped functioning. Customers who were pleased with the caliber of the installation and the goods offered by Sunworks, however, also left favorable feedback. One customer said the business offered a variety of useful items and an attractive installation, while another commended the business for looking after them at every stage of the process. Overall, it seems that client satisfaction with Sunworks Solar Power has been inconsistent. Although the firm has garnered praise for the quality of its installations and goods, some customers have complained about communication issues, delays, and poor customer service.
"They should be able to come to my house to repair my system, which has a 25-year guarantee on the whole system, with just one phone call, it seems. My last two phone calls were four days ago and more than two days ago, but I haven't received a call back despite what their voice mail indicates may take up to 48 hours.Today is December 1, 2021, and my system has been broken since November 7, 2021. There is also no recourse since the bank I used to fund the loan sold it. What will warranty work be like in ten years when there are thousands more systems for which they are expected to be responsible? In the last five and a half years, we have had to repair the system four times." - Steve
"My system cost me money, and the 60 panels I sold couldn't even pay my PGE payment. They promised to keep an eye on the system. I found out they don't. They have no feeling of ownership and their inverter ceased functioning. I made a serious error by using this firm to purchase my equipment." - Charlyx5
"We have been more than patient, but despite the fact that it has been over a month, we are still not connected, I truly want to give this review 5 stars. The irritation is genuine. The workers they sent out are competent, and I understand that they had to cancel due to some of their employees testing positive for Covid, but we are still left with work that hasn't been completed and isn't operational. Initially, they couldn't finish the installation because they didn't have enough parts, and then when the city told them they needed a disconnect but they didn't have one because it wasn't in the original plans, United Solar and the City failed to include it in the plans and the batteries wouldn We will have to wait until July 12th to see if they can complete since they installed the disconnect but the batteries are still not communicating. I feel like we should be paid because this has been a nightmare; I will update the review when the manager gets in touch with us." - Tammy T.
"July 7—Solar installation July 27—First inspection failed. July 28: Sunworks called to arrange final inspection on 7/30. July 29—Inspector asks "where is the contractor, we scheduled today" July 29 afternoon—I left a message to find out what occurred, but no one phoned back. July 30 - I contacted again and was told the inspection would be on Monday 08/03, then I was told it would be on 07/31. "Is anything done?" Fix something." He answered, "Oh, I thought this is the first inspection." I double-checked his approval. July 31 - Early morning contractor stated the plan changed and he needed to print something, then came back and said he needed to go back to office and return back this afternoon. Contractor didn't show up for afternoon inspection. Sunworks never called me. August 3—I contacted to find out what occurred and was told everything was rectified, wait for final inspection. August 5 - I phoned at 2:00pm to check status, but no one called back. August 12—no update." - Shuchuchu
"Solcius' fraudulent and illegal activities are owned by Sunworks Inc. Avoid SOLCIUS Solar and SUNDANCE Solar. Fraud alert! TOTAL SCAM... Sundance Solar was my Solcius Solar contact. Installed spring 2022. October 2022 has no sunlight. My project was delayed because Solcius required more from Xcel Energy. Xcel Energy approved my solar project April 5, 2022, which irritated me. On paper. Sundance Solar Rep Deke Welling submitted the erroneous amount of solar panels for my project on July 15. The paperwork would take two more weeks. I called Deke Welling many times the week of July 25th but received no response. Solcius wanted $5011.80 for a work they canceled. They canceled? They're trying to force me to restart the project to avoid the illegal fee. They provided $1500.00 off their amazing illegal fee. After putting me on hold for over four hours, conveniently hanging up on me multiple times, transferring me from department to department because no one has the authority to fix this, very rudely talking over me, calling me by the wrong name continuously in the conversation, doing everything they could to tick me off to get me to hang up on them, and then telling me they were going to put this bill into collections BEFORE THE ILLEGAL BILL IS EVEN Thanks to Solcius' Anna and Samantha. If every company could cancel orders and charge you for breaching their contract. Every firm defrauds. Fake firms are hard to recognize. Tell your friends considering solar to avoid Sundance or Solcius Solar. They will be scammed; pray they can get a lawyer before their credit is affected. I know Sundance Solar and Solcius Solar cheated others. I know the world doesn't revolve around me... LOL... Contact me. 3 individuals may sue them. I'm in—two more to start. Thank you." - Gwyn96
"This business was much superior than Solar City. They provide a selection of items that are effective if you want your solar panels to last for a long time, and their installation is aesthetically pleasing. Although there were a few small communication hitches, they worked quickly and were driven to finish the solar installation on schedule." - Pioneer
"I had solar panels installed by Sunworks. This firm looked after me at every stage from beginning to end. Their 25-year bumper-to-bumper guarantee, the caliber of their installations, and the caliber of their goods are the finest in the region. They are people I would suggest to everyone of my relatives and friends." - Chyvette
"Through the whole procedure, it was a good experience. When I first met with their salesperson till the final installation. Outstanding in every aspect!" - Ivanna
"Ben and his crew provided excellent service to me. They responded quickly and with professionalism. The whole procedure was quite simple, and I received thorough updates while I was overseas. I'm quite pleased with the outcome and the team's communication. Remember to get a system that is a little bit larger than you need since most things are switching from gas to electricity. I just switched to an electric water heater and car, and I'm thrilled with my bigger system." - Nick G.
"We had a great experience dealing with this business. Excellent communication has been present. Ben was always there to take our calls, give us advice, and provide assistance in any way he could. We had several problems with the solar owner, a different business, and they were unable to provide us any services. Ben and his group truly rescued us at that point. There was no service I could have asked for better. When necessary, we always received updates. They are competent, and we will use them once again for our next solar project. Ben and the whole crew, thank you." - Laura W.

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Sunworks Solar Power Pros & Cons

  • requires a large initial investment.
  • requires regular maintenance and care
  • may be subject to local regulations and policies
  • increase the value of your home
  • operates during emergencies or power outages
  • extensive service area

Sunworks Solar Power Final Conclusions

Sunworks Solar Power is a respected renewable energy firm that installs solar panels. Sunworks is a major solar energy company that provides high-quality solar solutions to residential, commercial, and agricultural clients. its dedication to employing high-quality solar panels and equipment and a highly trained and experienced workforce has allowed them to deliver dependable, efficient, and cost-effective solar solutions to its clients. In conclusion, Sunworks Solar Power has shown its capacity to deliver excellent solar energy services and has become a trusted partner for clients switching to solar energy. Sunworks, a major solar energy firm, has a bright future due to their expansion and industry innovation.

Sunworks Solar Power locations

Main Address1030 Winding Creek Road, Roseville, CA, USA
Phone Number866-600-6800

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