Sustainable Energy Systems LLC review

A wide variety of solar services are available from SUSTAINABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS. Regardless of the nature of your request, know that you can count on our assistance at every turn.
Sustainable Energy Systems LLC review

Sustainable Energy Systems LLC overview

A wide variety of solar services are available from SUSTAINABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS. Regardless of the nature of your request, know that you can count on our assistance at every turn.

What Sustainable Energy Systems LLC has to say about itself

For anyone interested in AllEarth Solar Trackers, Sustainable Energy Systems is an authorized distributor and installation. If an energy solution is not trustworthy and well-made, it will not matter how good it is. The design life of AllEarth Solar Trackers is 25 years, and the company offers a 10-year guarantee on the whole system. We have systems that can endure blizzard conditions and winds of up to 120 miles per hour. Together, these factors create a system that consistently meets or exceeds expectations and can be relied upon for years to come.

Sustainable Energy Systems LLC Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasMD, MARYLAND
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup Batterylithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, SEIA

Sustainable Energy Systems LLC website review

The website includes a basic top navigation menu and a clean, expert design. Users may easily discover information thanks to the layout's organization. On the webpage, Sustainable Energy Systems LLC is briefly introduced, stressing their proficiency in sustainable energy solutions. The company's history, goals, and ideals are covered in further length in the "About Us" section. The team page in this part also lists the important persons who run the business. The website provides a broad choice of sustainable energy services and products. These consist of energy management systems, electric car charging stations, solar energy systems, and energy storage options. Each service is thoroughly explained, with benefits and features noted. A portion of the website devoted to projects showcases the business's prior work and successful installations. This provides prospective clients with a sense of the qualifications and background of the business. On the website's contact page, there are many options to get in touch with the business, including a phone number, email address, and contact form. The Sustainable Energy Systems LLC website does a good job of communicating the business's expertise in sustainable energy solutions.

Sustainable Energy Systems LLC price policy

Packagesfrom $10,000 to $40,000 or more
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card(Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards), Bank Transfer, PayPal, Financing Options
Payment discountsCash discounts, Financing discounts

Sustainable Energy Systems LLC online reputation

The general opinion of Sustainable Energy Systems LLC may be drawn from the customer reviews, although it is not unanimous. Positive evaluations emphasize the company's professionalism, skill, and output quality. Customers like their installation services, quick response times to questions, and capacity for expeditious project completion. These clients say they are happy with their choice of Sustainable Energy Systems LLC for their solar energy requirements. However, there are also unfavorable evaluations that highlight problems with communication and customer service. Some consumers had trouble contacting the company's customer care team, and they received subpar assistance and response times. The lack of required permissions, the absence of tools during installation, and even errors made during the installation procedure have all been causes for concern. It is vital to remember that while negative evaluations have an effect on customer satisfaction, they tend to stand out more in the overall image. Although these unpleasant encounters highlight opportunities for improvement in terms of customer service and communication, it is crucial to take into account the business's overall performance and reputation in the sector. Before making a choice, prospective clients are advised to take into account the conflicting reviews and do more research on Sustainable Energy Systems LLC. A more thorough picture of a company's offerings and dependability may be obtained by reading further reviews, looking for referrals, and contacting them directly for clarification.
"The work of this firm is subpar. First of all, they provide ambiguous deadlines. I get that this may take some time, but they really have to keep consumers informed about progress and any delays. Second, even though we had a technician check over the design in person, they were missing key tools when it came time to actually install it. Third, they were required to get a special permission owing to our home's height, but they failed to do so. Obtaining necessary licenses is a part of their responsibility. The fact that they do not know what licenses are required worries me much. Finally, the installation crew messed up the wiring for our ceiling fans while they were up there. Their lackluster support for customers extends even farther. Customer "Care" was unpleasant and unapologetic when I phoned them about these problems, and they did not even seem to care that they were the result of their own ineptitude." - Olivia
"In the early 2021s, SES deployed our solar panels. Installation went well (despite some delays) and the salesperson was helpful. Unfortunately, we missed the larger government incentives in 2020, but that is okay. We experienced an early failure of one of our microinverters, and they sent someone out to repair it. Since then, however, their service department's communication has severely deteriorated. Since the inverter's 3G connectivity is now antiquated, we need to get it upgraded to ethernet so that we can keep an eye on our panels and make sure they are still generating power. The changeover would be simple. I have been trying to contact their customer support by email and phone for over a year with almost no success. No one in the service department will pick up the phone or reply to an email. I have only been able to obtain a response by emailing the sales guy I initially dealt with, and even he can only say something like, "we will try to get someone out sometime." Since I can no longer endorse SES, I will instead refer potential solar customers to other local installers like Celestial." - Brandon
"Excellent installation, but poor support. I have been a client for years, however it seems like their customer service department is always understaffed. It has been two months since I have had any output from my solar panels, and I can not even get a response from their customer service team. Anyone who is thinking of purchasing solar panels should go elsewhere." - Charlie
"If I were you, I would not join that firm. After committing to a loan, there is no more communication. My home solar panels are made by Soleilinc. There is a complete breakdown of telephone service. My panels cost me fifty thousand dollars, thus this can not be legit." - Marouan
"The panels were put in about a month ago. The head honcho assured me that the team will return in a couple of days to turn on the equipment. For the last two weeks, I have been phoning, emailing, and leaving messages every day. It is nothing at all. Extremely unprofessional. The next level of this will be BBB, and then the DA, if necessary." - Dan
"Early this year, I had Sustainable Energy Systems install fifteen solar panels on the roof of my townhouse. The installation went off without a hitch. All possible impacts were discussed with me beforehand, and the technicians were quick to respond to my inquiries and provide explanation when I needed it. I would suggest them to anybody searching for a reliable business staffed by experts in their field." - Edwin
"For information on 2019's preliminary layout and installation, scroll below. Great. No one from customer service will return your call or pay you a visit in 2022–2023. Unfortunately, SES's technological abilities are being wasted. It seems like all of this success is starting to become a problem. In 2019, I had a solar photovoltaic panel system placed on my roof by Sustainable Energy Systems. They did the planning, the permitting, the installation, the county inspection, and the coordination with the local utility. They were a delight to work with and got the job done quickly and efficiently. At this point, the system has been up and running for three weeks without a hitch." - Erica
"Our 30 panel array in Frederick was expertly estimated, designed, and installed by the SES crew. A new roof and some insulation work were required before the PV array could be erected, so we signed a contract in September and got to work. We began producing KWhs in late January, with almost all of the SES work completed by year's end. There was a lot of paperwork involved, and I think everything went well with no unexpected costs or missteps." - John
"At my house, I put up solar panels in 2016. In case the power grid ever went down, I thought it was time to install a battery backup system. After doing some study, I settled on using a lithium battery as a backup for critical loads. I am really relieved and pleased with my decision to attend SES. When I say something is "extraordinary," I mean it. In the decades that I have lived in this house, I have had plenty of contractors come through, and I have learned to recognize the differences between the awful, the average, the competent, and the uncommon enough that you want to take home to meet your mother. Thankfully, SES falls within the last group. Every time I interacted with them, it was a pleasure. At a Solar United Neighbors event, I met one of their sales reps who patiently answered all of my questions over the phone and via email (I am a Capricorn, so I ask a LOT of questions), conducted a site survey and mapped out the relevant circuits, answered more questions, scheduled an installation for a time that worked for me, installed the battery/gateway and sub panel, and completed all of the necessary wiring. I do not think I have ever been happier to hand out several thousand bucks to someone. Very seldom have I seen an organization where everyone from the CEO on down gets along with the field workers and vice versa, and where everyone seems really happy to be there. Actually, one of the co-owners also worked as an installer. Consider it in this light. One would choose SES if they were a contestant on America's Most Eligible Bachelor. Is it wise to follow them then? The answers to these questions are yes, absolutely, by all means, and undeniably if you place a high value on expertise, professionalism, outstanding pricing, readiness to go above and beyond, and a positive can-do attitude." - Meredith
"I engaged Sustainable Energy Systems to construct a big 18kW home on-Grid roof system after doing a lot of research on material, service, and of course pricing. They had trouble getting permits from the county at first, but they overcame that challenge with diligence and determination. During the installation, we had some hiccups in the process, but I suppose that is to be anticipated. They overcome the obstacles with a clear goal of making me, the consumer, satisfied. I would encourage anybody thinking about investing in home energy independence to consider Sustainable. One point taken off for Responsiveness because I thought they could have been more communicative." - Jeffery

Sustainable Energy Systems LLC Social media
The Sustainable Energy Systems LLC page on Facebook is the official page for the Maryland-based company. The goal of the page is to advertise sustainable energy products and services. Only 550 people follow the page, which has a modest amount of followers. This suggests a respectable degree of interest in and engagement in the company's products. The website often posts articles about energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and sustainable energy systems. The articles, advice, business news, and updates on the company's initiatives and successes are all included in the postings. The well considered graphic components complement the shared material, improving the attractiveness of the website as a whole. The page receives a respectable amount of participation, including many likes, comments, and shares. Users may post reviews and suggestions in the page's reviews area. Positive testimonials and ratings point to a positive experience utilizing the business's services. A call to action button on the page makes it simple for consumers to get in touch with the business or visit its website. It seems that Sustainable Energy Systems LLC is interested in neighborhood projects and sustainable energy-related activities. Overall, Sustainable Energy Systems LLC's Facebook page has a polished and interesting online presence. It engages its audience, successfully promotes sustainable energy solutions, and highlights the company's expertise in this field.A short description of Sustainable Energy Systems LLC can be found on the business' LinkedIn profile. It states that the business focuses in offering services and solutions for sustainable energy. The summary, however, is lacking in detailed information on the company's products, target market, or distinctive value proposition. According to the website, Sustainable Energy Systems LLC has somewhere between 11 and 50 workers. However, the company's exact address is not stated on the website. The page seems to be mostly dormant, with little changes. A lack of continuous involvement with the LinkedIn audience is evident from the recent posting date. Less than 300 people were following the page at the time of study. Employee bios and team members who work for Sustainable Energy Systems LLC are not highlighted on the page. The personal connection and openness that LinkedIn users often seek when engaging with corporate sites may be limited by the absence of staff profiles. There are no testimonials or endorsements on the website from clients, business associates, or personnel. These endorsements may strengthen the corporate profile's legitimacy. Overall, Sustainable Energy Systems LLC's LinkedIn profile seems to be underutilized and inactive. A business can think about providing frequent updates, highlighting personnel profiles, looking for suggestions, and using graphics to make the page more interesting and educational in order to enhance its visibility on LinkedIn.
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Sustainable Energy Systems LLC average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews503.6


Sustainable Energy Systems LLC Pros & Cons

  • Experience and knowledge
  • Comprehensive Services
  • Energy efficiency
  • High initial costs
  • Weather dependency
  • Space Requirements

Sustainable Energy Systems LLC Final Conclusions

According to the information at hand, Sustainable Energy Systems LLC's performance and reputation are inconsistent. Positive comments emphasize the firm's professionalism, knowledge, and the quality of their installations. Customers like their quick response times, effective work, and general contentment with the services they get. Negative reviews, on the other hand, identify issues with communication and customer service. The service staff has reportedly been difficult to contact, slow to respond, and provide poor help, according to several consumers. Along with these problems, faults made during installation, lack of required permissions, and missing tools during installation have all been brought up. Individual experiences might differ, thus it is crucial to keep in mind that these evaluations only provide a general idea of how the business is doing. Positive reviews for Sustainable Energy Systems LLC indicate that they have performed great installations and have happy clients. The negative feedback, however, draws attention to areas that need to be improved, especially in terms of customer service and communication. It is advised to do additional research, read more reviews, and get referrals from reliable sources before deciding on Sustainable Energy Systems LLC. To resolve any issues and learn more about the company's services, warranties, and post-installation assistance, it could also be helpful to get in touch with them personally.

Sustainable Energy Systems LLC locations

Main Address4509 Metropolitan Ct Frederick, MD 21704
Phone Number​3017884003

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