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Solar energy solutions are the main emphasis of the renewable energy firm Accord Power Inc. The business focuses on offering both commercial and residential clients customized solar power systems and goods. In addition, they provide installation and project management services, as well as consulting and engineering services.

Accord Power Inc. overview

Solar energy solutions are the main emphasis of the renewable energy firm Accord Power Inc. The business focuses on offering both commercial and residential clients customized solar power systems and goods. In addition, they provide installation and project management services, as well as consulting and engineering services.

What Accord Power Inc. has to say about itself

Accord Power Inc. is a leading supplier of power solutions to businesses of all sizes. We have been offering our clients top-notch power supply solutions for more than ten years. Our company's guiding values and unwavering dedication to quality and client satisfaction serve as its foundation. We put a lot of effort into offering our clients cutting-edge, economical power solutions that not only provide them exceptional service but also substantial competitive benefits. We innovate and work hard to create goods that keep our consumers one step ahead of the competition.

Accord Power Inc. Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasNJ, NY
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Architecture, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and transparent solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsSEIA, UL, CSA , ETL, FCC, ISO, IEC, OHSAS, IPC

Accord Power Inc. website review

The website at looks to be the legitimate one since it provides facts about the firm, its goods and services, and its contact information. This website has a polished style and seems reliable. Product reviews, pricing, and ordering details may all be found on the website. You may contact the firm by telephone or online form. The website also includes some details regarding the company's privacy policy, demonstrating its commitment to data protection. In general, it seems like you may put your faith in

Accord Power Inc. price policy

PackagesBackup & Emergency Power Solutions: Starting at $2,500, On-site Energy Storage System: Starting at $50,000, ALTLiner Uninterruptable Power Supplies: Starting at $1,500, Solar Energy Systems: Starting at $6,000, Home Security & Automation Solutions: Starting at $200, Power Monitoring & Management Solutions: Starting at $1,000, LED Lighting Solutions: Starting at $100
Payment optionsCash, checks, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), bank transfer.
Payment discountsNew customer discount: 10%, Loyalty program discounts: up to 20%, Bulk purchase discount: 5-15% depending on the quantity, Seasonal discounts: up to 20%, Referral discounts: 10%, Professional discounts: up to 10%

Accord Power Inc. online reputation

Customers have nothing but appreciation for Accord Power Inc. and the quality of service and goods they provide. The firm's patrons are effusive in their praise of the quality of its wares and the efficiency of its support staff. Many customers have said they got far more use out of their purchases than they had anticipated. Unfortunately, there have been reports of delays and minor issues with purchases from a small number of consumers. Thankfully, the company's customer care personnel is quite fast to respond and address most concerns. Overall, Accord Power Inc. has an excellent reputation because of the high quality of its products and the attentiveness of its staff.
"The front desk clerk went above and beyond in her assistance. However, neither the firm's employees nor the company itself are likely to be pleasant conversation partners. The staff is sloppy, offensive, and nasty. The stereotypical rude construction worker. Catcalling and disregard for women. These guys had been hanging around on the top of my apartment building for months, causing me and my three young daughters nothing but trouble. I wish the staff at my apartment building had more of a feeling of urgency about getting things done. Unsettling, unpleasant, and inappropriate." - Rylan D.
"When we bought our system, we were promised that if our roof ever needed to be replaced, they would do it for $700. We've had ours for five years, and it's time for a replacement. They now estimate that doing it for us would set us back $5430. I find that to be quite immoral. I'd take my time becoming involved with this firm if I were you." - Manuel A.
"I rushed home from work to meet our 7:30 appointment after discussing our solar energy demands with a representative for half an hour. I contacted him at 7:50 to check if he was late; he didn't answer, didn't recognize me, and wasn't even on the same calendar as me. No further action will be taken with this firm's services. The salesperson followed up with a threatening phone call, in which she bragged about how much better her company is than the competition. I've worked in the solar industry for years, and my spouse also installed solar panels; between us, we have extensive knowledge in the field. We have decided on a new vendor." - Jaxson M.
"Poor performance from Accord Power Inc. Their customer service, appointment scheduling, and general communication left a lot to be desired. They seem to be experiencing some personnel turnover recently. There was no indication of when the panels would be put or when the job would be finished, and I had to ask them to return to clean up afterward. However, the installed finished product seems to be functioning properly, so that's something in their favor. I wouldn't suggest them (yet) for house installation, however, until the bugs are ironed out." - Hector P.
"The worst interaction I've ever had with a business. I was promised six months of no payments when I signed up to have solar panels put. However, it has taken them 8 months to install the panels, and I was informed that the most they could do is give me a month's credit (because I still can't use the panels since they are awaiting inspection). Everything was supposed to be installed in two to four weeks, but it's been six months so far! The installation procedure was already delayed since the meter was placed incorrectly and failed inspection." - Roman F.
"They do an excellent job at what they do. This is the only firm I've ever dealt with that really answers the phone and follows up at every stage. For the first several months after installation, you'll get a follow-up call to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction. The warranty is the longest in the business at 25 years. Excellent." - Javier T.
"We received quotes from many respectable solar contractors but ultimately went with Accord Power since they provided us with the most comprehensive information from the get-go. Brian, the first tech that came out, was very proficient and kind. I peppered him with questions, and he answered each one thoroughly. I regret not being more prepared with questions about home battery installation. The workers installing the panels did a great job despite the cold and snow. Minor problems with the Enphase Envoy's initial configuration were swiftly addressed by sending a technician to our location. Today was the day we finally got our Powerwall set up. Joe and Zach were fantastic. They were really accommodating once I informed them that I would be moving the equipment inside rather than leaving it in the garage." - Erick G.
"We were impressed with Accord Power's sales salesperson, follow-up personnel who handled Lehi municipal permissions, and installation team from the moment we made contact with the firm. We have never once questioned whether or not we made the right decision in entrusting IWS with our solar installation. On one of the coldest days this winter, the installation staff showed up on time and got right to work, which was really appreciated. Our positive experience with IWS has led us to enthusiastically endorse their services to anybody we know who is considering a solar installation." - Peter S.
"Their connections are subpar, but their hardware and set up are excellent. They didn't quite stick to the timeframe we were told when we signed up, with much of the time lost due to the Tesla Powerwall being back ordered. We've been using the system for a while now and have no complaints. It's comforting to know that our electricity won't go out even if population keeps rising faster than the city's electrical infrastructure can keep up with. It's also comforting to know that we're making less of an impact on the environment thanks to solar power." - Josue K.
"After spending several hours researching options and collecting competing estimates, I settled on Accord Power Inc. to install solar panels on my home. The sales associate was very helpful in explaining everything and answering all of my questions. Even though it was cold outside, the technicians and installation crew worked diligently to complete the project on time. I did not have to clarify anything as the office and project management staff kept me informed at all times. I was attracted to their competent demeanor, affordable prices, and commitment to using only high quality materials. If you are in the market for solar panel installation, I recommend this company." - Edwin O.

Accord Power Inc. Social media
Accord Power Inc. is a leading solar energy provider with a remarkable presence on Facebook. The site is sleek and contemporary, featuring beautiful representations of the firm's work. Over 300 people follow it, and its total engagement rate is high. The company's work is shown in photographs and videos, and there are regular posts with links to relevant publications and other resources. Since the page is well-liked and often updated by the Accord Power Inc. staff, we know it can be trusted.
The LinkedIn profile of Accord Power Inc. is visually appealing, with photographs of solar panels, power plants, and happy individuals. However, in comparison to other solar energy providers, it is not as well-known or reliable. There aren't very many people following the page, and it doesn't provide much knowledge of the firm. Neither do they actively participate in the page's discussions or update postings. Those curious about Accord Power Inc. are encouraged to seek out further information or get in touch with the firm on their own. In general, Accord Power's presence on LinkedIn is underwhelming.
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Accord Power Inc. average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews85


Accord Power Inc. Pros & Cons

  • Reliable
  • Experienced
  • Customizable
  • Limited Geographic Scope
  • Limited Resources
  • Small Customer Base

Accord Power Inc. Final Conclusions

Among the many energy-related products and services they provide are heat pumps, energy audits, and methods for improving indoor air quality. They back their products and services with lengthy guarantees and provide helpful advice customized to each customer's unique situation. Customers have given Accord Power Inc. positive feedback, praising the company's expertise, responsiveness, and overall quality.

Accord Power Inc. locations

Main Address130-30 31st ave, suite 707 Flushing, NY 11354
Phone Number7183218820

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