Technicians For Sustainability review

A Tucson-based, employee-owned business with a mission-driven focus, Technicians for Sustainability specializes in sustainable technology and renewable energy for home and commercial settings.
Technicians For Sustainability review

Technicians For Sustainability overview

A Tucson-based, employee-owned business with a mission-driven focus, Technicians for Sustainability specializes in sustainable technology and renewable energy for home and commercial settings.

What Technicians For Sustainability has to say about itself

We've assisted thousands of people in Southern Arizona with going solar since 2003. We have a personal investment in the success of Tucson's unique culture, and we use the systems we install in our own homes. We are committed to providing each of our clients with the greatest quality, most efficient tailored solar solutions possible, and to doing it in an open and honest manner.

Technicians For Sustainability Solar Review

Year Started2003
Service AreasAZ
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup Batterylithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA

Technicians For Sustainability website review

The Technicians for Sustainability (TFS) website, which can be found at, serves as an online hub for a business that specializes in renewable energy solutions, particularly solar energy. About TFS services, projects, and experiences, the website offers extensive information. Both technical and non-technical readers will find the writing to be clear, simple, and easy to grasp. The website has sections for "About us," "Services," "Projects," "Blog," and "Contacts" so that users can get the information they want. The inclusion of top-notch photos and videos improves the website's aesthetic appeal and successfully sells the company's services. In order to make it simpler to locate certain information, the website also contains a search feature. The website also has social media sharing icons that let visitors interact with TFS on different social media sites.It's a good user experience on the website. Headings, subheadings, and bullets are used to aid readability, and the text is effectively arranged. It establishes credibility and aids prospective clients in appreciating the worth of TFS services by including endorsements and case studies. An educational resource part and a blog section are also included on the website. The blog also highlights the company's expertise in the industry. A "Get Quote" feature on the TFS website enables visitors to ask for a tailored price for their solar energy requirements. As a result of this feature, more users are actively using the website and more prospective customers are converted. In order to keep users up to speed with the most recent TFS news and developments, the website also offers a newsletter subscription option. Overall, the website of Technicians for Sustainability successfully conveys the business's proficiency in environmentally friendly energy sources. It is an invaluable tool for people and businesses interested in solar energy because of its clear design, educational content, smooth functioning, and good user experience.

Technicians For Sustainability price policy

Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card(Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards), Bank Transfer, PayPal, Financing Options, Solar Loans, Solar Lease
Payment discountsCash discounts, Financing discounts, Referral discounts,Seasonal or promotional discounts, Bulk purchase discounts

Technicians For Sustainability online reputation

A mixed bag of favorable and unfavorable comments have been made about Technicians for Sustainability (TFS) in the customer evaluations that have been published. The majority of remarks are encouraging and praise TFS's professionalism, knowledge, and customer service. Customers like the installation process's extensive instruction, fast communication, and attention to detail. They also remark how eager the business is to resolve any problems, even after the installation is finished. There are a few unfavorable reviews, however. One client complains about the installation's quality, pointing out broken screws, misaligned electrical boxes, and unsightly gaps between panels. Another client had a poor experience with TFS's solar water heating system and preferred their old setup due to worries about power disruptions. One review also mentions a scorch mark on the wall and a repair that TFS incorrectly applied and another business found, which poses safety issues. This specific evaluation implies that TFS has not been properly maintained or responsive. Initial coordination and documentation problems were subsequently overcome, although they were mentioned in one review as having a negative impact on the entire experience. One last remark expresses dissatisfaction with the estimation procedure. The bulk of the reviews are favorable and praise TFS's professionalism and customer service, but there are a few that are critical as well. When selecting a solar provider, prospective clients should carefully analyze both good and negative comments and do due diligence.
"TFS set up my solar panels and solar water heater. The Installation was not very high quality in my opinion. I believe the nasty employee called Erin is a co-owner of the company; she is not interested in providing high-quality service or valuing her customers' patronage. They make jokes about morality and professionalism on their website." - Gee
"Another firm I strongly advise staying away from is TFS. TFS set up my solar panels and solar water heater. The Installation was not very high quality in my opinion. When clamping the conduit, the installer damaged three screws in the block, and one of the electrical boxes they placed was held in place by many washers more than an inch from the block. The installer probably did not drill a pilot hole and used too much force while screwing the block together. TFS also set up two rows of panels, and there's enough for another one on the second row. I would have preferred to have another functioning or fake panel fitted in its place rather than deal with the unattractive gap. It would have been better if the Solar Water Panel had been positioned lower so it wouldn't be so obvious from the street. TFS's owner convinced me to switch to their solar water heating system by promising it will outperform my current Cornell model. I donated an 80-gallon Cornell system with a conventional water heater inside in case the weather prevented solar heating of the water. The Cornell system is entirely pressure-driven, making it a Passive system. Hot water may be used even if the power goes off. TFS's $5,000 system includes a rooftop panel, pumps to transport water to the panel, and pumps to transport water back down to the building. Since my heater is powered by electricity and there is no backup gas supply, I am in serious problems if the power goes out. In the future, I will never use TFS for anything, including purchasing or installation." - Ranae
"I almost gave a one star rating. Our solar panel system was installed by TFS in 2012. A scorch mark on the wall indicates that a combustible electrical component unexpectedly melted in 2022. The TFS technician who restored it offered a nonsensical explanation for what had gone wrong and said there was never any danger of a fire breaking out. I checked out the system with a second firm. The TFS patch was discovered to have been improperly completed, adding still another potential threat. And they figured TFS, the company that installed them, was to blame for the problem with melting. TFS had both reason to suspect and chance to remedy this electrical fault since they had been contacted to replace blown fuses in the component that eventually melted at least twice in the couple of years before to this occurrence." - Addelyn
"On-time service completion was achieved. Problems with coordination and documentation almost slowed progress to a halt. TFS ultimately resolved all problems and pushed for the project to be finished on schedule. I would have given them a higher score if they had been able to communicate better from the outset. The installation crew was really skilled and performed an excellent job." - Eric
"Wasn't even worth the time it would take to receive an estimate." - Vanessa
"The solar panel installation went well. All of you were quick to respond and punctual. You always told us what to expect. We should give Willy and his team extra credit. They were able to complete a difficult task effectively and with little disruption to our regular schedule. They were well-organized, cooperative, and clearly delighted in their job. Most significantly, they installed the solar panels without making any noticeable changes to the outside of our home, and they cleaned up the area after themselves so that we wouldn't have to." - David
"I feel like I wasn't entirely objective in my first evaluation, and that maybe my anger was unwarranted. I feel comfortable entrusting my business to this firm. This is the group to go for if you need solar panels. They're swamped with work, but it's worth the wait if you need their services. I spoke with Brian today, and he was helpful in putting up a quote for my second home; I look forward to working with them again when the time comes." - Sandra
"Getting our home's solar panels installed was a breeze because to TFS's expert guidance. Everything was set up just for us, and they were able to answer any of my in-depth, "engineer brain" inquiries. I went up to the roof after they were done and was really satisfied with what I saw. In addition, ever since the system was activated, it has generated a substantial amount of power. When summer finally arrives, it will be great to know that you helped our air conditioner keep us cool and comfortable while also being environmentally responsible. I had no idea that going solar would save us so much money and water over time, not to mention assist out our neighbors by providing them with clean electricity they may use if they need it. I appreciate it TFS!" - Mark
"A little more than a year ago, TFS installed our system. Both then and now, we continue to be quite pleased with them. We have recently seen a decrease in our typical levels of solar generation. We noticed that a large chunk of inactive app panels when we examined the structure of our app. We contacted TFS, but they were already aware of the issue and trying to resolve it. They came out and replaced the inverter at no extra charge in within two days. The guy that came out, named John, was really helpful and informed. He patiently answered all of our (probably inane) inquiries. The staff at this organization is both kind and competent. Everyone we've spoken to, whether on the phone or in person, has given us the distinct impression that they really like what they do. Some folks we know have had terrible experiences with the solar business who installed their panels. Neither their queries nor their calls are ever returned. That's not how TSF treats its clients, therefore it's a shame they didn't choose them. I appreciate TSF's concern." - Ingrid
"They walked me through the steps and answered all my questions thoroughly and promptly. Everything was handled professionally, and we were kept in the loop the whole time. The procedure was simplified significantly. Next, I was out of the country for a few weeks when the second progress payment was due, so I couldn't immediately send a check. After I explained the problem, they kept working without more inquiry (even though I didn't anticipate or ask them to) even though the contract said that they couldn't proceed until I paid. They also handled the inspection, so you didn't have to worry about it once they set up the system. My neighbor went with a different business (against my advice) to install solar panels last month, and they had to wait over a month for the inspection. After the process was over, they repeatedly asked whether I was having any issues, which I wasn't. Nothing major, and I probably wouldn't have reported it anyway, but they asked, so I noted that I had seen a few air pockets beneath the coating they had applied around the supports of the panels. They came out to repair them, and while they were there, they also finished covering another section of the roof that I had worked on separately but hadn't had time to finish. In addition, the internet surveillance is a lot more entertaining to see than it should be." - Brenda

Technicians For Sustainability Social media
The Technicians for Sustainability (TFS) Facebook group is devoted to promoting solar energy and sustainable lifestyles. The page features a polished, professional design with a cover image of a solar panel installation. The TFS logo used as the profile photo promotes brand recognition. The page has 2,900 likes and follows, which is a sizable quantity and suggests a respectable degree of involvement. The website often posts articles on solar power, renewable energy sources, and sustainable lifestyle choices. The entries provide a selection of educational articles, advice, tutorials, updates, and videos concerning the TFS projects. The page receives likes, comments, and reposts; it has a high degree of involvement. The website effectively uses visual components, such as pictures and videos, to amplify the information and draw viewers in. The graphics are of a high caliber and apply to solar energy. The website also includes pictures of finished solar systems that show TFS's expertise and dependability. Overall, the Technicians for Sustainability Facebook page successfully promotes solar energy and environmentally friendly behaviors. It offers insightful material, interacts with followers, and highlights their experience via images and user feedback.Professional renewable energy system designers and installers, Technicians for Sustainability (TFS) is situated in Tucson, Arizona. Let's examine their LinkedIn profile to learn more about their business's background, expertise, and customer engagement strategies. Technicians for Sustainability has a well-written and interesting profile on LinkedIn. It shows their experience in solar electric, solar thermal, and rainwater harvesting systems, as well as their commitment to deliver sustainable energy solutions. The evaluation also praises the company's dedication to excellence, satisfied customers, and local involvement. The LinkedIn group Technicians for Sustainability has over 600 followers. Considering their specialized field, this sizeable sample suggests a respectable degree of interest. The likes, comments, and shares on the company's status updates, articles, and job postings are generally average. Many happy clients have left comments and testimonials on the LinkedIn profile for Technicians for Sustainability. Jobs in the sustainability field are often advertised on LinkedIn by experts, who are clearly interested in building a strong team. Technicians for Sustainability's LinkedIn profile does a great job of showcasing their knowledge, dedication to sustainability, and involvement in the local community.
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Technicians For Sustainability average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews2304.9


Technicians For Sustainability Pros & Cons

  • Energy efficiency
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • High-quality solar panels
  • High initial costs
  • Weather dependency
  • Space Requirements

Technicians For Sustainability Final Conclusions

Based on client reviews, Technicians for Sustainability (TFS) has developed a reputation as a trustworthy and competent solar firm. The overall consensus points to a pleasant experience, praising TFS' knowledge, candor, and dedication to client happiness. Clients often laud TFS for its response and professionalism. They appreciate skilled technicians who attentively address any problems or concerns while offering competent advice. TFS deserves praise for being open and honest about the installation procedure, ensuring that clients are well-informed and aware of what to anticipate. It's important to note that a few unfavorable comments highlight instances in which TFS has failed to live up to expectations. Despite being in the minority, these unfavorable comments emphasize how crucial it is to carefully examine TFS performance and reputation. Before making a choice, prospective customers should thoroughly investigate and assess TFS's track record, taking into consideration both favorable and unfavorable feedback. Overall, clients who have worked with Technicians for Sustainability have expressed satisfaction.

Technicians For Sustainability locations

Main Address1050 E 19th Street Tucson, AZ 85719
Phone Number5207400736

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