Affordable Solar Installation review

Affordable Solar Installation is a full-service solar provider offering customized solutions for residential and commercial properties. All products are of the highest quality, also providing professional installation, meticulous care, and attentive service.
Affordable Solar Installation review

Affordable Solar Installation overview

Affordable Solar Installation is a full-service solar provider offering customized solutions for residential and commercial properties. All products are of the highest quality, also providing professional installation, meticulous care, and attentive service.

What Affordable Solar Installation has to say about itself

For both residential and business users, Affordable Solar Installation specializes in offering efficient and affordable solar solutions. Our skilled staff of professionals is qualified and prepared to provide specialized solar services tailored to your particular requirements. Let us assist you in using the sun's clean, renewable energy to lower your energy costs right now.

Affordable Solar Installation Solar Review

Year Started1998
Service AreasNM
Service TypesAssessment & design, installation, maintenance, monitoring, and energy storage services.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

Affordable Solar Installation website review

Anyone seeking for solar energy solutions may find comprehensive relief at the official website. It includes thorough details on each solar option that is offered as well as several tools to facilitate installation. The website offers trustworthy information about solar finance, installation manuals, savings calculators, and energy efficiency advice. The website is very simple to use, enabling visitors to get the information they want right away. To help the buyer make an educated choice, the website also provides user reviews and testimonials. In general, is a reputable website that offers accurate and trustworthy information on solar energy options.

Affordable Solar Installation price policy

PackagesComplete Solar Installation Package - Starts at $15,000, Solar Panel Installation Package - Starts at $8,500, Batteries Installation Package - Starts at $2,500, Inverter Installation Package - Starts at $1,500, Monitor & Optimization Package - Starts at $500, Electrical Upgrade Package - Starts at $3,500, Structural Design & Install Package - Starts at $3,000, Roof Mount Design & Install Package - Starts at $1,000
Payment optionsCash, major credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), PayPal, and Apple Pay.
Payment discountsSenior Citizen Discount: 10%, Military, Law Enforcement, and Firefighters Discount: 10%, Solar Referral Program: 10%, Family Plan Discount: 5%, Multi-System Installer Discount: 5%, Zero Interest Financing: 0%, Cash Discount: 5%

Affordable Solar Installation online reputation

The evaluations for Affordable Solar Installation are, on the whole, rather favorable. Customers have raved about the excellent results, money saved, and support they've gotten. However, there have been a few gripes about holdups and complications during the actual installation. In sum, consumers in need of a dependable and cost-effective solar system should check into Affordable Solar Installation.
Seven years ago, Affordable Solar put up a 20-panel array on my roof. It failed to do the required yearly inspections. It was always silent when called. The system seldom generates anything; just 4% has been produced despite a promise of 42%. There were no assurances made. I have to buy a new one now. The donation I made to Affordable Solar was a complete waste of my money. - George K.
I paid more than $85,000 on two systems from Affordable Solar. One of their third party" subcontractors' installations caused the system at my company to short out. After much back and forth, and some initial defensive posturing, they were able to make amends. They have not responded to my calls despite my requesting a third assignment from them. They must be really busy, but disregarding requests, particularly from returning customers, is unacceptable." - Ricardo N.
I'll be honest, thus far this hasn't been the most exciting procedure. Since investing heavily in this new solar system, my already expensive power cost has dropped to about $170 throughout the summer. It made sense, and does today, but judging by the state of energy production, that won't remain the case for very much longer. Furthermore, after installation, I have panels costing $3,500 that are not working. After a few weeks, I was informed that they had contacted Enphase and were waiting for a response since they were extremely busy but would arrange a service visit as soon as possible. To spend $42,000 on solar panels just to have them fail and be informed that I am no longer a priority is disheartening, to say the least. How frustrating it would be to buy a brand new automobile and then be informed that you're only getting 10 mpg instead of the 30 advertised, and that the company is busy and will get to you when they have time. Considering the previous comments, I was hoping for more positive feedback. This is one unhappy client. - Derek V.
About five years ago, I bought a sizable system from Affordable Solar, and right away I started experiencing issues. I am upset that I spent $30,000 on a system with this firm and would not suggest them since their customer service is subpar and I haven't been able to reach anybody. And to get in touch with customer support is only on Monday. in the workplace. - Travis S.
After 2 years, the quality of the product and installation both seem to be satisfactory. The issue of being truthful is a major one. I wanted to make sure I could add panels in the future if I decided to go to an electric vehicle. I inquired whether it was feasible to simply add panels, and was informed that it was doable at a cost of about $900 each panel. I have a written record of this as well. I contacted to get more panels installed since I'm interested in purchasing an electric vehicle and was informed the process must begin over at a much greater cost. Instant regret upon purchase. If you want to add on later, you should go someplace else. To be fair, they did hire outside help for the sales department. Even though the individual who lied to me was technically a contractor rather than an employee, I see no difference. - Alexis J.
From my first solar panel inquiries to completing the necessary state tax paperwork, Affordable was there every step of the way. The installation of my solar panels had to be timed with the replacement of my roof. Reasonable arrangements were made with the roofer. I needed an update to my electrical panel, and Affordable arranged for it to be done. The electrical panel upgrading firm they hired was quite competent. Affordable was there for me whenever I had a query along the road. - Paul T.
Our new solar panel system for the house was just installed by Affordable Solar. Affordable Solar, and especially our consultant, made the whole process of switching to solar energy simple and stress-free for us. So far, our new energy-efficient technology has exceeded our expectations. We've been wanting to add solar panels on our roof for years now. Because of their professionalism, attention to detail, and high-quality products, I have no reservations about recommending Affordable Solar. - Erick P.
Affordable Solar has been a great company to work with. They provide an excellent service and provide high-quality goods. The personnel is efficient and reliable, delivering as promised. We are pleased with the results and the efficiency of our new approach. Our solar consultant, went above and above to answer all of our concerns and walk us through the tax rebate process. She was really helpful and explained everything to us. She has a wealth of expertise, maintains a polished appearance, and really cares about her clientele. We are so pleased with our purchase from Affordable Solar that we have recommended them to our friends. Unparalleled quality from start to finish!!!! - Peter D.
For a long time, solar energy has been something I've considered. People have even come to me to provide me with quotations. Until recently, everyone has told they couldn't do it since my roof had so many levels and obstructions. Affordable Solar used bifacial panels and exact measurements to create a solution for me. They assisted me in getting the necessary permits and completing the installation. I am in possession of an energy monitoring device. I am backed by a 30-year warranty. I was given directions on how to file for a tax refund. I'm finally generating my own power! - Edwin E.
The installation went off without a hitch, and the sales process was just as professional and well-staffed. After all of the inspections were complete, the person who picked up the ladder was still eager to answer any remaining questions I had. Even more questions have arisen after the installation roughly 5 months ago, and they have always been addressed promptly. From my solar-powered roof, I can confidently recommend Affordable Solar to anybody contemplating about making the switch. - Rylan H.

Affordable Solar Installation Social media
Affordable Solar Installation is an expertly created and organized Facebook page. It looks fresh and current since it was just revamped. The solar energy firm maintains a website, which details its offerings and current deals. In addition, it has comments and testimonials from people whose lives have been improved by the installation of solar panels. The page is popular and active, with a significant following and consistent posting. Photos and videos demonstrate the company's products and services, and there are numerous external connections to blogs and news stories. Customers may have faith in the page since it is updated often and accurately represents the solar energy firm.
Those thinking about switching to solar energy should definitely check out the Affordable Solar Installation's LinkedIn profile. The page's aesthetics are clean and well-organized, with a simple navigation bar and clear images. This guarantees that site visitors will have a positive experience overall. In addition, Affordable Solar's newest offerings, industry updates, and specials are always featured on this website. Affordable Solar Installation is one of the most popular service providers on the site, with over 2,700 followers. All of the testimonials seem to be authentic, making this a reliable resource. Many satisfied customers have left testimonials on the site, further establishing its credibility as a reliable resource. If you're seeking for expert guidance and services related to solar power, go no further than the Affordable Solar Installation page. You can trust the evaluations and testimonials shared, and the professionally-designed images shown, so you may begin your solar adventure with confidence.
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Affordable Solar Installation average reviews

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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews1194.5


Affordable Solar Installation Pros & Cons

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Experience
  • Quality
  • Limited capabilities
  • Limited installation areas
  • Weather Dependence

Affordable Solar Installation Final Conclusions

For both residential and business clients in the US, Affordable Solar Installation provides high-quality, reasonably priced solar installation services. Numerous consumers have given the business high evaluations and ratings, complimenting its offerings and customer service. Based on the favorable customer reviews, this business a rating of 5 out of 5.

Affordable Solar Installation locations

Main Address3900 Singer Blvd NE • Albuquerque, NM, 87109
Phone Number5059444220

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