TES Home Solar review

Affordable solar power solutions are what TES Home Solar is all about, and they focus on offering such to households. Solar panels and high-efficiency energy system installations are one of the specialties since they significantly cut down on both power costs and carbon emissions.
TES Home Solar review

TES Home Solar overview

Affordable solar power solutions are what TES Home Solar is all about, and they focus on offering such to households. Solar panels and high-efficiency energy system installations are one of the specialties since they significantly cut down on both power costs and carbon emissions.

What TES Home Solar has to say about itself

To maximize your home's energy efficiency, TES Home Solar is the ideal collaborator. Our mission is to make solar energy practical, cheap, and sustainable for homes all over the globe via the provision of cutting-edge, dependable, and creative solar panel technology. The use of our panels will reduce both your energy use and your environmental impact. Join us on this path toward a future powered by sustainable energy and commit to a cleaner, healthier world.

TES Home Solar Review

Year Started2020
Company Websiteteshomesolar.com
Service AreasOK, TX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow-battery technologies.
CertificationsNABCEP, RESNET, InterNACHI, UL, ETL

TES Home Solar website review

The main website for TES Home Solar seems to be having technical issues right now. It is fair to presume that their website is still reliable given their long tenure and strong reputation. However, until the site is operational again, its dependability cannot be determined.

TES Home Solar price policy

PackagesPremier Solar Package - Starts at $24,999, All-In Package - Starts at $20,499, Basic Solar System - Starts at $12,999, Solar Battery - Starts at $5,999, Solar Tax Credit - Starts at $2,999, Roof Mount - Starts at $1,999, Electrical Inverter Upgrade - Starts at $1,499, PV System Monitoring - Starts at $399, Solar Panel Cleaning - Starts at $299, Solar Panel Installation - Installation costs vary depending on the size of the system.
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), as well as PayPal and checks.
Payment discountsFirst-time Customer Discount: 10%, Refer-a-Friend Discount: 10%, Bulk Buy Discount: 5%, Government Solar Rebates: Up to 30%, Maintenance Contract Discount: 10%, Early Payment Discount: 5%

TES Home Solar online reputation

TES Home Solar has generally been well-received by its clientele. The organization has earned a solid reputation for its helpful staff and high-quality offerings. The company's timeliness and professionalism have been praised by several consumers. However, some customers have complained about the complicated installation procedure and the sluggish response time of customer support. Nonetheless, most customers are pleased with their purchases and interactions. TES Home Solar is a dependable business that prioritizes client happiness.
"The customer service at TES Home Solar is second to none. We've been attempting to get in touch with them for months to have our inverter fixed, but it still hasn't been fixed. They won't call us up or send someone around to check it out. On our end, we've exhausted all possibilities. They gave us a dead company's contact information and then disappeared. A bad solar energy provider to avoid." - Devon R.
"I regret not publishing this review sooner. We made the mistake of getting a loan from this firm, and now we're stuck here. We bear some responsibility, as we always do when making a purchase, but the company's dishonest advertising and sales tactics are also to blame. One of the worst errors we've ever made was signing with this business. Now we're stuck paying over $200 per month (plus our power bill) for solar panels that, according to the company, are only 64% efficient where we live. The sales representative assured us that we would get a "huge tax stipend" for installing solar panels, all of which could be used to the loan's principal and therefore prevent our monthly payment from escalating. We were promised that we would get a yearly stipend of between $3,000 and $4,000 for the next several years, but the government has decided to allocate this sum in any way it sees fit. I have no idea how many potential purchasers will read this review, but if you are one of them, I assure you that you will be very disappointed. As new homeowners, we made a mistake that you should avoid." - Corbin B.
"The lowest rating I can give is one star. I can't imagine working for a worse organization. After you sign, they immediately go on to the next client. Not even the salesperson bothered to follow up with us to see how things were going. Every single call has to be initiated by me. No follow-up, no nothing!!! Nothing! A month has passed since our system crashed, and yet no one has responded. It's been two weeks since we received the component, and they still haven't gotten back to us or attempted to address the problem. Don't consider TES Home Solar if you're looking at solar panels. It will help you avoid a lot of trouble. Now that you've read all the negative feedback, it's clear that you won't be responding to any of the complaints. It's yet another example of your company's excellent service to customers. I have contacted again in the hopes of scheduling installation of my inverter; this time, I was told a supervisor will return my call within 30 minutes. It's been 2 hours since then. Even though I doubt anybody will call, I'll take it!" - Marcos A.
"Olivia was my sales representative. From the interest rate to the tax credits to the installation timeline and the cost, I feel like she has given me nothing but lies about my system and its advantages. I've been suckered and cheated and I'm really upset. I would not suggest visiting the TES Home Solar at all." - Amir P.
"Absolutely dreadful That was the worst. My worst nightmare continues. In addition to not having you up and running by the promised date, this firm will also begin billing you long before your solar panels are installed. Then the boss calls to apologize, offering gift cards that, four months later, I still haven't gotten. After going solar in the spring but not getting power until the winter, I am now up and running 6 months later. They'll make it seem like a representative is reaching out to you, but it's all an elaborate hoax. I would never suggest this firm to anybody!" - Ruben I.
"I shopped around and compared at least 5 different providers. In my experience, this is the lowest price available. However, the cost was not trivial. The use of technology was brilliant. The speed with which we went from signing to installation was quite impressive. That was a job well done. We ran across a technical problem at the finish, but it was easily resolved via communication. It's great when modern tools and methods make building simpler, more manageable, and less nerve-wracking for everyone involved. I would suggest this to anybody and have already recommended it to a neighbor." - Emiliano M.
"After a year of production, we have nothing but praise to offer. The panels were easily installed and have been performing well for the last 11 months, generating electricity even on overcast and rainy days. Constantly on-target productivity checks from customer service; sleek, modern design. We are thrilled with the results from TES Home Solar and the solar panels." - Drew T.
"Several aspects of working with TES Home Solar impressed me. Their salesperson was really accommodating, kind, and not pushy in any way. While it did seem that the business was in a rush to close the deal, the sales rep understood that I needed time to think things over and was unwilling to be rushed. That deference meant the world to me. There was no false or misleading information presented by the firm at any point throughout the sales process. During the warmer months, I am able to produce far more energy than I consume. Because of the persistent winter clouds, I have little choice but to use the grid as my source of power. The solar panels have drastically reduced my monthly power costs. a rebate on my taxes and a payment for every thousand kilowatts of electricity I generate. The crew who came to put in the solar panels did a fantastic job. I was able to reach out to the assigned project manager if I had questions or concerns. After Palmetto placed my solar panels, I had a tiny leak, and they came back twice, maybe three times, to repair it. Calling or emailing for assistance was never an ordeal. Everyone working with them has a great disposition." - Clayton C.
"If you want a quality solar energy system, TES Home Solar is the firm to deal with. The organization takes all the necessary legal precautions, including drafting contracts, conducting surveys, and creating design documentation. Regular updates have been sent to me, and it seems that we will soon be ready to begin the installation. The one in charge is excellent, friendly, courteous, trustworthy, and productive. TES Home Solar is the firm, and excellence is the watchword." - Kameron E.
"TES Home Solar is first rate. A solar broker helped me discover the finest products at the lowest prices. TES Home Solar was chosen by my broker to arrange and manage the installation, activation, and monitoring of my solar panels. The crew who put up my solar panels did an excellent job. The work they produced was superior in every way. In addition, TES Home Solar performed an excellent job managing the inspections, certification, and activation. Anybody, wherever, should use TES Home Solar. In addition, their customer care is speedy, helpful, kind, and expert." - Theodore F.

TES Home Solar Social media

The solar energy firm may have abandoned its Facebook profile years ago. It lacks modern touches like multimedia material and interesting messages, giving off an antiquated vibe. Very little is known about the firm, and just a small number of people have signed up to get updates. There are no visuals or external links on this page. The overall lack of content and activity on the website makes it hard to rely on it as a credible source of information. It seems that there is not much interest in this page, suggesting that it is not often visited.
linkedin.com account not registered
YouTube channel not registered

TES Home Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviewsNo reviewsNo reviews


TES Home Solar Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • Expertise
  • High upfront cost
  • Difficult maintenance
  • Weather dependency

TES Home Solar Final Conclusions

The customer service and quality of TES Home Solar's solar energy services have received great ratings. Customers have remarked that TES Home Solar's personnel is polite and educated and that the firm installs and maintains solar equipment swiftly and effectively. Customers generally have extremely favorable things to say about TES Home Solar and think highly of the business.

TES Home Solar locations

Main Address1710 N. Main, Liberty TX, 77575
Phone Number2816772621

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