1 Solar Solution review

Top-notch solar installations at reasonable prices is the #1 Solar SolutionWe are committed to showing the nation that we are the greatest solar installers. In the US Electric Market as well as the Renewable Energy Sector, our team has decades of combined expertise.
1 Solar Solution review

1 Solar Solution overview

Top-notch solar installations at reasonable prices is the #1 Solar SolutionWe are committed to showing the nation that we are the greatest solar installers. In the US Electric Market as well as the Renewable Energy Sector, our team has decades of combined expertise.

What 1 Solar Solution has to say about itself

Top-notch solar installations at reasonable prices is the number one solar solution. Our goal is to be a force for good in the environment and the climate. We take pleasure in offering top-notch service that is geared on making our clients feel like royalty. Our guiding values include giving consumers value, offering excellent customer service, accepting direct responsibility for our actions both individually and corporately, working as a team, and listening to and interacting with customers.

1 Solar Solution Review

Year Started2014
Company Website1solarsolution.com
Service AreasTX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA

1 Solar Solution website review

The website has a clean layout and a contemporary look. With an easily accessible navigation menu, users may get the information they want fast. On the homepage, a big banner depicts the installation of a solar panel, and a succinct, straightforward headline extols the merits of solar power. A section with information about the company's services, client testimonials, and a call to action button that directs users to request a free consultation can be seen below the banner. On the website, you may find comprehensive information about the goods and services that 1 Solar Solution offers, including residential and commercial solar systems, battery storage solutions, and electric car charging stations. Each service's thorough description, advantages, and commonly asked questions are listed on a separate page. A range of resources are available at 1 Solar Solution to educate visitors about solar power. The website's blog offers articles on numerous solar energy, energy conservation, and sustainability-related issues. Users may also get knowledge about solar energy and its advantages by downloading manuals and viewing instructional videos. The comments of appreciative consumers on the website illustrate the great customer experience with Cotuit Solar. Furthermore, case studies on effective solar installations are accessible, giving prospective clients actual illustrations of how the company operates. Visitors to the website can get in touch with 1 Solar Solution in a variety of ways. There is a contact form, a phone number, and an address on the contact page. The website's prominent "Request a Quote" button allows users to start the process of getting a tailored price for their solar installation right away. The company's services, expertise, and dedication to sustainable energy are well represented on the 1 Solar Solution website.

1 Solar Solution price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards), Bank Transfer
Payment discountsCash discounts, Financing discounts

1 Solar Solution online reputation

Overall, it can be said about 1 Solar Solution based on user evaluations that their performance and reputation are inconsistent. On the one side, there are a number of favorable reviews complimenting the business's customer service, experienced employees, and the efficiency of their solar panel installations. Customers value Ali Samana, the company's CEO, and the personal efforts taken to assure their pleasure by project managers like Nayab. The favorable evaluations show that the solar panels' efficiency has beyond expectations, and many customers have seen a large decrease in their energy costs and a sense of satisfaction from knowing they are doing their part to mitigate the consequences of climate change. On the other side, there are some prominent unfavorable evaluations that raise questions regarding the firm's response, communication, and post-installation servicing. Due to problems with component and employee availability, several clients faced delays in the installation process. Some people experienced extended periods without any power from their solar panels and had trouble receiving prompt and helpful support from the provider. Customers who were promised cost reductions but didn't experience them voiced displeasure and questioned the overall worth of their purchase. There is no doubt that 1 Solar Solution has both areas of strength and weakness. In contrast to the unfavorable reviews, which suggest that they still have communication, post-installation support, and system performance problems, the good reviews demonstrate their ability to offer superb solar solutions and first-rate customer service. 1 Solar Solution should prioritize enhancing their effectiveness, responsiveness, and quality assurance processes in order to preserve a great reputation and keep expanding their client base. More pleased clients and a better position in the solar energy industry would probably result from addressing these issues.
"1 Solar Answer? Actually, there are no solar solutions. I contacted 1 Solar Solution over 7 months ago, yet there is still no juice coming from my solar panels. After sending out many repairmen, they eventually narrowed it down to a faulty inverter. Was handed off to a man named Zarman by the technicians. This was the first sign of serious problems. Nothing happened for weeks after some back-and-forth through text regarding replacing the inverter. Each week, I stayed in touch. After a few more weeks had passed after Zarman's first claim that the inverter had been ordered, he explained that its late arrival was due to supply chain problems in China. Although supply chain problems are genuine, they do not justify utter lack of communication skills. It was September when something happened. I've sent dozens of emails, messages, phone calls, and voicemails without a single useful answer. It's entirely my fault for putting faith in other people's abilities and allowing them to keep me waiting for so long. Following the advice of a number of other reviews, I will make contact with Universal Solar. Since it appears that we have both had terrible experiences, I wish I had seen these reviews sooner. I cannot recall ever having the misfortune of dealing with a company or organization that was so inept and unprofessional. It's quite humiliating to wait 7 months to repair an inverter." - Rachel
"Paying $300 per month for power when you used to pay only $60 to the utility company is just the beginning of their lies, poor service, and increased costs." - Nick
"After they've finished installing your solar panels, they'll be done with you. They won't answer the phone or reply to an email. I've been trying for a month and a half now." - Paul
"They guaranteed me a cost cut. The solar system has not resulted in any cost savings for me. No one in management will talk to you or return your calls. After installing the system, they stopped trying to figure out why it wasn't working." - Bob
"I was dissatisfied with 1 Solar Solution. Getting started on the project after installation was delayed by a number of factors. The company failed to provide me with any installation updates. A clerical blunder added to the already lengthy wait time. Disappointing level of competence and sloppiness. The system's results have also fallen short of expectations. I'm beginning to question the value of this purchase because my utility bills haven't gone down. The efficiency of 1 Solar Solution must increase." - Michael
"These fellas are top notch. Both their CEO and the project manager who oversaw my initial and subsequent installations, were fantastic. When it comes to customer service, Caesar is unrivaled, and CEO Ali Samana will stand by anything he says—even if it means reducing profits. I'm a big Tesla supporter, but these folks have the best solar technology." - Gregory
"At 1 Solar solutions, Ali has assembled a fantastic crew. To guarantee satisfied clients, he oversees the entire process himself. A huge thank you to Nayab, my project organizer. She is exceptionally bright and has always excelled in her position. I will enthusiastically refer them to anybody thinking about switching to solar power." - Nizar
"About two months ago, I had solar panels put. Since the panels only last around 2 months, this evaluation will focus solely on the setup. Long-term service and component quality will need to be evaluated at a later time. At first, barely half of my panels were producing any usable energy. After a week of monitoring, I received a call from the firm informing me that I need to take care of an issue. In a further week, the problem had been resolved. Since then, the solar panels have been performing well. About 9 weeks beyond the scheduled date, the installation was completed. The lack of availability of both necessary components and personnel contributed to the delays. I received a call from Ms. Nayab, the project manager. It was nice to speak with her, and it appeared that she was taking responsibility for the undertaking. She said that she is working with the city to complete the final inspection within a week. In general, I'm pleased with the results." - Basil
"My recent experience with 1SolarSolutions, who installed solar panels at my home, was excellent. The staff at 1SolarSolutions was helpful, knowledgable, and pleasant to work with during the entire process. The salesperson that met with me for my initial consultation went above and above in their explanations and responses to my many concerns. He carefully considered my household's energy demands to recommend a solar panel setup that would work best for me. The installation crew was likewise quite professional. They finished the panel installation quickly and on schedule. They were careful not to damage anything on my home and left everything neat and tidy when they were done. My solar panels' efficiency has far exceeded my expectations. My energy expenditures have dropped significantly, and it makes me pleased to know that I am helping to lessen the effects of climate change. If you're thinking about getting solar panels installed, you should definitely go with 1SolarSolutions. Because of their knowledge and care, they are the greatest option for anybody considering solar energy." - Christopher
"Our solar panels were installed by one solar four years ago, and they've been performing flawlessly ever since. They were helpful all the way through the roof replacement process and coordinated well with my contractor. Basically perfect, really. Successful group effort, indeed." - Sanjay

1 Solar Solution Social media

The official Facebook page for Johnson Solar, a solar energy provider, is called "1 Solar Solution". On the page, advertisements for their solar goods, services, and environmental initiatives may be found. 5500 followers and 5700 likes are a sizable number for the page, indicating a respectable level of engagement and user interest. This would suggest that the page has a sizable consumer base and viewership. The profile photo of the page displays the 1 Solar Solution logo, a chic and recognized component of the company. On this page, you may frequently find articles about solar energy, updates on renewable energy sources, product and service news, and energy-saving advice. The facts are instructional, engaging, and pertinent to the intended audience. On the website, delighted customers have posted ecstatic evaluations and recommendations. Information regarding solar energy-related events, seminars, and initiatives is frequently disseminated by 1 Solar Solution. Visitors are urged to get in touch with the business or visit its website through a call to action button on the page. This feature makes using their services simple and encourages potential clients to act. The 1 Solar Solution Facebook page is generally well-maintained, welcoming, and educational.
An overview may be found in Solar Solution Profile 1 on LinkedIn. 1 Solar Solution is a Texas-based company that creates, installs, and maintains solar energy systems for homes and businesses. Texas is the location of 1 Solar Solution, however the size is not stated on the website. This refers to a local or regional business. Solar energy solutions are provided by 1 Solar Solution. The business's description and the website's content serve as proof of this. A list of 1 Solar Solution's personnel may be found on LinkedIn. Eleven to fifty LinkedIn workers were found throughout the probe. On LinkedIn, 1 Solar Solution offers solar, renewable energy, and business news. Case studies and customer reviews provide evidence of project success and client satisfaction. On LinkedIn, 1 Solar Solution has a small number of connections and followers. This demonstrates that experts in renewable energy are participating. According to the company's LinkedIn profile, Profile 1 Solar Solution is a dependable source of solar energy with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, expertise in designing and installing solar systems, and a dedication to renewable energy.
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1 Solar Solution average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews304.2


1 Solar Solution Pros & Cons

  • Top-Notch Customer Service
  • Effective Solar Panel Installations
  • Environmental Impact
  • Installation Delays
  • Communication Issues
  • Post-Installation Service

1 Solar Solution Final Conclusions

Customers have reported both positive and bad experiences with 1 Solar Solution's performance, reputation, and reputation. Thus, 1 Solar Solution has both points for growth and strengths. It is noteworthy how well-informed their personnel is, how well their solar panels function, and how well they treat their customers. Negative comments about installation delays, communication problems, and post-installation support, however, indicate that there is potential for development. To make an informed choice regarding a company's solar solutions, prospective customers must conduct more research, look for references, and assess the company's existing reputation and business procedures.

1 Solar Solution locations

Main Address122 Rose Ln STE K3, Frisco, TX 75034
Phone Number8556017652

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