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In Southern Oregon, no one does solar+storage energy systems better than True South Solar. Our expert staff can help you replace your electricity bill and claim your tax credits. Getting solar panels installed on your property is a breeze with our help.

True South Solar overview

In Southern Oregon, no one does solar+storage energy systems better than True South Solar. Our expert staff can help you replace your electricity bill and claim your tax credits. Getting solar panels installed on your property is a breeze with our help.

What True South Solar has to say about itself

Is energy autonomy something you would want to pursue? Getting rid of your utility provider is as easy as switching to solar electricity for your house or business. True South Solar has been a reliable ally to your community for a long time. Why? Because we raise the bar in every area. We hope you will do everything it takes to become energy independent. In 2010, Eric Hansen and Shawn Schreiner established True South Solar in Southern Oregon. Our local solar team takes great pleasure in going above and above for our customers and offering them unparalleled knowledge and service. True South Solar is who we are. In Southern Oregon, we are the go-to solar power company. Give us a call now for a free consultation that might change your life forever.

True South Solar Review

Year Started2010
Service AreasOR
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film
Backup BatteryLead-acid, lithium-ion, and flow batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SRCC, SEIA

True South Solar website review

The website provided by True South Solar is an efficient resource for prospective clients who are interested in learning more about the business and the products and services it offers. Case studies and customer testimonials, in addition to information about True South Solar's goods and services, may be found on the website. In addition to that, it has a "learn more" area that provides in-depth articles on solar energy and the positive effects it has on the surrounding ecosystem, in addition to blog postings that provide the most recent information regarding solar energy. The website has been thoughtfully created and is simple to browse; on each page, there are engaging images and material that provides useful information on the business and the products and services it offers. The website also includes useful connections to sites on other social media platforms as well as contact information. Overall, the website offers a comprehensive analysis of True South Solar's offerings, both in terms of its goods and services, and it does a wonderful job of introducing the firm to prospective clients.

True South Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $15,000 to $50,000
Payment optionsCash, check, credit card, and ACH transfer
Payment discountsDiscounts for military veterans, seniors, low-income families and first responders

True South Solar online reputation

True South Solar gets a variety of ratings and experiences from its consumers, which it analyzes based on the input it has received. Some consumers complain about things like inadequate communication, a lack of follow-up, and unhappiness with the service they got, while other customers had excellent experiences and commend the business for its professionalism, work ethic, and customer care. Customers have sometimes complained that it is difficult to reach them by phone or email to answer their questions. Some clients experience irritation and the impression of poor customer service because they feel neglected or disregarded. Not all clients, it should be noted, had the same opinion, and there were others who praised the staff's professionalism, skill, and helpfulness. Some consumers spoke of difficulties obtaining permissions and authorizations as well as delays in the installation procedure. Customers appreciated True South Solar's attempts to keep them informed and updated throughout the process, but they saw these problems as being due to external factors that were beyond of the company's control. Positive reviews emphasize the responsive and experienced sales personnel, the prompt and thorough installation teams, and the general satisfaction with the solar panel systems' quality. True South Solar customers who have had successful installations and nice interactions exhibit trust in the firm's knowledge and suggest its services. According to user reviews, True South Solar has a generally mediocre reputation. While some clients had issues about follow-up and contact, others praised the professionalism, excellence, and customer service they got. Before making a choice, prospective buyers should carefully examine these various experiences and do further study.
"My consultation with True South Solar yielded three price and panel-count alternatives. They ignored my numerous emails and phone conversations in which I explained why I had chosen the cheapest available alternative. They obviously did not think they could make a profit off of me to be bothered to react. Service to customers was a major letdown." - Jim
"They were supposed to be great, but they ended up disappointing me greatly. Since I had not yet agreed to spend money with Dia (sp? ), I received no help from them. Because of this, I will never again give them my money. If a business has earned a solid reputation in the area, it has a responsibility to help its customers make informed decisions. In a word, it is tragic. Avoid painful disappointment by going elsewhere for solar guidance." - Gabrielle
"Although Mason did not do a very good job of following up with customers after the sale, the installation was done well, and Lance was fantastic." - Richard
"The sales staff was pleasant to deal with, and the installation team did a great job. Due to a late application, we were unable to receive the $5,000 incentive from the Oregon Department of Energy. I attribute this to a lack of dialogue between me and the rest of the crew. Since we are retired and rely on Social Security for our income, this was a devastating blow, and it will also have a significant impact on how quickly the system recovers its costs. Do not rush into anything, and make sure you are hearing the same information from everyone." - Paul
"The set up process was successful. Lance did a great job of breaking down the system for me, and he provided me some great suggestions for setting up a backup system. However, once the contract was signed, Mason never followed up. When we last saw him, he said he would provide us the details on those kilowatt-hour discrepancies. So yet, he has not gotten back to me. In general, the service he provided me with was like this. What he needs to know is that following up after a sale is crucial. This is why I will not be referring True South Solar to any of my clients." - Richard
"From first contact through final setup Both Matt and Clay are competent workers. Every member of True South looks out for number one and has full control over their work. I am really happy with my setup and would do it all over again if given the chance. I urge everyone who shows interest in solar to give Matt a call since, you never know, he may be able to locate a system that works for them within their price range and aesthetic preferences." - Chelsey
"We did in-depth research on solar and got price quotes from three different solar providers. Since True South has been installing solar in the valley for the longest amount of time, has the highest quality product being installed, has highly professional and knowledgeable staff we interacted with, and has very favorable reviews both posted and from personal friends, we decided to go with them despite their slightly higher bid. Due to circumstances beyond true south's control, we had a delay in receiving the proper replacement for our main panel. The installation crew was quite competent, and it gave the impression that they enjoyed their job and their employer. Everyone I dealt with before, during, and after the installation was very kind and helpful. Our solar panels are doing well, and I have no regrets about working with True South." - Vic
"From the beginning to the end, working with True South was a pleasure. We have already been convinced of solar energy's merits, since this is our third home to have their installation. However, Brooke, our sales rep, asked insightful questions to determine our needs and guide us toward the best installation plan. We were also in contact with a provider in Medford, and her rates were comparable to theirs, and she was upfront and honest throughout the whole transaction. It took approximately a month to get everything authorized once we reached an agreement. Permits and permission from the Energy Department held up the process for the most part. As soon as we paid our deposit, True South began working on the technical design documents. Our project manager, Aaron, phoned to arrange installation as soon as the necessary permits were granted and kept us updated every step of the way. I was quite impressed by the installation crew. They were efficient and thorough, and the apartment was pristine when they finished for the day. They went to great lengths to conceal conduit while installing wire and positioning panels. The end result is fantastic. They made sure we knew how to take care of the system and how to prepare for further inspections and meter replacements. When we switched on the system after passing inspection and installing the new meter, everything functioned perfectly. To make sure everything was in order and to address any last-minute questions, Brooke made a follow-up visit. I was really pleased by the team's overall professionalism, thoroughness, and dedication to excellence. Without any hesitation, please check out True South." - Paul
"After looking into the available solar providers in the region and scheduling site inspections with many of them, I settled on True South since they are a reputable local business. The first consultation with Brooke was quite educational and comprehensive. I have experience with solar panel installation, so I know what to expect and can make an informed decision. All of the alternatives she presented made sense and catered to my specific requirements. It was my decision to go forward with True South. It took three months from the time of the first decision before installation could begin because of supply chain problems and weather-related setbacks. The whole procedure, from installation to obtaining the necessary permits to changing the meter readings, took less than a week. I am now creating, and so far, so good! MySunpower is a simple program to install and use. The professionalism and camaraderie of their installation team gave me confidence in the company's treatment of its personnel. No hesitation in recommending True South." - Bill
"When it came to developing a system to fulfill our electricity demands, Mason and Brooke complied with all of my requests. Multiple site visits were made to ensure proper panel placement and manufacturing. Modern, high-quality panels are used in the apparatus. The staff at True South Solar was really helpful and kind throughout the whole process. There were a few points when I was not completely on board with the planned action, but they took the time to clarify everything and we ended up agreeing on the best course of action. If I ever have another solar-related requirement, I will not hesitate to contact them again." - Virginia

True South Solar Social media
The social media profile for an Arkansas-based business that installs solar panels is called True South Solar. The page has 1700 likes and has been updated often since 2014. The page is organized properly and is often updated with new content. Informational articles, educational videos, client testimonies, business updates, events, and frequent postings on environmental news are all included in the content. The information on the website keeps True South Solar current and gives supporters a forum for discussion and education about the business. Additionally, the website has a ton of intriguing stuff, like polls, competitions, and giveaways. In general, the page continuously offers informative and engaging material about their goods and services, as well as the advantages of solar energy for the environment and the solar industry as a whole. True South Solar will be able to promote their goods and services on this excellent platform to prospective customers.
The LinkedIn profile for True South Solar is a useful tool for exhibiting the services the business provides for solar installation. New product releases, industry news, current affairs, and educational pieces on the value of solar energy and its advantages for the environment are all frequently added to the website. The portal also has a gallery of earlier work, live solar installations, and accomplished initiatives. A wonderful resource for recruiters and prospective workers who may be interested in working at True South Solar is the page's inclusion of business updates and job ads. In general, True South Solar's LinkedIn profile serves as a useful platform for them to display their services to prospective customers and show off their company's devotion to sustainable energy. Additionally, it is a fantastic method for both existing and potential workers to get to know the business and the team.
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True South Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews844.8


True South Solar Pros & Cons

  • Variety of options for financing
  • Special discounts for veterans, seniors, and first responders
  • Comprehensive warranties
  • Cost can be expensive for small installations
  • Limited service areas in Arkansas
  • Long wait times for installations

True South Solar Final Conclusions

True South Solar is a respected solar installation business with a proven track record of offering its clients top-notch services. In order to make solar energy more accessible, the firm provides a broad selection of goods and services as well as several financing choices. They have a qualified and skilled staff, and they provide thorough installation guarantees. The social media profiles and website of True South Solar provide useful information on solar energy and the business's services. Solar is more affordable because to the discounts provided to veterans, elderly, and first responders, even if installation costs for small projects might be high.

True South Solar locations

Main Address125 Clear Creek Dr. Ashland, OR 97520
Phone Number8009471187

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