Unbound Solar review

Unbound Solar's aim is to offer individualized solutions and ongoing assistance that provide people, communities, and companies the freedom to make their own decisions about how they harness sustainable energy.Unbound Solar was founded in 1998 on the idea that anyone, regardless of location, can achieve sustainability through self-reliance. The company has since expanded beyond its DIY, off-grid roots to become one of the leading online solar solutions providers with a Do It Your Way approach.
Unbound Solar review

Unbound Solar overview

Unbound Solar's aim is to offer individualized solutions and ongoing assistance that provide people, communities, and companies the freedom to make their own decisions about how they harness sustainable energy.Unbound Solar was founded in 1998 on the idea that anyone, regardless of location, can achieve sustainability through self-reliance. The company has since expanded beyond its DIY, off-grid roots to become one of the leading online solar solutions providers with a Do It Your Way approach.

What Unbound Solar has to say about itself

All the way from feasibility studies to designs to permit applications to installations to grid connections to commissioning and beyond, our seasoned professionals have you covered. You may rely on us for unrestricted assistance for as long as your system remains operational. If you need us, just give us a call. If you are unable to get your installation permission as a result of the design or equipment decisions we have made, we will either rectify the situation or return your payment in full. We have you covered whether you choose to install it yourself or have us do it for you. And after all is said and done, you can rest easy since you know your system is foolproof. It's your life; live it as you want to.

Unbound Solar Review

Year Started1998
Company Websiteunboundsolar.com
Service AreasOR
Service Typesdesign and engineering, installation, monitoring and maintenance of the system, financing and customer training
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup Batterylithium-ion batteries

Unbound Solar website review

A website called Unbound Solar specializes in selling solar panels and associated products. The website is sleek and contemporary in style. An picture slideshow highlighting the company's goods and services can be found on the webpage. Solar panels, inverters, batteries, and mounting solutions are just a few of the things that are offered on the website. Customers may make an educated purchase choice because to the thorough information provided with each product, which includes characteristics, price, and user reviews. Customers may read blog posts on the website's blog page on solar energy and sustainability-related issues. Anyone interested in learning more about solar energy and its advantages will find this area to be a helpful source of knowledge and suggestions. There are several payment methods, including credit card and PayPal, and the checkout procedure is straightforward. Overall, it seems like the Unbound Solar website is well-designed, educational, and user-friendly, making it a reliable resource for people looking to buy solar panels and associated equipment.

Unbound Solar price policy

Packagesfrom $3.50 to $4.50 per watt, approximately $6,240 to $15,530 or more.
Payment optionscredit card, check, and bank transfer
Payment discountsdiscounts for prepayment and cash payment, discounts for referrals and military personnel

Unbound Solar online reputation

Based on customer reviews, Unbound Solar has mixed reviews. While some clients report positive experiences, others have had negative experiences with the company. One customer reported receiving the wrong components, resulting in longer waits and more money. They were also not reimbursed for their losses and ended up with no response from Unbound. Another customer complained about the long wait for an off-chain offer and the lack of stock. Another customer reported problems with Fullriver AGM batteries recommended by Unbound Solar, five of which failed a year later and Unbound refused to replace them under warranty. However, there have also been positive reviews from customers who have had positive experiences with Unbound Solar's customer support. One customer who installed a 5.5kW system himself found that Unbound Solar made changes to sketches with ease and handled permits efficiently. Another customer reported that the Unbound staff were pleasant and answered all questions quickly and professionally.
"My decision to buy from Unbound was based on my belief that they would be more than simply a components supplier due to their extensive expertise and attention to detail. However, they failed to account for a crucial aspect of my ground mount design, leaving me to figure it out on my own. They didn't have a decent answer, so I had to come up with one myself. Solar panel installers, it turns out, are well-versed in this matter, while Unbound was not. It's concerning that when I found it out and finished installing my solar panels, they showed little interest in fixing the problem. Unbound and similar retailers charge extra for their gear because they promise to provide a turnkey solution that can be constructed precisely as designed. The opposite is often true. I could have saved a lot of money by going straight to a manufacturer like CED had I known. Plans for a construction permit may be drawn out by designers for a reasonable price. Unbound mislead me into expecting they would be more helpful after the transaction, but they haven't." - Tim
"Several times they attempted to convince me I needed to recreate all of my electrical schematics because of their mistakes. I had to wait longer and spend more money because they kept sending me the incorrect components. They admitted fault, but they wouldn't reimburse me for the money I lost as a result of their errors, and they eventually stopped responding to my messages altogether. The service I received was terrible. And their "tailored work" is just a generic handbook with stock diagrams that has nothing to do with my project. Their online tutorials don't apply to the gear they sold me and are hopelessly out of date." - Luke
"After entering all of the specifications and completing all of the questions on the site, I was hoping to get an off-grid quotation within the next few days. A day or two later, I got an email from customer support asking for the same information again, this time along with links to explore the inventory. It's so frustrating that you have to keep repeating yourself. After waiting an eternity while checking off the specifications and watching the wheel spin on their website, you discover that they currently have nothing available. They are aware that they do not have any available stock. They're only stalling for time. The representative said that they do not publish their goods online so that you may choose your own prices. However, the email has a clickable link. Let me tell you something: it is a major warning sign. To be honest, I suppose if you don't mind waiting for a few months, this firm may work for you." - Gina
"According to tech support, an inverter shouldn't be activated by light sensors or timers. Why would you always have the system running? The 1-year guarantee on parts is not honored by the company. If you need technical assistance, please send an email instead of calling." - Adam
"Wholesale Solar—now Unbound Solar—designed our system. Unbound Solar's Fullriver AGM batteries replaced our 13-year-old batteries. Two failed within three years. It took almost six months to replace them at a prorated amount comparable to what we paid. They didn't realize we couldn't acquire these after snowfall. Five failed a year later. Unbound tech advised these. A solar specialist installed these and Unbound Solar configured the system over the phone to the suggested parameters. Customer assistance is unresponsive. Batteries fail. Unbound blames our system, but our local solar specialists have identified the batteries. Unbound rejects the 7-year warranty. Unbound solar refuses to replace it. They just answer reviews. I don't understand why they said to call when they won't. They provided me all fresh batteries. What do I do with the $10,000 batteries I purchased a few years ago with a 7-year warranty?" - Von Scheller
"We bought our 5.5kW system early last summer so all the components would arrive in the fall when I had time to install it. Despite being my first solar project, everything came undamaged and was easy to install. Idaho homeowners may handle anything, even electrical. The rails, optimizers, and rooftop wiring took a few hours, and the panels were easy to install before the first cold snap. The remainder of the wiring took longer but was straightforward to figure out and pleased my electrical inspector. The system has worked wonderfully since November. Inversions and cloud cover limit Boise generation in December and January. February and March have been improved, with two 30+ kWh days and 5.9 kW peak production as the sun angle increases. Unbound Solar was accommodating to sketching revisions. I got my permission in an hour with the complete drawing bundle. Boise is solar-friendly and processes permits as you wait." - Kevin
"I installed solar panels this year. I opted to install myself after winter investigation and evaluation. Being 70 and installing alone limited my alternatives. Unbound Solar was found through Google and YouTube. Wil Burlin at Unbound designed a 5810Wh system for me. We got approval from the municipality and DTE, our power provider. Four solar panels were damaged during transport. Replacements delayed installation. Shipping damaged the replacements too. I finished installing with another shipment. With a rented scissor lift and a simple concept, I was able to build it myself. The system was complete except for junction boxes for routing cable through the ceiling and one grounding lug instead of two. Unbound's staff was pleasant. They answered all questions quickly and professionally. I would suggest and consider them for future projects!" - Kim
"I really hope we get to award a sixth star! Unbound Solar well above our requirements throughout the whole installation process, beginning with the first contact. Wil Burlin, their tech engineer, really stands out for his willingness to help out our electrician whenever he needed some pointers or advise. We are a small house community on the central coast of California that has gone off the grid and are loving the independence from power outages and skyrocketing utility costs." - Ian
"To date, this is without question my favorite and most fruitful do-it-yourself endeavor. It was a fantastic experience from which I gained many insights. Unbound Solar's Sean Micken and Wil Burlin were fantastic to work with. Polite and accommodating. The results of the system are better than anticipated. In order to charge our PHEV, I had to increase the size of my electrical panel and put in a level two charger in the garage. I estimate that the system will pay for itself in about five years thanks to the automobile, the electric heat and hot water tank in about half of the home, federal tax credits, and local and state incentives." - Rick
"In 2021, I invested in and set up a 6-kilowatt system. Because of how well it performed, the following spring I went out and bought and set up a 9 kilowatt system. Both were ground-based and labor-intensive, but I would do both again in a second. Having to hire a professional to set up the hardware would have dissuaded me from pursuing either option. Without Unbound Solar's assistance, I never would have attempted such endeavors; their technical permit plan sets were indispensable. My highest possible rating goes to them." - RF

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YouTube Channel 34200 Subscribers

Unbound Solar average reviews

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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Unbound Solar Pros & Cons

  • Expensive upfront costs
  • Long term commitment required
  • Restricted Service Areas
  • Quality products
  • Variety of payment options
  • Discounts available

Unbound Solar Final Conclusions

Customer reviews indicate that Unbound Solar's performance is patchy. While some customers have enjoyed working with the business, others have had problems such as faulty parts, poor customer service, and non-compliance with warranties. Given that some customers have reported needing to solve problems on their own or seek assistance from other sources, it would seem that Unbound Solar does not always supply a turnkey system that can be implemented precisely as intended. Generally speaking, prospective buyers should thoroughly study reviews before choosing to purchase from Unbound Solar.

Unbound Solar locations

Main Address1661 Siskiyou Boulevard Ashland, OR 97520
Phone Number8004721142

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