Universal Solar Direct review

Universal Solar Direct is a comprehensive solar energy provider for homes, businesses, and utilities. Among the many services they provide are conceptualization, engineering, set-up, funding, monitoring, and upkeep. In addition to selling cutting-edge solar panels, they inform consumers about the many advantages of switching to solar power.
Universal Solar Direct review

Universal Solar Direct overview

Universal Solar Direct is a comprehensive solar energy provider for homes, businesses, and utilities. Among the many services they provide are conceptualization, engineering, set-up, funding, monitoring, and upkeep. In addition to selling cutting-edge solar panels, they inform consumers about the many advantages of switching to solar power.

What Universal Solar Direct has to say about itself

Solar energy provider Universal Solar Direct installs solar panels and offers other services to both business and residential clients. The company's expertise is in developing novel and reasonably priced solar energy solutions that are adapted to the individual requirements of each client. Universal Solar Direct does everything from planning to implementation to ongoing upkeep and monitoring of solar energy systems. To further assist consumers in making the transition to solar energy, the firm offers both financing and leasing alternatives.

Universal Solar Direct Solar Review

Year Started2014
Company Websiteuniversalsolardirect.com
Service AreasNV, AZ, NV, IN
Service TypesInstallation, Architecture, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, Lead Acid, and Flow Batteries.

Universal Solar Direct website review

Universal Solar Direct, a provider of solar energy solutions, may be found online at universalsolardirect.com. The website is professional looking and simple to use. There's much helpful data there, such as product descriptions and feedback from satisfied customers. Customers may reach out to the business using the website's contact form and other features. Regarding reliability, the website's strict security measures provide buyers with confidence in their transactions. The fact that the Better Business Bureau has awarded it an A+ rating is evidence of the firm's dedication to its customers. In conclusion, Universalsolardirect.com can be relied upon as a trustworthy resource for information about the business and its offerings.

Universal Solar Direct price policy

PackagesHome Solar System - $4,000+, Solar Panel Installation - $2,000+, Solar Battery Storage - $1,000+, Solar Panel Maintenance - $400+, Solar Generator - $2,000+, Solar Fencing - $1,200+, Solar Carport - $3,000+, Solar Hot Water System - $1,500+, Solar Pool Heating - $2,500+, Solar Lighting - $500+
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and cashier's checks.
Payment discounts10% off when customers refer a friend, 10% off for military and veterans, 10% off for senior citizens, 5% off for multiple system purchases, 5% off for local government customers, 5% off for early adopters

Universal Solar Direct online reputation

The majority of Universal Solar Direct's happy clients have said the company went above and beyond to meet their needs. The staff's quickness to respond and their expert manner have been lauded by many satisfied clients. Some consumers, however, have griped about the excessive cost of installation and the absence of customer support when problems arise. For individuals considering a transition to sustainable energy, Universal Solar Direct has shown itself to be a dependable source of solar power solutions.
"Universal Solar oversold me on the system by telling me I needed 32 panels, but my utility company stated it was too many for the amount of energy I was using and disallowed the installation. Despite my refusal to pay, Universal placed the 32 panels and threatened to place a lien on my property until I did so. My utility threatened to cut me off if I attempted to access the network. A complete solution with an electric vehicle charger and a backup battery cost me $45,000. For whatever reason, the EV charger has never been reliable. The backup battery has just died on me. The EV charger was supposed to fully charge my vehicle in two hours, but when they finally got it to work, it gave me an error message and indicated it would take as long to charge as the regular dryer outlet I'd been using. They are unreachable, never show up, and provide subpar results. The installer estimated that the whole process would take around 2 days. Ten minutes was about how long it took." - Jayden D.
"Brandon stopped by and gave me a price. I don't know exactly how old the roof was, but the shingles lasted at least 20 years. I decided to follow their lead. The next day they contacted me and told me they had received a waiver and could proceed with installing solar panels. When I inquired about the necessary permits, I was told it was a simple matter to get them. I contacted the company in the morning and refused to start work without a permit, citing the fact that I was interested in seeing the proposed solar panel installation site. They sent me an email reflecting my position. Since there was no mention of a non-refundable deposit, I decided to decline the solar panels. They claim they have too little money to refund my deposit. Beware" - Dennis P.
"The solar panel salesman was convincing, and I signed a contract in September 2021 requiring installation by December 31. The accepted a third down payment, over $8000, but never completed any work. They still haven't finished the job, even after we filed a complaint with the Arizona Register of Contractors. I have lost my investment and do not have solar panels as of the end of February 2022. They waited until the day of the ROC inspection to apply for a construction permit. They are just con artists, period. Don't use them unless you want to waste your time and money chasing them through the courts for years while they steal your deposit. Nothing but a bunch of empty assurances and falsehoods. They lack any morals or decency." - Cameron T.
"From the start, this has been nothing than a swindle. We signed a contract and put down a third of the total cost in September 2021, with completion of the work promised by the end of the year. Nothing has been done as of today, February 23nd, 2022. Before I complained to the local registrar of contractors, they hadn't even applied for the required construction permit. They started with telling me lies. Don't give them money up front; you won't be happy you did. A lengthy and expensive legal battle is ahead of me if I want to get my money back." - Jeffrey S.
"It's been almost two and a half years since I added four more panels and was told I could monitor them in the same way as my other twenty. Now they're just ignoring me and claiming it would cost them more than the panels themselves to have me monitor my extra panels. As if you bought a vehicle without checking the gas level beforehand. I've tried leaving 10-13 voicemails with no response." - Richard A.
"How can I even begin.... We had gotten several estimates from local Las Vegas businesses, and we weren't very impressed. From realism to costing accuracy. Within an hour of my entering my details onto their website, they had already been in touch with us. Within a few days, he came down and inspected the current setup and went through the goods that would be installed. My wife and I reviewed everything together and made the decision to go forward right there. Amy at the front desk went above and above to accommodate our request for an earlier appointment time. The day of the installation finally arrived, and the workers was very respectful of my property and myself. I don't have much to add other than that I think the job is perfect. The decision to go with this firm was a great one for my wife and I, and we wholeheartedly endorse them." - Jack F.
"For many years, I have collaborated with Patrick at Universal Solar Direct. A breath of fresh air, he is! In other words, competent, expert, and kind. When I have a problem with our solar panels, I phone Patrick, and he immediately sends a service specialist to look at it. This week's service technician was Eric. He fulfilled his duties with diligence and expertise. We appreciate how promptly the task was completed by Patrick and Eric. When it comes to customer service, Universal Solar Direct shines. I can't speak highly enough about them." - Ronald K.
"If you're looking for solar panels, go with Universal Solar Direct. They are really useful, and may help you optimize your solar energy intake and reduce your NV Energy expense. You may save a ton of money by using the battery to store energy you don't need during the cooler months and releasing it during the hottest times of the year. Both the workers and the office staff are really kind and helpful. I'm relieved that I decided on Universal Solar Direct." - Scott F.
"Due to the current legislative rules on solar, I was quite cautious to install it, as was I expect most homeowners to be. Tyler came out and gave me a comprehensive rundown of the pros and disadvantages of going solar. He carried himself in a competent and well-informed manner. He gave me a fantastic cost analysis when I requested for no-nonsense information. I was especially impressed that their team was able to install my system months ahead of schedule. If you're thinking about going solar, you should definitely go with this business." - Bryan O.
"In all my years of living in this city, I have never come across a firm with better customer service than Universal Solar Direct. Since we just purchased a home, we've had to deal with a slew of contractors. Most of the contractors caused us significant frustration. But not Universal Solar Direct; they maintained regular touch and kept us apprised of developments. I have to say, I'm rather pleased with this firm, seeing as how we're the first clients in Nevada to get an LG Battery. You won't regret going with Universal Solar Direct; I guarantee it." - Danny N.

Universal Solar Direct Social media

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Universal Solar Direct average reviews

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Universal Solar Direct Pros & Cons

  • Limited Geographical Reach
  • Limited Product Offerings
  • Poor customer service
  • Expertise
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Quality

Universal Solar Direct Final Conclusions

Solar energy is what Universal Solar Direct specializes in, and they provide their services to both homes and businesses. In addition to designing and installing solar energy systems, they also assist clients in securing competitive financing and qualifying for any incentives. Customers have praised the company's competent and friendly employees, the high quality of the installation, and the reasonable prices, among other things.

Universal Solar Direct locations

Main Address6555 S Valley View Blvd. Unit 524 Las Vegas, NV 89118
Phone Number702 483 6900

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