West Coast Solar review

When you engage with West Coast Solar, they will help you figure out the best ownership structure and solar financing options for your needs and budget. Our major focus is on assisting both residential and commercial property owners in finding the optimal solar panel installation program for their specific requirements.
West Coast Solar review

West Coast Solar overview

When you engage with West Coast Solar, they will help you figure out the best ownership structure and solar financing options for your needs and budget. Our major focus is on assisting both residential and commercial property owners in finding the optimal solar panel installation program for their specific requirements.

What West Coast Solar has to say about itself

West Coast Solar has been assisting home and business owners in Northern California in reducing their power costs by installing solar panels since 2007. We have the lowest prices on the market with the best quality items and the best customer service. We only deal with the greatest manufacturers, suppliers, and financial partners in the business to provide you the highest quality solar panels and smart home systems available in your region. We at West Coast Solar want to demystify solar energy.

West Coast Solar Review

Year Started2007
Company Websitewestcoastsolar.com
Service AreasCA, NY
Service TypesInstallation, Financing
Types PanelsMono-crystalline, Poly-crystalline, Thin-film, Bifacial, and Flexible.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium
CertificationsWCS, NABCEP, C-46, C-10

West Coast Solar website review

The website for West Coast Solar has a user-friendly structure and successfully conveys the company's offerings. The site presents the company's key services in a visually attractive grid structure, making it simple to go over their offers quickly. The "Why Choose Us" section aids in emphasizing the company's expertise and professionalism. Additionally, the business offers a variety of support services including financing, customer support, technical assistance, and online quotations to make it fast and simple for clients to begin the solar energy investment process. It is simple to acquire more information about the firm and its offers thanks to the prominent navigation bar at the top of the website. In general, the West Coast Solar website is created to provide prospective clients wishing to invest in solar energy a straightforward and user-friendly experience.

West Coast Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Panel System ($2,500 - $25,000), Solar Battery Storage ($2,000 - $10,000), Solar Inverter ($1,000 - $5,000), Solar Racking ($500 - $2,000), Solar Monitoring ($100 - $500), Solar Financing ($0 - $25,000).
Payment optionsCredit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and cash on delivery
Payment discountsDiscounts on solar panel installation, solar energy systems, solar batteries, and solar accessories

West Coast Solar online reputation

The general assessment of West Coast Solar is mixed, based on the consumer feedback that has been supplied. While some customers were pleased with their purchase and gave the firm high marks for professionalism, customer service, and the installation procedure, others were very dissatisfied with the company's post-purchase support, technical problems, broken promises, and delays. Problems with solar edge monitoring, a lack of response and follow-up, inaccurate representations of financing and relocation alternatives, subpar installations, and trouble getting in touch with the business were some of these unfavorable experiences. One client even suggested that the unusable system would prompt arbitration and the sale of their contract to another company.It is clear that West Coast Solar encountered both happy and unhappy clients. The favorable comments emphasized the transparent communication, individualized treatment, and satisfying results, leaving a favorable impression that persisted. The negative feedback, on the other hand, highlighted the unresponsiveness, broken promises, and substantial problems encountered by consumers, leading to unhappiness and monetary losses.Potential consumers should carefully analyze the good and bad experiences provided and take into consideration the mixed feedback while thinking about West Coast Solar. Before making a choice, it is advised to do extensive research and have all terms, warranties, and installation procedures explained.
"About two years ago, I had a solar panel system put. The installation went well, and the money I was saving on energy was a nice bonus. However, problems with solar edge monitoring emerged in May of last year. I was informed that the solar panels are still functioning and generating power. My PG&E bill confirms this, although it does not reflect the panels' net contribution. That is why I really needed this solar edge to function. I spent a lot to be able to monitor the output of the solar panels. Late last year, someone was expected to show up, but they never did. I have tried to follow up, but thus far have heard nothing. The last I heard, upgrading the system is not free. My suspicion is that it is not originating from my end." - Arnold
"The after-sale service at this establishment is terrible. Due of technical difficulties, I requested a system check. On their end, everything seems to be OK, they claimed. As I said, "It is not cool with me." This system cost me a lot of money, and they still would not install it. My monthly outlays average between $25 and $40. The most recent electric side one I purchased cost $456.00. Something is wrong. Wonderful while you are buying it, but hellish after the money has changed hands." - Hanna
"I would give West Coast Solar no stars if that was an option. Our 2018 investment on solar energy. We lost $30,000 to a salesperson named RYAN O***. He sat down with us on the sofa and gave us his unwavering guarantee that we could either take our solar loan with us when we sold the property or have our solar panels relocated to our new home. Okay, you lied to me. However, we are unable to include the solar loan in the selling of our home. In order to sell our home, we must purchase the system altogether. My brother and I were not the only ones he tricked. My brother was also duped by RYAN O. You can not put your faith in a business whose employees sit on your sofa while allowed into your house to peddle falsehoods. This corporation has my utmost contempt." - Erik
"It is quite disappointing that I can no longer get in touch with anybody from the firm about my installation, especially since my buddy of 30 years who worked in sales there departed the company. Contract signed in September 2022, scheduled installation for November 2022. The date has been delayed until February 2023. In MAY of 2023, after waiting years for an examination, we learned that their installation had been flawed. No one at West Coast Solar seems eager to move quickly on a rescheduling request so that I may address the problems and pass inspection. I have already paid for two-thirds of my contract and have not seen any return on my investment in solar power. My friend left for a competing firm, and now I am stuck with an inoperable system on my roof and rumors of the company's demise. Getting ready to initiate arbitration in hopes of selling my contract to a different firm." - Bob
"Despite the fact that having the solar system is wonderful. I should have done more research and negotiated a better deal for myself, and I regret that I didn't." - Paidtoomuch
"It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with everyone at West Coast Solar. Ryan took the time to explain everything to me in great detail and ensured that I was clear on the system that we were about to buy. The procedure as a whole was fairly uncomplicated, and there was no anxiety involved. I have no hesitation in recommending them!" - Breanna
"Due to the fact that we were solar novices, we had many queries. We made it our mission to get as much information as possible on the apparatus, the installation procedure, the cost, the advantages, and the drawbacks. Throughout the process, we spoke with a variety of businesses, both big and small. When we spoke to Mike Kleeman, we were quite pleased with what we heard. He was different from the other reps with whom we had conversations. He was easy to talk to and took the time to establish a connection with us so that he could better comprehend our requirements. We voiced our worry about the aesthetics of the panels and emphasized the significance of leaving as little conduit exposure as possible. Mike not only assured us that the installation would be carried out in a competent manner, but after examining both our house and our roof, he was also able to provide input about the arrangement. Because he has worked in the roofing and solar industries for many years, we had faith in his analysis and relied on the information he provided. In addition, everything was managed and carried out flawlessly, and we were spared the need to take any more actions. The deal as a whole was all-encompassing and comprehensive. After going through some of the interview processes and looking at the work that our rivals have done, we are certain that we made the best decision in solar. The excellent job done by West Coast Solar has left us with a lasting impression." - Darcie
"The service was wonderful from the very beginning to the very finish. Every interaction was pleasant, personal, and conducted in a professional manner. I had a great time going through the motions. Any person or business that is interested in having solar panels installed should work with West Coast Solar in my opinion." - Chuck
"Excellent customer service and reasonable cost. It was a pleasure doing business with West Coast Solar. Excellent service and no high-pressure sales tactics were extended to us from the very beginning. While I was working with Devin Wilson, I had a lot of questions due to my background in science. During the week as well as on the weekends, he never failed to respond in a timely manner. Every member of the team shown an exceptionally high level of professionalism, and they never arrived late for any of the planned meetings, installations, or inspections. It comes highly recommended!" - Luiz
"The evaluations of West Coast Solar were entirely accurate. They were really pleasant to work with, followed through on all of their promises, kept us updated continuously, and got everything done without any delays. We are happy with our decision to hire them. Excellent work, as always, West Coast Solar." - Robert

West Coast Solar Social media

The West Coast Solar Facebook page serves as a useful medium for disseminating information about the company's operations and products. New goods, forthcoming events, and promotions are among the corporate updates that are often posted online. In order to further enlighten their audience, they also provide interesting material, such educational movies and infographics. They engage with clients via remarks and responses, displaying a client-centered mindset. The Facebook page for West Coast Solar is generally well-kept and offers useful information that gives prospective clients a look into what the business has to offer.
There is a wealth of information about West Coast Solar and its services on its LinkedIn profile. It describes the company's background, goals, and industry knowledge in addition to its emphasis on client happiness and customer service. Additionally, it offers details about their network of partners and their expert staff. All of the company's vacant positions are clearly displayed under the "Jobs" category, making it simple for interested candidates to apply. Overall, West Coast Solar's LinkedIn profile offers a thorough description of the business and clearly shows their capacity to satisfy consumer demands.
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West Coast Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews1384.6


West Coast Solar Pros & Cons

  • An experienced team that are experts in the industry
  • Provides a range of services including financing, customer service and technical assistance
  • Strong customer service orientation
  • Limited geographic presence
  • Relatively small company size compared to major competitors
  • No long term warranty on some services

West Coast Solar Final Conclusions

Overall, West Coast Solar is a credible business that clearly explains its offerings and dedication to its clients. The business has a solid staff of qualified experts and offers a variety of services to clients in the solar energy sector. Potential consumers may quickly and easily get all the information they want thanks to their user-friendly website and social media profiles. The company's dedication to customer service makes West Coast Solar an appealing choice for individuals wishing to invest in solar energy, despite its limited geographic reach and lack of long-term warranty coverage on certain services.

West Coast Solar locations

Main Address2155 Elkins Way Suite E, Brentwood, CA 94513
Phone Number8333819543

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