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Whole Sun Designs Inc. has been providing reliable, friendly service and top-notch materials to customers in southern Indiana and beyond since 2011. More than 350 projects, totalling over 2.5 MW, have been built since the turn of the year 2020.

Whole Sun Designs overview

Whole Sun Designs Inc. has been providing reliable, friendly service and top-notch materials to customers in southern Indiana and beyond since 2011. More than 350 projects, totalling over 2.5 MW, have been built since the turn of the year 2020.

What Whole Sun Designs has to say about itself

Solar energy is more accessible than ever thanks to growing electricity bills as well as a decline in the cost of solar panels. In contrast to solar panels, which have a 25-year warranty, net metered systems often pay for themselves in around 10 years. You start to save money as soon as we turn on your system.

Whole Sun Designs Solar Review

Year Started2011
Company Websitewholesundesigns.com
Service AreasIN
Service TypesInstallation
Types PanelsMono-crystalline, Poly-crystalline, Thin-film, Bifacial, and Flexible
Backup BatteryLithium-ion
CertificationsSEIA, NABCEP

Whole Sun Designs website review

A solar energy business established in Indiana called Whole Sun Designs handles every facet of PV installation and design. System design, engineering, installation, maintenance, and monitoring are just a few of the services they provide. Customers may buy solar panels, inverters, and other solar equipment via the company's web shop. For people who are thinking about transitioning to solar energy, Whole Sun Designs also offers instructional materials. Customers may discover more about the business and its services, as well as read information about various technologies and financial incentives for adopting solar energy. Additionally, for individuals considering switching to solar energy, Whole Sun Designs provides financing alternatives. Whole Sun Designs is an expert and seasoned solar energy supplier dedicated to assisting clients in switching to a dependable, sustainable source of electricity.

Whole Sun Designs price policy

PackagesSolarEdge SE7600A-US Inverter - $1,895.00, SolarEdge SE3000A-US Inverter - $1,295.00, SolarEdge SE11400A-US Inverter - $2,795.00, SolarEdge SE10000A-US Inverter - $2,395.00, SolarEdge SE3800A-US Inverter - $1,495.00, SolarEdge SE5000A-US Inverter - $1,795.00, SolarEdge SE6000A-US Inverter - $1,995.00, SolarEdge SE7700A-US Inverter - $1,995.00.
Payment optionsNo payment options specified
Payment discountsDiscounts on bulk orders, free shipping on orders over $50, 10% off for first-time customers, and 15% off for returning customers

Whole Sun Designs online reputation

Finally, Whole Sun Designs constantly obtains glowing testimonials from delighted clients. Customers have been pleased with Whole Sun Designs' ability to quickly and effectively install solar panels on roofs, often finishing projects in record time. Whole Sun Designs has consistently shown exceptional customer service throughout the process. They are lauded for providing prompt and thorough answers to queries, making sure that customers feel supported and educated. Customers value Whole Sun Designs' fair rates and excellent craftsmanship, both of which are offered. Customers also praised the organization for its attention to detail and dedication to their needs. During inspections, Whole Sun Designs proactively finds problems like broken panels and fixes them right away. Despite the issues brought up by the pandemic's delays, Whole Sun Designs continually produces fantastic outcomes. They have won over clients with their open billing practices, prompt assistance with any problems or repairs, and installation of accessories like Tesla Powerwalls despite supply problems. All things considered, Whole Sun Designs has outperformed clients' expectations in every facet of its services. From the beginning of the planning process through the finished project, the team showed professionalism, expertise, and superior communication abilities.
"Working with Ryan and the rest of the Whole Sun Designs team is a breeze; they're really knowledgable, kind, and helpful. They came out, all smiling, and installed solar panels on my roof in record time. They have my highest possible recommendation." - Ron
"We had a great experience with Ryan and his crew and are pleased with the results of the installation. Call them if you're in the Bloomington, IN region and thinking about going solar." - Brian
"From the initial informative lecture we attended through the installation of the finished product, Whole Sun Designs was a delight to deal with. When we had any queries, Ryan Zariki and his team responded quickly and thoroughly. The pricing was reasonable, and the quality of the job is excellent. Our roof now has a really visually appealing pattern thanks to the panels. Nothing went wrong throughout the time." - Ives
"Whole Sun is the only supplement I'll ever suggest to anybody who asks. Despite delays caused by the epidemic, they performed about as good a job as could have been hoped for while installing our 12 kW system beginning in August 2020. There were no surprises with the bill, and I always got prompt and helpful assistance whenever I had any problems or needed repairs. They noticed a cracked panel when they inspected all of the panels for damage. The SolarEdge software is used to monitor the panels' performance, and I was called when it became clear that one of the panels wasn't generating as much energy as projected and would need to have a part replaced. Everyone that visited our office was kind and well-informed. Despite Tesla's supply issues and setbacks, they also installed our two Powerwalls. I appreciate the help of everyone." - Dan
"From the preliminary planning to the final product, Whole Sun Designs has exceeded our expectations in every way. Ryan and his team were fantastic at keeping us updated on the installation's progress and answering any queries we had. It's great that there's a reputable firm here in Bloomington that can advise homeowners on how to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint." - Robert

Whole Sun Designs Social media

The Facebook page for Whole Sun Designs gives potential clients a comprehensive look at the business's services and goods. It contains details on the design process, setup, upkeep, available financing alternatives, and more. Additionally, the portal includes testimonials, news, education on solar energy, and installation before-and-after images. Customers may utilize the website to contact Whole Sun Designs directly as well as post inquiries and get responses in the comments area. The portal also includes information about the company's team members and future events. In general, the website offers a channel for direct communication with Whole Sun Designs and aids in educating prospective clients about the advantages of solar energy.
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YouTube Channel
12 Subscribers

Whole Sun Designs average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews194.9


Whole Sun Designs Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive services
  • Range of solar products and equipment
  • Financing options
  • Relatively high upfront costs due to installation and equipment
  • Not available in all areas
  • May not be the most economical option for some areas

Whole Sun Designs Final Conclusions

Leading supplier of solar energy solutions, Whole Sun Designs offers a wide selection of goods, services, and instructional materials to support consumers in switching to a dependable and sustainable energy source. The team's members have a wealth of expertise and experience, and they concentrate on the needs of the client. Additionally, the business maintains a lively and dynamic Facebook page where users can get the most recent news about the business, events, services, and goods. Overall, Whole Sun Designs offers clients wishing to transition to renewable energy a dependable and affordable choice.

Whole Sun Designs locations

Main Address6873 S. Old State Road 37 Bloomington, IN 47403
Phone Number8125501251

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