YellowLite review

YellowLite review
We are determined to solve the world's energy problem, especially ending America's need for foreign oil. We are committed to excellence in both the design and installation of solar energy systems. We not only design the best possible solar roofing system for our customers but also help them reduce their consumption and educate them on how they can consume less energy or use it more efficiently. We provide reliable, quality customer service and best-system quotes.
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Main Office Address 1925 St Clair NE Suite #250, Cleveland OH, 44114


Hudson Greenaway
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    Terri R. - Dayton, Ohio January 12, 2022 at 2:40 am

    YellowLite installed my 11.5 kW solar system (36 panels, 91% of my energy requirements) in mid-Feb 2020. I have not paid a utility bill since then, and still have a $500 credit on my net metering. Not bad for an all-electric tri-level home, where I keep the AC set on 72F all summer….. I used the EnergySage website to gather quotes and do my research. Of the four quotes (one outside of EnergySage), YellowLite was the best system in terms of energy generation, as well as least expensive by a wide (about 20K) margin. The installation crew were very efficient and professional, as were all the folks who were involved in the project planning, surveys and service initiation. Communication was spotty before project installation, but things really took off from there and I honesty cannot recommend YellowLite highly enough. Installation took less than one day. The SolarEdge app lets you see exactly what your system is generating every hour of every day. It’s so wonderful to wake up every day and know I did something wonderful for Mother Earth, and it’s paying me personal dividends as well. Even on an overcast November day, my system is producing SOLAR ENERGY. And if you do your research, you will likely find that if you need financing to go solar, your monthly loan payments will be about the same as you are currently paying to your energy provider; the difference is when your loan payments are completed, you will have FREE ENERGY for years to come. If you are thinking of a solar system, DON’T WAIT!! Your free electricity and your solar energy tax credit (22% in 2021) are waiting!!

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