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Our goal is to help homeowners and business owners get the most out of their solar panels by spreading the word about the advantages of solar power.

603 Solar overview

Our goal is to help homeowners and business owners get the most out of their solar panels by spreading the word about the advantages of solar power.

What 603 Solar has to say about itself

Exeter, New Hampshire-based 603 Solar provides solar energy solutions. We intended to launch a solar business built on the principles of honesty and integrity, offering a fantastic customer experience, and helping customers obtain the greatest return on their investments. As there are many aspects that go into building a system that is personalized to your precise requirements, we take great satisfaction in our educational approach to demonstrating the benefits of solar to individuals. Every house utilizes power differently and has various considerations about shading and orientation. The solar industry may be daunting and perplexing. We step in to help with it. Our team of knowledgeable solar experts will visit your house to assess your needs and determine if solar energy is a viable option for you. After that, we manage the installation of your system, design it, get permission and interconnection approval, and monitor it after it is turned on! With a combined total of over 15 years in the solar business, 603 Solar is able to provide homeowners with the highest return on their investment. To learn how solar may benefit you, contact us right now!

603 Solar Review

Year Started2018
Company Website603solar.com
Service AreasME, NH
Service TypesSolar installation and maintenance, financing options, information on local incentives and a solar savings calculator, educational materials and workshops
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLG, Tesla and BYD
CertificationsNABCEP, SEPA, SEIA

603 Solar website review

Anyone interested in learning more about solar energy may do so by visiting the 603 Solar website. The website features in-depth explanations of the company's offerings, which include both home and business solar systems, as well as the many advantages of solar power. In addition to a solar savings calculator and information on financing alternatives, the site provides details on local incentives. The website is well-organized, simple to use, and packed with data for anybody interested in learning more about solar power.

603 Solar price policy

PackagesResidential systems cost $10,000 to $30,000, while commercial systems cost $50,000 to $100,000
Payment optionsCash, check, credit card, and financing options
Payment discountsDiscounts for residential customers who install solar panels through the company, discounts for customers who bring friends or family members to the company, and discounts for customers with a long-term contract, incentive programs and financing options such as the Solar Renewable Energy Credit program ( SREC).

603 Solar online reputation

It seems that customers' experiences with the 603 Solar differ greatly based on the comments they have supplied. Customers that express discontent with the company's service, installation procedure, and customer assistance have left unfavorable evaluations. Delays, evasive replies, shoddy installation, system performance concerns, and unresponsive assistance are among the problems highlighted. These clients felt the 603 Solar was a bad overall experience and wouldn't suggest it to others. The team's expertise, transparency, and punctuality have been praised in the good evaluations, which also specifically note the team's interactions with people like Zach, Scott, Sean, Erin, and the installation workers. These clients were pleased with the collaboration, problem-solving, and general outcome of the solar panel installation. They endorse 603 Solar because to their competence and dependability. Due to the conflicting customer evaluations, it is crucial for prospective clients to do extensive research, ask specific questions, and maybe even seek guidance before selecting to choose 603 Solar to install their solar panels.
"Unfortunately, my interactions with 603 Solar were not positive. Their service to customers was lacking right from the start. They were sluggish to react to my questions and often gave me answers that were vague or lacked important details. The procedure for setting up was just as aggravating. It took significantly longer than planned to complete the installation since the team was late. During the installation, they messed up my roof and I had to pay extra to fix it. Their work fell short of my standards, and I had to contact them many times to fix the problems. I would not suggest 603 Solar because of my unpleasant experience with them." - Benjamin
"The service I received from 603 Solar was subpar. Their assurances of a quick and easy set up were not borne out in my experience. The salesman that met with me initially was more concerned in making a sale than addressing my issues. The installation staff showed up without the necessary tools and had to reschedule several times. They performed a terrible job of installing the panels, leaving gaps and unsecured joints. Even after many trips to address the problems, the system did not function as expected. Overall, I was dissatisfied and would advise caution to anybody thinking about using 603 Solar." - William
"No show and no call for the scheduled appointment." - Sophia
"I was dissatisfied with 603 Solar, unfortunately. Even though the installation process was trouble-free, I ran into complications later on. The system's performance fell short of my expectations, and I often lost power. It was annoying and time-consuming to have to make many phone calls and schedule multiple follow-up appointments to resolve the concerns. The customer support was awful, with unreasonably long wait times and a general lack of desire to fix the issues. Overall, I was disappointed with 603 Solar's performance and customer service and would not suggest them to others." - Ava
"My aspirations for 603 Solar were great, but the reality was far different. Unfortunately, there were some setbacks throughout the installation procedure. After the work was finished, I observed a number of aesthetically problematic details, such as exposed wires and improperly installed panels. However, the corporation was unresponsive to these worries and did nothing right away to fix the issues. I was disappointed with 603 Solar because of their careless approach to details and unhelpful customer support. I now wish I had gone with a different company for my solar panel installation." - Emma
"Zach and the crew at 603 Solar impressed me from the start with their depth of expertise, openness, and timeliness. When I initially spoke to Zach over the phone in June, he patiently answered every question I had. It was planned at the time to lower the federal credit from 26% to 22%. Zach informed me that if my project wasn't finished by 12/31/2022, I wouldn't lose the extra 4% credit I was due since he understood that a lead time of more than 6 months was excessive. There were a couple minor setbacks with my town's building inspector, but Zach kept me apprised at all times and we were able to find a solution to continue working on the project. Zach and 603 Solar come highly recommended from me!" - Rich
"For our solar array, we opted for 603. It was a pleasure to collaborate with Zach and his team. Although the project was delayed due to supply problems, which everyone is experiencing, it was well worth the wait. The design and installation teams were fantastic in addressing all of our concerns. There are two other firms in the area with equally impressive representatives, but 603 was able to keep within our budget and was very transparent about any setbacks." - Winton
"Scot taught me a lot, and the experience was also enjoyable. He filled me in on the specifics, and then he stepped back. I went ahead and purchased a 10-panel setup. Well, when additional details emerged, I realized I wanted to accomplish more than I had planned, so I adjusted the sequence to a 28-panel scheme in tandem with Scot's suggestions. When we ran into trouble amending municipal regulation, Erin handled the necessary revisions and filed the necessary papers with Eversource and the State to get the reimbursement. In preparation for the installation of solar panels on my Florida home in August, I have been in contact with Scot to get advice. Since late November, the solar panel system has been operational, and I couldn't be happier with the decision to upgrade to 28 panels. I would suggest 603-Solar for any solar panel system requirements you may have since they are a pleasure to deal with." - Paul
"603 Solar's rooftop solar array has been a great investment for us. All members of their team were accessible and simple to get in touch with over the course of the project. When better panels were available, the original configuration was revised to make the most efficient use of space on our roof and provide the most power. 603 made sure we could access the monitoring software and that everything was running well following the installation. All the while, Sean, Erin, and Zach were polite and efficient. Absolutely necessary." - D.S
"Superb business to do business with. Extremely competent and trustworthy. Recently, we put up solar panels. Sean and his group meticulously calculated our annual energy needs and devised a strategy that would allow us to avoid electricity bills altogether. The installation went well and was finished on time. If you're looking at getting a solar panel system for your house, I strongly suggest 603 Solar." - Sajay

603 Solar Social media

Anybody interested in solar power should check out the 603 Solar Facebook page. News and updates regarding the newest solar technology, business news, and forthcoming events are routinely posted on the website. Anyone interested in learning more about solar energy's advantages, such as its environmental effect and potential for financial savings, should check out this website as well. Additionally, they provide beneficial hints and recommendations on how to maximize solar energy and have a helpful and educated staff of professionals on hand to answer any queries.
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603 Solar average reviews

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Google reviews474.9


603 Solar Pros & Cons

  • Provides a wide range of services
  • Offers various resources and tools
  • Offers various programs of discounts and rewards
  • Installation cost can be high
  • Only offers payment methods like cash, checks, credit cards and financing options
  • Limited service area

603 Solar Final Conclusions

Customer reviews make it tough to draw firm conclusions about the 603 Solar's overall performance and reputation. Client satisfaction might vary from one reviewer to the next, as seen by the mixed bag of reviews. Customers are most impressed by our extensive industry knowledge, honesty, prompt responses, and flawless installations. Some of the company's staff, including Zach, Scott, Sean, and Erin, have earned high marks from customers for their expertise and professionalism. Customers who have dealt with 603 Solar had good things to say about the company. However, the unfavorable evaluations complain about the company's service in general. Slow replies to questions, evasive explanations, prolonged installation times, shoddy work, malfunctioning systems, and unhelpful support staff are among the most common gripes. Customers who have encountered problems with the 603 Solar are not likely to suggest it to others. Customers considering working with 603 Solar should take these evaluations into account along with their own research and consideration of their unique circumstances to make an informed decision. To make a well-informed choice, it might be useful to call the firm directly, get references from previous customers, and gather further information.

603 Solar locations

Main Address24 Charter St Exeter, NH 03833-2326
Phone Number6035702607

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