Sunshine City Solar review

A solar energy system is designed, installed, and maintained by Sunshine City Solar. Solar panels, energy storage batteries, energy efficiency tools, and renewable energy consultancy are just some of the goods and services they provide. They provide services to both business and residential clients, with the goal of decreasing energy consumption and increasing environmental friendliness.

Sunshine City Solar overview

A solar energy system is designed, installed, and maintained by Sunshine City Solar. Solar panels, energy storage batteries, energy efficiency tools, and renewable energy consultancy are just some of the goods and services they provide. They provide services to both business and residential clients, with the goal of decreasing energy consumption and increasing environmental friendliness.

What Sunshine City Solar has to say about itself

Sunshine City Solar is a small business with a big heart and commitment to renewable energy. First and foremost, Sunshine City helps people learn about alternatives so they can find cleaner, more affordable, and less harmful ways to power their homes. Sunshine City always takes the time to do its job openly and candidly and wants to provide real help to every family they encounter.

Sunshine City Solar Review

Year Started2019
Service AreasTX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries.
CertificationsUL, IEC, NABCEP, ISO, LEED, BBB

Sunshine City Solar website review

The official Sunshine City Solar website may be found at You can learn everything about the company's solar panel installation, solar panel maintenance and repair, and energy storage systems on their sleek and informative website. The website also has a contact form, user reviews, and an educational blog. In general, clients may rely on the website as an informative, reliable resource regarding the business and its offerings. The website is attractive, functional, and safe to use. The company's services are made more believable by the positive feedback from previous clients.

Sunshine City Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Installation: Starting at $3,999, Solar Battery Backup System: Starting at $1,299, Solar Hot Water System: Starting at $2,199, Solar Pool Heating System: Starting at $2,299, Solar Pool Pump System: Starting at $1,499, Solar Attic Fans: Starting at $799, Solar Lighting System: Starting at $999, Solar Carport System: Starting at $5,999, Solar Roofing System: Starting at $7,999
Payment optionsCheck, bank transfer, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) and cash.
Payment discounts10% off for Veterans and Active Military Members, 10% off for Senior Citizens, 10% off for Non-Profit Organizations, 5% off for Multi-System Purchases, 0.5% off for Pre-Paid Systems, 0.25% off for Referrals, 0.1% off for Referring Contractors

Sunshine City Solar online reputation

There is a widespread consensus of praise for Sunshine City Solar on the web. The company's superior goods and responsive customer service have earned high marks from buyers. However, there have been some complaints from consumers regarding the lengthy installation wait times and problems with customer care. The goods, services, and support provided by Sunshine City Solar have earned generally positive reviews from its consumers. Overall, it seems like Sunshine City Solar has happy consumers who recommend their goods and services to others.
"The contractor's worker who was waiting there needed to use the restroom. I called him out after he had been in there for 30 minutes. The contractor said he had a rough evening the night before. The installation moved slowly since the contractor was either on the phone or joking about with his helper. Later in the day, when I questioned the contractor's thoroughness and the security of his work, he kindly told me he didn't care what I thought. The installation of the 30 panels and the 8kw inverter took around 2 days to complete. The installation by a separate company for my next-door neighbor took just around half a day. I lost $4,836 on the job. In the first year, I paid $1976.54 to the energy provider and received $147.86 back as a result of solar exports. I could have prepaid my power cost for two years with the $4,836, which is what I spent on Sunshine City Solar. Sunshine City Solar has mostly disregarded customer complaints. It sent a single technician to the scene, who reported inverter installation issues that he supposedly fixed. Almost no progress at all. I'm really saddened." - Peter T.
"I went with Sunshine City Solar for my solar panel installation back in March. The installation crew drilled all the way through an inside wall and have taken more than four months to respond to my complaint about it. I have a hole in the wall, and despite repeated assurances that it would be repaired, nothing has been done. Nothing has been resolved, and nobody has apologized. I cannot think of a less professional business than this one." - Edwin C.
"Although Sunshine City Solar provides daily updates on my electricity usage, I was told I would have to wait until I received a bill before they would listen to my concerns that the installers had damaged the gutters on my new home and that my system was not feeding back into the grid." - Rylan V.
"I already had a solar system installed on my home, but it was outdated, so they suggested replacing it with a newer, more efficient one using a government refund. We spoke to them about our property and bills, and they offered us 10 kilowatts with the promise that we would never have to pay another utility bill again if we made the switch. It took us about a month to get things sorted out after we purchased it, installed it, and discovered it wasn't functioning. When I contacted to protest that we had gotten two bills for the same service, I was sent to different departments every day for a week. Finally, the installer arrived at my home. He was a kind guy who explained that the new solar panel was identical to the old one except for the model number. This system is rated at 6.6 kilowatts yet we were recently charged $10,600 for 10 kilowatts. They owe me a 6.5 but instead of giving it to me they want to make more money off of me by selling me something that is useless." - Jaxson M.
"To start with, I had great phone service. I was already on a roll when they called me two days later to schedule the installation for the next week. The installer said he would come between 9 and 11 a.m.; it wasn't until 12:30 that I found out he couldn't make it. Two days later, the same story repeated itself. Further investigation revealed that the systems were of poor quality, which explained their price. After much bickering, I did get a refund from the company and received it; nevertheless, I cannot and do not recommend them." - Leo K.
"Mark in sales at Sunshine City was fantastic and very helpful. He was a wealth of information and kept in constant contact with us. I wholeheartedly endorse Mark and his solar services." - Omar P.
"All members of the staff were kind and knowledgeable, and the installation and activation processes went well. We, too, are quite pleased with the outcome. We had no idea that we could consume as much energy as we wanted without increasing our bill or negatively impacting the environment until our solar panels were installed late last summer. Very interesting; now, if only we could devise a method for producing our own natural gas." - Nicolas M.
"My wife and I purchased a solar energy system from Sunshine City in early spring 2021. Paul was trustworthy and answered all my questions, making the process of switching to solar much less complicated than I had anticipated. The panels were quickly and easily installed by professionals who arrived on time and worked well. But once the system was up and running, I was shocked. It generated so much energy that it met and even exceeded expectations. I was able to cut my costs significantly and get a tax refund of over $4,800. Paul from Sunshine City is the best solar installer." - Ricardo B.
"From our initial conversation till the very end, team were fantastic. The team at Sunshine City were so reliable, competent, and well-organized that we never doubted our choice to go solar or to employ them. The system was simple to set up and has functioned without a hitch ever since. I definitely suggest Sunshine City Solar if you're considering installing solar panels." - Derek T.
"I like everything about this firm. They are in constant communication with each other, providing detailed reports on the status of the system. If you had any questions about your tax forms or anything else after the system was installed, you could easily contact them. They also offer very low prices compared to the market. I highly recommend this company." - Erick A.

Sunshine City Solar Social media
The Facebook page for Sunshine City Solaris is credible, professional, and well-designed. It is particularly useful in giving current information on the most recent news, events, technological advancements, and industry-related issues. Additionally, the website solicits user comments and promotes dialog. It includes a ton of interesting information, such as top-notch images and films displaying the many projects it works on. Additionally, there are helpful connections that point users to Sunshine City Solar resources and other business websites. It provides a comprehensive and in-depth look at the services offered by Sunshine City Solar. Overall, it serves as a fantastic online representation of the business and a platform for developing a close, trustworthy bond with its clients.
Sunshine City Solar is a business that offers consumers solar energy solutions. With a modern logo and a few client testimonials, their LinkedIn profile presents a very credible and professional image. But there is a startling lack of information on the business itself, with simply a few paragraphs outlining its offerings. Additionally, just 31 individuals in a very narrow network have followed the business. Before making any purchases, prospective clients should do their investigation to confirm that Sunshine City Solar is an authentic provider of solar energy.
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Sunshine City Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews305


Sunshine City Solar Pros & Cons

  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost-Effective
  • Professionalism
  • Weather dependency
  • Limited Availability
  • Maintenance Requirements

Sunshine City Solar Final Conclusions

Sunshine City Solar is a solar energy provider that serves homes, businesses, and factories. Products and services that facilitate the setup and maintenance of solar power systems are among those they provide. People tend to speak highly about the company's professionalism and reliability.

Sunshine City Solar locations

Main Address500 N. Oregon, Second Floor El Paso, TX 79901
Phone Number9154654475

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