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Photovoltaic systems and other solar energy solutions are offered by Alltech Solar, a service provider. Custom solar systems are designed, manufactured, and installed by the firm. Other parts, such as racks for solar panels, inverters, batteries, mounting systems, and wiring, are also sourced and supplied by them.

Alltech Solar overview

Photovoltaic systems and other solar energy solutions are offered by Alltech Solar, a service provider. Custom solar systems are designed, manufactured, and installed by the firm. Other parts, such as racks for solar panels, inverters, batteries, mounting systems, and wiring, are also sourced and supplied by them.

What Alltech Solar has to say about itself

Alltech Solar have been offering dependable, cheap, and most importantly, sustainable energy solutions to our clients for more than 20 years. These solutions lessen the burden on the environment and assist companies in lowering their carbon footprints. We specialize in solar energy systems that provide both companies and consumers clean, sustainable energy. Our objective is to provide the greatest renewable energy design, engineering, and installation to our clients in order to maximize their investment.

Alltech Solar Review

Year Started1995
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, bifacial, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow-battery systems.
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, InterNACHI, SDS, OSHA, UL, NEC, IRC

Alltech Solar website review, the company's main website, is unquestionably one of the trendiest and most cutting-edge of its contemporaries. It has plenty of great facts and some pretty pictures of the company's solar goods to boot. Everything you need to know to make an informed choice about investing in solar energy is available on their website, including detailed explanations of their solar panel systems and services, as well as customer reviews and downloadable materials. The website also explains in depth how to qualify for government rebates and why Alltech Solar is the superior option. The online website for Alltech Solar comes out as quite credible and professional. It's well-organized and simple to use, so it may serve as a powerful promotional tool for the business.

Alltech Solar price policy

PackagesAlltech Solar Basic Off-Grid System (Starts at $8,895), Alltech Solar AC Solar Panel System (Starts at $5,195), Alltech Solar Hybrid Solar/Wind System (Starts at $6,995), Alltech Solar Mini-Grid System (Starts at $9,195), Alltech Solar Premium Off-Grid System (Starts at $11,295), Alltech Solar AC/DC PV Battery System (Starts at $6,195), Alltech Solar Grid Tie System (Starts at $3,495), Alltech Solar Solar Generator (Starts at $6,995), Alltech Solar Backup Generator (Starts at $6,295), Alltech Solar Solar/Wind Controls (Starts at $895)
Payment optionsCash, major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club International, Discover), PayPal, and Apple Pay.
Payment discounts10% discount on Alltech Solar systems for military members, 10% discount on Alltech Solar systems for seniors, 10% discount on Alltech Solar systems for disabled persons, 5% discount on Alltech Solar systems for veterans.

Alltech Solar online reputation

In general, Alltech Solar has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from their clientele. Equipment, installation, and support have all received rave reviews from satisfied clients. They also give the organization high marks for how quickly they answer questions and address problems. However, there have been reports of infrequent delays in the delivery of key components and things, as well as complaints from other customers about the ineffectiveness of certain products. Alltech Solar, however, has swiftly and expertly responded to these concerns and remedied them to the delight of its clientele.
"Was talking to one of the men on the phone, and he provided me with a wealth of information on their background and credentials. My daughter was sitting on my lap and cooing when he remarked, "Hey tell that kid to be quiet, we're doing business here." Like, really, who the hell do you think you are?! She spoke just a few muted noises at most. whatever the case may be, I will not be doing business with this firm and will not stand for such poor treatment of customers." - Cody H.
"Revising my previous assessment. We were initially pleased with the service we received, but there seems to have been significant staff turnover among installers and repairmen over the last year. Ivan, who was fantastic, seized control of our project and then abruptly departed. The salesman assured us that someone would get in touch with us within a year to schedule the installation of consumption monitoring, and we've been waiting ever since. Although the setup itself should be straightforward, the follow-up has proven challenging. Even after speaking with the company's new head of customer service and other high-ranking employees, we keep having to explain our situation from scratch. My previous rating of 5 stars has been reduced to 2 stars till they improve their efficiency and responsiveness to clients." - Edward L.
"Our solar panels were upgraded to a high-definition model. The solar professionals assured me that everything would go well. The sales process was quite similar to working with a new vehicle dealer. Price things high at first, then lower them over time. whether the salesperson is laughing at you behind your back, you have no idea whether you received a decent bargain. The power company gave me a designer to submit my system's blueprint. It took three attempts before SMUD approved her design. Not very businesslike. She had no idea how to do her duties. Since businesses have to submit a plan for each solar system they sell, the design and planning process should be straightforward. The only difference would be that the number of panels would vary in size. I wasted nearly a month's worth of solar energy output because she kept me waiting by repeatedly submitting a flawed design. The installer clearly took great delight in his work, and it showed." - Kayden M.
"In all honesty, I didn't make much progress with Alltech Solar. Please note that they insist on seeing both partners in order to continue with the consultation and provide an estimate. Since my wife and I both have full-time jobs, we have to divide up household responsibilities; none of us has the time to listen to a sales presentation or estimate, but if one of us can, the other will be much more receptive. The salesperson abruptly departed. I see that that's their business strategy, and if that's what they want to do, then great, but it made me feel a bit immature that they assumed I wouldn't know better and report back to my wife accurately." - Jeremy N.
"They made me an offer that they said would disappear forever if I didn't take it right away. My friends who understand solar energy told me that I could have the same size system installed by a professional for less than half the normal price. The quality of their installation and service and their diamond accreditation is critical to their sales presentation. I would not recommend it unless you have at least $12,000. Two points because the appraiser who came to my house did give me some useful information that might come in handy if I eventually decide to go solar (for example, he helped me figure out my current consumption and estimate the power needed). But before rushing into a choice, I'd recommend giving yourself some time to consider your options and store around." - Seth C.
"I signed with a different firm at first, but I wasn't comfortable with their high-pressure sales techniques or the "20% discount" I was apparently getting when the salesman called in his boss. Ken is an honest man who provided me with an estimate that was lower than the competition and took the time to explain the NEM developments and its implications for the industry. I decided to switch to Alltech and canceled my previous order with the rival firm. Having done so, I am happy I did." - Patrick R.
"At the end of September 2021, I had Alltech install a 4 KW system, and it has been performing well ever since. My roof has a peculiar open beam design, but Chase from Alltech gave me clear instructions on how to have solar panels installed. However, around 5 years ago, Solar City informed us that, due to our roof's unique design, they would be unable to put solar panels there. Other solar firms offered me bids over the following few years, but all they did was send out salesmen to give me a price. No one at these businesses got back to me about whether or not they could install the panels or how they may do so. I'm relieved to have discovered Alltech, since the system they built beyond my wildest dreams. Alltech comes highly suggested by me." - Santiago F.
"Solar panels were a recent home improvement project of mine. After looking into a number of other businesses, I decided to go with Alltech Solar due to their knowledge and reasonable prices. Ken and Chase were willing to offer their expertise in the field and assist me in designing a system that would work best in my house. To guarantee the optimal positioning of the panels, they even rebuilt one of my air vents. They completed all of the promised work within the allotted time frame. Two days before Christmas, the system was ready for use. After using the system for a little over a month, I can say that I am completely satisfied. I have nothing but praise for the work done by Alltech Solar." - Oscar G.
"We requested bids from five different companies before settling on Alltech because of their openness, impeccable reputation and lightning-fast response time. After signing the contract, our 16-panel system was installed and up and running in about 3 months. The installation of the solar panels only took one day and the roofing work took three. Everything about the deal went well. Everything was simplified and the lines of communication were always open. I really appreciate the willingness of the entire staff to answer all of our questions and to personally meet with us throughout the installation process. I can confidently recommend Alltech." - Maxwell B.
"We highly recommend Alltech Solar. Chase and his team worked quickly and effectively while being cordial. After the first phone conversation, the whole process took just six weeks. In most cases, you will need to wait for authorization. They provide very low rates. They are so reliable that several competing solar energy businesses contract them to carry out their installations. That's why it's best to just use them straight up. They stock every conceivable kind of solar panel, and only use top-shelf materials in their work. Their craftsmanship and panel warranty is unmatched. Overall, they do a fantastic job. If I could, I would tell everyone of our friends about them." - Collin K.

Alltech Solar Social media
All your questions about solar power may be answered by visiting Alltech Solar's official Facebook page. The website provides in-depth posts on the many upsides of switching to solar power. The site has been given a professional gloss and has visual documentation of completed work as well as several linkages to relevant learning materials. More than 150 people have liked the page, and it has been shared over 200 times. This website may help you stay abreast of the latest developments in the solar energy sector. If you haven't visited the page in a while, you may want to see if anything has changed or if there is any new information.
A solar energy company with LinkedIn verification is Alltech Solar. There is a short description of the company and its services, but that is it. There are no posts, comments, or open vacancies. The page's visual appeal is likewise limited; it comes out as drab and out-of-date. I wouldn't place a lot of faith in it since not many people follow it. Because there is a paucity of data, it is difficult to evaluate the firm's dependability or quality. In general, it's difficult to trust a company that offers so little information and has so few clients.
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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews74.1


Alltech Solar Pros & Cons

  • Expertise
  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • High upfront costs
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Information overload

Alltech Solar Final Conclusions

Alltech Solar is a California-based solar energy company that offers a wide range of services to both commercial and residential clients. Solar panel installation, energy storage, and monitoring systems are just some of their areas of expertise. Customer testimonials provide a mostly good picture of Alltech Solar's service.

Alltech Solar locations

Main Address4079 Governor Dr, #307San Diego, CA 92122
Phone Number8584559292

2 local offices

California – San Diego 4079 Governor Drive #307, San Diego CA, 92122
California – San Diego 4905 Morena Blvd, San Diego CA, 92117

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