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More than 5,000 clients have already benefited from New York Power Solutions' innovative solar solutions, allowing them to finally put an end to their exorbitant energy costs. If you can get rid of your power payment, you may use that money toward other monthly bills. You may stop looking now for a top solar panel installation service near me. New York Power Solutions is your best bet.

New York Power Solutions overview

More than 5,000 clients have already benefited from New York Power Solutions' innovative solar solutions, allowing them to finally put an end to their exorbitant energy costs. If you can get rid of your power payment, you may use that money toward other monthly bills. You may stop looking now for a top solar panel installation service near me. New York Power Solutions is your best bet.

What New York Power Solutions has to say about itself

When it comes to solar energy in New York State, nobody beats us for honesty and openness. To be the greatest solar panel business in New York, we also engage in a number of complementary strategies. If you've been looking for "solar near me," you've come to the correct place! We provide you all the facts you need to know to confidently choose a solar installation or update. As New York's top solar panel installer, we'll break out your savings by the month, year, and system's lifespan. In-depth proposals are what set us apart as the top solar panel provider in New York, so you can see how switching to solar compares to your existing power bill. If you pick with the top solar panel business, you may feel comfortable about making the switch to solar energy at home. Numerous service suppliers flood the market with empty promises and little specifics. We at the leading solar panel business in the state understand that going solar is a long-term choice with significant financial implications. Only when a system is both cost-effective and efficient do we endorse it.

New York Power Solutions Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasCT, NY
Service TypesInstallation of solar panels, system monitoring and maintenance, energy efficiency improvements, energy storage solutions and financing options, consulting services, including energy audits
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion backup batteries from Tesla, LG, Sonnen, and EnerSys
CertificationsNYSERDA, NABCEP, BBB

New York Power Solutions website review

A website that is beautifully developed is the one for the solar firm New York Power Solutions. It is really easy to use and offers a lot of valuable information. Users may swiftly explore and navigate the website and get the information they need thanks to the homepage's orderly layout. A convenient means to get in touch with the business is available on the website, which also has a variety of valuable tools including case studies, videos, and brochures that can be used to learn more about the business and its offerings. Along with a robust search function that makes it simple to locate the precise information you need, the website also has a blog with useful posts and updates. Overall, the website is well built and offers consumers useful information about the business and its services.

New York Power Solutions price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsMajor credit cards, checks and wire transfers, funding options such as PACE funding and utility rebate programs
Payment discountsDiscounts for cash payments and for customers purchasing multiple solar energy systems, a range of benefits and rebates from utilities, federal tax credits, and state and local initiatives

New York Power Solutions online reputation

Reviews from actual customers suggest that opinion of New York Power Solutions is split down the middle. Salespeople who explained everything from the cost of the installation to the various payment plans available were praised by several consumers. Customers liked the company's client site and said the installation teams were very professional and quick. Nonetheless, complaints were also voiced. Some consumers have complained about the company's customer support team's slow responses and unclear communications. Concerns were voiced about things like installation delays, solar panel performance problems, and the difficulty of getting precise pricing estimates. Overall, customers have praised New York Power Solutions's competent sales agents, speedy installation teams, and informative customer support. However, complaints about the company's poor communication and performance reveal room for growth. Prior to making a purchase, clients should give some thought to their unique requirements and give the company's products and services a comprehensive examination.
"The project never got off the ground. Been there, done that, signed the papers twice. Despite my best efforts, I seldom get a reply to my messages. The place where I live may be difficult to navigate, but I have my doubts about the company's claims. I was told in February of 2023 that progress will be made when they resubmitted their permission papers. I sent an email to them, but I didn't get a reply that addressed my concern. The application for a new permit was never submitted, as verified by the city's permit office. In March of 2022, we started this procedure. I'd prefer them simply come out and say it if they're not planning on proceeding. They have had very trouble communicating with us." - Dap G
"At the start of February, we put down a $500 deposit on a propane generator. We were promised a generator but none was delivered. A response usually takes a week. They have even stopped returning the deposit that was supposed to be refundable. We intend to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, the New York State Department of Consumer Affairs, and the New York State Attorney General's office. False economy. Avoid." - Erik M
"The business is horrible to work for. A never-ending chain of fruitless phone calls and email exchanges. At 9 a.m., an automated phone message will inform you to contact them back. Constant emails demanding information that was given to you on day one. On day one, I informed them that the massive tree in front of the yard had been cut down and that the Google Maps imagery they were using was out of current. The on-site meeting was canceled without explanation the night before. Their explanation for canceling was that "solar would never work at your house due to the tree." Waste of time dealing with a pompous corporation that thinks too highly of itself. You should go elsewhere to kick off your solar proposal." - raymond
"A little home with plenty of sunshine.In spite of incentives, the price to install the system was $43,000. They may get financing at 4% for 25 years. The amount I would pay them each month for the next 25 years is essentially the same as what I pay my energy provider. Annual electric cost of $4,000 or less with efficient use." - Tom
"New York Power Solutions let me down, unfortunately. My solar panel installation was repeatedly pushed back, and their customer care personnel was difficult to get in touch with. The system they built also did not function as effectively as promised, and it needed many visits from the technicians to get everything working again. As a whole, I was underwhelmed with New York Power Solutions, despite the company's stellar reputation." - Emma
"Even before I called NY Power Solutions for an estimate, I found that they were head and shoulders above the competition. The estimates took a few weeks to come in, and by that time it was evident that they didn't understand the equipment or the service they were offering, but they just wanted me to sign. With a price tag like this, I was anticipating assistance from a trained sales expert. The sun lost all of my favor...I decided to give NY power Solutions a call. David DeFilippo, my company's sales rep, was fantastic. He was really informed, and he began by examining my electrical bills from the previous year to see whether or not installing solar panels would be financially viable. After deciding it was worthwhile, I had a design constructed using satellite pictures to assess how many solar panels would fit and how much energy I could generate. He made me feel at ease and never made me feel hurried or pressured. He also negotiated a great deal for my loan. The expert then flew a drone over my home to ensure if it was stable enough to hold the solar panels. Project Manager Cindy was put in charge of coordinating with the local government and O&R to get the job done. She took care of all the paperwork. Finally, the day of installation arrived, and the guys were excellent. Surprisingly, my whole system was built in only one day by a crew of seven individuals. They were like a well-oiled machine, with everyone doing their part. Everyone there was kind and competent. They did a thorough cleanup and took out all the trash too. I'm anticipating many years of worry-free solar power. I think you should go with NY Power Solutions." - Chris
"Power Solution was one of many solar energy providers I researched and received quotes from before settling on Power Solution. But I'd always get the runaround and never find out the true cost. It wasn't until I phoned Power Solution and spoke with Joe Strzelecki that I obtained an honest estimate of the entire cost of the installation. I used a Q-Cells 340 system with roughly 36 panels for a total system size of 12240. The utmost courtesy was shown to me, and I received prompt responses, expert advice, and genuine concern for my satisfaction. Joe Strzelecki isn't only well-versed in solar panel systems; he's also highly driven to provide you with the greatest possible value. From the initial installation until the completion of the final inspections and my final approval of the financing loan, he was in constant communication with me. Joe's commitment, honesty, and ambition to benefit the planet via solar energy were major factors in my decision to join with Power Solution. Ask for Joe Strzelecki if you're interested in installing solar panels; he'll give you a straightforward, no-nonsense explanation of the whole process." - Fahim
"I couldn't be happier with my presenter. Justin has a wealth of information and helped me understand everything. Power Solutions' helpful staff took the time to explain everything in detail and demonstrate how everything worked. They have earned my unqualified endorsement and recommendation." - hector
"The whole crew was incredibly helpful and informative during the whole installation process, especially because I was very unfamiliar with anything that was going on. I like that I can easily reach someone through the customer portal if I have any issues or queries. When it comes to power solutions, NY Power Solutions is the best in the business." - Julio
"The group led by Justin Roche did an excellent job. We had a lot of questions, and Justin was always there to answer them. Everyone was punctual and efficient on the day of installation. The whole process took just a single day. After two days, we had our inspection and were given the green light to begin operations. We're relieved to have discovered this firm." - Susan

New York Power Solutions Social media
The management of a company's social media profile may be seen in action on the Facebook page for New York Power Solutions. With enticing images that help pull visitors in, it features a contemporary and inviting design. The page is often updated with information about the business, useful resources, videos, and articles. Additionally, the platform offers viewers the chance to remark and communicate with the business via messenger. The website also includes a fast and simple way to contact their customer service department. Overall, the Facebook page for New York Power Solutions is well run and offers consumers useful information and tools. account not registered
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New York Power Solutions average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews984.9


New York Power Solutions Pros & Cons

  • A wide range of solar panels, backup batteries
  • Certified and accredited
  • Offer funding and incentive options
  • Cost can be high
  • Obtaining funding approval from a third-party lender may take some time
  • Services may not be available to customers located in other areas

New York Power Solutions Final Conclusions

New York Power Solutions, in general, has a stellar reputation and reliable services. Their customer service is helpful and quick to respond, and their personnel are dependable and educated. Their website is straightforward, comprehensive, and easy to use, and they provide a large variety of high-quality solar panels, batteries, and installation services. Their dedication to client satisfaction is shown by their certifications and accreditations, and they make their services more cheap by offering financing choices, discounts, and incentives. New York Power Solutions is an established leader in the solar industry.

New York Power Solutions locations

Main Address50 Main St. – Ste. 1000, White Plains, NY 10606
Phone Number9147197786

2 local offices

New York – White Plains 50 Main St, White Plains NY, 10606
New York – White Plains 50 Main Street Suite 1000, White Plains NY, 10606

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